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This is pretty much a bunch of crap, FYI.
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Wake Up GOP

This is pretty much a bunch of CRAP, FYI HINT: “MOSTLY TRUE” is a “MOSTLY FALSE” deal which means “MOSTLY TRUE” is a LIE.

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Obama To His Moonbats: Bugger Off!


So, Obama is going to keep in place the "don't ask don't tell" deal. Lie 1.

Obama said the Bush economy is propelling us to the Great Depression Part 2. Lie 2.

Obama says he isn't a socialist. Lie 3.

Obama promised a Green nation. Lie 4. (at least a Double Standard anyway)

Obama promised Hope and Change. Lie 5.

Obama promised to bomb Pakistan. Lie 6.

Obama said he didn't have any Goons. Lie 7. (no activists or lobbyists?)

Obama said he wasn't a centrist leaner. Lie 8.

Obama promised to tax the hell out of those damn rich people. Lie 9.

Obama promised no crones. Lie 10.

Obama promised to end the war. Lie 11.

Obama promised "new blood" in his Administration. Lie 12.

Obama promised regular folks would shape his Adminstration and policies. Lie 13.

This guy is on a roll baby! See the other Obama Lies here. Yid With Lid has 138 of them.

What we have here is the Last Gasp of The Hippies.

More at Memeorandum...


Time To Trounce The Czarbiebots


OK folks. Consider this a language warning to those that have an aversion to Grunt Speak.

Bash and drillanwar are running a campaign and it is called "Piss Off"...

Piss Off Obama’s Gestapo: Hillary - Obama Has A Speech He Gave In 2002
Piss Off Obama’s Gestapo: Fuck Yer Political Expediency, This Was Your 20 Year Mentor
Piss Off Obama’s Truth Squad: The Cult Of Personality
Piss Off Obama’s Truth Squad: Hussein- “My Muslim Faith”
Time To Piss Off Obama’s Truth Squad: Father Phlegm - “White Woman!”



Message From Melanie Morgan: Obama's Disgraceful Action


Received via email:


Dear Friends:

It is almost impossible to believe Barack Obama can be this arrogant. But sometimes the worst about politicians is true. It looks like Barack Obama told the Iraqi government to halt negotiations on troop withdrawals until after the election. Obama is putting his own political objectives ahead of the safety of U.S. troops in Iraq. Apparently this all happened during his celebrated trip to Iraq - yes, the same trip where he refused to meet with American military personnel in the hospital in Germany because they wouldn't let news camera crews turn the visit into a circus and political stunt.

Iraqi government sources have revealed to the New York Post that Presidential candidate Barack Obama demanded that Iraqi officials stop negotiations with the Bush Administration to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. Read the story for yourself by clicking HERE.

Fearful that the success in Iraq would harm his political aspirations, Obama sought to keep U.S. troops in Iraq so he can continue attacking the Bush Administration for not imposing a timetable for withdrawal. If these allegations prove to be true, it should be the end of the Obama campaign. The report says this was a demand Obama made to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

(Zebari with Secretary of State Condi Rice)

You can bet the mainstream media will try to smother this story and keep Americans from finding out about what happened. Only Fox News has reported it so far. That is why we have to get a television commercial together ourselves. But we need your help to produce and air the TV commercial. Please help by contributing now:

Obama should have the decency to recognize that he lacks the moral character to serve as Commander-in-Chief, and he should withdraw from the ticket. I have never heard of any candidate deliberately trying to get Americans killed to prove their point. According to the New York Post story, not only did Obama seek to get the Iraqi to stop negotiating with Americans on the troop drawdown, he also tried to bully General David Petraeus to agree to a hard withdrawal date.

The hypocrisy of Barack Obama - to say, in the United States, that he wants a speedier troop withdrawal date - while telling the Iraqis to stop negotiating is appalling. Even supporters of a quicker U.S. withdrawal must be sickened by his conduct in Iraq. If there were ever a candidate who has demonstrated the lack of character and leadership to represent the United States in foreign affairs, it is Barack Obama.

Please help us to get the facts to the American people. We need to get this ad produced in the next 24 hours and cannot do it without your support:

Our TROOPS and Our NATION will thank you for it.


