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The following is something that ALL MUST take into consideration. The Jihadists of the world are getting bolder and bolder each and every day that YOU want to cut and run and say something as retarded as thusly, "If we would just leave Iraq,all will be back to normal".

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Special Dispatch Series - No. 1668
July 27, 2007 No.1668
Debate in Salafi Islam over Jihad Against 'Heretical' Arab Regimes

On July 16, 2007, Sheikh Abu Basir Al-Tartusi [1] responded on his website ( ) to a claim made by Sheikh Hamed Al-Ali [2] on his own website ( ) that jihad against the Arab regimes is doomed to failure while jihad against foreign forces occupying Muslim lands is destined to succeed. Tartusi warned that this claim could be exploited by various elements to discourage the Muslims from launching jihad against the regimes that oppress them. He added that Islam commands the Muslims to wage jihad against any Muslim leader who has "become completely heretical," and that disobeying this command can only bring greater oppression and suffering to the Muslims.

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Following are excerpts from Tartusi's response:

"If the Leader and His Regime Suddenly Become Completely Heretical, the Nation Must Come Out Against Them"

"I [recently] had the opportunity to read an enjoyable article by Sheikh Hamed bin Adballah Al-'Ali from May 27, 2007, titled 'The Status of the Emblems of Jihad...' I found it to be a very useful article in terms of its topic and purpose, but one paragraph caught my attention. [This paragraph] said that 'the jihad program is a program of transformation for a nation that needs to awaken, and if it is not [carried out] in a supportive environment, it will fail. Consequently, plans to confront the [Arab] regimes will not meet with success, while plans to resist occupation will be successful."

This paragraph caught the attention of other brothers [besides myself], and they asked me to [publish] a written response. Indeed, a wide [range] of people with various [different] orientations and goals could present [Al-Ali's] statement as evidence that it is forbidden to wage jihad against the heretical and apostate tyrants and against their heretical, corrupt and collaborating regimes... [This statement could be used] to prevent the [Muslim] nation and peoples from waging jihad to liberate [themselves] from oppression and tyranny and to obtain the rights that these tyrannical regimes have neglected and deprived them of - [for people will conclude that] there is no point in waging jihad if we know in advance that it is doomed to fail...

"I therefore decided to answer the brothers who asked me, and to respond to this paragraph. My reply is as follows:

"1)...According to the Koran, the Sunna, and the accepted view among religious scholars, if the leader and his regime suddenly become completely heretical, the nation must come out against them... for it is said: 'Never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way [to triumph] over the believers [Koran 4:141]'; 'And follow not the bidding of those who are corrupt and make mischief in the land, and mend not [their ways]' [Koran 26:151-152]; 'O ye who believe! If ye obey the Unbelievers, they will drive you back on your heels, and ye will turn back [from Faith] to your own loss [Koran 3:149].'"

Failure to Launch Jihad Against the Arab Regimes will Result in Greater Suffering

"2) Now that we understand that Allah has commanded us to come out against heretical, apostate and tyrannical rulers, it is clear that disobeying this command or acting in a way that contravenes it - i.e., following the heretical, apostate and oppressive tyrants - will undoubtedly lead to greater damage, oppression and civil strife, and the [damage] that we feared would result from coming out against the tyrants will [actually] result many times over from not coming out against them... For it is said: 'And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah [Koran 8:39]'; 'Unless ye go forth [to jihad], He will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place [Koran 9:39].'

"Therefore, to those who shed crocodile tears over the losses and the civil wars that may result from waging [jihad against tyrannical and heretical regimes], we say: The greatest civil war breaks out when peoples accept [the rule] of heretical, oppressive and apostate tyrants...

"You have not come out [against your regimes] and look at the heavy price you are paying in [terms of] your religion, honor, security, freedom and what you hold dearest... Allah has said: 'You are commanded to fight, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you [Koran 2:216]'...

"3) Launching [jihad] against heretical and tyrannical leaders is a religious commandment, and therefore saying that this [endeavor]... is destined to succeed when directed against an infidel, but doomed to fail when directed against an apostate... is tantamount to saying that Allah's law is valid at [certain] times but not at [others], or in [certain] places but not in [others], or with respect to one infidel but not with respect to [another]. Such an interpretation is very dangerous, and Sheikh [Al-'Ali] surely did not mean to [imply] it, but his statement, on its face, cannot be understood in any other way.

