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And All The People Said

Well, it all depends, doesn't it?

I am not all that positive that Obama's upbringing is a cause as to his communist ideologies but whatever brought about his propensities to be a die hard Marxist, the fact remains is that he is indeed a die hard Marxist. It really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things The Why The Big O is a Marxist. The Why is immaterial. What is relevant is that he continually aligns himself and identifies himself with known historical fascist/dictatorial/communist/socialist leaders. For others agreeing and disagreeing on this, join the fray at Memeorandum. After all, when a particular candidate draws the support of people which would stoop to the levels of collecting human excrement to throw at police at a particular political party's convention, isn't it time to question the particular candidate as to why they do not publicly denounce such supporters?

As the Big O prostitutes himself before the world, pretending to give the impression that he actually cares about Israel and the Israelis see right through him, isn't it time for the Big O to address the issues in which and of which concerns the Israelis? The Israelis protested his visit yet he ignores them. We should be wondering why.

One of the reasons why the Israelis are protesting the Big O is his incessant catering and pandering to not only our enemies but to the enemies of Israel as well. The enemy we share have historically aligned themselves with fascist/communist/socialist dictators. Given that known historical and recorded fact, we have American Muslims chanting - in the typical Muslim mannerism - for the rise of the Big O. Visit this site and view the video. The only thing missing is the gun fire at the end. The Big O enraged the Israelis when he said that the Israelis are the friends of the Israelis...gaffe or subliminal?

The Big O's supporters have issues with facts and it is no does the Big O. They all recreate history to suit their dementia and expect others to tag along. If anyone questions their "fact-finding", all hell breaks loose. For example, it was said that the Big O gathered approx 200K supporters in Germany and it has since been shown that there were only 20K and the majority of them were either bussed in or were there for the free beer and brats after a concert just before the Big O's appearance. Amazing.

Witnessing this as we do every day, is it any wonder why those with the powers of discernment go elsewhere for news and information? And our opposition gaffe, gag and choke on their own vomit of hatred, despair and willful suspension of disbelief.

There are those that have, are and will fall and falling out of love with the Big O. The would-be Fuhrer - the would-be or, presumptuous First Czar of the USSA (with a K), with his clarifications of his intent of his Civilian National Security Forces, is indeed the warning flag which needs to be deployed. When Howard Stern says that the DNC are packed full of closet communists, isn't it time for the communists to come clean? Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

The world knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Troop Surge has indeed worked but the world citizen Big O doesn't have the moral fortitude to admit it himself - it doesn't mesh with his agenda. For a lad that so lusts for the world to accept him as the "friend of the universe", he sure does misspeak quite a bit and it makes him an international embarrassment. When the Lame Stream Media acknowledges - reluctantly, naturally - that the Troop Surge has succeeded, who does the Big O think he is fooling? His android following? Please.

As the fraud that is the Big O attempts to steal an image not his to claim or own; as reports come in from the battlefields that the Big O staged Troop Appearances and blew others off (the vast majority of them); as the Big O makes pathetic and ever morphing and "changing" excuses why he didn't stop in to visit those he hopes to lead; many are wondering just who or what this would-be First Czar is all about.

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