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Where Is Obama's Birth Certificate?

Here we are folks, only three days till the election and Barack Obama still hasn't produced his birth certificate. A couple of weeks ago, this issue gained new life when Obama mysteriously suspended his campaign to make an emergency trip to Hawaii to visit his gravely ill grandmother, whom he called racist during the campaign to gain political points. The trip to Hawaii also coincided with Philip Berg's trip to Hawaii in search of Obama's birth certificate. Snooper and I discussed the issue last week after Obama announced the suspension. Since the following broadcast, a liberal judge has dismissed the case. If all of this is nothing more than contrived slander against Obama for political gain, then why doesn't he put the issue to rest and bring forward his birth certificate? Originally recorded on October 22, 2008.


Berg v Obama: Ph.D. Says "Standing" is not in The Constitution

Cross-posted by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

Conservative Edge has published a piece by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
Obama Must Stand Up or Step Down Now Thanks to Brian Goettl

Edwin Vieira, Jr., holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and J.D. (Harvard Law School).

For more than thirty years he has practiced law, with emphasis on constitutional issues. In the Supreme Court of the United States he successfully argued or briefed the cases leading to the landmark decisions...

This is one you must read for yourself, and please, do not read the following as this blog speaking for Dr. Vieira - because I'm not. Here's my interpretion, and what I consider to be the short story:

Background: Barack Obama's natural-born citizenship has been questioned. A Philadelphia attorney, Philip Berg, filed suit in a Philadelphia Federal Court to require that Obama show proof of his natural-born status. The Court dismissed that case with Judge Surrick saying that Berg did not have "standing," meaning that he was not eligible to bring the case, and also that no injury had happened to the American people and until there was an "injury" there was no case.

Dr. Vieira has a differing opinion:

Vieira thinks Philip Berg has a case - meaning that in Dr. Vieira's opinion, America has the right to know that Obama is a natural-born citizen.

"Standing" - Not constitutional, but "judicial intervention"
Vieira says that the term "standing" is not to be found in the Constitution and is simply something derived within the legal system. He points to Article II, Section 1, Claure 4 of the Constitution, and says that "every American has what lawyers call 'a implied cause of action.' He goes on to say that the people have the implied cause of action "to require that anyone standing for "the Office of President" must verify his eligibility for that position, when "serious" allegations have been put forward. It appears that Vieira believes those serious allegations have been presented.

"Injury" - We have already, indeed, been injured.
Vieira believes that if Obama is not a natural-born citizen, then "injury" has already happened - just as many of us have expressed. He mentions Hillary Clinton's lost White House bid and the States that illegally placed Obama's name on their ballots. Obviously, if Obama's White House bid is fraudulent, the entire country has been harmed, and as he says - it could destroy the country.

Ironically, Vieira points out that should any "usurper" ascend to the office of the President of the United States, Congress could not impeach him to get him out of the office.

He muses about the possibility of having an "outright usurper" elected...a "poser" in the Presidency. Vieira says this would set our country on a "course of judicially assisted political suicide." He discusses the crime of perjury or false swearing, and he says that every act committed under such a fraud would render every act by that person as a criminal offense.

I did not find in the article, Dr. Vieira discussing why it seems there is no Law requiring that candidates show proof of natural-born status before being allowed to file for office.

He points out what an exasperated populace has been saying: it is Obama's moral duty to produce the evidence of his natural-born status. I will add that if the Democrat National Committee has vetted this issue, and DOES know, without a doubt that he is qualified for the Oval Office...then it is unconscionable that they would not have gotten the message to America.

Is this the simple arrogance of Obama having the proof but refusing to produce it...just because he can. If so, why would the DNC and Congress do this to "the people?"

Read Dr. Vieira here.


McCain Going For The Jugular?

Perhaps this is McCain's version of going for the throat but, regardless, it is the second item that does encourage me that the McCain Camp is at least beginning to quite possibly get their hands dirty in the fight for our Nation's survival. The problem is, the Lame Stream Media being put on notice in such a degree only angers them.

As the Obama Camp went traipsing to the Middle East on a photo-op and Logan Act Violation Tour, the media was issued this document which can be downloaded and printed at will. It can also be found and downloaded at Mike's America in a post entitled, Obama in Overseas Campaign Swing.

In this booklet, there are must reads to contemplate:




Each of the above topics are hard hitting in the booklet and hopefully, they will catch on as Obama does not address the issues presented. They coincide with this video.

Now, all that remains is for the McCain Camp to come up with the following slogans and make ads to be aired far and wide, 50 times a day in every state up until E-Day.




I won't hold my breath on that but, I can pray for a miracle.


An Idiot (Blue Texan) Yammers

This is incredible and reveals the deep-seated and complete stupidity of a willful moron. The title to this fools' post is as follows:

Now That Obama's Won The Iraq Debate, What Reason Does McCain Have For Running For President?

Evidently, the idiot hasn't seen this video and nor has IT read this booklet.

Obama has won the debate? What debate is that? There was a debate? Was it televised or was it merely in the bong smoke?

