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This is pretty much a bunch of crap, FYI.
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This is pretty much a bunch of CRAP, FYI HINT: “MOSTLY TRUE” is a “MOSTLY FALSE” deal which means “MOSTLY TRUE” is a LIE.

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Lenin Has Aged Well


He has also gotten himself quite a tan.

E-Day 2008 has come and gone and the fraud Obama has stolen the nation away from the Constitution of these United States - well - not so united but you get my drift. With that said, let me get directly to the point.

I once swore an Oath to this nation. As a matter of fact, I have sworn that Oath several times in the service of this Nation. I swore to protect this Nation against both domestic and foreign enemies. Therefore, I do not nor will I recognize Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States, so called, for the following reasons. (I reserve the right to "change" my mind in the "hope" that certain conditions are met) Nor will I recognize him as my President. He is most assuredly not the legitimate President Elect. The Electoral College has not yet convened nor have they voted. If Barack Hussein Obama does not produce his official birth certificate and present it to the US Congress for verification, the Electoral College, by the confines of the United States Constitution, cannot cast votes for a non-natural born US citizen.

As it were...

All of this is "Rather" straightforward and obvious even to the oblivious. Not only is this straightforward, it is very much simple and a matter of fact. Barack Hussein Obama is a consummate fraud and here is why:

* No one knows who he is.
* No one knows who he is because he has hidden everything from scrutiny and from the public.
* He has not produced his medical records.
* He has not produced a verified or certified birth certificate (a forged COLB does not count)
* He has not produced his "higher education" records.
* He hides behind the mantra of "racism" when criticized and questioned.
* He threw friends and relatives under the bus when he could no longer hide behind his relations with them and then denied he ever associated with many of them.
* He associates himself with obvious anti-Americanist "radicals" both foreign and domestic.
* He shared their beliefs until it became politically expedient not to and pretens he never shared those beliefs.
* He ran on "change" and "honesty" all the while deceiving those gullible enough to be deceived.
* He ran on the mantra of "honesty" and "honest politics" and has done neither.
* He is a deceiver and hides that which he believes in.
* He has revealed nothing to indicate his convictions.
* He holds all sides of all issues depending upon who he is addressing at the moment.
* He is withholding the truth about that which he intends to do once he takes office.
* He is a self-admitted "socialist" and he did so by referring to that as "opportunity" and then saying that we were being "selfish" for not wanting to pay higher taxes.
* He is a member of the Democrat Party and he hides his Leninism behind that facade.
* That facade is a Marxist Leninism that allies itself with Islam...they are one in the same in practice and enforcement.
* His actions can only hide his intention of creating and establishing a Marxist Dictatorship through taxation and control.
* He sympathizes and has empathy towards our enemies.
* He has violated the Logan Act upon occasion.
* He will impose the Fairness Doctrine.
* He will "side with the Muslims should the winds change" in that direction.
* He will federalize "hate speech" and impose laws to enforce them.
* He will outlaw criticism of Islam and adjust immigration laws accordingly.
* He will create that Civilian National Security Force that is just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded as the United States Military. This has been verified by many sources as well as himself...he talks of it often.
* He will turn his back on Israel
* Israel will be forced to act on her own against Iran and its allies and this may happen before his illegal inauguration.
* Nancy Pelosi has the same feelings towards Israel and so does Harry Reid. Her trip to the Middle East also in violation of the Logan Act merely confirms Barack's intentions.
* He ran a campaign on empty rhetoric and dispatched his Goon/Truth Squads to stifle dissent when the truth was to be revealed.
* He has thoroughly evil intents on this nation and our Troops.
* He was "selected" under false pretenses and will rule under said same.
No. I do not recognize or accept his "presidency", his "dictatorship" or his tyrannical intents. I am not deceived "mister" Obama. Not. For. One. Moment.

Yes indeed. Stalin and Lenin and Marx would be proud.

Sic vis pacem para bellum


I Don't Need The Stinking Polls To Tell Me Any of This People



Good God Almighty.

The Democrats have openly come out and stated - because they "think" they taste blood - that they are going to ELIMINATE the breaks for retirement accounts called 401Ks. They have recently bragged about abortion and said that it is quite alright to practice infanticide, of which the Vatican has openly denounced them calling them the Culture of Death. They are very open about their socialism now that Joe The Plumber tricked up Mr Uppity.

The IBD polls which have been acclaimed as the most accurate - not that it matters as far as I am concerned - have stated that the race is neck-and-neck. This doesn't bode well for Czarbie because he has spent nearly 4 times as much as McCain has and this is as far as he can get?

