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Obama: The Subtleties of A Dictatorial Tyrant

He sure looks pretty, doesn't he? All dressed up and well groomed and all. Pearly whites all aglow pounding out verbiage not of his own, spouting of things he knows nothing of. Teleprompters not withstanding, isn't he all dashing, smiling and a champion of all of the oppressed? WOW! He doesn't fool me for a nano-second. What a fraud this Obama is.

There is a must read over at Roger Guy's Radar Site blog entitled, The Fouse Report: 20 Jul 08 with a sub-title of, The New Nazis. It describes, in part, via a brief summary of known historical facts the rise of Hitler's Nazi Germany and the more than "coincidental" commonalities of Nazism and Islamofascism. Those of us that have studied Islam at length see the parallels of both.

Barack Obama has said more than once that we have to talk to those that have sworn to destroy us. Not only is he lost and out of his element, he now decides, coincidentally or not, to give a speech in Germany in a location rife with Nazi symbolism. So, tell me, again, why I shouldn't be concerned about...

[...] "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." [...]
...and why I should not be concerned when he mentions his presidency of 8 to 10 years?

Hell! Even "real" liberals are starting to catch on to the flaming communist that is Obama. They also recognize other issues with this lame fellow that tries to project his manhood. We all know that he is no man but a mouse and I oftne wish that he would at least squeak up and admit it.

I have written about this topic of America's enemies within for decades now all culminating within The List 0f 45 until I have become blue in the face. I distribute the list as often as I can and as many as I can far and wide. The enemies within are people like Barack Obama and other socialist liberals within both political parties of our nation.

On 10 MAY 08, Sheik Muhammad Abu Al-Qat' had this to say: (video here)

[...] ... let me bring good tidings to the Muslims: Allah willing, the American empire will very soon collapse. They object to any talk about the destruction of the state of Israel. ...


That's not the issue. We say that Allah willing, within 20 to 12 years, America will collapse. This won't happen as a result of war. Not at all. Allah will send to America an American Gorbachev, from within. Gorbachev, who brought about the USSR collapse, was one of them. Everybody knows this story. An American Gorbachev will surface in America, and he will destroy this empire. [...]

Enter Barack Obama with his 10-year presidency, (video here) his Civilian National Security Force, and his plethora of gigantic government entitlement programs under the influences of Karl Marx, Engles and Saul Alinsky. It is no wonder, then, that he so sympathizes with people of his like-minded principles of dictatorial tyranny such as Islamofascism. And, no, 4 years of Barack Obama is not what we need to wake this country up from its self-induced stupor of idiocy and complacency. What we need is for the Silent Majority to get up off their lazy asses. That will only take place if they have the motivation to do so which will require hitting the streets with a Man On The Street grassroots effort on our part. I am actively involved in this effort. Are you?

Purple People Vote blog has also noticed Barack's dangerous antics and refuses to acquiesce.

In regards to Iraq, 16 of the 18 Iraqi Benchmarks have been met thanks to the American and Coalition forces that have wiped out Al Qaida from Iraq. Yet, Barack and his whore Pelosi still yammer on and on with known lies for political power. The Iraqi people are looking forward now to a peaceful time in which to rebuild their country and stand on their own two feet with their own very capable and trustworthy Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police Force. Yet, Barack refuses to accept that and neither do all of the other socialist twits in DC.

We also know that many of our enemies are routing for Barack's victory and that alone should frighten all Americans. He panders and caters to them at our expense because he is an enemy within. And, let us not forget the ongoing collections of posts in regards to Obama's Civilian National Security Force.

This JUST in from World Net Daily...the full transcript of Obama's 02 JUL 08 speech includiing the verbiage seemingly AWOL fro the "official versions

Obama on 'civilian national security force'
Transcript of senator's controversial remarks in Colorado July 2

Others blogging the Obama Yoots Issue

Maggie's Notebook

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