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Has liberalism become a religious cult?

How do I answer this question seeing that I, myself, have been following politalk since I was 13 years old…I am now ALMOST 65 years old. How time flies when the Bolsheviks are taking over, eh? Oh! Wait! Did I just inadvertently answer the question in the title? Bummer.

But, alas, the answer from a 51+ year “veteran” of the retarded politalk(s) i have witnessed myself is an emphatic HELL YES! I have watched it coming and coming and coming. The article more or less states that this all started under President Trump. Well…

Well, it didn’t! It all started within my lifeline on Earth but my Dad noticed what I was doing in an attempt to find out which political party in the USA started ignoring God and worshipping Satan. My Dad stated, “Well, son…it pretty much started just before the American Revolution.”

As I have researched this with a dire need-to-know outlook, I discovered that my Dad was 100% correct. As time has “eased into the future”, under the Trump “Regime” as some Bolshevik punksters call our current government, (think back to the Bolsheviks if you will or can or even want to or if you really give a damn about anything else outside your Microwave Mentalit(ies)), Satan has eased its lunacy into the LAST Bastion of Freedom on this planet.

The Bolsheviks…it takes SERIOUS time and effort to TRULY discover who they were then as opposed to what they are now! If you will, or care to know anything again outside your Microwave Mentalit(ies), look to the University of Chicago “elites” circa 1932 in regards to today’s RINOs, Democrats In Drag or more currently, the pathetic ingrates of your diffusive NEOCONs! They were called Trotskyites back then. Does the name Trotsky ring any bells (He INVENTED racism by the way-1927)? Does the name Alynsky ring any bells. Ask Hillary the Rodham Budding Leninist Clinton…she USED to be a Republican until Satan got his mitts all over Hillary’s pubic hair!Many years ago, a once good friend said, “We live in upside down land!” He was correct. According to Satan, anything God said must be upside down. Lunatics believe this drivel…up is down; down is reversed symbology of The Whatevers; side-to-side is now actually irrelevant because it all depends upon anyones’ outlooks of, “Can flies fly backwards?” The world is SCREWED and we have the Bolsheviks as The Handlers of every single moron-stage-of-the-intolerant and get bent out shape, becoming THE INTOLERANT ONES as they “name-call” their opponents and call their opponents the name-callers. Sounds perverse does it not? How demented are these IDIOTS, anyway? Just look to Satan for the answers.

So, HELL YES is my answer to the question in the title.

And now the article and I quote…

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