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ABC15 Investigators confirm violent AZ crime associated with ATF Fast and Furious Case

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There are two articles cited here and al-Holder the Racist in charge at the defunct DOJ says that HIS department was doing something which he knew nothing about.  That is the old song and dance, "I have no recollection of this" maneuver.  al-Holder must resign but, rthen again, he is a marxist-sociopath and they never do anything wrong.  They all need to find God and ask for some help...

Authorities confirm a weapon from the failed ATF program 'Operation Fast and Furious' was found at a violent crime scene in Maricopa, Ariz. in 2010. This is the latest in a series of cases where Fast and Furious guns have been linked to violent crimes across the U.S. and Mexico. The two guns found at the scene were an AK-47 and a Beretta pistol, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The AK-47 is linked to Fast and Furious, according to ATF. The weapons were found inside a stolen truck in March 2010 after the driver slammed into two DPS vehicles while trying to evade members of the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force, ABC 15 reports. The driver, Angel Hernandez Diaz, was reportedly arrested and charged with multiple crimes, including flight from a pursuing law enforcement vehicle, aggravated assault on an officer with a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon, theft of means of transportation and misconduct involving a weapon, according to court documents. Fast and Furious was an operation launched in late 2009 by the Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to follow gun purchasers in hopes that suspects would lead investigators to the heads of Mexican cartels. But hundreds of high-powered rifles and other guns ended up in Mexico, and many now accuse the ATF and the Justice Department of letting the guns "walk" even after safety concerns were raised.

The ABC15 Investigators have learned a weapon connected to the controversial Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Fast and Furious case was found at the scene of a 2010 violent crime in Maricopa, AZ. Bart Graves, a spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Public Safety, confirms officers found two weapons, an AK-47 and a Beretta pistol, inside a stolen truck in March 2010 after a driver trying to evade members of the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force slammed the stolen vehicle into two DPS vehicles. The AK-47 is linked to the Fast and Furious case, according to the ATF. Last week, the Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich said three weapons linked to the Fast and Furious case were used in violent crimes in the United States. Two of the weapons turned up at the Arizona murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. As part of the Fast and Furious case, Phoenix ATF agents recently testified that they knowingly allowed weapons to slip into the hands of straw buyers who would then distribute the weapons to known criminals. THE STOLEN VEHICLE Police arrested the driver of the stolen truck where the AK-47 was found, Angel Hernandez Diaz, on March 4, 2010. According to court paperwork , he’s accused of and charged with multiple crimes, including unlawful flight from a pursuing law enforcement vehicle, aggravated assault on an officer with a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon, theft of means of transportation, and misconduct involving a weapon. Hernandez Diaz is accused of stealing a Ford F-350 truck. Undercover police tracked him on SR 347 as he traveled towards Maricopa. When officers attempted to pull him over by turning on their emergency lights, Hernandez Diaz is accused of ramming two AZDPS vehicles and a civilian vehicle. Officers used spike strips to stop the vehicle, but sources told ABC15 the driver and the passenger continued to drive, eventually running from the disabled truck.

The Snooper Report.
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Botched US Gun Smuggling Operation Let Grenades, IEDs 'Walk' Into Mexico

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Mexican IEDs...I wonder who taught them this?

Amid brewing controversy over the ATF's botched Fast and Furious gunrunning operation comes new allegations that the Department of Justice also let off an Arizona man suspected of supplying grenades to Mexico's drug cartels. The WSJ reports today that federal authorities are now investigating why the U.S. Attorney's office in Phoenix — the same office that oversaw Fast and Furious — released Jean Baptiste Kingery after he confessed to providing military-style weapons to the now-defunct La Familia Michoacana drug cartel. Kingery, who was arrested and released in June 2010, confessed to manufacturing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) using grenade components from the U.S. He also admitted to helping the cartel convert semi-automatic rifles into machine guns. Mexican criminal organizations are increasingly using these military-style weapons as the cartels' escalate their wars against the government and one another. Despite Kingery's confession, and over loud protestations from the arresting ATF officers, the U.S. Attorney's office let Kingery go within hours of his arrest.

The Snooper Report.
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Mexico Says US Man Smuggled Grenade Parts for Sinaloa Cartel

Some people's kids...tough economy or is this moron an idiot?