"4) It is a mistake to draw an analogy between [jihad] against the heretical leaders of today and the [jihad] launched by certain companions of the Prophet and by the members of the generation that followed the Prophet against the leaders of their day... Today, Muslims wage [jihad] against the heretical apostates... whereas [the early Muslims] waged [jihad] against other Muslims... If one wishes to draw an analogy, one should compare the [jihad] waged by Muslims today against the tyrannical, heretical and apostate leaders with the jihad waged by the early Muslims against Musaylamah Al-Kadhab [3] and his state... [a war] that cost [the Muslims] tens of thousands of martyrs... The laws of triumphant [war] do not stipulate that the war must necessarily be against an external enemy, and that an internal enemy who is an even greater infidel should be left alone..."

The Duty of Jihad Against the Arab Regimes is Incumbent Upon All Sectors of Society

"5) Faced with any failed jihad attempt in our times, we should blame ourselves and examine the reasons for the failure... [instead of] saying 'the principle [of jihad] against our heretical, oppressive and apostate regimes is erroneous, and [the war] doomed to failure... because it is an internal war against [one of our own] regimes.' [This claim stands in contradiction to] the religious commandment, and is [a way to] evade responsibility and self-examination...

"6) When we talk about launching [jihad] against heretical tyrants and regimes, this does not mean that a group of 100 people or less should undertake the responsibility of waging [jihad], while all other sectors of the population disregard the duties and tasks that their religion requires them to perform. [Waging jihad] means that all sectors of the population - [including] religious scholars, workers, merchants, teachers, doctors, students and journalists, women and men, young and old - are responsible for fulfilling this religious [duty] as part of their obligation towards their faith, nation and society. Each [must contribute] according to his ability... by all available and legitimate means, from popular resistance and general strikes to angry demonstrations - and [even] violent [resistance], if the heretical tyrant acts in opposition to the will of the [Muslim] nation and peoples.

"All this is legitimate and is not regarded as sinful by the religion - [on the contrary,] it is one of the most honorable [forms] of jihad. You will find that, when carried out in this manner... it is easier than you thought and feared, and the price of fighting the oppressive tyrants is smaller than the price of suffering [their oppression]...

"Why do you think that the tyrannical and heretical leaders are so worried about the spread of the principle of takfir [accusing others of heresy] and by the accusations of heresy directed against their corrupt and oppressive regimes? Because they know that perceiving them as infidels and as [people] who have strayed from the right path is the... first step towards rebellion, [towards] the destruction and elimination of their corrupt regimes, and [towards] a conflict that would encompass [all] the peoples and all sectors of society..."

The Collaborating Arab Regimes and the Foreign Occupiers Are One

"7) The claim that resistance against the occupying enemy succeeds while resistance against local rulers, that is, the internal enemy, is doomed to failure is a theoretical argument that is false from the practical and factual perspectives. Reality tells us that the external occupying enemy and the internal enemy... are one. They are joined in mutual loyalty against Islam and the Islamic nation, and often the internal enemy surpasses the external occupying enemy in hostility, violence and oppression [of the Muslims]. Even if they differ somewhat in aspirations and in their narrow, personal interests, there is one thing that unites them, and that is their collaboration in a war against Islam and the Muslims, as is happening now under the pretext of 'war on terror'...

"How can [you] get to the external occupying enemy [when] the internal, local enemy is always watching over the occupying enemy and his interests, [and when the local enemy] hunts you down, kills you, imprisons you and turns you away from your faith even before you reach the borders of the occupiers' domain? Who is it that prevents the hosts of jihad from making advancing safely to expel the enemy that occupies Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and other occupied countries, and arrests thousands of young Muslim jihad fighters?... Is it not the internal enemy, namely the tyrannical leaders and their corrupt regimes that collaborate [with the external enemy]?...

"8) I find that the Sheikh [Hamed Al-'Ali] is not quite clear on this issue [himself]... [since], in another [article], he allows violent demonstrations as a means of opposing a heretical tyrant whose heresy is beyond any doubt, while in [this] article, 'The Status of the Emblems of Jihad,' he states that 'plans to oppose the authorities will not succeed, while plans to resist occupation will succeed...' How can he allow something and then deny it can succeed?...

"My esteem for Sheikh [Al-'Ali] is well-known, but I hold the truth above all.

"[Signed:] 'Abd Al-Mun'im Mustafa Halima,

"'Abu Basir Al-Tartusi,'

"The first day of Jumada Al-Akhira, 1428 / June 16, 2007."

[1] Sheikh Al-Tartusi, whose real name is 'Abd Al-Mun'im Mustafa Halima, is a Syrian expatriate living in London, and is a prominent theoretician of the Salafi jihadist trend in Islam.

[2] Sheikh Al-'Ali is a prominent Islamist Kuwaiti sheikh known for his support of the jihad fighters.

[3] A false Muslim prophet of Muhammad's time, against whom Muhammad's companions fought.

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