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Barack Hussein Obama: Unfit To Command


Barack Hussein Obama is unfit to command the United States Armed Forces. He is, however, fit to command a nation's military that operates under Marxist ideals and principles of enslavement of its people.

Barack Hussein Obama is unfit to lead a country unless that country operates under Marxist ideals and principles of enslavement of its people.

Approximately two years ago, I identified Barack Hussein Obama as a socialist that was influenced by Marxist ideals and principles in his upbringing. I was wrong...he isn't a socialist. He is a die hard Marxist. Stalin would have been proud of Barack Hussein Obama.

It isn't all that difficult to connect the dots. All the evidence one needs is here in my collection. Just be sure to understand what a "progressive" is and who the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus members are. If you are having problems connecting the dots, that would be your problem and not mine.

One can catch the wave at Memeorandum...or here...

Not convinced yet? It doesn't take a college degree to figure it all out but it does require a knowledge of history that spans at least 232 years.

And, it would behoove everyone that is seriously interested in preserving Traditional America to write the RNC and ask them why they are ignoring these facts about Obama.


To The Enemies of The State, Truth Revealed Equals Smear


Absolutely. We live in upside down land. When the Truth is revealed about the upstart and inexperienced fraud and Marxist Obama, the racists in the Nation pull the Race Card and accuse his opposition of being a racist. So be it if they are too cowardly to face their own Demons. For example...
Established in March 2008, Progressives For Obama (PFO) was co-founded by Tom Hayden (a Students for a Democratic Society organizer who collaborated with North Vietnamese Communists during the Vietnam War and organized riots at the 1968 Democratic Party Convention in Chicago); Danny Glover (an actor and leftist ideologue who has ardently supported the regimes of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Fidel Castro); Barbara Ehrenreich (Honorary Chairwoman of the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA); and Bill Fletcher, Jr. (a former Maoist and current DSA leader who serves as executive editor of Black Commentator, and who co-founded the Black Radical Congress, which has close ties to the Communist Party USA).

PFO's initial mission was to help Senator Barack Obama defeat his chief Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton, in the quest to win the party's presidential nomination. Said PFO at its inception:

"Clinton's most bizarre claim is that Obama is unqualified to be commander-in-chief. Clinton herself never served in the military, and has no experience in the armed services apart from the Senate armed services committee. Her husband had no military experience before becoming President. In fact, he was a draft opponent during Vietnam, a stance we respected. She was the first lady, and he the governor, of one of our smallest states. They brought no more experience, and arguably less, to the White House than Obama would in 2009."
After Mrs. Clinton conceded defeat to Obama in the summer of 2008, PFO turned its attention to beating Republican presidential candidate John McCain. [...]
Please go read the rest and get ready to take notes. I have been writing of this and speaking of this for decades, people. The above people have formed an alliance to support Obama and they also promote socialism/Marxism by any means required to become the Law of The Land in the United States.

In other news and knowing that Obama is really the American Gorbachev, I find it amazingly ironic how the alleged "more intelligent people" in this nation and the world just blew off the Sunni Cleric Sheik Muhammad Abu Al-Qat' when he he says that an American Gorbachev will destroy America - from within. Do you remember that? Do you also remember which USSR leader stated the same thing as he hammered dais with his shoe? And people wonder why I claim that there is no difference between the current crop of DNC leaders, terrorists and Marxist/Communists? Remember what Lenin and other communist leaders have said; when you control the economy, you control the people. Here is a video of Czarbie saying exactly that but in other words.

Another indicator is the communist site called CPUSA is all in the tank for Czarbie. His associations with the terrorists, home grown or not, is really nothing in comparison. In yet another indicator of the Clear and Present Danger can be found at Smoldering Cur Wadi: they are asking people to take the "Be A Bold Progressive" pledge...

What does taking the pledge mean? It means that when Democratic "leaders" tell Americans we must settle for watered-down solutions while bold back-benchers in the House or Senate are pushing strong progressive alternatives, we will clamor for those bold alternatives together until they are passed into law.
Just in case you are not aware, a "progressive" is the new term for liberal which actually means either a socialist, communist or Marxist...take your pick. They are one in the same.


Nobama's Civilian National Security Forces Explained

HT goes to the JPA Live BTR Show and Danger Girl for an article in Military Times, which is owned by Gannett which also publishes the USA Today newspaper. I called your attention to the MT's affiliation because the MT in no way and by no means whatsoever is linked to the "official" military news outlets. All "official" news outlets of the military are either .org or .gov. Any alleged military news outlet which has a .com or a .net designator should be taken with a grain of salt - or something of a lesser value. This, however, does not apply to blogs or bloggers for the obvious - even to the oblivious - reasons. To perform a back-check, please visit this site.

Now that the disclaimer has been provided, we will now take a look at this interview by USA Today staffers with Barack Obama, giving the inference that the military is interviewing Barack Insane Hussein Obama. Scurrilous does not even come close to the implications here, does it?

In this interview the following question was asked:

Q: You said you don't want to rob Peter to pay Paul, so how are you going to pay Paul? Troop increases are an enormous expense.
To arrive at the full intent and the presented answer - if you can call it that - one will have to read the entire interview. This interview is a near prefect case study for a pretty verbiage explanation as to how the would-be First Czar of the newly formed USSA (with a "k") will decimate the now United States Armed Forces. He claims that he wants to expand the military but what he doesn't say is that he intends on taking the punch our military has away from them. We will have a bigger military with a lesser punch. This sounds counter productive to me.

In conjunction with this and before we continue with this interview by USA Today staffers, please recall this statement: (where he mentions AmeriCorps and Peace Corps as the "civilians")

"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."
That statement alone is scary but having it placed in context is frightening. Barack, in this interview, has placed it in context. One of the partners here at A Newt One, Loki, has stated that if Barack intends to utilize AmeriCorps and Peace Corps personnel to fill vacancies in embassies and missions "that have been boarded up", he certainly doesn't understand the United States Constitution that her has purported to have once been an instructor thereof. However, it gets worse than that. This has grown beyond the pale of frightening. Behold:

[...] I should add, by the way, that part of the change that I want when it comes to Army and Marine structures is the mix of training that we're providing and mix of personnel that are in these forces. One of the things I have been so impressed with is the heroic job that our men and women in uniform have done basically on the fly having to train themselves on the spot to function as engineers or function as social workers or function as translators or political consultants. There's just been a whole bunch of work that has been done that we haven't prepared people for. They learn on the job, but if anything Iraq should have given us a template for the kinds of skill sets that we're going to have to provide to our military. And that's true in Iraq. That's true in Afghanistan. That also means, by the way, that we're going to have to, I believe, reconfigure our civilian national security force. In a way that just hasn't been done.


I mean, we still have a national security apparatus on the civilian side in the way the State Department is structured and [Agency for International Development] and all these various agencies. That hearkens back to the Cold War. And we need that wing of our national security apparatus to carry its weight. When we talk about reinventing our military, we should reinvent that apparatus as well. We need to be able to deploy teams that combine agricultural specialists and engineers and linguists and cultural specialists who are prepared to go into some of the most dangerous areas alongside our military. [...]

Parse that.


This interview was published on 08 JUL 08, 6 days after his speech in Colorado Springs. However, he makes no mention of AmeriCorps or Peace Corps personnel but he does say this:

[...] Absolutely, but the only problem with soft power is the term itself makes people think it's not as strong as hard power. And my point is that if we've got a State Department or personnel that have been trained just to be behind walls, and they have not been equipped to get out there alongside our military and engage, then we don't have the kind of national security apparatus that is needed. That has to be planned for; it has to be paid for. Those personnel have to be trained. And they all have to be integrated and that is something that we have not accomplished yet, but that's going to be what's increasingly important in our future to make sure that our military has the support that it needs to do what it does the best, which is fight wars. [...]
And there you have it. He is going to arm State Department Personnel so they can fight along side the United States Military. He is going to utilize AmeriCorps and Peace Corps Personnel to go into areas the US Military does to be the Agents of Change. Case closed and checkmate.

Excuse me Barack but the US Military Special Forces already handle such activities. Does the Anbar Awakening ring a bell? Our military, in special detail, has the training you are babbling about and making it sound like this is a new concept and making it sound like a good idea because you thought of it. Sorry. The US Military has already been doing this for years and decades.


Baracks' Civilian National Security Force - Continuing Saga Unfolding

As you all know, we here at TOCB will not let this subject die off as the Obama Camp would like. We have been receiving comments here and there and posts have been made in rebuttal but have vanished before I could memorialize them via screen shots.

However, at The American Thinker, there are two articles, one written by Thomas Lifson on 17 JUL 08 entitled, Another inconvenient truth down the Obama Memory Hole and one written by Lee Cary on 20 JUL 08 entitled, Obama's Civilian National Security Force. Thomas Lifson expresses the same concerns that we do and a host of others and Lee Cary has the closest and most palatable "explaining away" scenario as to what Barack actually meant that I have seen to date.

I do have one correction, however. In the Thomas Lifson piece, he mentions that WND "broke the story" which is in error. I wish that I could say that ANO broke the story but, we did not. We are merely picking up the Guidon that was dropped and carrying on forward into battle. Actually, in our first post here, one will find the only two that I know of that spoke of this before we did. Our first post on this was 09 JUL 08 (I originally read the story at AARP forum on 07 JUL 08). Exurban League was the first followed by Little Green Footballs. The running list of others since are listed in previous posts, chronicled at the end of this post.

Click to read more ...


Barack's Civilian Army Just Keeps Getting More and More Interesting

In my massive and on-going data stream collection depot on everything I can find Obama, I have decided that it really is scary in there. I know I haven't collected all there is on Obama because that would require a full time staff of an unknown-at-this point number of people and all I have is me. With that said, there is enough data RIGHT HERE, that I add to on a daily basis, where one can go and read and study the subject Obama. And, I am forewarning you, it is scary in there.

We have been writing about the topic of Barack's opining on how he wants to nearly quadruple AmeriCorps and double the Peace Corps. In his own words, and I wish there was audio of this somewhere, he wants this new civilian force to be on an equal par with the United States Military. That is not a paraphrase. And, I quote:

[...] Obama promised to increase AmeriCorps slots from 75,000 to 250,000 and pledged to double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011. [...]


"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set," he said Wednesday. "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." [...]

For those of you that make the claim that this doesn't really mean what it says, I will ask someone to please explain to our readers and myself just exactly what the above quote does mean. Is this yet another typical Leftinistra gimmick topic such as the "IS" issue a few years ago that crops up from time to time? I ask because inquiring minds demand answers from the man Obama as he aspires to be President. Take note of the following, if you are able to follow.

In an interview on MSLSD back in July 0f 2007, Barack said the following in regards to Troops in Iraq:

[...] The United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there. [...]
Oh? We won't go into the issues that "some folks" sent US Troops to do just that in Somalia and Kosovo and have, in the past, demanded the same action in Darfur - utilizing US Troops in this manner. Was he beginning to lead up to his Civilian Forces program back then? If we cannot utilize our military to stem the tide of injustices amongst the tyrannical and dictatorial regimes to prevent genocidal activity - namely - pulling out of Iraq, will his Civilian Army take their place? And, if so, will we then even need the United States Military at that point?

