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And it is about time. If one was ever in the “mix”, one will know what the differences are.

“Fil described the mission in Baghdad as “clear, control and retain.” These new terms appear in the revised doctrine to replace “clear, hold and build.” The major difference in the two strategies is that the pace of operations is no longer determined by how quickly U.S. and Iraqi forces can clear neighborhoods of terrorists, but by how quickly they can generate forces to control the areas after they have been cleared, he said.”

And it is about time the TACTICS have changed. Two years in coming but it is finally here.
Pay attention:

“The new security plan being implemented in Baghdad will be successful if the United States remains dedicated to the mission and Iraqis commit to resolving their differences, the U.S. commander in charge of forces in the city said today.”

What he was alluding to, IMO, is the socialist liberals, aka democrats and RINOs, need to grow some cajones and cease with the defeatist rhetoric.

What Is The Difference?

I just saw these posts from two friends of mine on another blog and I told them that I was going to steal it and put it here. They are very well stated and need to be spread around the universe:

From friend 1: “Notice the difference between the average Dem mindset and the average Republican here. A Republican is more likely to view the world in terms of (example): “thank God we have GWB to save our country”; where a Dem is more likely to have the attitude of “Too bad for you, you lost”. See the difference? I rarely notice any Libs blogging here who have any real caring for the future of this country….it always seems to be this negativity, as is so aptly shown in Nevada’s post. It would be so cool to communicate this chasm to the voting public in an effective way.”

From friend 2: Conservatives: Country before politics. Liberals: Politics before country.You see the difference? One is based on merit and the other is based on emotions. The emotional ones base their success as obtaining and retaining power at any cost, the country be damned.

Simply pathetic.

You Decide

Capitalism or Socialism…you decide.

Which would you rather have? A government for the people or people for the government? Sound the same to you? Think again…real hard. What does our constitution of these here United States say about it?

Do your representatives in the Houses represent you or do they represent the Party Line? It doesn’t matter which party you are affilliated with, does it? Are they trustee representatives? Are they delegate representatives? Are they politico representatives? Does it matter? Do you even know?

So many of the Silent Majority in this country are a bunch of lazy asses and are silent because they don’t want to “make any waves”. What a CROCK!! That’s called COWARDICE in the line of fire. Wake up America and take your country back.

The Socialist Democrats are coming for YOU! They want YOUR money. They want YOUR children. All in the name of the Welfare of the State. Sounds like a Stalin/Lenin/Kruschev thing to me. They want power and control at any expense.regardless of the outcome. If it turns out bad, they can always blame someone else. That is how they operate…blame others. Prove me wrong, please. When was the LAST time…or the FIRST time…a Leftinistra ever admitted any wrong doing, and then why?

Entitlements? Where in the Constitution does it guarantee entitlements? What it does offer is the OPPORTUNITY to be what YOU choose to be, no matter what choice that may be.
Capitalism or Socialism…you decide.

Ollie North Gives 'em Hell

This article by Colonel North touched some nerves…good and bad. I hear a voice telling me to go red.


Our country is in deep trouble. It is bad enough that we have enemies from without but to have enemies from within is a perilous happenstance. Yes? No? Don’t know? Well, you should. Slowly but surely our rights are being stripped away by the socialist liberals, aka democrats. It is a disguised rhetoric based on an emotional pull.

This grouping of socialists (prove they aren’t socialists, please, if you can) thrive on the heart strings of the easily led and those that will not or cannot think for themselves. Their support structure is based on the emotional ignorance of people with guilt complexes of one motis operandi or another. Rarely do they make any sense and NEVER have an alternative solution when they say a certain something is bad (prove that isn’t so if you can, please).

Case in point: this recent quagmire in CONgress is really about what? The deaths of our brave men and women in our military’s uniforms? Please. Don’t insult our intelligence in such a manner. It is about control and power. It is also based on their emotion of HATE for President Bush and his VICTORY over them in TWO election cycles. As Colonel North so eloquently stated, “How this does anything but damage U.S. and Iraqi morale and embolden America’s adversaries is beyond comprehension”.

