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This is pretty much a bunch of crap, FYI.
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This is pretty much a bunch of CRAP, FYI HINT: “MOSTLY TRUE” is a “MOSTLY FALSE” deal which means “MOSTLY TRUE” is a LIE.

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Now That There Is Nothing For The Czarbiebots To Do


Poor things. They have nothing now to fulfill their pathetically empty lives. Listen to this Special Report.


Obama's Sign Goons At Work


Bring It



The Dogs of War Unleashed - Obama Exposed


Bring it on Czarbie Thugs and Goons! Bring it on!

While the BBC whines about Sarah Palin linking Czarbie to known terrorists, I just have to laugh. I have known this for several years. He fits the mold in my collection of posts, articles and items that I call Democrats and Terrorists. Folks, he isn't the only Democrat guilty by association at all.

Pamela Gellar has the continuing series of voter fraud issues linked directly to Czarbie. Naturally, the trouser rompers that support the Marxist fraud will whine. While more and more evidence is compiled each and every day revealing the known ties to illegal activities of the Czarbie and his ties to known fellow anti-Americanists, Don Surber brings us this:

[...] The Times called Ayers a 1960s bomber when in fact the bombings were began in 1970 and ended with the 1981 robbery of a Brinks truck which left two terrorists (named in the story) two police officers (not named) and a Brinks guard (also not named) dead.

Ayers famously said 20 years later in a story published in the New York Times on 9/11 that he has no regrets– other than that he did not cause more mayhem.

This was said not when Obama was 11 (actually Obama was 20 when the Brinks robbery went down) but when Obama was 40.

Ayers said this 6 years after he met Obama and was working within the system.

Some on the Left consider Ayers a hero. [...]

Indeed. This is why I question their one can truly identify to whom or to what they swear their allegiance. It most assuredly is not to the United States Constitution no matter the rhetoric to the contrary. Just like Ron Paul, just because one can say and spell "constitution" doesn't mean one knows what is says...just ask Sen KKK Byrd. Folks...character does matter and Czarbie is a character but there is nothing honorable about the fraud at all.
Certainly, this country has never seen as Far Left a ticket at Obama-Biden ticket.
Never has America seen a presidential candidate with such inexperience.
Never has there been a presidential candidate with such poor judgement.
On his one major vote in the US Senate on the surge in Iraq Barack Obama was wrong. [...]
That right there is out of the ballpark! The "controversial" article published in August of 2001 can be found here and clicking out will bring you here. As LGF has done, I too have saved the article just in case one of the Czarbie Goons has it removed in an effort to stifle constitutional rights and also to rewrite history as the Leftinistra are prone to do. LGF also has a good article of this here published back in May.

In yet another turn of events, Czarbie just cannot get enough of those Weather Underground anti-Americanists. He now has another one on his payroll. I wonder how many he wants to make Cabinet Members? No matter how the Czarbie Trouser lickers try to spin Czarbie's anti-Americanist crap, we will be sure to bring out the Truth. Catch the video of pathetic spin here. NOTE!!!: language warning at this post...

More at Memeorandum...

Jennifer Rubin / Commentary: Ready, Aim, Fire


Palin Has No Gloves - The Leftinistra Tremble


We all have heard by now that the Marxist fraud Czarbie (Obama as a Barbie doll appearance and his desires to be First Czar of the United Socialist States of America) has been utilizing the legal system to shut down adverse "attacks on his character". First of all, he has to have some semblance of a decent character to begin with in order for his character to be attacked. Seeing that he has no honorable character to start with, the silliness of his lameness is "Rather" apparent.

Gaging from the reactions of the Leftinistra directly following the Palin-Biden smack down, and since then, where Sarah Palin absolutely made mince meat of the pathological liar Biden, I have noticed the fear in their verbiage. They fear facts and as I have been stating for a very long time now, facts repel the Leftinistra much as citing Holy Scripture does.

Even more telling are the posts over at Talk Left. Whereas the mutants at the KOSmonoffs are comical at best and only the Moonbat Fruit Loop Brigades pay them any attention, they are to be regarded in disdain. Irrelevant is their name. However, at least Talk Left can speak rationally even though they are wrong nearly all the time. Facts are facts and the emerging fact is this - Sarah Palin scares the hell out of the Leftinistra. Another thing that scares them is they cannot silence the folks exposing Czarbie's ties to known terrorists and his track record of aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war for political gain.

