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Hillary's Global Hopenchange Tour As The Illegal Sec State

Not only is Hillary not liked in the United States, it seems as though her presence in other countries is not at all acceptable.  The reasons vary but the overwhelming Welcome Committees are saying, "Yankee Go Home!".

Day 1: "Two girls drink as they take part in an anti-Hillary Clinton visit protest in front of the US embassy in Jakarta. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched her Asia tour in Japan Monday calling US-Pacific ties "indispensable" for curbing problems like climate change, the global financial crisis and nuclear weapons."  The world sees this new Hopenchange as the fraud it represents.  After all, the #1 Fraudster of the world is Obama and the next fraud in the line up is global warming climate change.  Naturally, that won't stop Hillary from proliferating the fraud.  I wonder what "climate change" will be changed to in the near future.  It really doesn't matter who is running the country folks.  Bush didn't "do it" as can be seen in the photos in this post.  If these people hate America, is it now Obama's fault?  Obama did it.

My Way: "During her plane trip, she implicitly criticized the Bush administration for abandoning the so-called 1994 Agreed Framework with North Korea, reached during President Bill Clinton's first term in the White House, which called for the North to give up its plutonium-based weapons program."

Poor things.  Clinton enabled North Korea and Clinton was the root cause of NK nuclear proliferation and they blame Bush?  Idiots.  And the people that swallow that garbage are equally brain dead if not more so.  What about Syria?

Day 1 summary?  Bash Bush.  It's a mental disorder.

Day 2: Agenda?  Bash Christians and praise Islam for being so tolerant. 

[...] Clinton, who on Wednesday will travel to Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, told students at Tokyo University that "this is one of the central security challenges we face -- as to how to better communicate in a way that gets through the rhetoric and through the demagogy and is heard by people who can make judgments about what we stand for and who we truly are."

Clinton's remarks came in response to a question about the "prejudice" in the United States against Muslims because of terrorism, a term she rejected forcefully, pointing to the history of Christians. "I am a Christian," she said. "Through the centuries we have had many people who have done terrible things in the name of Christianity. They have perverted the religion." [...]

Incredible.  Gateway Pundit makes this observation: "Someone should ask Hillary about the 12,751 deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9-11 and how that compares to Christian savagery during that same time period."

Hillary the Fraud and budding Leninist.  Aiding and abetting the enemy, rendering aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of peace is bad enough but, during a time of war?  Shameful and illegal.  It would be nice if there were men of "stones" in DC that would actually call the beotch on her shiite.

Day 3: Calling America shameful for liberating nearly 50,000,000 people from tyranny and slaughter and slavery.

[...] Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton moved Wednesday to boost U.S. ties with the world's most populous Muslim nation and its neighbors, pledging a new American willingness to work with and listen to Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Her message was received warmly by officials in Jakarta, the childhood home of President Barack Obama, although small and scattered protests were held in several cities, with some Islamic hard-liners setting tires on fire and others throwing shoes at caricatures of Clinton. [...]

The "crimes of Bush".  Once again, your basic libtard never provides any substantiation for their emotionally derived stupidity.