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The American Awakening


Dear readers, subscribers and BTR show listeners and the huge amount of passersby that frequent this humble although kick arse blog:

As many of you know, I recently went through the state of Michiganistan with a group of Patriots on a quest of re-educating the youth whose paths we crossed. It was as humbling an experience as it was an eye opener. This same group is now conducting that same type of Man On The Street campaign here in Texas. We are focusing on the college campuses across the state.

The results we obtained in Michiganistan were amazing. Many young people are sick and tired of hearing that their country sucks and MOST have been told that the reason the country is all screwed up is because of those idiot Republicans Reid, Pelosi and Murtha. When they are shown that their sources of information are wrong and that Reid, Pelosi and Murtha are Democrats, they quickly proclaim that their teachers have led them astray.

We have set out to create and ignite an American Awakening much like that in Al Anbar Province. We have started the Truth Surge, a continuation of the mission of this blog, A Newt One. After all, THIS blog inspired the mission in Michiganistan. I say all of that to relay this:

I ran across a post at Concrete Bob's VOX blog: The Obama Awakening
After Barack Hussein Obama's recent worldwind media tour, I was motivated to write my 1st blog in a long time. For months I have been working to enlighten people, especially other black Americans, about Obama's past, his policies, and provide them with as many facts as possible about what an empty and dangerous suit he is. I don't go off of hearsay or media spin, I let them listen to Obama in his own words, read his own speeches, view his lackluster and scant voting record,etc so that they can see with their own eyes who this arrogant jerk is. I am proud to say that through those efforts, I have helped many people make a more "informed" and "unemotional" matter what that decision is. After seeing his behavior overseas, I am even more disgusted and I am NOT the only one. I have been reading liberal blogs, tracking the polls (where he is losing ground across the country), and listening to the average everyday person. What I have been seeing more and more is an awakening, not only to the irresponsible media bias towards Obama but also to the type of politician he really is. There is beginning to be a negative backlash towards Obama and a sense of Obama fatigue. [...]

AMEN and AMEN. Let the American Awakening begin...go check the rest of that entry.

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