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The Moonbat Derivitive

Among conservatives, the word moonbat is well known and an often used epithet referring to liberals.  Most liberals do not have the foggiest idea what it means or where it came from.  So, here’s a little history lesson.

The term was first used in 1947 by a scifi writer named Robert A. Heinlein.  Heinlein used the term first in his 1947 short story, “Space Jockey“, to describe the third stage of a rocket bound for the moon.  But that isn’t where the name became political.

George Monbiot is considered the primary genesis of the word.  An activist, environmentalist, and journalist, he had highly liberal views in Britain.  In 2002, Perry de Havilland of, a libertarian weblog, coined the term “moonbat” in describing Monbiot–a play on words. 

Since that time, it has been picked up and made popular primarily by journalist Howie Carr of the Boston Herald and commentator Michelle Malkin.  Now it has become a regular moniker in referring to outlandish and over-the-top liberals in the blogosphere and the internet.

All of the above is from Fort Hard Knox but I would love to post the audio for another Moonbat tunage.  You have to turn it up because the volume is a little low.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


A Moonbat Gets PWND

Ft Hard Knox



The Enemies Within (Leftinistra) Running Scared

I got email!  Check this out.

from    J.B. Poersch <>
date    Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 12:22 PM
subject    Don't believe it

Dear Mark,

Don't believe what you've heard about a GOP in disarray. They're mad, they're organized, and they're determined to return to what they see as their rightful place: ruling the halls of Congress.

And therein lies the problem you poor pathetic Joe.  Rule?  RULE?  Where is THAT in the united States Constitution?  R.U.L.E.??  Byte me Joey.

How do I know? $14.4 million.

That's how much Newt Gingrich raised during a fundraising dinner last week for Republican House and Senate committees. One speech. $14.4 million.

But, but, but didn't YOU say when that happened that they DIDN'T raise any money to speak of?  Is this MORE FEAR MONGERING, Joey boy?

They not only have cash, but also history on their side. There are only a handful of times in our nation's past when the party that won the White House hasn't lost big the following midterm election. That would spell disaster for President Obama's agenda.

AHA!  The Truth comes out!  That damned HISTORY thing!  Here's a history lesson for you lying-assed Democrat, liberal, Leftinistra, Socialist, Marxist whores.  You talk the good talk.  You lie to the American people and tell them what YOU think they need, should or want to hear, get them to vote for you and then you shaft EVERYONE including your minions in your quest for power and control.  That's all that matters to you and your kind.  How many promises has Obama broken by now?  How about ALL of them?

Obama's agenda?  OBAMA'S AGENDA?  And what would that be, Joey?  The overthrow of the United States Constitution?  The unconstitutional take over of everything YOUR KIND thinks is evil?  Creating a contrived "crisis" or "crises" like FDR and Truman in order to shred that Constitutoin?  THAT agenda Joey boy?

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Fun With Trolls on Twitter

Updated on Mon, June 15, 2009 at 14:46 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Updated on Mon, June 15, 2009 at 15:06 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Updated on Mon, June 15, 2009 at 15:16 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Updated on Tue, June 16, 2009 at 1:25 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

This can become addictive.

John Yeltonivanrich@Snooper1 RT @neoows Is Dick Cheney Hoping For America to be Attacked By Terrorists? - recommended by Peak -

Answer: @ivanrich Leon Panetta is a futz

John Yeltonivanrich@Snooper1 Constitutional theorist, unfazed for 8 years while document used as toilet paper, now concerned. Public recognizes as a futz.

@ivanrich looking into that mirror again? LOL

John Yeltonivanrich@Snooper1 You tell 'em, Snooperboy! 8 years to whine and cry about this -we need more original wits like you You'll get that job on Fox yet!

@ivanrich Obamabot, ignorant of the USC, unfazed by Obama's treason as he uses USC toilet paper. Public recognizes as a futz.

John Yeltonivanrich@Snooper1 "Neofacist, torture-rights, USC flushing loser seeks Twitter-fame... surprisingly irrelevant:" 8 ObamaYears... ahhhhhh

@ivanrich poor thing. LOL and @ivanrich maybe you will get that job at PMSLSD after all! and @ivanrich WOW! You have zero balance on common sense and you have been had by the Mad Hadder. Have fun.