Pulling back the troops is not the answer. We did the same in Korea and Vietnam. How did this help? And why was that a wise choice? Democrats…sniveling, whining ingrates that think freedom is not worth dying for.

To this warrior that is a disgusting sentiment.

They claim that the American people have lost faith in our President. How so and in whose opinion? Where do they get this data from? An opinion poll DESIGNED to fish out an emotional response? The circles I run in have a differing opinion. Although most of them don’t LIKE war, they do know that anything less than victory is a defeat and a defeat is that which is unacceptable.

The Defeatocrats (the socialist liberals called democrats) are the problem. They HATE President Bush and will do everything in their power to discredit him. If we are defeated in Iraq, they will merely point their scrawny fingers at GWB and claim it is his fault. At every turn, these enemies from within, continue with their subversive rhetoric and should be jailed until the war is over.

They claim the greatness of President Lincoln but shun the FACT that he DID round up the subversives of the day and locked them away until the war’s end. President Bush should do the same. Congress supported Abe Lincoln. THIS current CONgress will not. Abe’s Congress were patriots and knew what was at stake. THIS CONgress is full of the enemies within and understand one thing…defeat at all costs.

Excerpt From My Book


I have received a “special” email from a PQC operating in Iran. He just let me know that he was still alive and missed me. As I recalled common missions with this man, I felt compelled to relate one of my own stories. It is a story in much more detail which is in my book. The manuscript is at the Pentagon right now waiting for approval to publish. I decided to publish a small piece of this story here, seeing that he was there as well.

Way back in 2001, there was a group of “stupids” milling about in the mountains of some far away place looking for a certain group of peoples of interest. Theoretically, only a select few knew about the incursion what with all the enemies of the state informing the enemy of the internal operations of the government (leakers), all for political jockeying.

It turns out that there was a cretin laying about that was held over from a previous administration for the sake of continuity, and this cretin had some fellow cretins with him. This was a mistake…the cretin told someone who told someone and that someone told another someone, etc, etc, etc.

Right about that time, the infamous day known as 911 transpired and the peoples of interest this particular group of “stupids” was looking for, became the hunters.

One of these someones told the enemy where this group of “stupids” was and if it wasn’t for the Northern Alliance, this group of “stupids” wouldn’t be around to tell the tale.

The group of “stupids” are conducting their own investigation as to which of the someones betrayed the group of “stupids” and will deal with them accordingly.

Maybe it was the same cretins that told Pakistan the missles were coming.

The group of “stupids” managed to get away, including the dead and they took their toll on the peoples of interest as well. Some 20 or so took on about 500 or so and won. Not bad for a group of “stupids”.

We got out and were able to watch the unfolding of the Taliban.

We Win

Today’s unsuccessful bid to pass a retarded do-nothing and means-nothing resolution is a victory for our military.

Why are these idgit libs wasting our tax dollars like this?

Moosetwit II

This is a continuation from Moosetwit Part I. FYI, a twit is a parasite that hangs out on the bung holes of forest creatures, primarily large ones.

HH: How quickly do you want us…

Just like a good lib fruitloop to interupt, ain’t it?

WO: They will, I think, begin to respond to us once we get out.

There he goes thinking without a license. The “they” this mutant is refering to are the countries that will “become concerned” when we bug out. What interests me is that he refers to the countries that “wish to do us harm” will begin to become concerned when we bug out. How and why and about what? Also, he says that “he thinks” this may happen. I thought they wanted absolutes. Excuse me but, does “They will, I think” sound absolute to you? Is this a gamble on this lib’s part? And what would “those that wish us harm” become concerned about? As for responding to us “once we get out”, is this a good thing? I think not. And, when he refers to countries that are not helping us now, who gives a damn but some left-wing fruitloop that live their lives hoping everyone is happy with their actions? Such moosetwits. One can surmise that the responses we are getting from countries that wish to do us harm are unacceptable to the lefties. Why? Oh. Wait. They are unhappy. I get it now. Perhaps if they were dancing in the streets because we bugged out making them happy is more acceptable. Moosetwits.

