Prosecute Hamas War Crimes
Mon, February 2, 2009 at 21:10
Benjamin Powell in HAMAS, HAMAS War Crimes, Hamas, Raping Israel

An email alerted me to a petition to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the U.N., objects of my contempt and scorn, urging prosecution of Hamas for war crimes in Gaza.

The petition accuses Hamas of deliberately targeting civilians and using civilians as human shields. I think they are barking up a dead tree; Ban is part of the problem, not part of the solution and the U.N. has been co-opted by Islam.

Furthermore, I doubt that Ban would have much role in initiating a prosecution. But I feel that the petition is a good start, so I added my signature, one of 22,454. I hope that you will add yours and spread the word. Lets make the pressure pile up until it becomes unbearable.

Lets get right down to brass tacks. Hamas is part of the genocide cult called Islam. The only thing differentiating a Hamas member from the mill run Muslim is his degree of zealotry.

That's right; attacking civilians & using human shields are tactical issues, distractions from the strategic plane, which is where our attention should be focused.

Here we have an open ended command to make war upon Jews, so plain & obvious that it is the foundation of a section of Islamic law.

War is declared against Jews, and will be prosecuted until Resurrection Day. That seems familiar. Lets look a little deeper.

That sounds genocidal, doesn't it? Is there any basis for this assumption?

What was the prerequsite for ransoming prisoners for profit? Making a great slaughter. What was Moe's price of admission to Paradise? Can we find further confirmation? Unfortunately, we can.

What will Jesus do?? This has a bad smell to it.

The Muslims, along with Jesus, will kill the Jews. Genocideal prophecy!! Islam is a war crime, not a religion. Israel will have neither peace nor security while Islam exists.

Prosecuting Hamas for its war crimes is only scratching the surface, but it remains a necessity. Signing the petition to the Secretary General is the first step. Take it immediately.

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