Police have arrested a U.S. man for smuggling American grenade parts into Mexico for use by the Sinaloa cartel, and a U.S. official said the case has now been included in investigations into flawed law enforcement operations aimed at gun-trafficking networks on the Mexican border. The arrest of a man who Mexican police identified as Jean Baptiste Kingery has provided details on a network that allegedly supplied hundreds of hand grenades to Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cartel. Such grenades have been blamed in the injuries or deaths of dozens of civilians in Mexico, where grenades have been tossed into public squares, streets, bars and nightclubs. A U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation, known as Fast and Furious, was designed to track small-time gun buyers at several Phoenix-area gun shops up the chain to make cases against major weapons traffickers. But a congressional investigation says ATF agents of lost track of about 1,400 of the more than 2,000 guns whose purchase they had watched. In Washington D.C., Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler said the department's inspector general has expanded that investigation to include the Kingery case. "The department is aware of concerns raised" about the Kingery case "and has been looking into it," said Schmaler. "We have notified Congress about this operation and offered to brief them on it."

The Snooper Report.
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Border Crossers Finding New Fence Painful

The poor widdle illegal invasionistas!  It's so hard to cross the fence, man!

NOGALES, AZ - The higher the wall, the harder they will fall. That's what border crossers trying to scale the new border fence at Nogales are painfully finding out. The imposing new border fence running through Nogales is proving to be a treacherous obstacle for suspected illegal immigrants A Nogales Police Department report says on Aug. 12, a woman broke her leg after climbing the border fence. Two days later, officers found a second injured fence climber. And a third, suspected illegal immigrant from China fell and broke his leg on Aug 22. Nogales Fire Department Chief Hector Robles tells the Nogales International that in addition to the height of the fence, adrenaline and miscalculations in determining the distance and angle of a fall are potential injury factors.

Dey mite get hoort!

The Snooper Report.
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Perry: No Border Fence

I know.  I have been told that Rick Perry has been talking to Sheriff Arpaio from Arizona about the border fence.  So what?  Perry still doesn't want a fence.  He wants the Texas National Guard to be on the border.  That's fine by me but is it going to happen?  No, it is not.  So, why not, Rick?  Afraid of handling the upstarts in DC or what?

He may have been 2,000 miles from the border, but Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s immigration record in Texas quickly became the focus in New Hampshire Saturday afternoon. Speaking to hundreds of Granite State voters at a private reception, the Texas governor was asked whether he supported a fence along the Mexican border. "No, I don’t support a fence on the border," he said, while referring to the long border in Texas alone. "The fact is, it’s 1,200 miles from Brownsville to El Paso. Two things: How long you think it would take to build that? And then if you build a 30-foot wall from El Paso to Brownsville, the 35-foot ladder business gets real good." Instead, Perry said he supported "strategic fencing" and National Guard troops to prevent illegal immigration and violence from Mexican drug cartels.

The Snooper Report.
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The time has come to drive these Marxi-Socialists from our body politic once and for all

And that includes the maroons posing as delegates for We The People that are occupying the Dishonorable Halls of CONgress.

Outrage! Obama's Latest Perfidy

On December 18th 2010, Congress voted down the Dream Act. Last week, just before leaving on his multi-million dollar vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, Obama once again trampled on the rule of law and the expressed will of the American people. I wonder if he took his sixty-car caravan and the two Darth Vader buses from Canada with him. For someone whose public position has consistently placed him in opposition to those ‘millionaires’ and ‘billionaires’, from whom he would wish to extract every last dime if he could, Barack Obama, whose every waking moment is spent trying to scheme new ways to separate the ‘evil’ rich from their money, is spending two weeks hobnobbing with some of the richest lefties on the planet. On your dime, of course.

Many times before this article was written, we TROUNCED the DREAM Act for many reaons but one of them was the DREAM Act is 100% unconstitutional...PERIOD.

Click the picture for the entire article.  It is very well worth the read.  I have said the exact same things here at The Snooper Report.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
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Immigration Contract with America

Most excellent source of data herein...


Click this picture and WHO is that there anyway?

The Snooper Report.
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Five Gunwalker Questions the Media Won’t Ask, and the Obama Administration Won’t Answer

Click the picture for the entire article.

Who came up with the idea of allowing guns to be purchased by straw purchasers and then “walked” across the border by smugglers? Who authorized Operation Fast and Furious in the Department of Justice? Who authorized Operation Fast and Furious in the Department of Homeland Security? Is Operation Fast and Furious the only operation of its type, or were there similar operations in Texas, Florida, and other states as evidence suggests? What, precisely, did Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano know about Operation Fast and Furious, and when did they know it?

Operation Gunrunner.  Operation Fast and Furious.  If a Republican had done this, his/her head would already be rolling across the floor.

The Snooper Report.
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Mexican Federal Police Invade American Soil, Fire on American Citizens

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I only WISH that I had my camera to display the pictures we had of Border Patrol mutants meeting with Mexican mutants on US soil!  The camera was lost as we were being hunted down...

Mexican Federal Police Briefly Invade America, Fire On American Citizens

So the Mexican Federal Police invade American soil, armed with automatic weapons, fire on American citizens, and steal some of their property. The border patrol spokesman reportedly refused to admit that Americans were threatened, shot at, and stolen from, by Mexican Federal Police. If this is an accurate description of the event and the border patrol’s spokesman’s response, than I have just one word for that spokesman: COWARD! You know, the border patrol agents doing their jobs seem to be good guys. But boy, does the leadership seem to be as corrupt as a Mexican policeman! If this is how our Border Patrol’s management is handling things, part of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California will be Mexican occupied territories within the next year or two.Will you help us fight this fight?

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly


New Questions, Possible Cover-Up, Surface in ATF Fast and Furious Probe

Operation Gunrunner.  Fast and Furious.  Department of Injustice.  ATF.  Marxist House.  Simply amazing how these people were perpetrating the fraud on the American people in the hopes of eliminating our very weapons that have been protecting our Homeland from the thugs and morons of the federal government and enemy invaders.

Two top Republican lawmakers say Arizona prosecutors “stifled” attempts by agents for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to interdict weapons purchased by “straw buyers” in that state that later were “walked” to drug smugglers in Mexico, and may have covered up the fact that two of those weapons were found at the scene of the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent. Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Darrell Issa of California, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, told Acting U.S. Attorney Ann Scheel in Phoenix in a letter Thursday that “explicit approval” was required from federal prosecutors before any of the weapons purchased in “Operation Fast and Furious” could be stopped from leaving the country. “It is our understanding that this approval was withheld on numerous occasions,” they wrote. “It is unclear why all available tools, such as civil forfeitures and seizure warrants, were not used in this case to prevent illegally-purchased guns from being trafficked to Mexican drug cartels and other criminals.”

Other criminals?  We are at WAR with terrorists, gentlemen!  They are not criminals.  They are war fodder.

Regular readers will remember Dan Restrepo, previously identified back in April by this writer as the probable Oliver North of the Gunwalker Scandal. They will also recall our efforts the get the Issa committee to ask about the O'Reilly-Newell emails at the last hearing -- Kevin O'Reilly being Restrepo's deputy at the NSC. At the time (both in April and July) I was cautioned by some folks that I was getting ahead of the evidence. One feared that I might be "leaping at illusions." I trusted my sources. And now, in the wake of yesterday's tactical nuke delivery on the Phoenix US Attorneys Office, we have this: Newly obtained emails show that the White House was better informed about a failed gun-tracking operation on the border with Mexico than was previously known. Three White House national security officials were given some details about the operation, dubbed Fast and Furious. The operation allowed firearms to be illegally purchased, with the goal of tracking them to Mexican drug cartels. But the effort went out of control after agents lost track of many of the weapons. The supervisor of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation in Phoenix specifically mentioned Fast and Furious in at least one email to a White House national security official, and two other White House colleagues were briefed on reports from the supervisor, according to White House emails and a senior administration official. . . He identified the three White House officials who were briefed as Kevin M. O'Reilly, director of North American Affairs for the White House national security staff; Dan Restrepo, the president's senior Latin American advisor; and Greg Gatjanis, a White House national security official. Great stuff, right? Ah, but the White is ready with more Nixonian spin of the "modified limited hangout" sort. This has happened before in this scandal, also through the good offices of Richard Serrano.

We are at war along the Southern Border even if you do not believe it.  Give if you can and give because you should.

SNAIL MAIL Mark Harvey PO Box 940313 Plano, TX 75094-0313

The Snooper Report.
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