“They will not as long as we’re still there.” Another poli-speak malcontent. This guy is really a moosetwit. The lefties want the terrorists to be happy and nothing will make them happier than for the US to bug out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Jerk. He is another one that doesn’t get the Big Picture.

HH: How long do you want us to take to get out, General?

The idjit let Hugh finish the question.

WO: Well, to me, that would be an issue that would have to be resolved with the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Commander out there.HOLY COW!!!! As long as the SecDef, Joint Chiefs and the Commander “out there” agree with the bug out, the planned bug out would be acceptable! BUT! But if they DON’T agree with the bug out, the plan to WIN is unacceptable. I see. Moosetwit.

“But if we could do it in six months, I’d like to do it. If it takes nine, fine. I would not complain if we did it in four.”

These moosetwits just don’t pay attention to anything but that which is between their own clogged nasal passages. President Bush in the last SOTU stated that the Iraqi government has until NOVEMBER 2007 to get their act together! Hello? Oh. Wait. That isn’t in 4 months He said “if it takes nine, fine”. Jerk. I guess 10 months is 1 month too long. What a moosetwit.

HH: Now let’s talk a little bit about two of the key points that really intrigued me, and I disagree with them, General, but I want to hear you out on them. The first is that the Arab and Muslim political cultures just aren’t ready for democracy. Can you expand on that for the audience?

Pay attention here.

WO: Well, they’re ready for democracy. They’re not ready for constitutional orders.

They are ready for democracy but not constitutional orders. WHO is the THEY this moosetwit is referring to? The countries NOT helping us, the countries that WISH TO DO US HARM, or the people of Iraq that VOTED FOR THEIR NEW CONSTITUTION? HELLO???

HH: Okay, and can you expand on that please?

This question was a subliminal one in that what was really asked was, “Can you tell us what a liberal fool you and your kind are, please? Just to make sure. Thank you.”

WO: Yes, there are only about 24, 25, 26 countries in the world of 191 members at the United Nations that have truly liberal democracies. There are lots of democracies, but they’re illiberal, meaning that they have various levels of tyranny. Rights are not secure, Russia has elections, India has elections, it has a great reputation as a democracy, but your property rights are not stable at the lower, at the village level. A mother-in-law can throw acid in the face of a daughter-in-law and not be taken to the court. There are lots of illiberal things about it. Now those countries are all in the Western political tradition, with a very few exceptions. Japan and I would include South Korea and Taiwan now. The rule on political scientists is their constitutional order generally sticks if it lasts for a generation, about 20 years or more. So the countries I count are ones that have had stable, liberal orders for more than a generation.

WOW!!! Quite a mouthful and IF the sentence structure is blurted out, it sounds like he ellaborated. However, if one were to take a sentence at a time, one will see that this moosetwit is merely aping a socialists’ ignorance and is a rambler of socialist talking points…I mean liberal talking points. Same thing? Yes.

Odom said that out of the 191 members of the United Nations maybe there are a max of 26 TRULY LIBERAL democracies. Is this a clue?

Liberal democracy is a form of representative democracy where elected representatives that hold the decision power are moderated by a constitution that emphasizes protecting individual liberties and the rights of minorities in society, such as freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of religion, the right to private property and privacy, as well as equality before the law and due process under the rule of law.

By this definition, is the United States a liberal democracy or a tyrannical democracy? When our property rights can be swept under the rug all in the name of more tax collections, is this a good thing? Is this a liberal democracy thing or a tyrannical democracy thing? What is this moosetwit yaking about?

He said, “Japan and I…” WHAT? Japan Odom runs things now? I call MOOSETWIT!!

He said, “The rule on political scientists is their constitutional order generally sticks if it lasts for a generation, about 20 years or more. So the countries I count are ones that have had stable, liberal orders for more than a generation.”