If Obama gets his Civilian Army "up to par" with the current United States Military, as he so stated that they would be, does this mean that they will have the exact same training and equipment? He says so. Doesn't he?

If you have any doubts, read his words again. In addition, is he prepared to reform AmeriCorps from what it is at this moment in time? Is he going to have these kids - and I mean kids - as in teenagers - routed through Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Army Boot Camps and teach them the art of Making War and defending the Nation against both foreign and domestic enemies? If the military is not to be used to curtail genocide or to defend the nation anymore, who, then, will? AmeriCorps? Read his words again and let me know where I am wrong here. Please? Better yet, have Obama explain this "program". OK? Just remember what the organization AmeriCorps is currently operating as. Click the image above or visit their web site. It most certainly is not any where near capable to either add to tghe functionality of or to replace the United States Military.

Now, about the Peace Corps. In the image to the left, one can see the Mission of the Peace Corps and it is primarily an educational tool to "teach others about America". This organization, much like AmeriCorps is comprised of young kids. They don't have the training that the United States Military does. Is Barack Obama set to send these kids to Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Army Boot Camps and teach them the art of Making War and defending the Nation against both foreign and domestic enemies? Is he truly serious about this or is this merfely yet another example of pandering and catering to an emotional electorate - the kinds that have been indoctrinated into the America Bashing crowds? The more I study this subject, the more eerie it becomes.

If this is the case, who then is going to replace the kids in these organizations to perform the work, duties and the stated Missions of these organizations? Also, what does he plan on doing with the United States Military that is already trained to do the very jobs that his proposed Civilian Army will do?

This is absurdly insane. The image to the left just may be a portent to come. I have always and long believed and vocally stated in times past that the United States Military has stood in the path of the Leftinistra as they try to take this nation over from within. Perhaps this is Barack's way to ensure that the United States Military is so marginalized and dysfunctional that it is rendered ineffective to uphold their member's Oaths of Service in regards to defending the United States Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies. We all know that the American Communist organizations openly state and, frankly, are quite vocal about supporting Barack Obama and hope that he gains the position he so lusts after...President of the United Socialist States of America.

Who are the people behind this Poster Child of Wander Lust, one Barack Hussein Obama, that so aspires to be First Czar of America? Having studied and investigated this man, it is becoming more and more evident each and every day that he is certainly unfit for or to be in command of a jelly bean eating contest, let alone CIC of American Armed Forces. Especially if he truly believes that his Civilian National Security Forces can do the job of America's Finest.

Stop the world! I want to get off now.

Also remember, please, if you will, that Barack Hussein Obama, stands with and supports Code Pink.


We Live In Upside Down Land

According to the Rasmussen Poll, 9% of Americans think that the current CONgress is doing a good to great job. That means that 81% of Americans think that the current CONgress is doing a fair to poor job. Most of you know that I don't hold polls in high esteem when it comes to elections, especially the current presidential elections. However, it is painfully obvious to all that the 110th CONgress has been a pathetic one from the beginning primarily because the current crop of leadership and majority lied to get into office in the first place. (Robert has previously reported on this data here)(blog no longer available)

Now, having said all of the above, what is so perplexing is this. If you ask folks, as we did in my latest trek through Michigan on the Man On The Street Campaign we conducted, what they thought of the CONgress Critters, the vast majority said they would vote for Democrats.

So, learning that from these people, we asked certain key questions. (At the time the DNC led CONgress was at 11%.) We asked and stated that the Democrat led CONgress is at 11% approval rating. The DNC leadership through the years has created a circumstance that has forced the USA to be nearly totally dependent on foreign oil thus driving the costs to all time highs. The DNC leaders have the worst records of corruption in the history of this nation. The DNC leaders have violated the Logan Act continually "negotiating" their version of Foreign Policy in direct violation of the laws on the books because of their hatred of President Bush. Who are you voting for this year when 79% of the country thinks that the DNC led CONgress is pathetic and not doing what they promised the people they would do? Most of them said Democrats.

Someone please explain that to me.

And yes, we do in fact live in upside down land.

Now, after hearing this, we performed an operation that took courage and chutzpah. We took laptops and went where there was free WIFI (sometimes not) in various eateries and hotel lobbies and began a re-education process and were highly successful. We targeted college students in college towns at facilities either on the premises of colleges or at least near by where the Young Ones hung out.

The Bottom Line we discovered is as follows: the students ALL had the "understanding" that the country was in such sad shape because of the Republican Party whose leaders were Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and John Jerk Off Jack Murtha.


This is pure craziness. We have Academia purposefully misleading their captured audiences?


And now, on top of that, we have Obama the Marxist, wanting to have an armed Civilian Force so we don't have to fully rely on the military for our National Security? My first impression upon first hearing of this was an image of the Hitler Youth. I first ran into this over at the pathetic AARP. Why? Because I am a member of the Senile Citizen Club, that's why and I was reading their indoctrination crap.

Afterwards, I read this at Little Green Footballs and we discussed it on the JPA Live show. Simply amazing this is. Why is this not FULLY attacked by the lazy - well, I answered that with the lazy word. This is another example as to where the GOP/RNC people need to go an a tear and rant to ask this Marxist idiot just what in the hell he is planning and just how in the hell he is planning to finance such a project.

[...] Obama promised to increase AmeriCorps slots from 75,000 to 250,000 and pledged to double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011. [...]


"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set," he said Wednesday. "We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." [...]

Naturally, there is always this bit of lame rhetoric...another touchy-feely sound good idiotic tenet...

[...] "Our destiny as Americans is tied up with one another," he said. "If we are less respected in the world, then you will be less safe." [...]
[...] Is he even aware that the Department of Defense's current base budget is close to $500 billion? Obama is going to create a civilian force with this level of funding and equipment? To do what? [END]
Great questions, yes? We live in odd times where we are watching the List of 45 unfold and the Sheeple laugh and watch American Idol.

Lock and load people.


Think About This One


The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism. -- Karl Marx, German political Philosopher and revolutionary, 1818-1883

Any questions?


The “Peace Activists” Are Actually” Anti-Americanists”

The “Peace Activists” Are Actually” Anti-Americanists”

And this can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

My pet anti-American group on my hit list is Code Pink. They support the murder of United States Military Men and Women. It is plain to see by the mere way they act around men and women of uniform whether currently serving or have served. I myself have experienced their accursed ways and I find them contemptible, disgusting and absolutely unacceptable.

Everywhere they rear their ugly mugs, they spread and spew hate and discontent. They are the worse of the lot, bar none, mostly due to their insidious stupidity and disgrace. Last week or so I posted a picture that I had thought was a real picture. I was driven by my knowledge of Code Pink and without a doubt I would not put it past them to display such a banner. Knowing what I know about Code Pink, the sentiment is true. I had said that I saw the banner which in fact I did not. The banner I saw destroyed in DC is shown in this video here and in the photo below. In the video, if you pay close attention to the background, you will see a “Snooper” hat behind a camera.

Now, what is my beef with Code Pink? Madea Benjamin is a terrorist sympathizer and lover of dictators, a dictator worshipping propagandist, if you will. A fairly informative write-up can be found here. There are links galore there to further your studies if you are at all interested.

This group called Code Pink, co-founded by Madea Benjamin, sent $650K in humanitarian aid to our enemies…America’s enemies. What do you suppose this money was used for and just how in the hell did it get there? It was used to kill American Men and Women in uniform, fighting the war against terrorism. This was and still is an un-American act. It is treason; aiding and abetting the enemy; lending aid and comfort to the enemy, plain and simple. No matter the spin, the fact remains…Code Pink is not a “peace movement”. Code Pink is not an “anti-war movement”. Code Pink is an anti-American movement and it closely resembles a convoluted bowel movement. The leaders of Code Pink were also sending funds to the communist guerrillas in El Salvador in the 1980s. Imagine that.

This is why this picture which has the Code Pinkies in a panty wad contest will stand until the organization is disemboweled. The sentiment is true. Get over it.

Code Pink is financed to a major degree by those people that are in support of the World Tribunal On Iraq and the findings thereof. Of the several “findings”, Code Pink, by default and by association, upholds the following “finding”:


There is widespread opposition to the occupation. Political, social, and civil resistance through peaceful means is subjected to repression by the occupying forces. It is the brutality of the occupation that has provoked a strong armed resistance and certain acts of desperation. By the principles embodied in the UN Charter and in international law, the popular national resistance to the occupation is legitimate and justified. It deserves the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom.


The World Tribunal On Iraq is summarily a farce. Click the link provided and read it yourself. Since the Tribunal met and altogether fell apart, the “conclusions” it reached have been since debunked and nullified but the fervor still lives on and this is what we are fighting here at home. Knowing and understanding this POS document will enable and embolden you to fight these un-American organizations.

Other anti-American groups that call themselves “anti-war” or “peace activists” are as follows with very brief bios:

International A.N.S.W.E.R.

This is the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Don’t believe me…go to their web site. I provided links for some items above. Go find your own for Int’l Answer. On their site, you will see a picture of Che. Che is dead and in hell…get over it. There is a link there which will direct you to Marxism 101. There, you will find a widely distributed flyer. It is a flyer pronouncing the seeking of support for counter revolution and resistance in Iraq and seeking unconditional support for Iraq’s anti-colonial resistance.

It is unclear who is trying to colonialize Iraq. These people are about as intelligent as a slug.

Iraq Veterans Against The War

These poor slogs have been organized and mentored by the idiots of the Vietnam Veterans Against The War, the cowards that won’t come out of their dope-tainted closets and their Hanoi Jane dolls. They are John Kerry wannabes. They are the Junior Varsity and Hanoi Jane loves them. That in itself speaks volumes. Hanoi/Jihad Jane has been really quiet since her last debacle and publicity stunt.

This group sent Tim Goodrich to the Tribunal. This cretin testified before the Tribunal that Americans were committing war crimes. I guess this is where Murtha gets his data from? Enough said.

This group is sponsored by Vets For Peace and the web site is funded by the Inavale Foundation. Vets For Peace are primarily comprised of ex-Soldiers and ex-Marines that have an axe to grind and are funded in part and indirectly by Soros. They think they represent all veterans and fighting men and women but that is merely the drug induced stupor speaking.

United For Peace and Justice

This group is wholly insane. Its leader, Leslie Kagan, in the 60s went to Cuba for weapons and military training and since returning to the US, enables others to do the same. I wonder which peace she wants and which justice she intends to impose. This is kind of odd that this warmonger is trying to lead a “peace movement”.

World Can’t Wait

I find it curious that the FBI hasn’t shut these folks down. They are the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. They are a cult group that envisions end-time calamities and when the smoke clears, they will lead the world with world-wide communism. These are the really dangerous types.

I believe their logo is the world on fire. The leader is a fruit loop names Bob Avakian. The dude is a nut case.


The “peace activists” are as un-American as un-American can get. They are in no way in any shape or form American Patriots. Their leaders are known communists and support America’s enemies without and within.