The Obama Camp Confirms Treason and Logan Act Violations




Please vote this up at Digital Journal, thanks.

In a previous post entitled, I'll Take "What Is Treason" For The Presidency Alex, located here, I brought to your attention Czarbie's duplicity and complicity in undermining a sitting United States President, General David Petraeus and our Troops. This is just one more incident and example in a long list of treasonous activity perpetrated by Democrat Party Leadership in their quest for dominance, power and control - at any cost. Yet, this isn't the end of the story.

In another post entitled, Democrats Want Economy To Tank, located here, I brought to your attention another example of the hideous and double standard ways and means of the Leftinistra within our own government. Again, this isn't the end of the story.

As more and more data becomes exposed and more prominent writers than I begin revealing the treasonous and treacherous activities of one Barack Hussein Insane Obama, we begin to see the inner workings of Czarbie's handlers, mainly George Soros.

Roger Guy at Radarsite brings us a list - a growing list - of fellow Enemies of The State and their consortium of those that would subvert America's founding. That piece is entitled, Obama's Endorsements From Our Enemies. IBD Editorials brings us Obama's Double-Dealing Diplomacy that will create an atmosphere of more harm to our Troops all in the name of political gain. As I and many others have so stated, this should be the Scandal of the Century as WUA so stipulates but we will not hold our breathe on that one, shall we? From IBD:

[...] Neither of these claims, often repeated by leftist historians, has ever been proven. But the statement of Iraq's foreign minister, speaking to a leading writer on foreign policy, is considerably stronger as evidence. It signals that Obama places politics over the national interest to the extent that he would work against his own public positions to gull voters into electing him.


It's the absolute opposite of John McCain's courageous position supporting the surge in Iraq, even as politicos were warning him he'd lose the election for it. "I'd rather lose an election than lose a war," McCain said.

With Obama's promises to sit down with dictators in Venezuela, Cuba, Syria and Iran, voters have a right to ask if he's made any deals at odds with his public condemnations of them, too. Before he starts acting like president, he needs to come clean to voters and reveal his true positions. Whatever they are, voters have a right to know. [END]

Yes. Country First, Czarbie. Czarbie says that he also puts country first but no one really knows what he means or which one.


Weasel Zippers brings us the McCain Campaign response to Czarbie's treachery which can be followed here:

At this point, it is not yet clear what official American negotiations Senator Obama tried to undermine with Iraqi leaders, but the possibility of such actions is unprecedented. It should be concerning to all that he reportedly urged that the democratically-elected Iraqi government listen to him rather than the US administration in power. If news reports are accurate, this is an egregious act of political interference by a presidential candidate seeking political advantage overseas. Senator Obama needs to reveal what he said to Iraq's Foreign Minister during their closed door meeting. The charge that he sought to delay the withdrawal of Americans from Iraq raises serious questions about Senator Obama's judgment and it demands an explanation.
Exactly so. When will the investigations begin? When will a Special Prosecutor be appointed? When will the Logan Act finally be enforced? Not only does Czarbie need to "explain" what he said, he needs to pony up to the bar, be a man and admit his blatant Logan Act violation and remove himself from any and all political office holding anywhere within the United States and her territories and possessions. Period. Perhaps he would be more at home in a socialist environment in which he feels is the best for mankind.

We already know and have seen and witnessed the Czarbie Camp admit to the Logan Act violation in the process of trying to refute the allegations. Hot Air has a blurb on this but the story keeps growing and growing. Let's take a look shall we?

In my original piece, I placed a quote from the New York Post as follows:

WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.


According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

"He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington," Zebari said in an interview.

Obama insisted that Congress should be involved in negotiations on the status of US troops - and that it was in the interests of both sides not to have an agreement negotiated by the Bush administration in its "state of weakness and political confusion." [...]

Next we have the failed rebuttal which is actually a confirmation that Czarbie did in fact have these "chats" on his world tour of Look At Me I Am The One.
[...] Obama’s national security spokeswoman Wendy Morigi said Taheri’s article bore “as much resemblance to the truth as a McCain campaign commercial.”


