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This is pretty much a bunch of crap, FYI.
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This is pretty much a bunch of CRAP, FYI HINT: “MOSTLY TRUE” is a “MOSTLY FALSE” deal which means “MOSTLY TRUE” is a LIE.

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Nancy Pelosi On Her Book Signing And Czarbama News


This is too rich, really. With her stunt yesterday of calling in the Capital Police to clear "her" house in an effort to squelch the free press from reporting on those mean Republicans exposing the Democrats for what they are - LIARS and DECEIVERS - her book ratings have started a free fall into that Abyss of Obscurity I have been talking about since 2006. To add insult to injury, Jerome Corsi's book "Obama Nation" is soaring. Gee. I wonder if that is an indication or quite possibly a portent of things to come. We shall see indeed.

Some place within the body of this article, I will list a plethora of blog posts from around the internet on the highly significant and historical action by a small spattering of Republicans that proclaimed that they were there to do and perform the actions of We The People were demanding of the House. That demand has been made by nearly 3/4 of the American People from all political stripes and ideologies. We demand lower fuel costs because it is within this nation's power to do so. I know. We know it. They know it. Even The One Czarbama knows it because he said so...several people and news outlets have published his own words. Those news agencies are beginning to see the empty shell which Czarbama truly is. He is an upstart that had one of those "high and mighty" and pampered upbringing that the Leftinistra so whine about others having but - not The One Czarbama. (photo credit WND)

[...] "If, in order to get that passed, we have to compromise in terms of a careful, well thought-out drilling strategy that was carefully circumscribed to avoid significant environmental damage - I don't want to be so rigid that we can't get something done." [...]
That is all well and good but, he has been against it. Until. Until after today's small "rebellion" by House Republicans. Once again, Czarbama has been shamed into at least appearing he gives a damn.

McCain's response? Classic and true. I can hardly wait for the foolish imps that sniff the seats he expels gas in begin to wail and gnash teeth because someone dares expose Czarbama for what he is - a damned liar.

[...] Asked about Obama's comment, McCain said, "We need oil drilling and we need it now offshore. He has consistently opposed it. He has opposed nuclear power. He has opposed reprocessing. He has opposed storage." The GOP candidate said Obama doesn't have a plan equal to the nation's energy challenges. [...]
Bingo. Jennifer Rubin has some scolding remarks on The One Czarbama as well. Commenting on The One Czarbama's apparent (AGAIN) flip-flop on offshore drilling:
[...] There you go. The most important thing to remember about Obama? There is never a bottom line. On anything. He has a very low threshold for conflict with his base (or a very low tolerance for weathering politcal turbulence). So with enough time and enough political pressure he is likely to shift gears on just about anything. (The shifts always go in the direction of popular opinion, of course.) That’s why it was not hard to see this coming. [...]
Picture in your mind the old Batman series for a moment; POW! BANG! OOF! BAM! Remember those? Every time Czarbama opens his mouth, not only does he stick his own feet therein, the entire nation comes down on this idiot. You know, The One did say to inflate our tires and get tune ups and now he is for offshore drilling. Idiot.

Getting back to the San Fran Nanny, the Jack Boot Nazi Fascist Socialist Whore from Wacko World - the Pink City - WIZBANG brings us an update as to why CSPAN turned their cameras off. The Speaker of the House, exercised her fascist ideals and refused to have the American People as to which political party is blocking the American People from less costly fuels. That party is the DEMOCRAT PARTY and NOT the Republican Party. It is the DEMOCRAT PARTY that has for YEARS and YEARS blocked the efforts to get off of foreign oil. From CSPAN: (photo credit LST)

[...] C-SPAN has just issued this statement: "A number of media organizations have incorrectly referred to 'C-SPAN cameras' being turned off and not providing televised coverage of the GOP House members' post-adjournment protest on energy policy being held on the House floor on Friday afternoon. Please note that cameras in the House chamber are under the control of the Speaker of the House and that all media organizations, including C-SPAN, wishing to cover events in the chamber must use the official House TV feed. No private media cameras are permitted in the House (or Senate) chambers." [...]
And there you have it. Nancy Pelosi shut those cameras off. Nancy Pelosi turned the lights out. Nancy Pelosi turned the microphones off. WOW! Talk about violations of the Constitution! Nancy Pelosi needs to resign with some sort of dignity or be impeached in disgrace. She is a criminal. As the SOH, she kicked reporters out of the People's House. As the SOH, she violated the civil rights of all Americans from all walks of life. As SOH, she squelched the Free Press that the United States Constitution strictly forbids. This is unacceptable.

Is anyone listening?

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On a sidebar here, 30% of conservative Democrats will be voting for McCain. I expect that number to rise after today.