The Aspirants To The Presidency Say A Lot Of Things, But...
Wed, July 16, 2008 at 11:20
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I haven't heard any politician in my years on this planet espouse the things that Barack Insane Obama has said in his trek to be First Czar. I once thought that Hillary was trying to be the first Czarina but, with all of Hillary's leftist sillygisms, she is as level-headed as a leftist can get.

I have an audio file that everyone needs to hear, heed and fight for answers. The audio clip is from a speech delivered on 02 JUL 08 by Insane Boy. The You Tube is here and this clip has been culled from 16:35 to 17:02. The clip is sandwiched between what I thought to be a very appropriate song snippet.


The "prepared remarks" can be found here.

The offending verbiage is not in the text of the speech...I wonder why that is?

World Net Daily now notices it as well that the "offending verbiage" is AWOL from the prepared speech text. Such a sly one this would-be Czar.

[...] The stunning comments from Democrat Sen. Barack Obama that the United States needs a "civilian national security force" that would be as powerful, strong and well-funded as the half-trillion dollar United States Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force have mysteriously disappeared from published transcripts of the speech. [...]
Very interesting...wish I had a screen shot. The speech verbiage can also be found here.

Another update: CJ at Soldier's Perspective has identified the fellows on the stage with The Big Dummy are Colorado Vets Against The War - associates with the Winter Soldier frauds IVAW. Go figure. No wonder they have the Bobble Head Syndrome.

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