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More Distractions To Make Your Day

There is another story, in a long list of stories, of stupid, dumb, ignorant and perhaps retarded Obamabots or, if you prefer, Obamatards.  Loki sent it via IM and I could not believe it when I read it.  Looking into it deeper, I found that it is true.  It seems a particular woman had a particular picture of Obama and two other women wanted it more than the woman that owned it.  So, what did the other two conspire to do?  Steal it.  Yes.  They conspired to steal it, assaulted the owner and are now in jail.  The really sad part is one of the Obamatards had her three-year-old with them as they made their getaway and the mother has been charged with endangering her child.  I hope they are satisfied.  Liberalism.  It's a mental disorder.  When was the last time a conservative stole a picture of Ronald Reagan or some other conservative or a Republican, for that matter?  Couldn't they have just downloaded it from the internet somewhere?  Aren't there pictures of Obama anywhere?  The distraction is here.  Marla is in the pic to the right and Tamika is in the pic to the left.

Marla Anderson wanted that Barack Obama picture.

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There's Those Distractions Again

Which stories do we chase today?  I already wrote of the dangers of distractions but, what the heck?

Stix published the video on this site and his in regards to the merging of the libtardosphere and the Libtard Stream Media but I thought I would link to Hot Air as well.  Add that to the distraction list.  While your at it, check out Right Wing News.  Why not?  Here's the video.  And the libtards say we are in cahoots with the media?  I suppose they mean Fox.

Does anyone recall any "conservative newsie" writing on any web site other than their own or at Fox News?  However, when the Libtard Media writes at the Daily Marxinoff, Saloon, Huff and Spit or any other libtard Marxist (progressive) promoting site, that seems to be OK fine.  Odd how those libtard double standards keep popping up like cockroaches, isn't it?  Another distraction.  Hot Air calls it an unusually enlightening palate cleanser.  Twisted humor?  Perhaps.  Another distraction.

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One Distraction After Another Covers the Marxists' Agenda

Updated on Sat, May 9, 2009 at 5:14 by Registered CommenterMark "Snooper" Harvey

Yesterday on my BTR show, I read and then we discussed the article at the American Thinker entitled, "Wanted: Political Counter-Terrorists".  As is explained in the article and as I have talked about on the air for at least two years, we cannot get caught up in all of the distractions put forth by the architects of the political coup that took place in November of 2008 - and the two or three years before that.  Make no mistake, it was a political coup.  For the first time in our history, a known Marxist was chosen to sit in the once White House, now known as the Marxist House.  The Marxist sitting in the Oval Office is a complete unknown, an individual that no one knows about or where he is from or, for that matter, where he came from let alone whether or not he is a naturalized citizen or a natural born citizen.  No one in "power" seems to care and I mean no one.

So, please follow along as I try and display that which I am talking about.  The links I provide, if you click on them, please right click and open in a new tab if you so desire.  I do not know how to make a link automatically open up in a new tab or page.  People have tried to explain it to me but, alas, my thick Texican skull just doesn't get it.

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