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Hamas = Islam

Thanks and a tip of the hat to, for informing me of the existence of this video through a link posted on the UAC Anti Jihad Forum.

Pissing people off is not my sport. Sometimes it is necessary. This is one of those occasions. The ten minute video which I am bringing to your attention is extremely important. It was filmed in Gaza, and narrated by Christian Prince, allegedly sired by Saudi Royalty; his mother immigrated to KSA as a house servant. Christian Prince grew up in the Arabic Culture and studied Islam's texts in Arabic. He knows Moe's Murder Cult from the inside.

In this short excursion into a long subject, Christian Prince makes important revelations about Hamas. You are about to witness the murder of a wedding party which Hamas attacked because they were playing music and singing. You will also witness Falestinians celebrating 9/11 and little boys being trained to hate & murder Jews.

Christian Prince will also reveal some of the history of the Levant, exposing the Falestinian's inversion of history & morality.

If, like me, you are stuck on a dialup connection, it will be necessary to download the ten minute (25MB)video. In that case, Download & install Irfanview.exe which can play flv files directly. It is freeware, and extremely useful if you need to do file conversions or edit images on an XP system.

If you don't have Firefox or Flock, download and install it now, then follow the following sequence.

  • Tools
    • Extensions
    • Add Ons
      • Get Extensions
      • Download Helper 3.51
Next, follow the following sequence.
  • Right click the video's URL box
    • click Download Helper
    • click the red download icon, last item in the next menu.
    • When the download is complete:
      • open the download dialog
      • open the containing folder
      • drag & drop the flv file onto Irfanview.

Download URL

Do not forget or abandon this video after watching it. Copy this blog post and paste it into an email to everyone in your address book. Ask the recipients to forward it.

There is one significant fact about Hamas which the video does not reveal.

The Slogan of the Hamas

Article Eight

Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Qur'an its Constitution, Jihad its path and death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief.

  • Allah is its goal
    • This means meeting him; earning his approbation & admission to Paradise, referred to by the Qur'an as the Supreme Success.
  • the Prophet is its model
  • the Qur'an its Constitution
    • Hamas is identical to Islam!!! Hamas = Islam && Islam = Hamas!!
  • Jihad is its path
  • death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief
For the clueless: "the Qur'an its Constitution" is the key phrase because it establishes the fatal fact that Hamas and Islam are one and the same. Hamas neither adds to nor subtracts from Islam; it is Islam. To erase all doubt, read the Charter of Hamas. You will find Qur'an & hadith quotes therein; they show you the foundation upon which Hamas is erected..

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