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Execute With Extreme Prejudice Without Mercy

Obama the Marxist - the Alinskyite - is on a roll on King Snobbery. He also doesn't know World History. He was speaking to some impressionable and indoctrinated school kids yesterday and one of the utterances that came out of his communist mouth was this little gem:

[...] "It's embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe and all we can say is merci beaucoup." [...]

No, you big dummy, it is embarrassing that you don't know The Why all of Europe speaks English. You don't know why Asia speaks English. You don't know why the Middle East speaks English. You don't know why Russia speaks English or why English is the Universal Language of the planet earth.

Name me one country where English isn't spoken at the air traffic control centers you idiot smug sycophant of George Soros.

There is a reason why millions upon millions dream of coming to America and why millions aren't trying to get out. The world wants what we have and you clearly do not know that nor do you understand it you dope.

Your campaign is crumbling around you and you cannot even see it.

Make my dayOh. Before I forget, Hillary isn't finished with you yet. Let me explain. Remember that Unity thing? When Hillary was on the dais with you and you were opining and bloviating and saying words and speeches with absolutely no substance? Did you, perhaps, take note of Hillary's body language? I didn't think so but I did and if you only knew what it was saying all so loudly and clearly. Simply amazing. Let me spell it out for you dummy and mark my words. Hillary isn't finished with you yet. Oh. Yes. I have included a picture for you.

Please, if you will, take note of the position of those lips and the position of the hands. Notice the eye position also. I know it isn't the biggest picture to study but I am sure your people can call her people and get the larger version...this is a blog and we try to conserve our data bytes.

Did you notice the smirk - almost a giddy chuckle she successfully stifled? I did. Do you know what that means, pray tell? Or, should I have said prey tell? That is the very well concealed expression of, "You poor man. You have no idea what is coming your way. You poor fool."

I just thought I'd let you know, man to man, as it were.

You, Barack Hussein Obama, are a Clear and Present Danger to this nation but your worst nightmare is standing right to your right and your arrogant idiocy is just too damn easy to take advantage of. Just ask Hillary.

She will have no remorse on you at the Convention and your acceptance speech stadium you have reserved will be utilized by the woman you shared the dais with.

Good job.

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