Yes indeed. The gloves are coming off and the Leftinistra tremble. Why do they tremble? They have no integrity. They have no honesty. They are Marxists and any form of Marxism cannot be reconciled with the United States Constitution. Ever. One or the other must emerge as the Law of The Land because neither can coexist with the other in the same nation. They are diametrically opposed one with the other.

The poor creatures over at Wizbang Blue are especially in the shadow of fear of Sarah Palin. The fear is so deeply ensconced into their framework, the only thing I feel is complete hilarity.

Now, on to some serious posts without the fear mongering that the Leftinistra are so accustomed to using yet blaming others for it.

As Czarbie's Hitler Yoots similarity becomes more and more evident, more and more people are catching onto his antics of Social Engineering that even Saul Alinsky would be proud of. Do recall my reports on the Czarbie Civilian National Security Forces. Question: what would happen if McCain or Palin tried these tactics?

Another Fear Factor for the moonbat brigades is the odd happenstance that NOW has endorsed Sarah Palin. Check the GretaWire for the complete details. Expect to see and hear much wailing and gnashing of teeth over this one folks.

ANM has a good analysis of the NY Slimes piece as they tried to whitewash (no pun intended - should have been either black wash or gray wash or hybrid wash actually) the Obama-Ayers connection.

You’ll excuse me if I don’t get all gooey over this heartwarming tale of a domestic terrorist gone good. The New York Times and its writers are so full of crap that I often wonder how anyone shows up to work there without gagging to death from the smell. If I were truly cruel that thought could turn into wishful thinking. But I don’t want them to die. I just want them to go away to some place where their talents could be put to better use, like the Cuban government. [...]
And ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

Ace brings us: McCain/Palin Ramp Up Attacks On Obama And His Terrorist Pals

Lots of interesting bits today on where the presidential race is heading with less than a month to go. Today’s Washington Post has a story quoting campaign sources as saying McCain is going to focus more on Obama’s liberal policies... [...]
Donald Douglas brings us: Obama's Terrorist Connections
The big controversy today continues to be the New York Times' pro-Obama propaganda piece claiming that Barack Obama and William Ayers "do not appear to have been close." Stanley Kurtz, who is at present probably the foremost expert on the Obama-Ayers relationship, called the Times' article a "white-wash": [...]
There's that pun again.

Dr Bill brings us: The Lowdown on ACORN

ACORN, one stop shopping for all of your voter fraud and predatory lending needs.
Catch the video therein. Czarbie has a history of voter fraud. Go figure. That is the only way a Democrat can win...cheat and lie. Come to think of it, that is what Marxism-Socialism teaches.


Palin comes out swinging and starts telling the folks what's at stake here. Why McCain is so damn polite when the very country is at stake confounds me. These are dangerous people and we need a leader, unafraid of the media, unafraid of the leftwing bullies -- we are counting on you McCain and you are failing us. Palin OTOH is opening up and telling folks what we on the blogs have been reporting for over a year now - Obama's nefarious radical alliances. The media is having a two year old temper tantrum but even the deeply leftarded Rolling Stone agrees. This from February 2007 - thanks to Joe In the tank for Obama early and often, Rolling Stone was enthralled back then at the thought of Obama, with "as openly radical a background as any significant American political figure has ever emerged from," (p.3) becoming a force for change on the national stage. The reference is to Wright, rather than to Ayers, but the politics are ultimately the same. I bring this up not because the article sheds any new light on Obama, but rather because of its tone. Obama's radicalism was a selling point with which leftist journals like RS were trumpeting just last year and attempting to bury now. [...]
This is what has the enemy within scrambling in fear folks...they are being exposed and there is no relenting in sight no matter how they try and shut us down. The more they scream, whine and complain, the more we apply Truth, Facts and Pressure. Sooner or later, they will fall and break. Sooner would be better, naturally. This election is their last HOORAH!

Be sure to catch Ben Smith's blog here and The Caucus blog here. Unlike the Leftinistra hacks, we like to show all sides of an issue and let the reader decide. That is called fair and balanced. Naturally, I will place my take on the issue.

Gateway Pundit brings us:

Sarah Palin better watch it. After writing three front page stories on minor Bristol Palin the New York Times finally reported on (whitewashed) Barack Obama's connections to terrorist Bill Ayers today. But, that didn't mean they wanted the popular Alaska governor to go around and start talking about Obama and his radical friends. [...]
Who cares what the Lame Stream wants...ROFLMAO! Oh. Yeah. There's that pun again. Czarbie is filthy dirty in the tank with anti-Americanists. Of that there is no doubt whatsoever.

