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Holocaust Museum Shooter Was A Leftist After All

Updated on Thu, June 11, 2009 at 21:08 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Updated on Fri, June 12, 2009 at 14:30 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Chatter class at Memeorandum...

The Politico reports that the Weekly Standard was on the "hit list".  As it turns out, the clown hated everyone that didn't agree with his world view.  Yep.  That's the Leftists' mentality alright.  Much to the chagrin of the American liberal, aka socialist anti-Americanists, Macranger makes the case that "James Von Brunn, Like Most Holocaust Deniers are From the Left not the Right".  This fact displeases them all but it's hard to hide facts.  When was the last time an individual that believed in their individuality attacked anyone?  You'd be hard-pressed to raise an example.  Right-wiingers are individualists and not the sort that gather up with any collective trend.

As the investigation into the Holocause Museum shooting yesterday, the evidence piling up reveals the leftists' mentality and not the right-wind mind set.  Now, had the shooter been a Jihadi as the Haji in Arkansas was, this wouldn't be a story at all.  I wonder why that is.  I find it curious.  Then again, the leftists always blame someone else for that which they do themselves.  So, what would the story be if Brunn was a Muslim terrorist?

Further, Brunn was in fact a left-wing Christian hating socialist.  Go figure.  Comments from the left?  Crickets.

Click to read more ...


The Leftisist Never Say Such Things Part xxxxxxx

The Obamedia bash the other night revealed Letarded hate-speech that the Leftards say they don't say.  Just one example depicting one of thousands...

Yesterday, a soldier in a stress clinic at Camp Liberty took the lives of 5 fellow soldiers and wounded others.  He is now in custody.  Listen to the "tolerant and kind" libtards. The comments below are from the Texas Fred's post, taken from the USA Today article.

zippy68: Has Bush found those WMD yet?

Key Mal: AN AMERICAN SOLDIER KILLED THEM? This war is getting WAY outta control!

Reggie Brown: If WMDs had been found in Iraq, FOXnews would STILL be running the story every hour on the hour.

cheatedcitizen: Was he a life member of the NRA? (Fred Note: cheatedcitizen is a below average moron, even as morons go)

Dr S: guns, guns, guns…. Trade off: Oil. Thanks Bushies.

RUSHisFAT: the shooter was a member of the NRA. Figures!
May15thProphecy: More proof of the 100% accuracy of GOD CURSE OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION

buckrepublicans: Republicans are murderers and torturers,Democrats let them. We Americans get the black eye.Triple tax Republicans,let them pay for their war.Hang Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz from the Washington Monument,as millions cheer.I want to hear their boot heels clicking in the breeze.Maybe we could make lynching legal ,like water-boarding. Buck Republicans in the mouth,you won’t hear any lies.

Legal Immigrant: Bill Kristol took authorship of the invasion of Iraq and has intellectual reasons why the military must be there. The people involved on the ground do not know the true reason they are there. Just a bigger fish deciding your life for you.

Albino Grandma: Rush? Are you back on the Oxycontin again?

buckrepublicans: Kill the republican party before they kill us

buckrepublicans: Oxycontin has killed many people,to bad Rush isn’t one of them.

buckrepublicans: Who will bring honor back to our millitary?

joe_oly: A US soldier goes Postal and kills 5 of his comrades.Maybe one of them reminded him of Bush.
billrandle: Just wait until all these soldiers “suffering from traumatic stress” get back to the United States and have easy access to guns. These kinds of rampages have only just begun…

kts1005: LOL he probably got his renewal notice in the mail from the NRA and went postal…..

And the leftards are "understanding", nice and kind?  Bull shit.  Hey, libtards.  Drop dead.  The sooner the better and the world can't wait.


The Leftisist Never Say Such Things

In the light of the article written by David Feherty, many of the libtards have stated things like, "no one on our side has ever said such things".  Liars.  Just about everything they say or write has the usual vitriolic idiocy that is so natural to them, they don't think it is hate speech.  Ever watch the morons on the View?

Anyway, for my expose on the subject, go here.

Michelle Malkin gives one example, of many, of leftist hate speech:

Ya see?  When a leftist does it, especially a libtard journalist, it is all OBKB.  Then, when called on it, "we" take it all out of context.

One of the leftist liars goes by John Aravosis.  Sounds like a dental disease.

Take a stroll to Michelle's and read the evolution of the tweet to the left.  She gives another here.