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Sat, January 1, 2011 at 14:49
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Greetings visitors and fans.  The old location has moved to this new location.  Most of the posts from the old location have been transfered/migrated/imported to its new home.  This was done for many reasons but the primary reason was as follows: Google is the enemy and the hits, page views and listings dropped severely after the coronation of Czarbama.  Also, the search engines were "mysteriously" not pulling up known once popular posts.  I found this to be unacceptable.  Coupled with that, the "FLAG" button was removed from the old blogger site thanks to a friend of mine.  Since then, I was receiving emails from libtards saying that emails were being sent to Google to have the blog shut down.  So much for the tolerance of the most intolerant people on this planet.

This post has been dated for 2011 so it will remain at the top for quite some time.

Again, welcome to Snooper's Take Our Country Back blog.

This new web site, The Snooper Report, consists of 4 main pages.

Page 1 is The Snooper Report.  Page 2 is the Take Our Country Back site.  Page 3 is the old Hot Rodham blog at Word Press.  Page 4 is the old Freedom Ain't Free and Take Our Country Back blog at Word Press.  All posts and entires on pages 3 and 4 are fully integrated now.

Have fun.

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