Again, I call MOOSETWIT!!!! I also have initiated the NATIONAL EMERGENCY MORON ALERT SERVICE!! This idjit and others like him haven’t given Iraq’s “democracy” but 2 or 3 years to flourish. He said 20+ years determines a democracy. HELLO? And it WON’T flourish until we WIN the war against the terrorists INTERNAL of Iraq. The countries that wish to do us harm, as Odom has stated, HATE democracy and this idjit wants us to withdraw and let the new-found democracy of Iraq that the people of Iraq voted for fend for themselves.

This guy is a moosetwit.

Sam Johnson

…is my Representative. He is a hero. He had this to say about the defeatocrats


Moosetwit I

I will try to analyze the interview of General William Odom by Hugh Hewitt. More than likely, I will stroke out either by pure laughter of disgust or sheer awe of how incredulous this guy really is. Here goes. The transcript in its entirety is located here:

HH: Welcoming now to the Hugh Hewitt Show General William Odom. General, a real pleasure to make your acquaintance. Thanks for being on the program, thanks for your service.

WO: Thank you for the opportunity to be on your program.

HH: Now I read with great interest your piece in Sunday’s Washington Post on February 11th, Victory Is Not An Option, and a piece very similar to it from 2005, General, and I’d like you to explain to the audience who haven’t had a chance to read it what you think America should do in Iraq right now.

WO: Well, we can’t do much of anything that’s useful for ourselves until we begin to withdraw.

STOP THE PRESS RIGHT THERE!!!! This is what happens when the individual has become more educated than its brain can absorb and the neurons go on vacation. We can’t do much of anything that’s useful until we withdraw? What a Moosetwit!! (twits are parasites that “hang out” around the bung holes of forest critters) Withdraw to where? Withdraw AWAY from the enemy? Isn’t that like, retreat when we are NOW winning? These jerks REALLY don’t pay attention, do they? My emails are telling me that the surge that scares the HELL out of the defeatocrats is WORKING already! Judas Priest these people get my warrior’s blood boiling!! Withdraw. Moron.

“We are diplomatically and strategically paralyzed in Iraq.” WOE THERE NELLY BELLY!! Strategically paralyzed? I thought this guy was a General. General of what? Latrine Force? He obviously knows NOTHING of Strategy vs Tactics. Hey. I was/am just a grunt but in grunt school they taught us the differences. The strategy is to WIN. HOW to win is dealt with in TACTICS. For MONTHS “they” were whining about needing a change in TACTICS. They have CHANGED and for the better and it is about time, I might add. What a moosetwit.

“As we begin to move out, countries who are not very cooperative with us, or wish us evil, are going to be worried about the aftermath.” I AM DECLARING THE ACTIVATION OF THE NATIONAL EMERGENCY MORON ALERT SERVICE ON THAT ONE. We are fighting the ones that “WISH US EVIL”. Move away from them and they will get concerned? That is what they want us to do…move away from them because they CANNOT defeat us militarily. He needs to turn in his General Stars for a yoyo.

“We cannot stabilize the whole region by ourselves.” HOLD THE PHONE!! We can IF we have the will to do so and the SURGE is just that. There were not enough troops to hold the territories we cleared and then to hold it. We swept in, cleared the areas out and then moved on, leaving a vacuum for the enemy to refill. That was just a plain dumb tactic. Moosetwit.

“We’re going to need really important allies, not just our allies that we’ve bought to come in there with us for the invasion. And we’re going to need them both on the borders of Iraq, and we’re going to need Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese and others to help us.” HEY MOOSETWIT! We already have countries to help us. They aren’t “important” enough for this moosetwit? Europeans? Like France? LOL!! France. Moosetwit. The Chinese? HELLO? The Indians? HELLO? This guy’s crack pipe must have something else in it. Perhaps moosetwit droppings.

Simply amazing. Unbelievable. I am thankful to Hugh for allowing this moosetwit to string out the rope required to hang himself with it.


PC: The Language of Morons and Cowards

Poli-speak. Just because “it has always been this way” and “this is the way it is done” clap-trap, what is the harm in being out-right honest? Must we hide in the facade of poli-speak? Why do we have to “always wonder” just what in the world people are saying and what their “real intent” is. I just don’t get it.

