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The Liberal Pathology


Many studies have been made delving into the liberal mind (and it has just got to be spooky in there) but studying a void of understanding would seem to be an odd endeavor to say the least. I have a collection of posts and articles on the Liberal Pathology and once in a while I like to revisit them. For instance, JWF has a post from 11/30/08 entitled, "LA Times Pinhead: Joe McCarthy Is the Father of Conservatism". Some libtard buffoon will actually believe that idiocy but, then again, we are talking about the Liberal Mind and we all know that it is a mental disorder. But wait. The dunce that stated that IS a mental midget libtard. I say that because the fool supported the illegal alien, fraud and crook Obama.

The other problem with the article JWF writes about is that Obamatards are giving advice to the GOP on how to "fix the problem". So, this leads to a much larger problem. There will be idiot GOPers that will actually say something to the affect, "WOW! He's right!" We call them RINOs, democrat infiltrators that are actually democrats at heart and are in the wrong Party or they are in the Republican Party to destroy it from within. They are doing a grand job of it b y the way...that weasel Lindsey Graham being one of them.

Donald Douglas agrees with my sentiments for dealing with the Enemies Within and we certainly do have Enemies Within. When one's personal and political beliefs, tenets, wishes and desires are 180-degrees out of phase with the United States Constitution, that defines our enemies, whether they are within or without. Yet, these same imbeciles that promote the dismemberment of our Constitution have the nerve and gall to classify us as "traitors" or folks out of touch. I run across these types on college campuses all of the time and quite a few of them are part of Academia. I have fun tearing their backsides off with facts instead of emotionally tainted drivel.

The Liberal Pathology doesn't allow their infection of mental madness to grasp the inherent values of True American Patriotism. It doesn't fit into their emotionally charged blindness of logic and reason. Warner Todd Huston posts at the blog STACLU the following: "Liberals Don’t Know What Patriotism Means". This is obviously true. However, don't let them in on the Big Secret. They will not be able to comprehend the following:

Some think it a canard that liberals aren’t patriotic. In some ways, it is a canard, but only just. Some liberals really do imagine themselves patriotic. But in what ever way liberals imagine they feel for their country, it doesn’t seem that patriotism is really what they feel. At least not in the way that patriotism is properly defined. There has been a spate of stories in the media since Obama’s election that serve to illustrate why liberals seem incapable of being patriotic. But, first, what is patriotism? After the War of 1812 one of our most celebrated sea captains, Stephen Decatur (America’s first post Revolutionary War military hero) once gave a toast at Norfolk to his fellow seamen that is the most perfect illustration of true patriotism. As he lifted his glass, Decatur said,
“Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong.”

“May she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong.”

This reflects real patriotism. It isn’t my country IF I agree with everything she does. It isn’t my country IF I like the president or party in power. It isn’t my country IF I feel comfortable, am rich, or have personal power. There is an intrinsic value imparted to the nation whether it currently seems to be upholding what makes it worthy or not. It is my country whether I currently am comfortable with its policies and politicians or not. For some nations, patriotism is defined because of its homogeneous racial or religious makeup. Sometimes it is a mere aspect of geography and longevity as a nation. The French love France because they are French. The English love England because it has a proud, defiant history of standing as one against all comers, etc., etc. As a matter of course, most peoples imagine that their patriotism is based on an assumption that their country has intrinsic value. But the United States is a bit different in what its patriotism is based upon. It isn’t geography, a single religion, or mere history that Americans base their patriotism upon. The United States is one of the few nations that were created by design and not simply by time, religion, war or geography. The reason Americans feel patriotic for the USA is because of a belief in her national precepts: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, religious freedom, freedom of speech, the national republican system, and a reliance on capitalist self-determination. [Read the rest]
True American Patriotism cannot dwell in the Liberal Mind, the Liberal Heart or the Liberal Soul. It does not compute. American Liberalism has morphed into all left-leaning forms of government dogma and the only thing that matters is The State and the people are a convenient nuisance and at times an inconvenient nuisance. True American Patriotism grants governance by consent and allows government to exist to provide law and order at the behest of the people. That is why American Liberalism opposes the US Constitution in actions and deeds but they decry that they are the Constitution Watch Dogs. And fools fall for it because they are without wit and are void of understanding.