As Dr Raoul Deming has so stated: “They are in mid-campaign to smear this generation of veterans and military as baby killers. If this war was 10 years from now, they would all be in their graves and unable to organize”

These defacto “peace activists” are the elderly throw-backs from the 60s and 70s and have slithered out from under their drug stashes to once again promote communism and everything under the sun contrary to the United States Constitution.

We wont’ allow that to happen.

Catch the wave

This is an example of how non-Patriots conduct themselves

From Age of Hooper

I can only post one picture from the latest of skanky boob people

Good God Almighty I think I am going to hurl. Check Hooper's place for the rest and GREAT comments. He has a video of flag burners also...another activity Patriots do NOT partake of. Notice the CHE sign held by an idiot that can only be cured by my 243.

And they call themselves Patriots...patriots of whom and of what?

I have a post here in regards to another Breasts Not Bombs on the other coast. It seems the only coast left that is worth a damn is the Gulf Coast.

Catch this wave at meme


The Grand Globalist...Socialist Soros, Man of The Abyss

"On the practical level, I have established a network of founda­tions devoted to fostering open societies. This network covers all the countries of the former Soviet empire and it has branched out to other parts of the world: South Africa, the ten countries of South­ern Africa, the sixteen countries of Western Africa, Haiti, Guate­mala, Burma, and more recently Indonesia. There is also an Open Society Institute in the United States." Socialist Soros

And the morons of the Leftinistra call GWB a Globalist? Not hardly.


Global Capitalism

An all so Clear and Present Danger

Everything the guy touches turns to shiite...eventually...

(Hat Tip tip Gateway Pundit for the image.)

Check out Wake Up America's take on the Grand Socialist Loser...

Iomega Corporation deal of the day banner


“We Will Bury You” Part Four

Read Part 3

Cross posted from Right In A Left World

August 31, 2007

Whenever the Socialist Left has an agenda they desire to bulldoze onto the public, it becomes an instant ‘crisis.’ Contrary thought or evidence is ridiculed and seen as heresy. Witness this in the urgency of pressing and alarmist issue of “Global Warming.”

From what I recall in school, the earth has been undergoing a constant series of changes for as long as man has been on it and naturally, before. As the Theory of Evolution was introduced into school teachings, one theory I recall to explain this concept of man evolving from lower life forms was Climate Change.

If, as evolutionists claim, a change in the earth’s temperature is responsible for man’s existence, changes in the earth’s temperature have been with us since the earth was formed.

Saying the earth’s temperature change is a naturally occurring circumstance does not help further the agenda of the Socialist Left, though. So, a crisis of environmental concern is born that is used to further take from all to give to the elite Socialist. The crisis was tried in the 1970’s and failed. The public just didn’t buy into all the hype over Global Cooling.

Today the claim is that man, you and I, have caused massive changes in the earth’s temperature and it must be reversed. Reversed by us giving up our luxuries of warm houses in the winter and cool houses in the summer. We are blasted for driving larger and safer vehicles and encouraged to drive smaller more “fuel efficient” vehicles, or give them up all together and use the transportation we may be provided by localities. Doing so also deprives us of a basic liberty of freedom of movement, going where we want when we want. Our dependence on “public transportation,” which we subsidize through taxes as well as fares, places us where the ‘elite’ want us to be when they want us there.

In the 1990’s we were presented with the ‘Kyoto Protocol,” an international agreement to limit greenhouse gases by industrialized nations by 2012. Somehow, the bulk of responsibility and cost of this protocol falls upon the United States as other developing nations that pump pollutants into the atmosphere, most notably Communist China, are exempted. If enacted, it could have resulted in a 66% increase in gas prices, and up to an 86.4% increase in our cost of electricity, costing each American family some $4,000 annually

As goods and even food costs us more, we lose buying power and who better than our government to step in “supply” us with our staples, in the amount they deem proper. Socialism 101! Rightfully, President Bush pulled out of this flawed treaty.

While cries of we must give up our SUV’s and large homes, being told we are using more than our fair share, the Socialist Elite flies around from conference to campaigns in Private Jets and builds mansion after mansion. Pointing out they are not living the standards of life they wish to impose on us elicits a defense of their purchasing “Carbon Offsets.”

Exactly what and how a Carbon Offset works is sort of elusive, but the way I interpret is, some leftist think tank somewhere decided that we are a each entitled to ‘X’ amount of pollution. Since those of us who must work day to day, 8 to 5 jobs will never quite use the allotted pollution, wealthy leftists, who wish to pollute more may “purchase” some of our pollutant allowance to use as their own. The purchase money does not come back to us, though, it remains with the “Carbon Offset Company” quite often set up and ran by one of the very Socialist Elites demanding we give our luxuries up.

And, of course, they may retain theirs! After all, they worked hard and earned it.

As I said in part 3, we had an effective pesticide, Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane, better known as DDT. Lethal disease as Malaria was nearly a thing of the past due to it being used to kill malaria spreading mosquitoes around the world, especially in sub-tropical regions known for monsoon rains and excessive mosquitoes.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, concerns were raised about its potential effects on fish and other wildlife. Enough alarm was raised and public fear and concern placed in a gullible public that the manufacture and use of DDT was banned nearly worldwide. It was replaced in most malarial regions by less persistent, and more expensive, alternative insecticides. Human life took a backseat to leftist ideology and disease like Malaria have been on the rise.

Much like the flawed Kyoto Protocol, leftist convened another convention in Stockholm to “protect humans from and the environment from persistent organic pollutants,” pesticides like DDT that have helped humans more than it has hurt. Some actually wonder if this isn’t Global Population Control.

Socialism relies on the British legend and myth of Robin Hood, one who always took from the rich and gave to the poor. Socialist would you have believe that is their intent as well. Take notice of just who is doing the taking and who from. A sizeable portion of the takings remains with the Socialists who sit over us in power as they reap millions of dollars off of our taxes to pay for their vacations, luxury homes, opulent offices, vehicles, aircraft and clothing. Note too than they miss very few meals while you and I must scrape to get by.

While they imitate Robin Hood, they hide that they are the rich barons that Robin would have been taking from and we, the working class, are the ones he would have given the spoils too.

With current Congressional pay averaging about $170,000 per year, why else would they spend millions of dollars they can never regain to hold the offices they do? Power, that is why. The power to create programs that perpetuate their seats and pass laws beneficial to themselves and at one time, exempt themselves from having to follow those laws they imposed on us.

In the 1800’s, a German Philosopher named Karl Marx wrote a series of books and articles that advocated a Liberal philosophy used by the Bolsheviks during an expensive and unpopular war and gave birth to the Soviet Union.

Individuality ceased. Profits ceased. Self-determination ceased. Religious freedom ceased. Everything went to the elite sitting in power over the masses and whom they determined should be allowed more. The elite controlled the media and filtered what the public would read or hear.

Vladimir Lenin enlisted the Bolsheviks to take control of the Socialist Democratic Labor Party. He was appalled at European Socialists support for World War One and in speeches, when he returned to Russia in 1917, urged peasants to take the land from the rich landlords and the industrial workers to seize the factories.

By 1960, after hundreds of thousands of citizens simply disappeared, we had Premier Kruschev declaring they would bury us.

Today, in campaign speeches for the United States Presidency, we hear, “We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” We also hear, "The other day the oil companies recorded the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits. And I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy, alternatives and technologies that will actually begin to move us in the direction of independence.”

Redistributing the fruit of someone else’s labor is not independence. It is enslavement.




“We Will Bury You” Part Three

Read Part 2

Cross posted from Right In A Left World

August 30, 2007

As said earlier, Socialist Democrats tried desperately to change the outcome of the 2000 election in Florida to keep a Democrat in the White House. No one blames them for wanting a recount of such a close election, but some of the techniques employed to “determine a voters intent” that did not properly cast their ballot was almost laughable.

As if by clairvoyance, agents searched ballots for any sign that they pin may have touched candidate Al Gore’s name to add that ballot to his count. Sorry, but if you are voting and cannot push a simple and small metal pin through a paper ballot, you have only yourself to blame for your vote not counting.

In Palm Beach County claims were made that the ballot, what became known as the “butterfly ballot,” was too confusing and voters were misled into voting for someone besides Al Gore Jr., who was assumed to walk away with the election.

The ballot was condemned and castigated as another Republican Trick. What they neglect to say is that the ballot was designed by a Democrat and approved by both major parties.

Claims were made that Republicans disenfranchised Black voters and prevented them casting their ballots for Democrats. The claims were subsequently proven false.

Most disturbing, but not really surprising, was the Democrat effort at denying Military Absentee Ballots, while chanting, “every vote should be counted.”

Having failed in changing the outcome of the very close election results in Florida in 2000, Democrats grabbed at their next chance in the Washington State Governors race in the 2004 election.

Once again, it was a very close election between Christine Gregoire and Dino Rossi. Rossi, the Republican, won by a narrow margin triggering a recount. In that recount and a subsequent one, he still won. Democrats resorted to their old “manual recount techniques” and with the help of heavily Democrat King County finding lost ballots, switched the outcome of the election to Democrat Gregoire.

The words once said by the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin, "He who votes decides nothing; he who counts the votes decides everything," never rang truer.

Not very long after the horrific Terrorist attacks of 9/11, we were shown the Patriot Act, measures to augment Law Enforcement in apprehending and stopping further Terrorist Attacks. No sooner had it passed into law than the leftist groups were crying and complaining about it. Safeguards written into the law to prevent innocents from being perceived as potential terrorists went largely ignored as cries of “Big Brother” spread across the land as the government was going to watch what everyone read from libraries or they would follow you to see what you did on public computers.

That it wasn’t happening mattered little, just the possibility was enough to launch campaigns opposing this “infringement upon our liberties!”

What many don’t see is that our real liberties have been being restricted and lost, ever so gradually, from leftist groups that are very slowly removing them and instituting Socialism on us.

Second Amendment right to own firearms has been under assault for a very long time and our right to own and protect ourselves with a firearm is currently restricted in many areas.

Smoking bans became very popular and supported by the majority due to repeated claims for decades of how harmful it is to those who use tobacco or are continually near those that do, especially small children. Smoking isn’t a good habit, we all can agree on that, but doesn’t a free society include rights to choose for ourselves? Does the nanny-state need to oversee all aspects of our life they deem inappropriate?

Many states have now passed laws banning smoking inside of any business, especially bars and restaurants. The business owners lost their right to cater to the clientele of their choice while nanny-staters boast of cleaning up the air. Many went out of business and many lost their jobs, but that matters little.

As studies found Passive Smoking Not As Harmful As Previously Thought, findings were ignored and the bans continue spreading further and further into our everyday life. Many blindly accept this due to the obnoxious odor of tobacco smoke, but don’t wake up enough to see that smoking bans are opening the door to even more restrictive bans and restrictions upon our lives.

Outrageous and ever increasing taxes are placed on the legal product, justified by lawsuit settlements and claims of needing extra money to pay for health care costs. Little effort has gone into banning the product completely, though, as was done in the past when products as DDT were banned to protect the public health. (more on this folly later).