Anyway, this gem came across the nether world yesterday. DefenseLink

Precision Important to Intelligence Analysis, Pace SaysBy Jim GaramoneAmerican Forces Press Service

HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE, Hawaii, Feb. 14, 2007 – The difference between facts that can be proven and ideas that can be deduced through logic must be clear to users of military intelligence, Marine Gen. Peter Pace said today.

Pace, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke with reporters traveling through the U.S. Pacific Command theater with him about Iranian complicity in killing American servicemembers in Iraq.

He said it is important “to be very precise about what you do know for sure and what you do not know for sure.”

“What we do know for sure is Iranian made weapons are killing our guys,” the chairman said. “What we do know for sure is that in raids to disrupt those (bomb-making) networks inside of Iraq, we have found Iranians. And we know for sure that the Iranian government knows for sure that we found Iranians.”

These are facts, Pace said. These are things the military can prove.

“What we do not have intelligence on is who precisely and what level in the Iranian government knows and is giving orders or not giving orders” he said.

“Do I believe the Iranian government is involved? Yes. Do I have a smoking gun that proves that? No. And that is why I want to be very precise,” the chairman said. “Iran should get involved in stopping Iranian weapons and Iranian people inside Iraq.”

When the military analysts transition from definable, undisputed fact and take it to a logical conclusion, “we should be careful to point out where what we can prove ends and what we believe begins,” he said.

That is all well and good. Then, we have this from: DefenseLink

“WASHINGTON, Feb. 14, 2007 – President Bush said today he will do whatever it takes to protect U.S. troops in Iraq, and that he is not provoking war with Iran in doing so.

[does this imply that Iran is provoking war with the US?]

“Whether (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad ordered the Quds Force to do this, I don’t think we know,” Bush said. “But we do know that they’re there. And I intend to do something about it. And I’ve asked our commander to do something about it, and we’re going to protect our troops.”

Top military officials in Baghdad briefed reporters on background Feb. 11 that they have recovered weapons and ammunition with specific Iranian manufacturing markings. Slides were release showing mortar shells, explosives and rocket-propelled grenades. At the briefing, the officials said that the highest levels of the Iranian government were involved in the weapons smuggling into Iraq…”

OK. Correct me if I am wrong here. THERE IS A WAR taking place in Iraq, just west of Iran. And Iranian armament is being utilized and found in Iraq. On top of that, there have been Iranian fighters inside Iraq WITH Iranian weaponry. To me, to this simple “retired” fighter, 2+2 STILL = 4, even though I do not have an accountant’s degree nor am I a CPA. What’s up? DefenseLink

Pace: Iran Complicit in IED Attacks on Coalition

ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE, Guam, Feb. 14, 2007 – The Iranian government is complicit in improvised-explosive-device attacks on coalition and Iraqi forces, Marine Gen. Peter Pace said today in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Pace said earlier in his trip to Australia and Indonesia that there is “zero chance” of the United States going to war with Iran. He said many times to audiences in both Australia and Indonesia that the United States will use diplomatic pressure to get Iran to stop its actions in Iraq and to get Iran to stop research on developing nuclear weapons.


I Get It...So Does Someone Else

I read this article and immediately related to it. And here is the why I can relate to it.

Years ago, I had the complete collection of John Denver. Call me names, I don’t give a damn. Anyway, I heard my favorite artist tell a talkshow host that he was inspired to write Rocky Mountain High due to his realization that his existence had chosen his parents on earth as his “spirit” was traveling through the universe and HE CHOSE to come here…to earth.


After I got over the shock and thereafter got over the urge to wet myself from the incredulous laughter and the cycle of denial, I collected ALL renditions of his recordings and sheet music. I then proceeded to take them out to the garage and commenced to shattering, shredding and ultimately destroying any evidence that I had once admired the loon. I never ever once after that and since then picked up a guitar and plucked away to anything remotely associated with John Denver.

My Dad came out into the garage after a while and asked what I was doing. I told him. He said that it was about time that I got my head up out of the back of my front, as it were.