And then, another uninformed troll futz jumped in:

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Libtard Hate Mail: My Final Response

As most know that frequent this place called the Snooper Report, I also write for and helped found American Daily Review.  I, as they, get hate mail, hate tweets and truly ugly comments.  Yes, there are some on the Right can be just as bad but for the most part, vitriolic cowardice (hiding behind anonymous monikers) are reserved to the Leftinistra.

The Boss at American Daily Review wrote and published a piece that pretty much explains it all and I have reprinted it here at the Snooper Report.  By the way, much to the chagrin of the Moonbat Class, aka the anti-Americanists in this Nation, ADR is the fastest growing Conservative news outlet on the internet.  Check Alexa.

First, let me say that this message is NOT directed at people who disagree with and respond to our articles in a responsible manner.

We allow for mature, responsible, spirited disagreement here and I allow some of it to be published in the comments section.

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Another Moron Troll On Twitter

Just a couple ot tweets from an effete futz twit:

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 The use of the military by Bush and Cheney for their private power trips didn´t make America safer, it nearly destroyed the US.

Please take note of any substantiation.  Did IT offer any?  Naturally, no.  Why?  There is none.  Just the opposite is true so the uneducated troll reveals its lack of education.

aperiozaraperiozar@Snooper1 Its your sick NeoCon logic: Go beserk over 1 abortion, but support NeoCon president when he kills tens of thousands of innocents

Please take note that this moron thinks I am a Neocon.  It obviously doesn't know what a Neocon is.  Go figure.

So, evidently, this futz thinks that the murder of approximately 50,000,000 unborn since the unconstitutional "ruling" of the SCOTUS in 1973 is quite alright.  Where this clown gets the "berserk" over ONE abortion escapes me seeing that I have never "gone berserk over 1 abortion".  Ever.  Poor thing.  It must have gotten its wires crossed which comes to no surprise.

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Obama, Rule of Law and His Mental Illness

Obama yammers on and on about the rule of law.  He also yammers about the United States Constitution.  He also lies a lot, hires lobbyists he says he won't, hires tax cheats that demand we pay our taxes, derides the very nation he swore to uphold, slanders our nation, boosts up our enemies, bemoans our allies, has a VP that needs to be close friends with Dr Bill, has a SOH that is every bit the liar he is, nominates a racist bigot to the SCOTUS, is married to the most hate-filled racist sycophant this side of the south side of Chicago that had her lawyering license revoked in lieu of "troubles" and has an AG that violates the USC by protecting specific "brands" of US citizens.

Does anyone else besides me see the wrongness of any of the above?  Some idiot over at American Power blog in the comments section said that I had "maligned the President".  I suppose by that fool's comment I am now a racist because I dared criticize his dearly beloved Marxist moron.

If I was once a Marxist Obama suporter that has turned out to be the very Bush III they worried about in McCain, I would find another cause to get behind.  Seeing that Czabonis' ratings are tanking to the degree that they are, perhaps more and more hoodwinked and lied to former supporters of The One are wising up.

What the libtard took offense to was my critique of the Buchenwald visit by Obama the fraud.  It was disgusting and evidently, the Teleprompter crew didn't have time to set up and it was very much obvious.  I kept having to finish his sentences for him.

Tim said...

Mark, you are a pretty disgusting human being to use this solemn occasion to malign our president.

And Donald thanks your for being an asshole. Makes sense I guess!

Too bad, punk.

How is Obama anti-Jew, Mark? Please explain.

The idiot just doesn't pay attention, does it?  Let's see.  Israel bad.  Palestinians good.  Obama said that the Nazis to the Jews is as Israel is to the Palestinians.  Clear enough moron?  How about Obama pulling strategic support from Israel.  How about Obama saying that "we" cannot force our values on other nations and then tells Israel how to run their nation?  How's that, dufus?  How about Iran says they are going to wipe Israel off the face of the planet and then Obama tells Iran it's OK to have nukes but tells North Korea that they can't after telling the world that "we" cannot tell what countries can or cannot have nukes?  How's that you libtard jerk-off?

Anyway, the exchange is at Doug's place previously linked and the poor thing is really mentally deficient.  I couldn't place the above verbiage at another's web site.

By the way, Obama doesn't qualify to be "president" because he doesn't fit the requirements in the united States Constitution so as far as I am concerned, he isn't "president".  He is the First Czar of the USSKKKA.


