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Entries in Sock Puppet (2)


Greeny Greenwaldo and His Sock Puppet Army

Donald Douglas has a great piece up today taking Greeny Sock Puppet Green-where's-Waldo behind the woodshed.  I remember when this flake and his accompanying sock puppets were running around pretending to be a whole slew of somebody else ranting and raving about how President Bush was going to do one thing or another without a shred of evidence.

When brought to task, he pretended he wasn't spanked.  The guy is a member of the Leftinistra Fruit Loop Brigades and if he had more than a micron worth of cranial matter, he just might have a chance in this world.  Feel free to check the references list in the tab provided at the bottom of this entry.  The guy is a TOTAL flake.  I caught the silly bastard red-handed with his puppets.  Idiot.

With all of the evidence that many of us have written about for nearly 3 years now, Obama can be classified as a pathological liar - and we can prove it.  Today, the flake was talking about "fiscal responsibility".  That is one of those WTFO? moments.  And Waldo dares berate Glen Beck for pointing out the obvious?  Judas H Priest!

Anyway, check out Doug's entry.  The link is also in the reference zone.  I will seldom place links in the body of these entries any longer.


Obama To Cut Defense Spending by $55 Billion

Remember how Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton raped the military and the intelligence agencies?  Remember how many of us on the Right warned that Czarbama was Carter-Clinton incarnate?  Czarbie will be continuing that idiocy.  Remember the reports that I and others made that explained how the US State Department is the Shadow Government and that the State Department truly believes that it is they and they alone that run the government?

Remember when President Bush told Lebanon not to accept any deals presented by Syria-Iran-Hizballah and the very next day Condi told them to accept the deals?  Remember how Condi kept her job and the deals were not rejected?  Remember all of that?  I do.

And now, once again, we have the Shadow Government calling the shots.  Hillary Clinton, confirmed unconstitutionally as Secretary of State, is at the helm - the position she has lusted over for years.  I suppose we can now call the American Presidency the Sock Puppet Administration.  Amy Proctor is calling Obama the New Jimmy Carter and folks are now noticing.  Now they are noticing?  Where have they been?  Please don't answer that question - it is self evident.

Photo Credit Chicago Ray

Chicago Ray:

That's all there is to it, Obama's just the "little colored boy" the DNC cleverly manipulated to the top of the ticket as the fresh face for the made for TV "Hope and Change bandwagon of boobs"♠ that no one in their right mind (basically excluding most liberals) would have bought coming from the old Clinton guard should she have won the nomination, who then under the instruction of his higher ups basically has installed the entire Clinton apparatus underneath him.

And with the MSM's help as also evidenced by this claim and article below is allowing Slick to run the country through his skank wife and the rest of the puppet regime, with the head marionette again the house's First Muslim Colored President, Hussein Obama [...]

Muslim?  I thought that was a taboo thing to say?  Not so much now, it it?  He insisted on using his middle name during the coronation which, by the way, was a major Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigade no-no.  He then proceeded to drink the juices of the Little Man from Iran who turned right around and proclaimed th the world - and I paraphrase - Obama is weak.  He also performed an outstanding Bash America interview with the enemy.  He also dumped on the function at the coronation that honored the Medal of Honor winners opting instead to rub elbows with fellow Marxists and terrorist sympathizers.

Nice guy this Hessein fraud occupying the Marxist House, eh?  Keep your powder dry.