In another piece at Gateway Pundit: Sarah Palin: "Just Once It Would Be Nice If Barack Obama Said He Wanted Us to Win"

[...] Ace of Spades is liveblogging the rally. Palin is hammering Obama!
Here's a great line-- Palin:
"There's a special place in hell for women who don't support women...

Just once it would be nice if he said he wanted our country to win!
She also nailed him again for palling around with terrorists! Go Sarah!

Maybe there is hope for America, yet! [END]

In the Soros-Hillary rag Media Matters for America, they vainly try and compare William Ayers and G Gordon Liddy. Wow. Such fear they reveal. Simply amazing. Try again numbnuts.

From Fox Blogs:

Our opponent though is someone who sees America it seems as being so imperfect, imperfect enough that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country. Americans need to know this. Talk about taking the gloves off, I too being that outsider and only being a part of this for 5 weeks now, I think ok we gotta get the word out. This is in fairness to the electorate we gotta start telling people what the other side represents.
Like ET says..."OUCH!"

There are two locations at Memeorandum to follow this discussion. One is for Hugh Hewitt's piece and the other is for the AP piece.


The Czarbie Troofer Gangs - UPDATED


Think back, if you will, or want to, to the days of the Paulbots and Paultard spammers. Remember them? Remember how we all thought that the majority of these morons were actually Czabama supporters because his idiots acted EXACTLY like the Paultards? Well, I do.

Now I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the legitimate Ron Paul supporters. If I didn't know personally that Ron Paul was a fruit loop and a flake, I would be 100% behind him. He has some good ideas but he doesn't know how to get there from here. However, 99% of the time when we got the theoretical Ron Paul folks on our comment threads and BTR shows, we knew we had morons. Such is the case with the vast majority of the Obamabots currently infecting the blogosphere on the conservative stream.

Case in point recently as reported here, they attack web sites in the hopes of closing them down. So much for the tolerance they are so proud of talking about but unable to walk that tenet...just like their Czarbie leader. Incapable of leading and miserable at following.

By now we have heard about Czarbie's blatant disregard to constitutional rights of his opposition. Once again, a Marxist comes out and says only Marxists have constitutional rights because they agree with their Chief Marxist Czarbie. He uses "friends" in the legal system to use "the law" - I guess he thinks he is Judge Dredd, the dude with Field On The Spot Judicial Authority over anything, everything and everybody. Remember that? "I AM THE LAW!"

In a wide selection of web sites, one can check out for themselves the thuggery Barack Fraud In Chief utilizes to shut down his opposition. What a whiner, baby and sore loser he is. That goes for his lap lickers as well. The poor thing wants to PROSECUTE his critics. I wonder where that is located in the US Constitution? I wonder if he is going to go after the news crew that has confirmed this unconstitutional intrusion? The DOJ could be compromised as others are beginning to think because apparently, "charges" may be brought up against some folks for opposing the Fraud Marxist Czarbie. Sue my ass morons. Make my day.

There is more at Memeorandum, but old news by now...


Evidently, ABC's libtard Political Punch blog has begun deleting :conservative" comments because they cannot handle truth. Amazing!

Trackposted to Mark My Words, Faultline USA, third world county, The World According to Carl, DragonLady's World, The Pink Flamingo, Cao's Blog, , Democrat=Socialist, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


Obama Goon Squad Shuts Down Macsmind Blog


Duly swiped from Gateway Pundit for MacsMind...

Macsmind blog is down.
Obama goon squads:

This is MacRanger of Macsmind. As you know I was hacked by operatives of the Obama Campaign last month. Well, it happened again. Basically they flooded the site with “sql bombs” according to the host that caused the shared server to stop running. Subsequently be had to disable the site. This had to do with running the “Obama wants to Disarm America” post which more than 2 million people viewed on the site. Just like the goons in Missouri, the Obama truthers can’t let the truth be known. I’ve now moved the blog back to blogspot at at least temporally. Because of the hacking job I had to move to another host but unfortunately they haven’t got the server up yet to redirect the traffic to blogspot. I would appreciate a mention to your readers. I’m getting a couple of hundred emails about “what happened”, but as you can imagine it hard to get the word out by reply.



Here is the temporary Macsmind blog.