David Neiwert Like ALL Socialst Hacks Doesn't Get It: Recruiting Station Attacks Are An Act of War and Terrorism

I couldn't resist the title seeing that the idiot at Crooks and Liars (how appropriate is that?) is whing again about Sarah Palin.  That's to be expected seeing that Sarah Palin's Conservatism makes the basic libtard melt and have spasm of the cranial cavities.  Listen to this moron:

Right-wingers have a problem admitting that there's such a thing as right-wing terrorism. We saw it recently with that prescient Homeland Security bulletin that they all claimed smeared them. And now we're seeing it again with the assassination of Dr. George Tiller. [...]

I guess the foolish imp didn't notice that Janet Nappyheaded Napoleanitanio rescinded the DHS "bulletin" and "Lexicon" in regards to the "rightwing" but not the "bulletin" on the "leftwing".  Poor thing.  Another twit caught being stupid.  That isn't all that hard catching them being stuid, is it?

I wonder why these fools are silent about the attack on a Recruiting Station in Arkansas today?  Oh.  Wait.  These leftwing assholes don't think those attacks are a bad thing.

More at Memeorandum...

The Snooper Report.  Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


Brain Dead Libtards Take Offense to Name Calling

Updated on Sat, May 30, 2009 at 18:22 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Too damn bad on that one.  If they can't stand the heat, perhaps they should get the hell out of the kitchen.  While I am on the subject of libtards, I also notice that the libtards take items that offend them and try to make the tactic that offended them as their own idea.  That reveals a character flaw which in turn classifies them as having no original thought.  Like Obama, for example.

For years now, Obama and his sycophantic seat cushion sniffers have said that holding enemy combatants was evil and bad.  Obama has stated that he is going to hold them under his "legal regime" of "indefinite detention".  So, that evil Bushie and Darth Cheney thing is now good.  Why?  Because now, Obama can say that he said it and following the tactic of the Leftinistra, nothing is a good idea unless "they" said it.  Ergo, no original thought patterns, taking the ideas of others and making them their own, calling the once failed and evil policies good.  The libtards aren't smart enough to figure that out.  That's OK.  That's why we are here.  Welcome to reality.

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Terrorist Attack Thwarted - CIA Blamed?

No.  Wait.  Nancy did it.  No.  Wait.  Bush did it.  No.  Wait.  Obama did it.  No.  Wait.  Ah.  Forget it.  WAIT!  THE FBI DID IT!!!

The other day, this is what was being reported:

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Presenting A French Libtard

Updated on Thu, May 21, 2009 at 15:55 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

This proves it.  Libtards are the same the world over.  So, libtardism cannot be a virus.  As Dr Rossiter and Dr Krauthammer so state, it must be a mental disorder.

First the tweets...

Marie ClaudeRat_des_champs@Snooper1 p'tain,les texans tous des bouseux "Whoever they are, they need to be shamed into acting like the French." a cow-boyness,I'm sorry p'tain,les texans tous des bouseux,snooper "Whoever they are, they need to be shamed into acting like the French." @snooper1 say, Lamas for our Air Force, does that fit your idea of the french army ? umm y'a know, they are farming now

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The Leftisist Never Say Such Things Part xxxxxxx

The Obamedia bash the other night revealed Letarded hate-speech that the Leftards say they don't say.  Just one example depicting one of thousands...

Yesterday, a soldier in a stress clinic at Camp Liberty took the lives of 5 fellow soldiers and wounded others.  He is now in custody.  Listen to the "tolerant and kind" libtards. The comments below are from the Texas Fred's post, taken from the USA Today article.

zippy68: Has Bush found those WMD yet?

Key Mal: AN AMERICAN SOLDIER KILLED THEM? This war is getting WAY outta control!

Reggie Brown: If WMDs had been found in Iraq, FOXnews would STILL be running the story every hour on the hour.

cheatedcitizen: Was he a life member of the NRA? (Fred Note: cheatedcitizen is a below average moron, even as morons go)

Dr S: guns, guns, guns…. Trade off: Oil. Thanks Bushies.

RUSHisFAT: the shooter was a member of the NRA. Figures!
May15thProphecy: More proof of the 100% accuracy of GOD CURSE OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION

buckrepublicans: Republicans are murderers and torturers,Democrats let them. We Americans get the black eye.Triple tax Republicans,let them pay for their war.Hang Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz from the Washington Monument,as millions cheer.I want to hear their boot heels clicking in the breeze.Maybe we could make lynching legal ,like water-boarding. Buck Republicans in the mouth,you won’t hear any lies.