Zogby has stated that "things are trending back towards McCain". WOW! Ya think? Judas H Priest people. These pollsters crack me up. Maybe they should get off of the telephones and start hitting the streets like I have been. Damn. I mean, DAMN! I guess that would take WORK and they couldn't play COMPUTER MODELING GAMES or Solitaire. It would mean that their people would have to know BODY LANGUAGE - I mean REAL HUMAN stuff and not some distant voice or some computer program that a HUMAN developed.

McCain said that he GUARANTEES victory. What does he know that the pollsters don't? Especially the pollsters at the Moonbat site called the KOSmonofs?

Melanie Morgan reports that Obama Goons attacked once again and vandalized McCain-Palin signs and other "structures". Spree also reports that worse vandals of the Obama Goons actually caused damage to the homes of McCain-Palin supporters. This is WIDE SPREAD across this nation and it isn't helping the cause of Obama Marxism one bit. Photo courtesy WUAs.

The Silent Ones will turn out in droves folks because True American Patriots WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED.

I think the Guillotine at the Denver Rally for the Marxist Obama today was the "killer" in my humble opinion, folks. Like my Dad told me and like I tell my kids, give an idiot enough rope and the moron will soon hang his own damned self. This is where we are in the final stretch. The Obama Goons and morons are hanging themselves out to dry and Czarbie will NOT denounce them and will NOT produce his birth certificate. Photo courtesy LGF.

McCain-Palin will win this election, naysayers be damned.


Marxists In Support of William Ayers


From CNN (Communist News Network, Caliphate News Network, Clinton News Network) has an article up taday, " 3,000 professors sign to support William Ayers". I have to wonder why the article is prefaced with the following "apology".
Editor's Note: Stephanie Bernhard is a writer for the Brown Daily Herald, the leading news source for Brown University. This article was brought to by UWIRE, the leading provider of student-generated content. UWIRE aims to identify and promote the brightest young content creators and deliver their work to a larger audience via professional media partners such as Visit to learn more.
Kind of odd, but, here is a snippet:
More than 3,000 educators nationwide, including six Brown University professors, have signed a statement supporting William Ayers -- the man Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain called a "washed-up terrorist" at the third presidential debate.

In recent months, the McCain campaign has criticized Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama for his connection to Ayers. McCain and his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, have accused Obama of being "friends" with Ayers and claimed Obama has hidden the extent of their relationship.

Both residents of the Chicago, Illinois, area, Ayers and Obama first met in 1995 when they served on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a school reform initiative. They also were board members of the Woods Fund, a Chicago charity, from 2000 to 2002. [...]

More musings being gathered at Memeorandum...

In the meanwhile, let's refer back to that List of 45, OK? Note: all things Ayers here.

17) Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism, and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers associations. Put the party line in text books.

18) Gain control of all student newspapers.

19) Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

20) Infiltrate the press. Get control of book review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

21) Gain control of key positions in radio, TV & motion pictures.

Carry on.


Don't forget the newly recovered Ayers Manifesto in support of the overthrow of the United States Government. It is called Prairie Fire. Zombie has the full details. Musings at Memeorandum...


Czarbie's Goons and Media Cannot Produce


The loonier the Czarbie Goons, I mean Truth Squads get and the more the Lame Stream Media climb into Czarbie's trousers in search of his Marxist Trouser Trout, the worse their predicament. Think about it.

With the millions the Czarbie Camp has spent, both legally and illegally collected/received, the best he can do is a dead even race? I have never said that McCain is going to win in a landslide that is a Reaganesque occurrence. However, I will still stick by my original opinion back in March and again in May that McCain will take the election with 40 States.

Will it be a close election? Absolutely. Why? Because Czarbie and his Handlers are pulling out all the stops in this election. It is a do or die scenario for them. They have also jumped the shark. They have underestimated their "progress" with our youth for the last few decades. Czarbie's Handlers have chosen the most inexperienced clown that they could because he was the only one available that is clueless and has a severe case of the "ME ME ME ME" syndrome. As Mr. Grey Ghost explains...

Barack Obama can have the whole entire mass media in his back pocket and rich, elitist liberals can fund his campaign till kingdom come, but the idea of having an inexperienced (hey, I'm just quoting Joe Biden there), radically Left, socialist for a President seems to finally be wearing thin on most Americans [...]
I so love being dead nuts correct. I wonder how the Czarbie Trouser Trout worshipers at Digital Journal are handling the bad news.

The American People also realize that the more the media no longer hides their Czarbie gism sucking selves from the public eye, the more they recognize their ignorant bias. Gateway Pundit said it "Rather" well: Most. Corrupt. Media. Ever.