As for Mellencamp, I figured that flake out long ago. I don’t listen to the musical artists these days. Most of them are fruitloops to one degree or another.

Here is the article and a smidgeon of reality and intellect and written in language I can understand:

“…There’s wisdom in this. In the future, I’m going to be a lot more reluctant to financially support artists who likely consider me a neocon warmonger. Given how annoying Mellencamp’s ubiquitous Chevy commercial is, not purchasing Mellencamp’s new album will probably be a painless first step…”

I agree. I am HAPPY to be called a Neocon Warmonger. It is better to be a neocon warmonger than a socialist pacifistic cowardly liberal.


OK. Tired now. Been reading all kinds of DNC brain-void trash for quite some time and I have come to a conclusion…one of many, actually. As many others have laid claim to and what others have named the DNC crowd, their new name, one of many, is the Peace At Any Cost Crowd.

Victor Davis Hanson said it quite clearly. So clearly that the Leftinistra are now trying so desperately to hide their cowardice in the face of the brave. Here goes: RCP

“Military success on the ground now demands that we expand the rules of engagement to allow our troops to shoot more of the jihadists, disarm the militias, train even more Iraqis troops to take over security more quickly, and seal the Syrian and Iranian borders.”

This was announced today, was it not?

“This solution, of course, is easier said than done. The military must use more force against those who are destroying Iraqi democracy at precisely the time the American public has become exasperated with both the length and human cost of the war.”

It is not the strategy but the tactics that have been defective in the WOT in Iraq. The tactics have changed. Hopefully, the STUPID R.O.E. will change with it. Fighting a sensitive war with terrorists in particular is flat out retarded.

“Imagine this war as a sort of grotesque race. The jihadists and sectarians win if they can kill enough Americans to demoralize us enough that we flee before Iraqis and Afghans stabilize their newfound freedom. They lose if they can’t. Prosperity, security and liberty are the death knell to radical Islam. It’s that elemental.”

Keeping the whole issue simple is indeed a neccessity. Them v Us. Period. Do we win or do we lose?

Where is our resolve?

Law and Order In Iraq?

The beginnings of the surge is working. The surge was even working before it actually began. Go to the milblogs and see for yourself.

From an AP story floating about; Got the below from: Townhall

The increased security measures drew a mixed response from Iraqis - some angry over the inconvenience, others embracing any effort to stop the rampant violence.

“My friends and I who are the old women of the neighborhood went to the soldiers and welcomed them and prayed that God would help them to defeat the terrorists,” said Um Sabah of the Mashtaal area in eastern Baghdad. “Although, the presence of army and vehicles is not very comfortable, we welcome it because it is for the sake of Iraq.”

I read the whole story and naturally there was the usual biased twist of the left-handed sort.  As Hugh Hewitt said…”Democrats and their round-heeled Republican allies in the Congress don’t care.”

And that is a sad state of affairs.

As I have been saying since the first days that the Leftinistra began their UNPATRIOTIC anti-Bush bashing and subversive stupidity, a success in the WOT in Iraq will mark their doom and they CANNOT have any of that. They will work as hard as they can to ENSURE a loss in Iraq.

To Hell With the Leftinistra

It has been my experience in life that there is an element in our country that will appease themselves into oblivion. In the process of that Oblivion Syndrome they are lethally injected with, they will also bring the rest of us down as well. It is in their genetic make-up to be people pleasers, at their own peril and ours. Intellect kills. Being educated beyond their intelligence kills.

For instance, the current crop of Facist Appeasers in our Congress, whether they be democratic, republican or independent, would rather surrender to an enemy if it kept their positions of power and prestige in tact.

They, the Murthas, Pelozis, Clintons, Kennedys, Kerrys, Schumers, Durbins, Frankens, etc, etc, etc, say they want peace but, they are willing to throw away OUR freedom, NOT THEIRS, in order to obtain a peace. At what expense? Or should I ask, at whose expense? They refuse to realize or CHOOSE to not accept the FACT that by appeasing the Jihadists, they encourage the Jihadists to “probe the line” of no return. The Jihadists will encroach the line to see how far back they can push their enemies. That is how they gain ground. If our pacifist cowards in DC keep backing up and redrawing The Line, the Jihadists press even further and are doing so now.