To show the greed of the left on tobacco money, the North Dakota legislature attempted to totally ban all tobacco within the state in 2003. The ban was overwhelmingly defeated due to testimony from anti-tobacco groups that testified against the tobacco ban, including the North Dakota Medical Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, North Dakota Public Health Association and North Dakota Nurses Association.

Why would anti-tobacco groups oppose a total ban on the sale and use of the product they are fighting against? Money! They are the beneficiaries of outrageous taxes imposed upon the sale of the still legal product!

Oddly enough, smoking of marijuana is being pushed for legalization at the same time.

Smoking bans did not originate in the Soviet Union, but can be traced back to another Socialist country, the National Socialist Party of Germany, the Nazi’s, of World War Two infamy.

While I support banning smoking in public buildings where people mingle, it is going too far to ban smoking within one’s home or car, when their children are present, or for companies to mandate employees may not smoke at all, on the job or off.

If you support this intrusion thinking it is all for the better, we also see employers now going after those they deem unfit or overweight. We see fatty foods being regulated and fast food restaurants coming under fire to serve what the government and leftist “I know better than you” groups deem as “healthy.”

We see environmental groups joining forces and pressuring the government to regulate certain vehicles they consider “gas guzzlers,” and imposing a tax upon purchase of these vehicles. Airbags are mandated, as are emission controls that add large cost increases to car prices. Seat belts and side airbags are required with explosive devices to ensure rapid deployment in case of an accident, raising the price even more, all government mandated and automatic, for the good of all.

In an effort at instilling class envy and showing how they would “stick it to the wealthy,” Democrats passed a 10% “Luxury Tax” in 1990, adding a 10% tax on luxury items costing over $100,000. Democrats billed it as the wealthy paying their “fair share.”

The result was upwards of a 93% drop in sales of these items as yacht builders went out of business across the nation; ending thousands of jobs for the working class Democrats said they were helping. The tax was repealed a couple years later, but as Democrats once again regained power in 2006, it appears their quest to take from the rich has not ceased.

Socialist never seem to learn from their past mistakes.

Class Envy seems to be the cornerstone of Socialists power and the Democrats use it effectively, convincing many that the rich don’t pay taxes and the so called poor are overburdened and mistreated by those that own the companies and supply the jobs and wages.

Bolsheviks spent decades preaching this message until they gained political power in Russia towards the end of World War One and used it to build one of the most oppressive regimes ever to exist.

Humans have an innate desire to better themselves and improve their lives and those of their children. Our society has thrived and grown immensely since the birth of the nation due to this innate desire. Socialism robs humans of their ability to improve due to the government giving you what they deem you need and taking any improvements you may build and giving them to others that don’t share your drive.

The quality of your economy flounders and you slip into second-class status or lower. Black Markets thrive as entrepreneurs illegally supply what some desire to survive in a slight modicum of comfort. Your natural desire wanes as you realize you will not ever be able to get or keep what you work for, but it will go to others that are lazy or unable to develop your talents.

That is what Socialism does and why it ultimately fails.

Continue Part 4



“We Will Bury You” Part 2

Read Part One

Cross posted from Right In A Left World

August 28, 2007

Ever since President Bush won the Florida electoral votes in the farcical recounts in 2000, we have seen relentless attacks on his character, Military Service with the Texas Air National Guard as an F-102 Fighter Pilot, his appointees, his nominees and his handling of everything from standard day to day practices to War on Terror and Hurricane Katrina. I can’t think of anything bad that has happened that he didn’t somehow receive the blame for, leading to what we conservatives now call BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

Prior to the 2004 elections I asked for any one afflicted with this disorder, due to their cry of him never being held accountable for his mis-actions by the major media sources, to list any pro-Bush articles they could find, either by link or title. To date, one was returned, the 2004 Time Man of the Year, which also listed possible shortcomings prominently.

Cabinet members have been endlessly castigated by the leftists, resulting in several resigning in his second term. Judicial Nominees appointed early in his first term are still waiting confirmation while others were subjected to endless filibusters in an attempt to prevent President Bush from carrying out his legal responsibilities and implementing his vision for the country that elected him, twice!

As is known with neo-communism, one dare not step out of group think for even a second. Democrat Representative Brian Baird of Washington States 3rd Congressional District. Rep. Baird, my Representative and who I am most often at odds with, apparently has the audacity to travel to Iraq and return with the conviction that we need to stay and finish the mission there, now. Amazing how seeing something first hand instead of what you are told by someone else who was told by someone else who was told by someone else what to think, can do to your attitude.

After a few days of condemnations from leftist constituents, Congressman Baird held a local Town Hall Meeting where he was racked over the coals by locals that really have no dog in this hunt in the first place, just anger that someone changed his position for good reason.

Anti-war activist Zamme Joi brayed, "You have the opportunity this September to get back to that man you were two years ago," adding, "There is only one way to end an illegal and immoral war, and that's to end it." Joi neglected to state just which laws declare the Iraqi Theater of the War on Terror illegal. Also completely ignored is what becomes of the Iraqi people should the neo-com left succeed in getting their way on this. Some others were heard to say that Baird “represents us and had better get his act together (paraphrasing).” I suppose to them, Congressman Baird does not represent the rest of us that live here in Southwest Washington States 3rd District.

For a group that has complained now for years that President Bush and the Republicans are mere “rubber stamps” for each other, I find it ironic that “rubber stamping” their agenda is what they expect from Congressmen.

Prior to World War Two, earlier versions of this leftist crowd were solidly opposed to any American involvement in that war. That is, until such time as Hitler’s Nazi Germany turned on and attacked Stalin’s Soviet Union. Then, they were all too eager to save “the Motherland.”

Since winning the off year elections in 2006 by not presenting any ideas, just portraying the Republican Party as “corrupt” and expressing never ending hatred of President Bush, while hiding their own corruption, remember, there has been a voluminous number of hearings and investigation initiated over legal matters performed by the Bush administration, all in an effort to present the air of impropriety within the administration.

As I previously noted, their tactics mirror those of the Bolsheviks very closely towards the end of World War One that resulted in establishing the now failed Soviet Union. Every act I see coming out of the main Democrat party today looks as if all they desire is defeat in hopes that it will propel them into permanent power in implementing their neo-communist agenda masked as liberalism.

Mirroring the Soviet Communists we see calls and judicial decisions in favor of “Separation of Church and State.” Christianity, what the majority of our country believes and what many of our Founding Fathers practiced, is all but outlawed in the public arena. Oddly enough, “Separation of Church and State” is not found in our constitution, being decided by the Supreme Court, first quoted in 1878 and subsequently in several more cases starting in 1947. Religious expressions by Islamic people’s, where the Terrorist hail from, is encouraged and tolerated, but not Christianity.

What is most revealing is that while Separation of Church and State is not expressed in our own constitution, it was very prominent in the constitution of the former Soviet Union where Article 52, section 2 states, “In the USSR, the church is separated from the state, and the school from the church.” Asking many who lived under the Soviet regime and they will inform you that this was translated as no public religion.

Our own constitution’s Bill of Rights in part, starts off with, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Through the efforts of atheist leftists, this has been circumvented and our religious ideals have been laid by the wayside throughout America.

Our constitution has been interpreted as a ‘fluid document,’ leaving it open to interpretation of leftists that have been known to consult the laws of nations as Zimbabwe to decide cases concerning our nation. The concept of ‘sovereignty’ seems to be lost on activist judges and the Democrat party, as they forever desire us to be under the watchful control of the United Nations, who can’t seem to manage anything other than enriching delegates from third world member nations as oppressive regimes are rotated onto Human Rights commissions.

Eminent domain has now been reinterpreted to allow local governments to take private property, not to build thoroughfares or public buildings, but to be sold to private developers to develop into more expensive venues in order to fatten to tax coffers of government by collecting higher property taxes from the developed property. Private property ownership is essential to freedom. Without that right we are placed at the mercy of wealthy landlords that do own the property and may manipulate us as they would a puppet.

Chapter 2, paragraph 3 subsection ‘a’ of the first Soviet Constitution in 1918 abolished all rights to own property, without compensation. Are we far behind that with the courts ruling on eminent domain?

In 1886 the country of France presented a very young America with a gift of a statue that was erected in the entrance to New York’s Harbor. On that statue is the inscription,

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

In the 1800’s and early 1900’s people from all over were fleeing feudal countries and arriving in America, coming to find freedom and build a nation. All came following the laws of America with the idea to become Americans and live as Americans. They struggled to learn our language and cultures blended in what became known as the Great American Melting Pot.

The Melting Pot was wrongfully denied to some and today, as they are now welcome to be part of it, we find multi-culturalism replacing it, erasing the distinctive American fiber that built the nation. Slavery was ended as was legal repression of Black descendants of slavery. Instead of encouraging embracing each other as Americans, we now embrace hyphenated Americans, seeking pride in what our ancestors fled and trying to institute that here.

Along with that push for multi-culturalism comes illegal immigration, with millions ignoring the laws that settlers set up and flooding our borders. Some come to better themselves, but others come to do us harm or push for return of millions of square miles of land lost in a war and justly bought in the mid 1880’s.

Instead of demanding enforcement of our laws, the Democrat party largely embraces these illegals and grants them benefits paid for by taxpayers, working the illegals at below minimum wage jobs and in effect, creating another slave class of people. Somehow, laws requiring only American citizens be allowed to vote are discarded, as long as the illegals register and vote for Democrats.

What harm can this do, you say? Are not these people just trying to better themselves, as did early settlers before? NO! These people hide in the shadows, drain our economy by taking benefits they are not deserving of and instead of circulating wages back into our economy, they send upwards of $25,000,000,000.00 back to their home nation yearly. Instead of learning our language, they demand we learn theirs and supply them with taxpayer paid healthcare and other entitlement benefits set up to help citizens in their time of need.

We are told we no longer wish to follow the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, but that isn’t true. We love immigrants that come here to be Americans and do as earlier settlers did, become American and build the nation, not just take from it. Our only desire is for them to follow our laws, as we would have to do in their countries. But, legal immigrants may not vote or Democrats, so they accept the flood of illegals with open arms and ballots pre-marked for Democrat candidates.

Continued Part 3



“We Will Bury You” Part One

Cross posted from Right In A Left World

August 27, 2007

Who of us my age can forget the indelible image of Nikita Kruschev (Premier of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964) standing before the United Nations General Assembly in October 1960, banging his shoe on the podium and on another occasion, stating “We Will Bury You?”

Confronted about the claim, he reportedly said, "I once got in trouble for saying, 'We will bury you'. Of course, we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you.” The claim was taken from a popular Marxist saying of, "The proletariat is the undertaker of capitalism." He went on to explain that socialism would replace capitalism.

An ominous and portentous statement, and given what is seen throughout America today, prophetic!

The Democrat party advocating socialism, the system favored by the now defunct Soviet Union, is no secret. Of course, they rarely admit it, hiding behind terms like “liberal,” “progressive,” “freethinker,” “reformer,” “leftist” and I’m sure a few others. But, it is socialism nonetheless they favor. That socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried is of little consequence, Democrats apparently thinking they can do it better and make it work.