The dummy is STILL yapping about the "Maliki Time Table" which wasn't what the sycophants of the anti-Americanists hoped it was. Simply amazing. And to think there are some that want to actually turn this country over to such insane and idiotic morons. Simply amazing. Then again, those that are voting for the tool/troll Obama don't know that they are mentally retarded.


If The GOP/RCN Are Too Cowardly To Fight...

We will have to do it for usual. Doug Ross at Director Blue has made available some decals that we can all print and begin spreading them around. Just do it. The future of our Nation depends upon it. Will YOU step up to the plate? Here are a selection of the decals...choose your weapons wisely. Check out Director Ross for the actual weapons to choose from:

There are more to choose from...GO GET 'EM!!


Obama World Tour T-Shirts...Get Yours Today

The one to the left is my favorite but, go the site and vote on the rest. They are truly worthy.


Good God Almighty: These People Vote

I was putting together some sound bytes for my afternoon BTR show and I ran across this video.

Pathetic does not come close to scratching the surface of how uninformed - or misinformed - the younger generation of the electorate is.

As most of our loyal readers know already, I went on a trek in the state of Michigan to find out for myself that which I already suspected but did not embrace as the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. I found out that the vast majority of the college-age "kids" I talked with could not even tell me that Sen Reid, Rep Murtha and Rep Pelosi were Democrats. They thought that they were Republicans and were the root cause of the problems in America. That is why they were voting Democrat Ticket this year. Upon further inquiry, after proving to them that the three mentioned were indeed members of the Democrat Party, they had learned from their college professors and or high school teachers the exact opposite.

The seeds of Truth were planted in Michigan. Are you going to plant the seeds of Truth or are you of the mind set that "this too shall pass"?

That is called indoctrination of a "captured" audience and is unacceptable.

We must all reach out and reteach our youth Truth and let them decide on their own. As you view the video, keep that in mind. This is completely incredible and major kudos to the developers of this video.




The Party of Corruption Strikes In Pennsylvania

Well? I wonder how many of these were cohorts of one Representative Murtha? From the Oakland Tribune: "Pa. Democrats charged with stealing public funds" Bummer.


Execute With Extreme Prejudice Without Mercy

Obama the Marxist - the Alinskyite - is on a roll on King Snobbery. He also doesn't know World History. He was speaking to some impressionable and indoctrinated school kids yesterday and one of the utterances that came out of his communist mouth was this little gem:

[...] "It's embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe and all we can say is merci beaucoup." [...]

No, you big dummy, it is embarrassing that you don't know The Why all of Europe speaks English. You don't know why Asia speaks English. You don't know why the Middle East speaks English. You don't know why Russia speaks English or why English is the Universal Language of the planet earth.

Name me one country where English isn't spoken at the air traffic control centers you idiot smug sycophant of George Soros.

There is a reason why millions upon millions dream of coming to America and why millions aren't trying to get out. The world wants what we have and you clearly do not know that nor do you understand it you dope.

Your campaign is crumbling around you and you cannot even see it.

Make my dayOh. Before I forget, Hillary isn't finished with you yet. Let me explain. Remember that Unity thing? When Hillary was on the dais with you and you were opining and bloviating and saying words and speeches with absolutely no substance? Did you, perhaps, take note of Hillary's body language? I didn't think so but I did and if you only knew what it was saying all so loudly and clearly. Simply amazing. Let me spell it out for you dummy and mark my words. Hillary isn't finished with you yet. Oh. Yes. I have included a picture for you.

Please, if you will, take note of the position of those lips and the position of the hands. Notice the eye position also. I know it isn't the biggest picture to study but I am sure your people can call her people and get the larger version...this is a blog and we try to conserve our data bytes.

Did you notice the smirk - almost a giddy chuckle she successfully stifled? I did. Do you know what that means, pray tell? Or, should I have said prey tell? That is the very well concealed expression of, "You poor man. You have no idea what is coming your way. You poor fool."

I just thought I'd let you know, man to man, as it were.

You, Barack Hussein Obama, are a Clear and Present Danger to this nation but your worst nightmare is standing right to your right and your arrogant idiocy is just too damn easy to take advantage of. Just ask Hillary.

She will have no remorse on you at the Convention and your acceptance speech stadium you have reserved will be utilized by the woman you shared the dais with.

Good job.



I'm not going to cut and paste the entire article out of respect for the author so you will have to visit World Net Daily to read the entire thing. I will list the three topics and the gist is all too obvious.

The article is entitled 3 big reasons to elect John McCain

Reason No. 1 - End the tyranny of the Supreme Court

Reason No. 2 - Win the war against radical Islam

Reason No. 3 - A president needs strong character

The only contention that I have with the 3 Reasons is #2. Knowing what I know about Islam, I know that we are not fighting "radical" anything. The only "radical" Muslim is one that is not following Islam to the letter of Shar'ia Law.