In fact, Obama had told the Iraqis that they should not rush through a “Strategic Framework Agreement” governing the future of US forces until after President George W. Bush leaves office, she said. [...]

I see no difference between the two quotes whatsoever. None. No daylight between them. They are composed with different verbiage but the intent and message is the same. I will provide a Snooper paraphrase for you and, yes, you can quote me if you so desire:
I am The One and I will be The One that you will have to deal with in February and I need, no, I demand that you ignore that cracker Bush guy and listen up. Leave these idiot jerks with guns in your country until I get into office so that I can claim the victory and bring the Troops home. You guys REALLY screwed up by getting all of these benchmarks accomplished and it really pisses me off. So, do not agree to anything the current President has to say about anything. OK? Are we clear?"
And that about sums it all up right there as far as I am concerned. Newsbusters asks a really silly question but, to be fair, it has to be asked: Why Is Media Ignoring Accusations Obama Interfered With Iraq Withdrawal Negotiations? You can read that one right here. It really is a silly question though, isn't it? We already know the answer as we are thinking about asking it, don't we? Don't we? The piece ends thusly:
[...] This is a new low for Senator Obama. The Senate should investigate this as a violation of the Constitution and seperation of powers, but don’t expect them to. The media should be all over this, but you will hear as least as possible about this from them. [END]
Unless some in DC and within Law Enforcement actually grows some spine, this action and others like it will go unaddressable to the nation's peril. Some enemies within will claim Free Speech and disregard the consequences thereof.


Others blogging: Wizbang - Yid With Lid - Confederate Yankee - Redstate - American Power - Power Line - drillanwr (PD) - PJM - VFF's Pete Hegseth - Tanker Brothers - Perri Nelson - Macsmind - Ironic Surrealism - STACLU - Mr Pink Eyes - TAB - AP -

Witness troll blathering at Memeorandum here...and here...

And the story keeps getting deeper and deeper: PD dot com:

The Obama campaign spent more than five hours on Monday attempting to figure out the best refutation of the explosive New York Post report that quoted Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari as saying that Barack Obama during his July visit to Baghdad demanded that Iraq not negotiate with the Bush Administration on the withdrawal of American troops. Instead, he asked that they delay such negotiations until after the presidential handover at the end of January.


The three problems, according to campaign sources: The report was true, there were at least three other people in the room with Obama and Zebari to confirm the conversation, and there was concern that there were enough aggressive reporters based in Baghdad with the sources to confirm the conversation that to deny the comments would create a bigger problem.

Instead, Obama’s national security spokeswoman Wendy Morigi told reporters that Obama told the Iraqis that they should not rush through what she termed a “Strategic Framework Agreement” governing the future of U.S. forces until after President Bush left office. In other words, the Iraqis should not negotiate an American troop withdrawal.

According to a Senate staffer working for Sen. Joseph Biden, Biden himself got involved in the shaping of the statement. “The whole reason he’s on the ticket is the foreign policy insight,” explained the staffer. [END]

So, now, Joe Biden is involved in trying to cover up and explain away a clear Logan Act violation. Sweet.


See more at Memeorandum...MSLSD has this posted as well...


Move America Forward has released this video just for Czarbie.




Czarbie The Has Been The One Lied...Again


Over at News24, Czarbie said, among other things equally as inane, the following:

[...] "You know, I'm not going to be making up lies about John McCain," Obama told undecided voters in Dover, New Hampshire on Friday. But he dipped into history, citing the oft-repeated phrase: "If you don't stop lying about me, I'm going to have to start telling the truth about you." [END]
What lies, Czarbie? Ayers? Uncle Frank? Your Civilian National Security Forces? Your tax hikes to 60%? Your socialized health care that has failed everywhere it has been tried? Your not wearing a flag lapel pin because it may offend your pals in Iran? Your disrespect for the American Flag by turning your back to it, hands crossed across your crotch as the National Anthem is being played? What lies, Czarbie?

The lie you told Czarbie is that you aren't going to making things up about McCain. Let us refresh your memory hole there Czarbie. Remember back in February when you lied about what is now known as McCain's 100 Year War? What was that, Czarbie?

Czarbie...nothing but a lying Marxist bastard.