Fight The Fight Citizen Soldiers!
Sun, October 5, 2008 at 3:30
Mark "Snooper" Harvey in Clear and Present Danger, Dems And Terrorists, Enemies of The State


Now is the time for Citizen Soldiers

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Listen, we are under attack from within. The media has been indistinguishable from the Democrat party having thrown off any semblance of objective reporting. No negative Obama Biden stories - no investigative journalism on the deep corruption of Obama's ascent and sketchy background and terrible alliances. The massive vote fraud is unfathomable.

The Democrats want their Black president - no matter if his father was more Arab than African. No matter if he grew up on the streets of Indonesia. Nothing matters. [...]

Be sure to check the post out. There is actionable duties thee to perform.

Whereas we cannot distinguish between the "media" and the Democrats, we also cannot distinguish the Democrat Party leadership from terrorists. For instance, in recent days the terrorists have stated that the current financial non-crisis crisis is a victory for them like they had something to do with it. Isn't it just like a democrat to lay claim to something they had nothing to do with? Oh. Wait. Democrats didn't say that. See? One cannot tell the difference between a democrat or a terrorist.

When an enemy of the USA proclaims that they want to see Obama as President, one has to wonder about that one. And while we are at it, when an American Presidential Aspirant tries to lose the war we are in for political gain, shouldn't we question his treasonous actions and his loyalties? Sarah Palin is correct...Obama is indeed unfit to command. When a Presidential Contender says that our Troops are "just air raiding villages and killing civilians", I certainly do question the frauds' motives.

Even Joe Biden knows Czarbie is unqualified and is a liar as well as a proponent of the usual DCN Double Standard. I spit in his face. Every political leader in our nation and many others knows for a fact that Obama was willing to lose the war for political expediency. Not only id he a pathetic anti-Americanist, he is a traitor.

A profoundly important point is being missed in the campaign debate over which candidate was right on Iraq. In 2006, when conditions on the ground were trending downward and a decision was required either to continue the struggle or to cut our losses, Barack Obama stated that the proposed deployment of more forces, the "surge," was doomed to failure and instead called for a phased withdrawal of all forces within a defined period.

In short, Sen. Obama was willing to lose. It was an astonishing display of ignorance to be so cavalier about defeat, almost as if losing a war was tantamount to losing a set of tennis -- something without lasting consequence.

I recall very vividly April 30, 1975, the day we acknowledged defeat in the Vietnam War -- the day Ambassador Graham Martin and others were evacuated ignominiously from the roof of our embassy in Saigon. Only later did it become clear how damaging that defeat was.

There were consequences for all nations, especially small states who are vulnerable to great-power pressures. In the late 1970s it contributed to a greater Russian willingness to take risks and a more aggressive Soviet foreign policy. Indeed, in the years immediately following our defeat in Vietnam, an emboldened Soviet Union established a dominant influence in Angola, Ethiopia, South Yemen, Mozambique, Nicaragua and ultimately invaded Afghanistan with 100,000 troops. [...]

I remember as well. I know first hand what it is like when filthy, dirty, scum politicians turn their backs on the lives of Troops protecting their worthless lives from situations that THEY got us into in the first damn place. Screw Czarbie and his followers and may they rot and burn in hell for the sins and the crimes they have committed against our Troops for their precious and pathetic power grabs.

And now, due to political expediency, as his own son heads of to war, Joe Biden is now balking and doing what he accused Czarbie of doing. What a coward and political hack bastard he is.

Not only is Czarbie unqualified to lead a fart factory, Joe Biden should be ashamed. They disgust me beyond contempt.

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