Just prior to his handing the office of president over to Ronald Reagan, then president Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, awarded the Medal of Freedom to Roger Baldwin. Until about 1940, Baldwin, a life long pacifist, was a member of the Communist party in America. In 1927, Baldwin traveled to the Soviet Union and wrote the book, “Liberty Under the Soviets” An attorney, Baldwin formed a group that played a key role in the infamous 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial. Becoming disillusioned with Soviet Communism, Baldwin left the Communist party and wrote another book, “The New Slavery,” condemning the Communist Police State, but apparently retained his left-winged socialist views that we still see today in the group he founded, the American Civil Liberties Union.

Under the guise of “protecting Americans Civil Liberties,” the ACLU has had prayer banned in schools, denied displays of the 10 Commandments in Court Houses, relentlessly attacked the Boy Scouts of America due to their policy of denying Gay Males to be Scout Leaders over young boys, fought diligently to remove a memorial to War Veterans because it was shaped like a Christian Cross, defended members of the Pedophile group, NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association), over their “first amendment right of free speech” to advocate pedophilia and so many more cases that in truth have undermined the very moral fabric Traditional America was founded on.

In all too many cases, they are also seen as the legal arm of the Democrat party, having legislation that citizens advocated and voted for over-turned by courts.

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of an unmarried Dallas, Texas woman who wanted to abort the child she was carrying in 1970 in what has become known as Roe vs. Wade, effectively legalizing abortions nationwide, with not one person ever voting on this major legislation that came from the bench. Since then, millions of children were not born as abortion came to be seen as an easy birth control method of just ending the pregnancy if you wished, often under pressure from left-winged groups. The Democrat party fights tooth and nail to retain “a woman’s right to choice,” with no regard to any rights of the human being growing in their womb.

All through the 1990’s, we saw scandal after scandal and cover-ups excused with the then Clinton administration, culminating in the infamous perjury impeachment of president B.J. Clinton in the House of Representatives. The Senate did agree and voted against impeachment.

Democrats and supporters rallied around the president’s misconduct, only to later condemn any sexual acts of Republican politicians, especially if they happened to be Gay.

Our children are required to attend school. Most attend Public Schools where many teachers are educated in the socialist liberal mindset and pass that on to our children. Many parents have complained, to no avail, that their children are taught social concepts against the parent’s own values and religion. Homosexuality is taught as just an “alternative lifestyle.” Some have even gone so far as to demonize and frighten children because their parent’s may feed them meat with dinner.

The three ‘R’s of old time teaching seem to have taken a back seat to modern teaching methods such as Outcome-Based Education. Discipline your child, especially is by spanking, legal in most states by the State Constitution, and you can expect many teachers to report you to Child Protective Services, who will interfere with your Parental Rights or take your children until such time as one of their ‘case-workers’ decides you are now an appropriate parent for raising your child the way the State sees fit.

Should your under-aged daughter become pregnant because the condom the school provided her failed, you may not be entitled to know that she has left campus, with the aid of the school authorities, for an abortion. That is considered “confidential” and parents are not entitled to such “confidential” information.

In the 2000 Presidential election, we all witnessed a major flap in the State of Florida as a very close vote was recounted, recounted, recounted and efforts were made by Democrat candidate, Al Gore Jr. to block absentee ballots of American Service-members serving overseas. As Florida Law required the election to be certified by a certain date, Democrats attempted have the law changed, in the middle of the recounts, to favor the continuance of the recounts until the Democrat won, in the three heavily Democrat counties subject to the recounts.

Clearly circumventing established law, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Florida Supreme Court, upholding the election laws.

What I find most ironic about this case and attempt to circumvent the law, are cries of Republican “culture of corruption” coming from those who are given a pass for their own corruption. Republican ‘Duke’ Cunningham is rightfully cooling his heels in jail for his taking bribes, while Democrats Jack Murtha and William Jefferson are still sitting in Congress after being taped accepting bribes.

Showing much hypocrisy is comments coming from Democrats that today successfully caused the resignation of embattled Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, the first ever Hispanic Attorney General. Most hypocritical of the Democrats was Senator Ted Kennedy, who himself caused the death of a young lady in 1969 and circumvented many laws, basically getting a minor slap on the wrist, as he said today, "He has exhibited a lack of candor with Congress and the American people and a disdain for the rule of law and our constitutional system. I strongly urge President Bush to nominate a new attorney general who will respect our laws and restore the integrity of the office."

Shouldn’t the Senator and his family first “respect our laws” before recommending others to?

We have Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein calling for abolishing Electoral College and determining who wins presidential elections based solely by popular votes, which would end up having our president selected by the heaviest populated states, shutting less populated states out of the process.

We have recommendations and proposals of implementing “hate speech laws,” limiting freedom of speech

We have calls for reinstatement of the “Fairness Doctrine,” but only where it affects Right-winged Talk Radio, denying freedom of speech and expression by those of us not of the liberal mindset.

We hear promises of “Universal Healthcare,” socialized medicine in disguise.

Taxes are forever being raised under Democrat leadership, restricting our ability to spend what we earn as we see fit. Most ridiculous of these is the so-called “sin taxes.” Currently, there is a proposal to raise tobacco taxes to provide needed medical care to children of the “working class poor.” What they hide from the public is that the very people they claim to be helping are the ones most likely to be purchasing tobacco products, taking away what they claim they are providing!

The Second Amendment to our Constitution guarantees us the “right to bear arms,” own guns. For decades, Democrats have pulled every slick trick you can imagine to deny us that right and take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. If they can’t get the guns, they go after the ammunition, making our guns ineffective when they go for their final push at taking over the country completely and imposing Soviet style Socialism upon us.

Political Correctness, entitlement programs, school indoctrination instead of education and continual cries from the Socialist elite Democrats that they and they alone care about people and can solve normal everyday troubles, while they sit back and just take from the working class have numbed our “working class”. Being numbed, the working class too often buys the prevarications of the socialist Democrat party and keeps them in power, keeping them in the never-ending vicious cycle of accepting what the Socialist Democrats say they are entitled to.

Centuries ago, men walked the earth who made even more prophetic statements than those of Soviet Premier Kruschev. Once said was, “All this have I seen, and applied my heart unto every work that is done under the sun: there is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9)

Sadly, if the Socialist Elites succeed in their “coup d'état,” even those words may be one day banned as “hate speech.”


Part Two


Czarinas' Thesis Is Now Made Available

Go Publius posted a link at my Hot Rodham Blog that presents a copy of the long suppressed Alinsky Thesis.

Freedom Underground has the PDF as well.

Go download the PDF file and read it. Or, got to Go Publius and read one page at a time.

Future posts on this WILL BE forthcoming.


More Moonbats In Training (MIT) Data

A good friend of mine has a blog at Townhall and after he got a hang of blogging, he moved to Blogspot where more toys can be had.

There is a particular post (blog no longer active) where a troll imploded with ITS self-righteous stupidity.

My friend is a Man of God and has a congregation in Indiana. Naturally the troll which, by the way, has self-confessed to being "far left of the leftists", which, equates to communism. For verification of that self-admission, one can find that data here and here.

Also, this same troll has "let it slip" in an emotional state of irrationality and not being able to differentiate between right and wrong or good from evil, that IT was also a Jihadi Troll. IT did that on my Word Press blog which, BTW, is now dedicated to exposing Islam and is getting quite popular.

Naturally, a professed communist would be attracted to the Jihadi mindset and vice versa. "Do as we say or we will cut your heads off!" Nice folks, eh? So much for the vaunted "tolerance".

I wasn't going to bring the entire post over from the Cyber Pastor's blog at Townhall but I WILL because it needs to be here. What this particular post is about is self-explanatory and I will bring EVERY single comment on that thread and post them here, in the body of this post so ALL can see what THIS troll is all about.

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

I've not made a new post on here since June 26th. Where have I been?
Well, it's like this: June was a very tough month for me personally. I attended 6 funerals, 2 of which I preached and the other 4 I went to support family, friends, or the pastor doing the funeral.

Some might say, don't you rejoice when people go to Heaven? My response is, "of course I do when I believe the person was ready". That being said, it doesn't mean that there is not mourning to do, and surprise, surprise - preachers mourn for people just like everyone else.

So Pastor Ed, you've taken a couple of weeks off to mourn???? Well, yes and no. I did need to lighten up just a little, but that isn't the only reason for not blogging for 2 weeks.

I am in the process of evaluating my purpose in blogging and seeking God's guidance for where to go from here. I believe that blogging can be a very good tool for ministry. I also believe that arguing with trolls, is not what I am called to do.

Also, with this process of evaluation, I am looking for a new site so that I can moderate comments myself. Call me self-righteous or whatever you like, but I will no longer have a site where people comment with rude, nasty, or hateful remarks. I don't blog to argue, I blog to do God's work, and motivate the Silent Majority to not allow satan to rule things in our great country.

This coming week my wife and I will be working at Teen Camp. The timing is good, as it gives me some more time to continue my evaluation. If you have comments or suggestions, I welcome them (if they are not rude, nasty, or hateful). Let me know, how is it that I can best minister to my online "congregation".

I love you all (Right or not), and say a prayer for us as we are with teenagers who will have the opportunity to change their lives for all eternity.

Pastor Ed
I'm going to post a link to the pictures from the funeral procession for the "Fallen Hero" who was buried here in our town, and I'm going to post something on the new Sermon Series I'm starting tomorrow.


Behold the comments. You tell me, in the comments section of this post which ones are conservatives and which ones are the moonbats. Some comments will be edited for content.

Groovy writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 7:31 AM
My Cyber Pastor
Wherever you go on the internet; I will follow. You're my Cyber Pastor and I ain't giving you up!!

Throughout history, as technology has advanced, so too has God's word. Facing the morally perilous times that we are currently just at the beginning of combined with the ability to access the world in a few keystrokes; me thinks, as your screen name implies...your journey has already begun. And, I'm right here with ya. Please keep me updated on where your blog will be. Without you as my designated "net anchor" I'm quite sure I'd be totally lost in the blogosphere. :) :)

I think of all the funerals Rudy Guiliani attended after 9/11. At one point I think he was attending 2-3 a day!! Loss of life is always tragic; yet, IMHO, death is always the ultimate confirmation of the life God has breathed into all of us.

solo writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 11:20 AM
Pastor Ed
"The war for men's souls is not over, yet are we weary of the battle." db

Arguing with trolls serves no other purpose than to give them another tool to hammer conservatives with. Most often it is counter productive and a test of patience.
That old adage, "You can lead a horse to water but ya can't make him drink" is fitting in this case.

To say that I don't blame you would be an understatement but remember the words of Thomas Paine; " These are times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

May God attend your weary soul and renew you in His spirit to continue the fight wherever that may be.

Keep up the good fight Pastor. God bless you.