More to the point is this. Europe is bracing for civil war against Jihadim and the Global Caliphate that McCain has at least mentioned several times as an acknowledgment and Obama has brushed it aside because Obama doesn't accept it. He calls it Fear Mongering because it doesn't fit his Hope and Change dogma of becoming the first Marxist to occupy the White House. President Bush has also emphasised the desires of the Jihadists to install their Caliphate.

To quote Ann Coulter again

"Despite its newness, Iraq's democracy appears to be no more dysfunctional than one that would condemn a man who has kept the nation safe for seven years while deifying a man who has accomplished absolutely nothing in his entire life except to give speeches about 'change.'"

Snippets from WND

[...] McCain understands that losing in Iraq is unthinkable – betraying all the coalition forces and Iraqis who have fought and died there, turbo-charging Islamic fanaticism the world over, transforming Iraq into a mecca for terrorists and further radicalizing the entire Middle East. He knows the military inside and out, and has what it takes to be a wartime commander in chief.

Obama, on the other hand, is a weak and inexperienced leader and would undo all that has been accomplished at such great cost in blood and treasure. Like other liberal elitists with giant egos (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton), Obama believes that somehow his superior intelligence, judgment and niceness will win the day, whether by meeting with terrorist leaders like Iran's Ahmadinejad, or in undermining the Iraq war effort. The young Illinois senator simply lacks the maturity to understand what he's actually dealing with: Evil that can be dealt with successfully only with overwhelming strength and determination. [...]

In this area, McCain indeed gets it for the most part. Obama on the other hand, is as clueless as those that think Obama would be good for the country in the long run. As cited before, there are elements within all of Europe bracing for civil war due to the Global Cultural Jihad that has been thrust upon them by similar fools such as Obama. And, at the risk of sounding like an alarmist, there are elements within the United States that are also bracing for a civil war.

[...] Although John McCain is far from a perfect person or candidate, he has demonstrated both the strong character and the core American values we want and need in a president. Barack Obama, whose entire campaign is based on dazzling as many people as possible with beguiling words while concealing at all costs his breathtakingly destructive, far-left agenda, has not demonstrated the character needed to be president.

Friends, please don't bother e-mailing me about all the wrong things McCain has done over the years. I've been a newsman for most of the past 25-plus years. I've heard it all, and then some. Our nation has never had a perfect chief executive, and we frankly don't require one. What we absolutely do need, as Rove put it, is one with "character, integrity and essential decency." [END

Narrow mindedness has never helped anyone in the long run, let alone a country. As flawed as McCain's character may be with the comparison to a Reagan Era Conservative, at least he has one. Obama does not unless one approves of Chicago style politics, is, Al Capone. As for McCain's integrity, where as some will disagree with him on a wide variety of issues and topics, one thing that should be noted is that, at least he sticks to what he believes and isn't swayed by the wind directions as indicated by the opinion polls that some seem to love to live their lives by. Obama has a zero balance record with integrity. He changes his mind to suit the particular crowd he happens to be opining to at the moment he is speaking. As for essential decency, McCain wins hands down. After all, Obama seems to think that tearing a baby apart outside or inside the womb is perfectly OK and McCain does not.

Most seem to not understand that the Battle Field is in Congress, not the White House. And that fight is here and now. The problem is, it is too hard to fight...for some.

As a Warrior and as a DAVFW, I get hundreds of emails from The Troops and I also get hundreds of emails from many others I once served with. Of all those emails, I counted 5 that somewhat agree with not supporting McCain. However, not one single one agreed with the premise that Obama would even remotely be good for the country not even for a day.

Checkmate. No more calls please, we have our winner.
Snooper Speaks
The Troops Speak


I Am With Dennis Prager On John McCain

Why I support John McCain

Fantastic read and 100% correct.


[...] Having not been a supporter from the outset, perhaps my endorsement of John McCain will carry more weight among conservatives who are still undecided about whether to vote for John McCain. [...]

[...] Furthermore, given the strong possibility of a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate and a liberal Supreme Court for decades to come, given the number of Supreme Court appointments a Democratic president will be able to make, an Obama victory will move America more radically leftward than ever in its history.

That is why the argument that an Obama administration will be so destructive that Americans will reject the left and then elect a real conservative to undo the damage done in an Obama presidency is deeply flawed. [...]

[...] Moreover, the argument that Americans will have a conservative epiphany after four years of an Obama presidency is predicated on America being greatly damaged by his policies. What kind of mindset welcomes such damage to the country it loves for the sake of potentially gaining politically after the damage is done? Is it, for example, really worth a considerably weakened economy (which Barack Obama's tax and other economic policies would likely lead to), with its widespread suffering and unforeseeable social and political consequences, just to - hopefully - get a conservative into the White House four or eight years later? [...]

[...] Therefore, as well-meaning and sincere as many conservatives are, this mode of thinking - let the country suffer under a left-wing president, Congress and Supreme Court and then it will come to its conservative senses - will likely lead to a downward spiral from which it is hard to see the country escaping for a generation, if it is lucky. [...]

[...] However noble their intentions, conservatives who do not vote for John McCain will be morally complicit in what happens to America during an Obama presidency. [END