Personally, the most appalling thing about this election doesn't come from any candidate on the Right or any of the bloggers on the Right. The most appalling thing about this election comes from the folks reacting to the statement that Sarah Palin uttered; "God will do the right thing on election day." Holy Cow! One would think that the world had come to a screeching halt! Check out the mutterings at Memeorandum...but the "musings" are in the comments section at the CNN post. If there is any doubt whatsoever about the demonic influences on Czarbie's gism guzzlers, just check the screen shot to the left.

First off, God does not condone the murder of the unborn. Czarbie does and that is merely a scratch on the surface of how evil Czarbie and his pathetic trolls are indeed. Read the comments and see for yourselves.

To add credence to my assertion, one merely needs to read the Holy Scriptures to bear this out. Also, the Vatican has recently come out with the following: Vatican official attacks U.S. Democrats as “party of death”.

[...] Burke, who was named prefect of the Vatican’s Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature in June, told the Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire that the U.S. Democratic Party risked “transforming itself definitively into a party of death for its decisions on bioethical issues.” He then attacked two of the party’s most high profile Catholics — vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — for misrepresenting Church teaching on abortion. He said Biden and Pelosi, “while presenting themselves as good Catholics, have presented Church doctrine on abortion in a false and tendentious way.” [...]
Both Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden have been pretty much ex-communicated from their Church because of their views on abortion. Is it any wonder, then, why George Soros, the self-proclaimed One World Socialist Order, is financing and promoting a group or groups of "liberated" and "socialized" Catholics? (Note: refer to these two posts.)
What does the List of 45 say about this?
27) Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."
Amazing, isn't it? Have the pieces fallen into place yet?
In an address delivered to a women’s group last week, Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Archdiocese of Denver strongly criticized Obama-supporting Catholic Doug Kmeic, and called it absurd for self-professedly pro-life Catholics to support Obama, “the most committed ‘abortion-rights’ candidate … since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973.” [...]
And, yes, we are in the midst of an American Civil War Part 2. The only difference is there are no lead and steel projectiles in the air...just yet. And, yes, the Democrats and the terrorists are indeed in league. (Please reference posts here and here) And, the terrorists, working in league with the Democrats in this nation are trying to remove the barrier to world dominance of the Caliphate and World Socialism. The evidence is overwhelmingly damning. The proponents of World Socialism/Communism and the Global Caliphate have a long history of working with each other because their very tenets are barely separable. This from WUAs:
We have often seen, written and posted about Democrats joining in with terrorists and al-Qaeda, siding with them, using their same arguments as if reading the same script and today we see it again.

The Washington Post writes a piece about al-Qaeda trying to scare American voters into voting for Barack Obama, by saying they want John McCain to win and connecting him to the financial crisis, even though Mccain was the one who proposed regulations for companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Democrats opposed those restrictions, and what do the liberals in the blogosphere do?

They jump on the al-Qaeda bandwagon, joining them in their quest to get Obama elected.

"Al-Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election," said a commentary posted Monday on the extremist Web site al-Hesbah, which is closely linked to the terrorist group. It said the Arizona Republican would continue the "failing march of his predecessor," President Bush.
Quite amusing, one has to wonder is it al-Qaeda mimicking Democrats or Democrats mimicking al-Qaeda?

My heavens they are so predictable, both Liberals and al-Qaeda.

They are "predictable" because they are in essence, one in the same. More at this Memeorandum link as well...

Thankfully, Jihad Watch keeps us posted as does My Pet Jawa. I have often spoken of and written about the Electronic Jihad as well as the Global Cultural Jihad. As the Campaign Spot wrote, it looks like Al Qaeda has a blog. Whereas that is nothing new, it does show how AQ and other enemies so much want an Obama presidency because they know he will do nothing to stop them. They fear a McCain presidency and for obvious reasons.

Naturally, the libtards show their complete lunacy on the subject of the threats we face. The liberal think tank wants the US to go all part:

[...]“Regardless of who gets elected as the US President, there is going to be a change in policy commitments,” Grand stated while observing that the objective of the recommendations is to ensure that the next generation of leaders from the US and the Muslim world understand each other.

The Doha Compact calls for four broad changes in how the US and the Muslim world approach one another. They are:

1. A new style of foreign policy focused less on an ‘Axis of Evil’ and more on building ‘Partnerships of Equals’ to address shared challenges.

2. Jointly addressing the conflicts that have long divided the US and the Muslim world, as they have a shared interest in resolving them peacefully.

3. The US needs to understand that one of the key problems deepening divisions with the Muslim world has been ‘How Muslims perceive how the West perceives them.’

4. The US and the Muslim world should partner in improving education and investing in people, so as to unleash the full talents and potential of the region’s citizenry. [END]

All of the above in the Gulf Times is lib-speak for "let the enemy win" all in the name of "peace". The consequences of that are quite dire. This is one more example in a long list of examples where the American Liberal is working with the terrorists in order to bring about the Caliphate. The problem is this - the liberals don't get it. Well, most don't...there are others that are all on board with that and Czarbie is one of them.

Let the Democrats be upset. Perhaps they will trip themselves up as they always do...ask Joe the Plumber. They whine and complain about being labeled as terrorist sympathizers but the fact remains - it is true. They are. Again, some know it and most don't - that doesn't change the fact that they are terrorist sympathizers. Facts are facts and actions are actions. From Gateway Pundit:

Sorry... I'm not getting what all of the fuss is about?

Didn't the Dems (and Obama) vote to cut-n-run from Iraq?... Like how many times?

Don't they call our troops cold-blooded killers and compare them to Nazis?

Here's a question--- How many times can you vote to defund your military at war before you get labeled an appeaser? Is it 5- 10- 20 times?

And-- Do you really think the terrorists in Gaza and Iran support your party because of your economic plan?

Sometimes the truth hurts.

UPDATE: Although it's always a close call, lilnilhil wins the brainless and angry Obamatron troll of the day award:



Obama will lose this election. The pollsters have admitted as such even though they are busily trying to show something else. However, the only ones they are fooling are the fools.


The McCain Ad You'll Never See: the Fort Dix Dance

From: relapsedcatholic

Just sayin'


Obama, Yoots Gangs, Truth Goons, Armies of Teachers, etc, etc, etc


I have been writing and talking about Barack's Civilian National Security Forces for quite some time. Doug Ross has a piece up today talking about Obama's plans for a paramilitary force for the internal security of the United States. Barack even mentioned it in the last Presidential debate and the pundits did their best "ho hum" impersonation because it isn't politically expedient to bring it up. This reveals a level of cowardice that seems to be building up and becoming more frequent. His mention of his "armies of teachers" sent a chill up my spine and it wasn't the orgasmic chill that nut Matthews experienced either. Think List of 45 people.

In the piece by Doug Ross, he has a photo collection that gives one the visuals required to at least begin to understand the dangers this nation faces.

[...] You people starting to get the picture yet?

I wonder if the new Internal Security Force plans to use Obama's distinctive logo on their armbands? [END]

In my Reader, I have amassed hundreds of articles, items and blog posts on this subject. I have also written quite a few myself with the first one being in early July when the Marxist Barack first mentioned it. If only I had been a plumber. Then maybe someone in the press would pay attention to it. For your reading enlightenment, here is a spattering...

Barack's Storm Troopers - The Obama Youth Corps
The Aspirants To The Presidency Say A Lot Of Things, But...
Obama's Brown Shirts Faux Pas Gains More Scrutiny
Op-Ed: Sith Lord Obama and His Civilian National Security Force
What Does Barack Obama Intend? (video snippet) (You Tube)
Pat Dollard: Pissed Off And Wants Blood
Baracks' Civilian National Security Force - Continuing Saga Unfolding
Sith Lord Obama: Another Gaffe?
Obama: The Subtleties of A Dictatorial Tyrant
Barack Obama To Be Protected By Terror Group
When A Duck Wadddles, Does It Look Like A Barack?
And All The People Said?
Nobama's Civilian National Security Forces Explained?
Czarbama and the Civilian National Security Forces
National Service Act: Czarbama's CNSF?
Barack's Storm Troopers - The Obama Youth Corp
Even Czarbama's Following Knows Something Ain't Quite Kosher
We Live In Upside Down Land
The Obama Youth: What's Next?
Barack's Civilian Army Just Keeps Getting More And More Intreresting
National Service Act: Amerika's Newest Conscript Nation

The above is just the beginning. In recent weeks we have learned of the Obama Truth Squads and we have witnessed the violence of Barack's supporters increase in magnitude yet the press is silent. The politicians are silent. Someone wears a McCain-Palin t-shirt and they get attacked and vilified. Someone hangs up on an Obama canvasser and the Secret Service and the FBI get phone calls. Someone exposes Obama's ACORN voter fraud people and Obama tries to get the Justice Department to file charges and/or calls for an independent prosecutor to investigate the dissenters.

Joe the Plumber questions Obama and the Daily Kos calls for the destruction of Conservatives.

What I find telling or interesting is while Obama calls for his Civilian National Security Forces to be formed, the Leftinistra claim that it is GWB or McCain that are trying to bring this all about. Pretty bizarre. Too "rich" actually and "Rather" odd that a proponent of Czarbamas' Civilian National Security Force should opine and lie about the alleged United Police State of America. Then again, they are libtards so I really shouldn't expect much differently. It seems like they are upset with streamlining intelligence gathering. Imagine that. I suppose they are in fear of being "found out"? Might have something to do with poogs.




Obama's Sign Goons At Work


Bring It



The Obamas: Just Like You and Me?  NOT!


THOUGH he's battling GOP accusations that he's an Ivy League elitist, Barack Obama has a lifestyle of the rich and famous, like TV show host Robin Leach, who always signed off, "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams!" While he was at a meeting at the Waldorf-Astoria at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Michelle Obama called room service and ordered lobster hors d'oeuvres, two whole steamed lobsters, Iranian caviar and champagne, a tipster told Page Six.

Glen Beck Weighs In (video link)

Yep. Just like us, eh?


Barack On ACORN: ACORN Is The Victim Here


When I first heard this story on BTR today, I about wasted a perfectly good mouthful of coffee. Barack has got caught with his mitts and mug all over ACORN and the only was he can get out of it is play the victim card.
Sen. Barack Obama distanced himself from the voter registration group ACORN but also downplayed the fraud controversy that has embroiled the organization in recent days. [...]

[...] Taking a break from debate preparations, Obama told reporters during a brief press conference this afternoon, "My relationship to ACORN is pretty straightforward. It's probably 13 years ago when I was still practicing law, I represented ACORN and my partner in that representation was the U.S. Justice Department in having Illinois implement what was called the "motor voter" law, to make sure that people could go to DMVs and driver's license facilities to get registered. It wasn't being implemented. That was my relationship, and is my relationship to ACORN."

He said he had further interactions with the group through its Chicago office, in his capacity as a local elected official. "But they are not advising our campaign," Obama asserted. "We've got the best voter registration and turnout and volunteer operation in politics right now and we don't need ACORN's help." [...]

That's sort of throwing ACORN under the bus...sort of. However, his statement can be shown to be what it is...a blatant lie. His Campaign has recently funneled $800,000+ to ACORN for the Get Out The Vote boondoggle.
[...] "Having run a voter registration drive, I know how problems arise," Obama said, referring to work he did years ago in Illinois. "This is typically a situation where ACORN probably paid people to get registrations and these folks, not wanting to actually register people because that's actually hard work, just went into a phone book or made up names and submitted false registrations to get paid. So there's been fraud perpetrated probably on ACORN if they paid these individuals and they actually didn't do registrations." [...]
And there it is. ACORN is now a victim of fraud when earlier today, ACORN hooligans were on the news circuits claiming that there was no fraud and all they were doing was registering people to vote and because they have not voted yet, there has been no crimes committed. Talk about the epitome of retarded. DAMN.

And this is one of the reasons why the polls are totally and completely inaccurate, not they they have a history of being accurate in the first place. ACORN and the DNC have been bragging for months now in regards to the number of "new Democrat" voters are now in the playing field. I wouldn't doubt if there were groups trained in responding to pollsters. We already know that some pollsters are using intimidation tactics with the most recent one being in Lufkin, Texas that I know of.

This next segment is loaded with BS...

[...] "So this is another one of these distractions that gets stirred up in the course of a campaign," Obama concluded. "But what I want to make sure of is that this is not used as an excuse for the kind of voter suppression strategies and tactics that we've seen in the past. Let's just make sure everybody is voting, everybody's registered. Let's make sure that everybody's doing it in a lawful way." [END]
Did you catch it? If not: "But what I want to make sure of is that this is not used as an excuse for the kind of voter suppression strategies and tactics that we've seen in the past." What "voter suppression", numb nuts? Typical liberal crap. Make a statement with absolutely ZERO substantiation so the gullible and stupid will listen in awe and swallow every bit of Czarbie's crap that he can get them to.

Barack Hussein Obama - Czarbie - First Czar - Fraud - Terrorist Sympathizer - Marxist - Socialist - Enemy Within - Clear and Present Danger...all the same.

Jake Tapper has more of Czarbie's lies here...


Cry Baby Czarbie: SAY IT TO MY FACE!!!


This is too funny. Isn't it just like an immature cry baby to say this?

Czarbie has already stated that the Ayers connections are no big deal so, why the fluster? Because they do matter. Idiot. The Obama and Friends topic is indeed coming home to roost.

Below are other interesting articles and videos.