Roger writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 12:01 PM
Moving on!
Pastor Ed --
Thanks for sharing your burdens and thoughts!
Those of us who care certainly understand something of the demands and drain on a pastor (and his family). And we also understand your frustration with the naysayers.
Now, of all times, we need men and women of God who see and are able to verbalize the issues of the day. You have that ability with your blogs, just as I'm sure you do in your ministry of sharing God's message and love.
So your decision to seek a new site to share is very wise, and important.
We will be praying for you and your wife at Teen Camp -- a job that surely has demands, but also rewards. And we'll pray God continues to recharge the batteries and give you an even greater vision and enthusiasm for His work!
Have a wonderful week with young people who need the loving touches and direction of a couple like you!
Roger Metzger
Cassie writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 1:01 PM
Our Blog Pastor
I once described YOU as our blog Pastor so no matter where you go I'll be there.
I'll pray that you & your wife will help those young people, I know you two can do it.
I think Pastor you answered your own question: You blog to do God's work.
God don't give us anything more than we can handle.
And to me God gave us YOU as our Pastor so that You can lead us in God's words on here. To me no one can do that better than you.
My love right back at you.
Guy Arthur Thomas writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 1:22 PM
Move on tenderfoot
Listen Ed, sincere or not you apparently are a tenderfoot and are so sensitive that the only response you can stomach are friendly applause. And frankly, that is the way of a child. Grown-ups should be able to either endure or ignore comments they find objectionable. Demanding people respond in a way that is tailored to your liking is at best narcissistic and generally reflects an acceptance of self-delusion.

No one worth their salt runs from their critics. Your splitting because you can't take a few spicy comments is a liberal's method of arguing, in other words, "if everyone doesn't agree with me I am going to leave and go where everyone just cheers one another" like sycophants. But then that is the method and mentality of cultic types and you aren't like that....right?


Roger writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 1:36 PM
I like pork. I've nurtured and produced pork. It doesn't mean I wallow with the swine!
Freedom Toast writes: (Now known as Liberty Cabbage and is still a troll)
Sunday, July, 08, 2007 5:46 PM
Spicy Comments
"...a few spicy comments is a liberal's method of arguing..."

I have seen such behavior from all sides; and, if the commentor's views aren't in line with the blogger then they are labelled trolls or worse. It is unfortunate that sides become so polarized that a person is so convinced they are right, that anybody not agreeing must be by extension wrong, a troll, a commie, a liberal, a moron, etc. Why can't people comment and respond to advance a discussion?

Your hero, RWR, was able to dialog with Gorby; and W invited Pootie-Poot to Daddy's house for a sleep over; so, if they can stand challenges to their ideas, so can you. Only teenagers know everything about everything. Adults realize that the more they learn, the more they realize what they don't know. And, what they don't know is greater than what they do know.

mommybrook writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 7:35 PM
for my dad
Has anyone ever noticed when ignorant people talk, they use big words to try to make themselves sound more intelligent? Maybe some people should reevaluate why they are even posting on here in the first place. Is it to make you feel better about putting down a good man, and a pastor, so you don't have to look at the planks in your own eyes???? Dad, you know wherever you go, I will follow. I love you!!!
Cassie writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 9:42 PM
A Pastor's right
Hello Brook and yes I do notice the big words.
I guess I have to ask how they come up with these conclusions. It seems every democrat has freedoms but let a Republican do it and that is a no no.
We all know what's going on. Can't help that the democrats don't.
Tom writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 9:47 PM
Hey Ed. Thought I would get out here to see what all is going on. I haven't been on line for a while. Looks like this Blog stuff sure does bring out the inner person of some folks. Both Christian and Heathen.

May God Bless you at camp.

Cassie writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 9:55 PM
We're not diplomats
Oh and Guy the name is Pastor Ed to you.
I'm not a diplomat and never wanted to anyway, but because RWR spoke with Gorby and Bush with I forget who, that is their jobs.
We the taxpayer expects it from them. But us this is a blog, and this blog here is run by a wonderful, kindhearted man who don't deserve your critical musings.
solo writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 11:53 PM
Pastor Ed
As is usual, the lefties must get their arrogant musings in.
This is your blog and you have the right to moderate any comment(s) you choose.

Some of the past comments by left wing agitators were completely out of line and as I stated above counterproductive. Debating is one thing but the use of foul language in some of the past comments by left wing nuts is absolutely unacceptable. does not allow the blog owner to moderate so moving on is perfectly understandable.

Enjoy your time off sir. Most of us will be looking forward to your new digs wherever that might be.

You lefties have your own blogs so go there...and stay.


Liberty Card writes: Monday, July, 09, 2007 12:39 AM
By Your Enemies They Shall Know You
Paster Ed,
You know my religious convictions. Yet for some reason we have connected. Do not be bothered by the insults and taunts of these crackpots. I know you are willing to discuss IDEAS, but to fend off insults and ad hominem attacks only drags you down, which is what the enemy wants.

I am honored to be your Brother In Christ, and I (along with several others) will always have your back.

God bless you Bro'. Soldier on.

SFBert writes: Monday, July, 09, 2007 12:52 AM
Moving On
Pastor Ed,

The Lefties aren't going to change. Their attitude is no different from the gang-bangers I have dealt with since the first of the year --" I got rights!!!!". That's the first squeal outta their mouths. But they don't accept their responsibilities. And they don't recognize that what they do on our blogs is the digital equivalent of drive-by shootings, graffiti, and extortion. Extortion? Yes, extortion. In the broadest sense, they decry what is happening in Iraq, but they don't see themselves as being the equivalent of electronic terrorists. They do not add to the discussion, they are there to disrupt the discourse. They offer nothing but hate, name calling, and criticism. And it is clear from their writing that they have been no where and have learned nothing. The ministry does not call to them. They cannot be changed anymore than we can change the nature of Jihadists. They are what they are and no amount of negotiating will make them behave or go away. And all we have to counter them is words which don't have the effect
necessary to make them behave. And like the hard-core terrorist, if you set up a blog and don't pass the word where it is securely, they will be on it because that is what they do. I don't mean to sound cynical about those folks, but there's no changing their nature. And efforts to pass on experience and knowledge are pretty useless because they are not there to engage in dialogue, they are there instead to badger. For instance at our military blog, we now require vetting to get on it. No passing the background check, no getting on it. Reason being is that some folks got on it who pretended to be Iraq war vets and were found to be some leftists from the University at Wisconsin. None had ever served and so re-starting with a vetting process
has worked greatly in improving the quality of discourse on it. What leftists don't understand about free speech is that the Bill of Rights protects it from the government. What the Bill or Rights does not do is guarantee that it can be excercised in private forums. Anyway, count me in on the next iteration of you blog.

Jimmy Carter writes: Monday, July, 09, 2007 12:59 AM
I'll chime in too...
...a sign of your effectiveness is the reaction of your opposition.

Never quit. Never give up.

You obviously bring out the other side.

That proves you are effective.

Feel Free to take a respite from time to time, but DO NOT EVER GIVE IN TO THE OPPOSITION. EVER.

Also, I don't like to admit, but if you don't like the comments, you can always turn them off and still spread The Word.


Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its multiple personalities)
Wednesday, July, 11, 2007 6:06 PM
Don't leave Eddy, please don't leave. It's so much fun picking you apart and showing you for what you really are, a fraud or wolf in sheep's clothing.
Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities)
Wednesday, July, 11, 2007 6:08 PM
Twisted logic
Jimmy Carter writes: Monday, July, 09, 2007 12:59 AM
I'll chime in too...
...a sign of your effectiveness is the reaction of your opposition.

Well homey, according to YOUR logic bush is the greatest president that ever lived. LOL

Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Wednesday, July, 11, 2007 6:10 PM
Mommy dearest..
mommybrook writes: Sunday, July, 08, 2007 7:35 PM
for my dad
Has anyone ever noticed when ignorant people talk, they use big words to try to make themselves sound more intelligent?

Your comment is self refuting. I won't explain that one but will say that we use 'big' words (more than 5 letters) because most of us are more educated than many of you. And, from what I can see (pictures, comments, etc.) from your ilk, you seem to be of the lower classes in this country. Not that I have anything against that but merely stating the obvious.

Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Wednesday, July, 11, 2007 6:27 PM
Barbara Boxer: "Impeachment should be on the table" - Ed Schultz Show 7/11/07


It's about time! First him then the twin brother of Jesus - bush.

Cassie writes: Wednesday, July, 11, 2007 7:08 PM
Congress sucks eggs
Why don't you grow a brain?
And old boxer car barb needs to get with it, no one in congress is doing anything well maybe boxer & teddy have a stool together.
I'll tell you what they are doing wasting time & money with all their powers of deductions on "meetings".
Phoney bolonga's that they are. If a Republicans sneezes the fat dems want to know how, when, where, & why didn't I know first. The Stupid SOB's.
Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Wednesday, July, 11, 2007 7:25 PM
For Cass.
OH but the problem is that I DO have a brain. This is why I have such a hard time trying to figure all of you out in light of what we have seen during the past few months regarding bush and company. With all the truth finally coming out about the corrupt ways of his ilk and yet all of you still fawn over him! Well, like they say - follow the leader no matter what. Just like Hitler in the bunker during the last days - all of you will go down with him no matter what. What a sorry lot you are. You are to be pitied like a rabid dog.
Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Wednesday, July, 11, 2007 8:03 PM
Al Queda on the run?
How many times have we heard that the enemy is in retreat and that 75% of their top leadership has been killed or captured? I've lost count. And yet just today our own intelligence personnel have admitted that al Queda strength is back to pre 9/11 strength. Could it be that bush and company have lied about this like everything else? Say it ain't so Jesus, say it ain't so!
Cassie writes: Wednesday, July, 11, 2007 11:52 PM
Brain for raoul
Oh raoul do I need to explain everything to you?
I don't fold for anyone and you know it. BUT, when it comes to the GWOT I will support Bush and you know that too.
It's not like the dems are coming up roses, all they do is have hearings, and hearings about hearings. And this to you is doing something?????
I know YOU have a brain or whatever but it would be nice once in awhile if you'd use it.
How's BooBoo?


Seymour Bush writes: Thursday, July, 12, 2007 6:31 AM
Try to comment for once
Please look right above your last comment here to what I wrote about Al Queda's increased strength and the lies bush told us about them being on the run. And then, if possible, comment on that and ONLY that. Are you capable of doing so without making boring speeches?
Cassie writes: Thursday, July, 12, 2007 12:36 PM
Just the facts
Where are you getting your info from? I know -fact: we haven't been hit again.
fact: some AQ are dead or imprisoned.
fact: our Troops are getting a lot of help from Iraqi citizens who turn AQ in.
fact: our Troops have found lots of cashes, lots of ammo, bombs, etc.
I'm not here to amuse you, I'm not here to satisfy you. If your bored find another place.
Seymour Bush writes: Thursday, July, 12, 2007 2:30 PM
I cannot believe it!
Oh Madison, where are you? I need to apologize for defending this nutcase over at the GOP blog. Where am I getting my info from? How about EVERY freakin news source in America? What about our own CIA analysts in Washington who were quoted in the AP News?

Are you THAT freakin deluded and living in a bubble just like bush?

And lastly (and believe me, this is my last note to YOU since you are obviously out of it) - we haven't been hit again so I guess it means bush is doing the job. What about Aug/2001 when he was warned about the FIRST freakin hit coming on 9/11? Don't answer - you simply are incapable of it.