Legal Immigrant: Bill Kristol took authorship of the invasion of Iraq and has intellectual reasons why the military must be there. The people involved on the ground do not know the true reason they are there. Just a bigger fish deciding your life for you.

Albino Grandma: Rush? Are you back on the Oxycontin again?

buckrepublicans: Kill the republican party before they kill us

buckrepublicans: Oxycontin has killed many people,to bad Rush isn’t one of them.

buckrepublicans: Who will bring honor back to our millitary?

joe_oly: A US soldier goes Postal and kills 5 of his comrades.Maybe one of them reminded him of Bush.
billrandle: Just wait until all these soldiers “suffering from traumatic stress” get back to the United States and have easy access to guns. These kinds of rampages have only just begun…

kts1005: LOL he probably got his renewal notice in the mail from the NRA and went postal…..

And the leftards are "understanding", nice and kind?  Bull shit.  Hey, libtards.  Drop dead.  The sooner the better and the world can't wait.


A Moron Bigotted and Racist Libtard Rambles

The following email was sent to the "other" site I write for, American Daily Review.  I am also a co-founder of that site, albeit in a lesser capacity than the other guys.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and publish this drivel because some moron on the Left ststed that no one on their side says stuff like this.  Gee.  I wonder who that libtard might be.  Let's see.  OH!  RIGHT!  It was Atrios writing at Eschaton with ITS retarded post entitled, "All Members of Military Are Murderers".  Nice.  Idiot.

So, without further ado, here is a militant bigot.

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Deflection, Distraction: Reagan and Torture

Several Marxist web sites today, including that libtard democrat in drag Andrew Sullivan, are trying in a sad manner to depict themselves and identify themselves as Ronald Wilson Reagan.  The next thing you know, the other FRAUD conservative at Little Green Turtle Turds will be chiming in on the libturd side as well.  What the fraud conservatives haven't figured out yet is that they are being used by our enemies within.  I wonder if they are getting paid by Soros, too.

Surely, Reaganus Maximus is turning in their graves because at one time, President Reagan said this about the liberals:

It isn't that liberals are ignorant.  It's just that they know so much that isn't true.

The quote they have cherry picked in their mentally deranged Bush Derangement Syndrome, fuled by their total FAILURE in getting their beloved impeachment of Buch-Cheney for crimes INVENTED and never proven is as follows:

Each State Party is required either to prosecute torturers who are found in its territory or to extradite them to other countries for prosecution.

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Chief Moonbat and anti-Americanist: Markos Moulitsas Zuniga

This pathetic slug wouldn't know his ass from from his mouth if it was shown to him in a mirror.  Hell, the odor from either just has to be indistinguishable one from the other.  IT encourages ITS pathetic anti-Americanist followers to vandalize and cause havoc and disturbances every where they go and claims that conservatives run around shooting people.  What a moron.  Talk about an intellectually void and "udderly" dishonest punk bastard!  Just look at the mug of his!  Damn.  I bet his momma wishes she had believed in abortion now.  Sure has an uncanny similarity, doesn't it?  I mean, which picture is him?  Poor thing.

Anyway, the poor deluded neo marxist punk, a lad that has zero understanding of the United States Constitution yammers and prattles about a wide variety of topics and reveals ITS total dysfunctional resonance with reality.  He has written many articles that expose his anti-Americanistic trait of loser over and over again and it seems that the only folks that listen to him are the cowards of IVAW and other organizations consisting of cowards and liars.  No wonder he is so popular among the easily deluded.  For example:

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Chief KOSmonoff Inciting To Riot

Updated on Sun, April 5, 2009 at 23:03 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Updated on Mon, April 6, 2009 at 1:07 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Everyone knows who and what Markos Moulitsas is.  The who is well known but The What is a matter of explanation.  To those that are paying attention, which groups across the country openly advocate and approve of violence?  The "anti-war" groups, the "peace" groups or the pro Troops groups?  Which groups "demonstrating" across the land have consistantly vandalized government and private property?  The "liberal" groups or the "conservative" groups?

Which organizations across America were praising deaths of cops and US Military members?  The "liberal" or "conservative" organizations?

And now, the Chief Moonbat of the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades, aka Daily Kos, has stated that the deaths of police officers in Pennsylvania is due to "conservatives".  The individual (cannot classify him as a man for the obvious reasons) Markos Moosetwit Moulitsas is a lying ass and thrives on deception because he is a liar and a coward.  He has no shame and that is what attracts others of his ilk to such dementia.

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