Personal power is all they care about. The leaders of Congress are the richest people in this country. For example, 170 members of Congress are millionaires. The Senate is often referred to as The Gentlemen’s Club. 21 Senators are worth $3.1M. 29 Senators are worth well more than that. One has to ask, “Why are they there?”

To quote a friend of mine that posts words of wisdom on another blog: “If an Islamic Army marched into DC today, they would surrender us if they could keep their money, their perks, and be appointed our overlords for the Jihadists. There is a word for them, “Quislings”. That is what the original Quisling did. So when they say they wouldn’t do the same, they lie. Kennedy would have sold us out to the Soviets and did try. Why is he not in prison??? Because he is part of a crowd that has allied themselves with only one intent — to help each other get power and the country be damned. Milton wrote in Paradise Lost that Satan would rather be a lord in Hell than a servant in Paradise. These guys will turn our country into a Hell just so they can remain lords of it.”

The men and women that I am in contact with in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world fighting the War On Terror have ill-feelings towards these Power Mongering Congress Critters. Several of them have also stated that it is not a good idea to anger a squadron of F16 Jockeys. They very rarely if ever “miss”.

DNC Cowards

I heard this today and it sure is dead on target. It is a sad state of affairs.

"Today, all you have to do is suggest a date by which U.S. forces in Iraq should surrender, and you’re officially a Democratic candidate for president."


Letter To CONgress

Iraq Veteran to the U.S. CongressWritten by Joe GishTuesday, 13 February 2007

Dear Members of Congress,

As a veteran of the war in Iraq and a currently serving military officer, I am writing to respectfully express my strong opposition to House Concurrent Resolution 63. We appreciate your expressions of support. But this resolution does not help us.

Operation Iraqi Freedom was authorized by the United States Congress. You cannot wash your hands of this responsibility. It is not my place, nor my intention, to instruct you how to do your job. I may only give you my perspective as a loyal American citizen, who is proud to serve his nation during these tumultuous times.

In my view, there are only two honorable courses of action for Congress to take regarding the war in Iraq. The first option is to get behind the war effort. While the security situation in Iraq has deteriorated over the past year, the situation is not beyond hope. The Iraqi Army has gained in strength, competence and confidence. Moqtada al Sadr has fled the country. The terrorist Zarqawi has been killed, and the Sunni Arabs are banding together in an increasingly successful effort to expel the remnants of al Qaeda from their communities.

All of this would not have been possible without the hard work of the U.S. military. But if we were to leave tomorrow, we would abandon the long-suffering Iraqi people to the terrorists and extremists. Such an outcome would not sit well with my conscience, nor should it with yours…

If, on the other hand, you have come to the conclusion that we can do no more to save the people of Iraq from such an horrific fate, the only responsible course of action would be to remove our forces from that country as expeditiously as possible. To be clear, this is not my point-of-view. Nevertheless, just as the Constitution granted Congress the authority to initiate this conflict, it is also within your power to end it. And though I would follow such orders with a heavy heart, I would respect such a decision as the expressed will of the people’s representatives, and faithfully carry out my duty.

I will not pretend to understand the pressures you face from your constituents. But I will remind you that brave Americans are sacrificing, fighting and dying every day in Iraq. To succeed in our mission, we require steadfast leadership from our Commander-in-Chief, moral support from the American people, and material support from the United States Congress.

The responsibility lies with you. I have no use for empty, non-binding resolutions. If you believe that a positive outcome in Iraq is impossible, then you should act on that conviction and withdraw us from that country. But if you are truly serious about supporting the troops, I urge you to give us the money, tools, and manpower that we need to achieve victory.

Once again, I humbly thank you for your support.

Very respectfully,
"Joe Gish"

The above letter was well written and the undertone is this: your antics are stupid. A non-binding resolution means nothing and the intent of the resolution is obvious.



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