The modern day liberal, whether they are a D,R or I, think the American People are too free. Simply amazing. If your basic liberal did actually know their Constitution or actually gave a damn about it, they wouldn't be saying that Obama should start his presidency now. Unless there is a Constitutional amendment to change the current "changing of the guard", their idiocy reeks of blatant stupidity.

Your basic theoretically educated moonbat brings up ignorant and baseless law suits with charges of whatever they feel like because that is the way they feel. Facts cause them to fade away or screech like the wicked witch of the west. Or, they run off the edges of cliffs as the possessed swine did as the story goes. These same types of moonbats declare an "official Obama day" before the fraud that has accomplished absolutely nothing but swindle the dumb has even stepped into the White House as the New Emperor. In another example of the Liberal Pathology, they take great pride in classifying their opposition as racists when they themselves conduct themselves in the same manner. Before Blago got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, there were politicians demanding that Barack's replacement be a black man. I suppose whether or not the replacement was qualified for the job has no bearing. Can you imagine if a conservative had stated that a white guy moving up had to be replaced with a white guy? The sky would be falling and calls for heads to roll would be all over the place. Democrat politicians don't qualify for any recognition of anything beneficial to anyone...Leahy primarily.

And, about those Obama supporters I mentioned earlier. How dumb were they actually? As it turns out, pretty dumb would be "Rather" vague. The Matrix says "dumb" wouldn't be very nice so he classifies them as "uninformed". That's OK Matrix. We will call them what they are. We aren't afraid of telling it like it is. They are worse than dumb. They are retarded for the most part and have been "trained" that way thanks to the Academia indoctrination forces, the lame stream media and the Marxist swine in DC and across the country. They are incapable of finding out facts on their own and have been taught to trust others "smarter than they". Their shallow personalities and lust for the unreal is depicted in the picture to the left..HT RWN.

Remember the videos and audio bits produced after the elections? Remember how DUMB the Obama people were? They still are. Remember how they revealed just how ignorant they were? They still are. As it turns out, the McCain supporters were so much more informed that it has sent the libtards into feeding frenzies and even Chris Matthews, the Leg Tingle Boy, has stated that Obama isn't putting real libtards in his Cabinet. The poor fool. Another one admits being duped by the Fraud Obama.

Don't blame me. I voted for Sarah Palin, the Conservative Libertarian, thank you very much. And, she was the ONLY conservative on the ticket. All of you idiots and emotional "fair weather conservatives" that made it possible for an Obama victory really should have all of your heads examined...there is an infection in one of them.

As Buyer's Remorse sets in and rigor mortis sets in the synapse pathways of your basic moonbat, one can hear the Hound of The Baskervilles through the fog of the doom and gloom crowds. "What have we done? What have we done? What have we done? What have we done? What have we done?" The libs sure do like their fairy tales, don't they? What they are learning fairly quickly is that they really don't "run" the Democrat Party and never have. They are useful fools because they are easily swayed because they are dumber than a box of turtle turds. Obama's shortness of specifics are crashing down around the tiny brains of his base. Poor things.

So far, the biased media hasn't forcefully reported on the campaign lies of the One. He hasn't delivered on any of them yet and the "peace thugs" are none too pleased about it. Idiots. No one listens to them seriously. Not in these days. They voted for him because he was going to "end this war". They got suckered in. Now he is playing a different tune. All he cared about was Power. Campaign promises? Oh. Those are just words and speeches, don't ya know? They only apply to "other" folks and most certainly not to a Democrat.

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