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Rewriting Greeny Waldo Sockpuppet's Article

the sockpuppet email caseGreeny Greenwaldo the man with many sock puppets at Salon, aka Spitoon, wrote yet another retarded and ill-conceived piece of crap today entitled, "The paralyzing fears of the Right".  Ain't that quaint?  Mr Fear Monger himself wrote that POS.  Imagine that?  I wonder which sock puppet the fool used this time?

So, with great pleasure, I will rewrite his lunacy and correct the obvious.  However, let's put aside for the moment that the self-vaunted maroon doesn't know the first thing about Islam and what it is all about and let's put aside for the moment that the fool wouldn't know a threat to ITS miserable existence and let's try to be kind about this rewrite.  OK?  Alrighty then.  You can find this Sock Puppet's article at Memeorandum.

Begin rewrite

The Obama administration announced today that it will pay $200 million to the tiny Pacific island-nation of Palau in exchange for Palau's agreement to accept 17 Chinese Uighurs who have been imprisoned at Guantanamo for seven years which amounts to a "cave-in" on Obama's part, an appeasment move directed at his dolts that voted for him and a bribe for someone to take the pressure off of him for lying to his supporters in the first place.  The Uighurs have been locked away because they were caught on the battlefield and are in fact Islamic terrorists - Chinese Muslims, part if the Islamic Jihad to reign in the Caliphate which was disbanded in 1924.  They are part of the Muslim Brotherhood that came to being circa 1928 with the sole purpose of re-establishing the Caliphate.  Whereas it may be true that even the Bush Pentagon concluded years ago that they pose no threat whatsoever and were never "enemy combatants", it was the "liberal" members of the "Bush Pentagon" that made that assessment and others wholeheartedly disagreed.  They've been rightfully imprisoned by the U.S. despite being allegedly cleared because no other nation was willing to accept them, principally because the Chinese government considers them to be terrorists and were demanding they be returned to China, and nobody wanted to send them to China because the libtards would be offended if China rightfully executed them for breaking Chinese internal and domestic laws.  We cannot have other countries actually enforcing their own laws now can we?

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Greeny Greenwaldo and His Sock Puppet Army

Donald Douglas has a great piece up today taking Greeny Sock Puppet Green-where's-Waldo behind the woodshed.  I remember when this flake and his accompanying sock puppets were running around pretending to be a whole slew of somebody else ranting and raving about how President Bush was going to do one thing or another without a shred of evidence.

When brought to task, he pretended he wasn't spanked.  The guy is a member of the Leftinistra Fruit Loop Brigades and if he had more than a micron worth of cranial matter, he just might have a chance in this world.  Feel free to check the references list in the tab provided at the bottom of this entry.  The guy is a TOTAL flake.  I caught the silly bastard red-handed with his puppets.  Idiot.

With all of the evidence that many of us have written about for nearly 3 years now, Obama can be classified as a pathological liar - and we can prove it.  Today, the flake was talking about "fiscal responsibility".  That is one of those WTFO? moments.  And Waldo dares berate Glen Beck for pointing out the obvious?  Judas H Priest!

Anyway, check out Doug's entry.  The link is also in the reference zone.  I will seldom place links in the body of these entries any longer.