And to think that the other ahole, rev. boston used to give you kudos for 'really giving it to the lefties'. All you give is deluded bs about supporting the troops, etc. You are totally nuts just like most of the other nutjobs over here.

Cassie writes: Thursday, July, 12, 2007 5:52 PM
Toad not man
Now YOU listen to me raoul, you have about as much d@mn courtesy as a mudworm in heat.
AND I NEVER ASKED YOU to defend me. D@mn it your an idiot, a jackazz, and without a doubt one of the biggest horse's end's I ever met on a blog.
I'm a nujob, hahaha- you raoul are a jihadist pig
that happens to be a nazi commie ---hole.
Oh I can dish it out when I choose to, and from now on you better find yourself another place to hang out.
I'm asking all to get you off their blogs in the name of blog ethics. Not for me, I could care less what you yap about. I know facts and fact is your nothing but a toad trying to be a man.


forty-two writes: Sunday, July, 15, 2007 11:33 PM
Reply to Guy Arthur Thomas:

First of all, take a grammar class. 2nd, re-read the post. It clearly explains the reasoning for the decision. 3rd, "spicey is a liberal's method of arguing"??? Does that remark actually make sense to you? It is "cultic" that the pastor does not feel God has called him to argue with trolls?

You seem to have a condescending view of people who do not like rudeness, hatefulness and nastiness. I suppose those are attributes you are proud to display to the world and that is your choice. But if people choose to step out of the way of your comments you should respect that choice as well.

As far as running from critics....well Christianity is criticized continually and you are talking about a guy who LITERALLY wears his Christianity as a part of his everyday clothing so I'm not sure how you base that remark.


Cassie writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 12:13 AM
Splitting hairs
If splitting is the way of a child then can I assume that goes for the ones that want to retreat?
I'm tired of whiners like you Guy.
Snooper writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 1:49 AM
Troll thomas
is a mere whining troll and should be ignored.

where IT is going will be very hot.

Snooper writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 1:52 AM
the other retarded troll draoul...
...the fool. where IT is going IT will be very hot as well.

we caught IT admitting to being a Jihadi troll so ANYTHING IT says can be discounted as enemy BS.

Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Monday, July, 16, 2007 6:44 AM
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire..
Snooper writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 1:49 AM
Troll thomas
is a mere whining troll and should be ignored.

Sure - typical cowardly approach - can't handle the intellectual challenge so you run and hide like the coward you really are. I believe I already pointed this out before - hiding behind your son's military service - what a piece of work you are!

where IT is going will be very hot.

Oh really? How childish. I guess because someone hate bush's guts he/she is heading for the place of perdition. ha ha.

Snooper writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 1:52 AM
the other retarded troll draoul...
...the fool. where IT is going IT will be very hot as well.

Oh, me too? What a gigantic ahole you are - you're actually getting worse if one can believe that.

we caught IT admitting to being a Jihadi troll so ANYTHING IT says can be discounted as enemy BS.

And show where I said those exact words liar! Being against this criminal government doesn't mean one is a jihadist. It means one is a thinker unlike morons like you.

Cassie writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 1:36 PM
Muggy trolls
Hello my good friend Snoop. Yes, it is a muggy lot that is here as trolls.
I remember that the troll did admit that he was a jihadists, I even told him to get lost among a few other things.
I can't recall what blog he put that in anymore. But BooBoo sure would know.
Boaz writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 4:48 PM
Raoul Had a Brain
Raoul Had a Brain
Then played with it
On a train
To Havanna

When the frijoles refrito
began the long journey
From his Pie hole
To his brain hole

It was called dysyntery
By the physician
Named Cisco de Castro
But the END result
Was Raoul in a hurry

He made it most the way
Before his brains
Leaked away

The stain in the hallway
Was a result of his wordplay
Using words of two syllables
For the Leftoid jihadiim so gullible

It stank to low heaven
Even allah the faker
Stopped breathin'

Poor raoul
only smart enough
to drool

Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Monday, July, 16, 2007 6:22 PM
Another liar to the rescue..
Cassie writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 1:36 PM
Muggy trolls
Hello my good friend Snoop. Yes, it is a muggy lot that is here as trolls.
I remember that the troll did admit that he was a jihadists,

Nope, lying as usual and more egregiously, you just made baby Jesus cry. LOL

Produce the words where I said I was part of that odious crowd or just shut your lying trap. Your husband died prematurely because he had to get away from your lying and nagging.. I know because God just told me. [g]

Cassie writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 8:07 PM
A street kid and still one
Still beating your wife raoul?
My husband was right about something:
You can take the kid off the street, but you can't take the streets from the kid.
What are you going to do now raoul, say your sorry, I know from before that you weren't sorry then. No different now.
Your a srry excuse for a human being that I ever seen.
Yes he did die prematurely for if he was here now he'd put you in he!! where you belong.
spree writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 9:17 PM
I see the ignorant Seymour is here too
People as full of themselves as well as being full of lies are actually pretty good for the comment sections of blogs because it shows how the left liberals are so desperate they resort to the same old, tired, debunked lies they have been trying for years to make people believe.

Guess what?

The latest congressional numbers are HALF of what Bush's are Seymour and that is from THREE different polling organizations.

Bush is MORE popular and has DOUBLE the approval rate as the people YOU keep repeating the lies of.

How does it feel to be a LOSER?

spree writes: Monday, July, 16, 2007 9:22 PM
Off for the evening.
Will check back tomorrow to see if Brainless Troll guy has anything worth responding to, to say.
Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 7:12 AM
Typical lying (again)
Bush is MORE popular and has DOUBLE the approval rate as the people YOU keep repeating the lies of. How does it feel to be a LOSER?

I wouldn't know since I've never lost anything in my life except a few brain cells dealing with bullcrap like what you just wrote. You see, the correct interpretation of that poll is NOT that bush is MORE popular than Congress. The poll indicated that the public is MORE pissed off at Congress because the pansy dems have NOT done what we elected them to do:
1. Get our troops out of Iraq right NOW and
2. Start impeachment proceedings against the criminals you seem to simply adore.

Get it? And such a tragedy that neonazicons like you adore bush MORE than you do Jesus. But that's for another time.

forty-two writes: Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 9:09 AM
To spree
I wouldn't waste my time. The troll you are referring to appears to have a limited capacity for intellectual discourse.
forty-two writes: Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 9:12 AM
wassamatter Guy?
Gee, it looks like Guy Arthur Thomas has "run away" from my criticism.


Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 10:37 AM
Hey Einstein
Dear 42 going on 6 - then why don't YOU try to respond to what I just challenged your girlfriend with? Instead of hurling invectives at your opponent, which is the numero uno trait of right wing neonazicons, ADDRESS the specifics cited.
In case you need a reminder as to what they were, simply stated, all of bush's lies. And please don't come back with 'what lies?' or I shall retch all over this blog. LOL
Cassie writes: Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 11:23 AM
You keep forgetting your place raoul. This is NOT your blog, you do not tell people what to do and how to do it.
I don't agreee with everything President Bush does, you know that, but the GWOT is a different story.
And since you think only dems can lead, tell me then when are they going to do something about Social Security, our Borders, etc ?
All the bloody apes can do is have hearings, & vote on getting out of Iraq.
They are not the CIC. They can't even do their own jobs. As for you raoul bin laden sounds right.
You worry more about our enemy than you do about us. Perfect then go to Iran or Venezula where you belong. And shut your mouth about people on here.


solo writes: Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 11:40 AM
Seymour Mushhead...
"Instead of hurling invectives at your opponent, which is the numero uno trait of right wing neonazicons"

Look who's talking raoul. Practice what you preach dirtbag....

Don't you ever get tired of stepping in "it" raoul?
You leave a foul stench everywhere you go mushhead so go play in the street....we'll send flowers....I promise.....


Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 3:12 PM
Why is it whenever I or anyone else from the Left challenge one of you the person challenged runs away and 2 or 3 others jump in and STILL don't respond to the challenge? It's amazing. And the trailor park trash gal claims 'I stepped into it'??? HA HA HA.
forty-two writes: Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 6:19 PM
Seymour Bush:
It appears that you cannot defend Guy, and he chooses not to defend himself. He refuses to address the errors in his post, and you cannot address them either it seems.


Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Wednesday, July, 18, 2007 6:32 AM
Nice dodge (again)
forty-two writes: Tuesday, July, 17, 2007 6:19 PM
Seymour Bush:
It appears that you cannot defend Guy, and he chooses not to defend himself. He refuses to address the errors in his post, and you cannot address them either it seems.

1. I'm not here to defend anyone from my side since the truth resides with us and not any of you.
2. I was specifically talking about points I made and NOT someone else
3. I'd requested you to respond to what I'd posited and yet you are doing the same thing you accuse the other person of doing - avoidance

I realize I'm not on your level of intellectual acumen (LOL) but this is absurd the way you clowns dodge and weave around anything we challenge you on.

Don't bother responding because you are as big a joke as the rest of the morons here. Oh, I know, you can now brag that I 'ran away' too. ha ha


forty-two writes: Wednesday, July, 18, 2007 9:12 PM
Seymour Bush -- get real
Your idea of a "dodge" is that I won't answer some silly accusation you make on an entirely different topic than my post? YOU dodge my post and then accuse me! My, you are a funny little man.
solo writes: Thursday, July, 19, 2007 8:22 AM
seymoor mushy
An important lesson I learned as a child was never waste time debating with an arrogant fool. And you fit that descriptor to a "T" raoul.

You are a laughable time wasting idiot and nobody in their right mind would consider debating you.

Not only have you proven yourself to be a liar but you are anything but an intellectual. Contradiction is your first name and you exhibit a debilitating case of cognitive dissonance and the defined, severe acquired leftist anencephalic dementia.

Buzz off loser.

Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Thursday, July, 19, 2007 8:45 PM
Boo f-ing hoo..
Sunday's NY Times had an article which said that the military families are finally turning against the war in Iraq. It said that a year ago about 1/2 of them were against the war but now the number has gone up to 2/3 of the folks.
If the situation was different and we weren't in the middle of a civil war of words in this country, I would welcome the families into our world of reality. But since they were the ones so freaking gung ho in the first place and gave bush all the applause which fed his meglomaniac ego, all I can do is ridicule them for being so dumb in the first place. Some of the people the article mentioned actually sound like whining little kids.
One lady said she no longer wore 'red on Fridays' which was some kind of show of support for the war in her state. I burst out laughing when I read that because I imagined bush and cheney calling an emergency meeting over her radical act to see what they could do to convince her to start wearing red again. If you saw her picture in the paper you would agree red was a good color for her because she looked like someone who was a pole dancer in a topless bar.
Another person claimed that she voted for bush twice and was for the war in the beginning but that she changed her mind when her husband was sent back to Iraq for a 2nd tour of duty. She voted for the murderous b**tard twice and expects sympathy from people like me? Not in this world - sorry.
All of these people who have finally seen the light are the same people who enabled this administration to do what it is now doing and will continue doing until we the people find a way to stop them.
forty-two writes: Thursday, July, 19, 2007 9:17 PM
Military families want Lib sympathy?
So the military families want sympathy from a lunatic like yourself? Where did you dig up that piece of "factual" data?
Liberty Card writes: Thursday, July, 19, 2007 11:18 PM
Fecal Matter Known As Raoul
Hey, buttface, as I asked before do you have to take your hat off to urinate? There is absolutely no way people are going support the left is this is what you really think.
And if you don't really think this, then you are an Internet stalker and harrasser and should be locked up.
When are you going to grow up and learn how to discuss things in a civil way? My guess is that you are a small, petty, pimply faced nancy boy who has been rejected by real women, and find that anonymously insulting people gets you off.

