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Car bombings are a relatively new phenomena in Mexico

Perhaps the Mexican schmucks are learning from the Hezballah, HAMAS and Al Qeada that are now in Mexico and in Central and South America, eh?

Stratfor Research reports that improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are becoming commonplace in Mexico (subscription required). Interestingly, CNN International also reported this story a few moments ago, but its mother network (CNN USA) is thus far mum.

Surely there are no surprises here seeing that a very few of us are paying any kind of attention to the southern border.  Obama and his clan of stupid people have done very little for the illegal invasionistas' Reconquista except, naturly, get the ILLEGALS to vote...for the dems.  At any cost.

See Stratfor and CNN International.  Don't bother looking for any - ANY - American news groups to report any of this.  Well, perhaps AFTER Nov 2, 2010 we'll see some news coverage.  Maybe.

With the dismal feds discounting deportion cases, such as Obama's illegal invasionista Aunt, what we have now, as Doug Ross so adequately calls, is Legacy Media.  Legacy Media.  And what is their "legacy"?  The destruction of the American Republic all in the name of the ingrate Obama and his Klutz Clan?

Another function of all of this southern border activity are the homegrown terrorists.  This all happens because not one soul in any school in this Nation teaches that the USA is in fact a Republic - what they do teach is "democracy".  Show me where the very term democracy is in the United States Constitution.  Show me and please cite the chapter and verse.  I wrote about this many times but this is a great article here.  Lots more here.

Thousands of bodies, mostly Mexican, but some American and others have been found dead on both sides of the southern border with just 72 Mexicans found dead recently.

Doug Ross calls himself a dreamer when he says that the news media will report on any of this.  He isn't a The DHS fraud,Janet NapoliReno, says this about the southern border.dreamer.  He is like myself - full of wonder.  I wonder what he calls Janet Nappyhead?  Janet = Dumbass.

15 people have been shot dead in Mexico and there is no stopping any  of this.  What does Nappyhead say?  Look to the right and view Nappy's facial features.  Why were they shot?  A business was closed.  How many businesses have been closed in the USA since the marxist-sociopaths took over?

[...] The Obama administration is preparing to scrap plans to extend the high-tech "virtual" border fence along vast stretches of the 1,969-mile U.S.-Mexico border...

...Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, a former governor of Arizona keenly familiar with the technical problems afflicting the project, first signaled plans to scrub the "invisible fence" with a series of internal decisions in recent weeks that shifted the year-to-year contract with the prime contractor to a month-to-month contract due to expire on Nov. 21. [...]

Remember The Fence?

[...] Gee, this may sound crazy, but perhaps an administration truly concerned with protecting Americans would build something known as a "real fence".

The failed narco-terror state next door is quickly descending into full-blown civil war. And NapoliReno, her boss, and the rest of the Democrat leadership doesn't care how many American are destined to die. [...]

Remember The Fence?


THOUSANDS of miles across the southern border are just like the above two pictures.

What fence?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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