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'Obama's silence has been louder than the Boston bombs'

Yea, BUT…..

The Jihadim are in the USA at this very moment and have been here since the late 80s…

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)


Good vs Evil...It Is Your Choice

Where is this Nation we call America going?  Where are the minority in numbers taking us?  Let’s face it.  Around 25% of this Nation’s citizenry are flat out cold-hearted Marxist-sociopaths.  Is that a good thing or is that a bad thing?  Also remember that in our very foundation it was what is now called the conservatives that started this Nation called America and their numbers were very few.  However, the Nation survived that war against Common Law which makes me wonder why people of today declare that we are founded on Common Law.  We fought Common Law.  We defeated it.  What we are founded on is the Law of Nations and I am not talking about the organization which came before the United Nations either.  So, where are we going?

Our Nation, today, in the 21st century, is being torn apart by Good vs Evil with that Good vs Evil not conducive to any political party.  We are not talking about Liberal vs Conservative.  We are not talking about Republican vs Democrat.  We are not talking about any MO of Independent either.  We are talking Good vs Evil and that is God vs Satan.  It’s that simple.  Are we, as a Nation, on God’s side or are we on Satan’s side.  It is your choice as an individual to choose and not some morphed collective thought pattern.

And then, there is always Obama.  He is singularly the most corrupted community organizer on this side of Hell and quite possibly on the other side.  The soon to be Club Gitmo detainees to come to the United States is for what reason?  It is Good vs Evil.  There are many elements involved for their detention at Club Gitmo but these particular detainees have been slated to come to New York City for what reason?

Dan Riehl writes: “Let’s just hope he isn’t successful in dragging America too far down with him before he’s run out of town in 2012 as the absolutely worst chief executive in America’s modern history. With his latest stupid move he’s simply handing radical Islam a perfect propaganda tool and causing NYC and America to experience more sadness and potential mayhem than they’ve already endured due to those miscreants.”

Is this Good vs Evil?  Is this Liberal vs Conservative?  Is this any political party vs any other political party?  I’m calling it Good vs Evil because that is exactly what it is…Good vs Evil, no matter how anyone tries to spin this incident.  Why place the country and of all places, NYC, in such a turmoil when the vast majority of Americans are dead-set against this and especially the people of NYC?  In hearing after hearing of this, Eric Holder was shown to be a complete fool and then Obama said, “I didn’t say we could do this.”  It is Good vs Evil, plain and simple.  The Evil One, Obama, has spoken.  And that’s just the way a failed community organizer does.  Nothing.

Obama is a disgrace to any Freedom Loving man or woman.  Or toad.  Or butterfly.  Or any other creature.  He is a disgrace and the worst community organizer in the entire world.  Pacific President?  Not hardly.  Just look at the laughs he received from everyone over there!  Bowing?  Please.

Obama lacks wisdom.  He lacks Patriotism and I mean genuine Patriotism and not some odd, bizarre and morphed Patriotism.  His such a lack of Patriotism to this degree hides the fact that he is a disgrace.  An incompetent disgrace at that.  I hear others saying things like; “Oh, he was just trying to do….yaddayaddayadda”  I’ m sick of it all and it is Good vs Evil.  Obama is Evil.  He is not the anti-Christ but he must be in the short-run for it.

Since Obama’s coronation, pretty much half of our Nation America has come to despise The Evil One and hopefully, hopefully, people will come to their senses and evict this upstart community organizer and send him out on a rail, tarred and feathered as was done in the Good Old Days.  His Evil, dumb and pathetic Holier Than Thou stupidity will get him thrown out of the now known as Marxist House so far away that he’ll wind up in the Marxist-sociopathic Nation of his choice, and it will not be America.  We could send him to Europe but Europe is  currently swinging towards conservatism because their Marxist-sociopathic life styles are not working.  Just look what the Jihad is doing to them all.

Who knows.  Perhaps a third-world no-place will take him in.  What or where else would take his lamed community organizing skill set?  Obama is our stain on logic and proper placement.  He ran on Hope and Change but where is it?  Obama is Bush III and GWB was a Globalist.  What’s the difference?  At least GWB was good on the War, to a point.  Obama?  No such luck.

Obama was the best the Democrats could even hope to aspire to?  Please.  And the Republicans?  Please.  Their answer was John McCain?  When did that ever stand a chance?  Sarah Palin kept John McCain from being the first Republican Walter Mondale and the idiot Democrat Bob Beckel?  He lead the worse campaign in this Nation’s history so who is he to speak out for The Evil One Obama?  Is he kidding me?  Bob Beckel.  Another Evil for this Nation that was Founded upon the Godly principles of which our very documents proclaim.  It is Good vs Evil and Obama is the Evil One.

It is very much time to turn every Congress Critter out on their ears and if there are enough good ones, later on, they’ll be back.  We need to start all over under the Constitution of the United States because currently we have a Congress that does not hold any correlation to the United States Constitution and have used men and women that wear their black pajamas to court to make administrative ideas and make laws.  Show me in the USC where that is and I’ll abide by it.  It is Good vs Evil and I choose Good.

The Debonair Dude once said, recently; “Is our president plain stupid, or he has maliciously set up the freeing of those terrorists?  Rights? What rights? Why are these terrorists being given the same rights as Americans? They are not Americans, they are terrorists put them in front of a military tribunal.  One has to only wonder if we will also read him his Miranda rights? Are we to believe that the man who freed the FALN, and 2 weather underground terrorists, is somehow not going to set these vermin free, and this is somehow not a plan to do just that?”

Ladies and gentlemen?  That is The Evil One.  Take it or leave it.

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly