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Hillary The Rodham Clinton The Unconstitutional Secretary of State

Judicial Watch Announces Hillary Clinton Constitutionally Ineligible to Serve as Secretary of State (12.2.08)

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Challenging Hillary Clinton Appointment on Behalf of State Department Foreign Service Officer (1.29.09)

The issue is The United States Constitution but, don't let that get in the way, because as Gabriel Malor states over at Ace of Spades: (there is precedent)

[...] Is the case going to get anywhere? Doubtful. They let William Saxbe get away with it in the 1970s, so there's precedent. Also, who has standing? As with the Obama Birther lawsuits, it's difficult to find someone who has suffered injury to a protected interest. [...]

So, because something was done unconstitutionally and illegally before, it is OK to do it again?  That kind of round-robin buffoonery is what has gone wrong in this Nation.  The attitude now is, "Hey.  We did it before so it is OK to do it now."  I'll remember that when I get my next speeding ticket.  All I need to do is go to court and say, "Hey.  I was speeding last week and it was fine.  What's the difference?"

What does the US Constitution expressly state?  Article 1, Section 6:

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a compensation for their services, to be ascertained by law, and paid out of the treasury of the United States. They shall in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any speech or debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other place.

No Senator or Representative shall, during the time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil office under the authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time: and no person holding any office under the United States, shall be a member of either House during his continuance in office.

The "it's difficult to find someone who has suffered injury to a protected interest" meme is pathetically ill-conceived and stated.  In addition, that statement is flawed from its conception.  What's wrong with abiding by the United States Constitution?  The people that have "suffered injury" are the American People.  When the political leadership usurps the US Constitution to suit an end, why then should We The People abide by the US Constitution?  What are our constraints and obligations to it?  Because our elected cockroaches don't give a damn we shouldn't either?

And, the very selection of The Rodham is flawed.  She "promised a new era in American diplomacy".  Gateway Pundit wants to know if her prior "new era" is going to be the same as the "new new era".  I would say that The Rodham will be tomorrow as she has always been in the egotistical budding Leninist.  I wonder what she will do with the philanderer?

Every Senator that voted for her confirmation needs to be replaced and I don't care who they are.  If we cannot trust our elected cockroaches to abide by the US Constitution, we can go one of two ways.  Do as they do and ignore the Law of The Land and do as we please or replace them with strict Constitutionalists.  Which way would be more productive?  If you have an answer, feel free to place them in the comments section.

I reject the "Saxbe fix".  It was unconstitutional then.  It is unconstitutional now.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it authorize the bypass of the stated text and context by "undoing an emolument".

In a previously published observation, those enamored by and supporting The Rodham have simply been beguiled.

As a matter of record, I will add to this post via the "update" function, the Judicial Watch articles in full.  The above is simply my observations.

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