Now, if you don't like what I am saying to you, you know how to find me - so don't woof, you cowardly little puke, hook, but make it good, you won't get a second try.

I am waiting.

spree writes: Friday, July, 20, 2007 2:34 PM
Hey Seymour
I would happily give you my address and pray to high heaven you actually have the nerve to come meet me face to face... wanna dance?

You show your lack of any type of sense OR class by attacking a pastor, I may not be religious but I can respect anyone that is.

Respect...not something you would even know the meaning of.

You show your ignorance, your lack of patriotism and your complete lack of "class", something that Pastor Ed has more of in his little finger than you have throughout your whole body.

You are simply a roach that needs to be stepped on.

Cassie writes: Friday, July, 20, 2007 6:04 PM
Hormone Shots
You are a weeny raoul. Just so you know who cares what you think, OM did I say think......
Go back to the hormone shots, at least you may find a way to be civil.
forty-two writes: Friday, July, 20, 2007 7:37 PM
Ok -- I just had to say that your remark regarding a certain blogger being a "small, petty, pimply faced nancy boy who has been rejected by real women,..." literally made me laugh out loud.

Hey, look at it this way, he worked hard to earn that comment and he deserved every word of it.

forty-two writes: Friday, July, 20, 2007 9:35 PM
Friday Night....
Gee, some of you may remember the Amazing Adventures of the Superheroes Border Boy and Cyber Pastor.

I reckon since the summer is half over, we ought to be seeing how they are doing on their trek to Alaska, especially since the Alaskan summer doesn't last that long.

Last I recall, they were on an expedition to ANWR, to see for themselves that this vast wasteland would yes, remain a vast wasteland (probably in better shape) even after the oil drilling by our AMERICAN oil drilling.

As I remember, our 2 heroes came across that wicked, evil, no good, double crossing, master manipulator, rat fink of a villain, Dr. SpaceLib working in a bait and tackle shop in the wilderness. He had been sent to AK in the witness protection program after ratting out that nasty, freezer full of cash, congressman. (I guess the Feds wanted him to know the real meaning of "freezer" hahahaha).

Anyway, back to our story:

Our heroes were suspicious about the ENORMOUS coincidence of "running into" Dr. Spacelib .... I mean really, what are the odds?

So like good, responsible Superheroes (Trust No Lib) they decided to bring the evil doctor with them to keep an eye on him --- especially since there was an old abandoned Russian spy compound nearby ---- our heroes weren't taking any chances.

Too be continued.....

forty-two writes: Friday, July, 20, 2007 9:47 PM
Correction "To" be continued....
Yikes bad spelling error that one.... so OK I'll tell more of the story.

The Russian spy compound was (surprise) not so abandoned after all. Legend has it that the property was deeded from the Indians to a guy named Aloysius Goroglian before AK became a state, who secretly sold it to the Russians during the cold war. He was never prosecuted because no one knows what ever happened to him -- but rumor has it that he had a son whose name was changed to ... you got it, Al Gore.

So what does that have to do with Dr. Spacelib? Stay tuned...


Liberty Card writes: Friday, July, 20, 2007 10:15 PM
Wither The coward?
It's been days now, and the cowardly little wimp hasn't found its way out of the rat hole it hides in when real men call him out.

Did we run him off? Or is he hiding from the authorities again?


forty-two writes: Friday, July, 20, 2007 10:20 PM
Story continued:
Our heroes were on a secret mission, commissioned by the big guy himself. The odds of having the evil Dr. Spacelib in the vicinity of this mission was more coincidence and then running into him face-to-face was more of a miracle than even our beloved Cyber Pastor was willing to believe.

So when they entered the bait and tackle shop to find him refilling the worm tank, Cyber Pastor immediately went for his small but amazingly accurate frisbee of a weapon, his offering plate.

Cyber Pastor wasn't quite quick enough though, since Border Boy had his hands around the villain's throat so fast that the good Pastor found himself instead saving the evil Dr. Spacelib's life.

Border Boy said, "Sorry CP -- reflex".

They decided it wasn't safe leaving him behind, but they knew that bringing him along could be just as dangerous. Their mission remained secret as they did not discuss it for fear of hidden listening devices....even the reknowned Tin Hat was not trusted for protection in this investigation.

Snooper writes: Saturday, July, 21, 2007 12:37 AM
The troll KNOWS where I live and hasn't come over for a cup of coffee...YET!

IT is a coward...a troll...a w(p)ussy...a troll.

And a Jihadi troll at that.

Liberty Card writes: Saturday, July, 21, 2007 11:02 AM
Coffee Clatch
Would that coffee come with one lump or two?
Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Monday, July, 23, 2007 10:46 AM
Ms. Beth, the bride of Jesus
I posted the following on one of 'our' blogs. I am going to do this from now on - just take all of your rather insane postings and post them all over so real Americans can who the enemies of this country really are. Oh, and thanks Beth for your essay - it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

The following was found on a right wing blog. I have the dubious dishonor of knowing this sick, twisted person because we have tangled in the past on various blogs. She is so twisted that when I'd posted that essay about my son going to Egypt and representing our country in a very favorable light, she turned it into a story about a kid who was merely horny and that I wasn't a fit parent.
This is the enemy - the REAL enemy we face. Pray for them? Nope, I would treat them as I would a rabid dog.

'Islam is NOTHING BUT A CULT that perverted Christianity, worships a misogynistic child molester, kidnapper, rapist and murderer.

MY GOD is the TRUE God and I truly pity you when you all go to the very hell you've earned for your crimes.

As a CATHOLIC WOMAN, I am a supporter of the John Doe law, knowing your imam's actions were designed to instigate just such an outcry and dissension in Congress. However, whether or not the law is ultimately successful in Congress, know this--I don't give a damn if I'm sued--I WILL report any suspicious activity of any of your insane followers.

And, yes, in case you can't tell, I'm a complete and total islamophobe. I hang MY country's flag where all the muslims in my neighborhood can see it and I fly it daily. You DESERVE to be profiled for your actions and your exhortations to your insane, maggot-riddled, brain dead cultic following. And I fully support such racial and religious profiling.

You will not initmidate me. You may kill me--but I will die with freedom in my heart and Jesus' name on my lips.

You will not tell me what to wear, what I can drive, where I can travel, what I can speak, how I shall worship, how I support my family. Very simply--for all your pompous pronouncements of what you're going to do to the United States, the greatest country in the world, I'm telling YOU I will not submit and you WILL NOT tell me what to do.

You are a terrorist organization. We in the blogosphere are exposing you and your feces-loving kind. We are watching your wonder boy, Keith Ellison, and we will overthrow him. You will not find it that easy to get another toadie into the United States Congress to pursue your murderous agenda. You will NOT. WE won't let it happen and WE will fight you every step of the way.

I am a free, proud AMERICAN, CATHOLIC, JESUS LOVING WOMAN and you can't stand that. Too bad.

I hope you are fully exposed for what you are and to the extent the new media is capable of doing so, we ARE ACCOMPLISHING THAT GOAL. Those of us in the blogosphere are also exposing your islambergs to the world so they can be dealt with properly. If our government won't do it, you can rest assured TRUE Americans will. We will continue our exposition of you, your hate and your plans.

WE WILL PREVAIL. All of your propaganda tapes--they are so boring, we ignore them. They are nothing more than mental masturbation to make yourselves feel like you're doing something.

You can destroy our cities, you can kill us--but you can't destroy our spirit. It will never happen. So you whine and complain and cry. Boohoo.

This is America and we're NOT afraid of you. If the courts don't get you, the people will. Count on it.'

You are nothing more than dust soaked in pig's blood and defecated upon by dogs beneath my feet.'
(source - Miss Beth's Victory Dance blog).

I'm sure Jesus is very proud of this sick, demented individual. She claims Islam 'perverted Christianity'. I beg to differ. It's sick, mentally deranged neonuts who blindly support our government like her who have done that all by themselves.

Seymour Bush writes: (NOTE: this troll is mentally retarded ... it changes names according to its personalities) Monday, July, 23, 2007 10:52 AM
My God, how sick you are!
After posting your fellow inmate, Beth's sick story I scrolled up and discovered all of your hate filled notes which, of course, did not address anything I'd written about the military finally changing its view about this war.

Mike? Calling me out? After the way we exposed you to be the liar you really are? And calling Boston a pastor is the same as calling bush a Christian. ha ha ha..

And snoopie - sorry, I couldn't fight ya since you are obviously physically unable to (based on the pics you posted and the references to doctors, etc.). You see, I'm showing that Christian charity that all of you false believers like to say you have.

Lastly, once more - blindly following a corrupt government is hardly patriotic as our founding followers should have taught you morons. And it is ESEPCIALLY not what the Carpenter would have wanted.

with fond regards,
your conscience and teacher of the Light - me.

Snooper writes: Tuesday, July, 31, 2007 4:23 AM
the coward SB
You are the one that threatened moons ago and I am still waiting a s s h o l e
Snooper writes: Tuesday, July, 31, 2007 4:24 AM
seymour...the communist
thanks for the ammo moron...LOL!! jerkoff
Snooper writes: Tuesday, July, 31, 2007 4:25 AM
i guess mamma should have spit...
...instead of swallowing...then you seymour would never have been born!!


Snooper writes: Tuesday, July, 31, 2007 4:27 AM
poor fool ZERO
IT gets had by everyone.

The poor fool troll.

Comments from posts I made at my Townhall blog can be verified and checked here. (dead link - blog no longer active)

This SAME troll that uses the SAME IP on a number of occasions has admitted to being a communist (left of the Leftists) AND a Jihadi troll:

Snooper writes: Thursday, March, 15, 2007 6:44 PM
And here it is...
The PROOF is in the arrogance of the intellectually deficient. For many MONTHS and perhaps years on the RNC Moonbat In Training blog, we Reagan Era Conservatives which, GWB is certainly not one of (also stated and ignored by the liars of the Moonbat Class), have been identifying the Moonbats as "Socialist Democrats", "Socialist Liberals", Communists and Morons.

We have questioned their Patriotism to the United States and their allegiance(s) to the United States Constitution. They got "upset" and retaliated by naming us Reagan Era Conservatives as neo-con Bush lovers.

They continue to ignore that no one on here is a Bush Lover...we are, however, thankful that GWB is the CIC in this time of war. (They prefer a Leftinistra as CIC and a Leftinistra is a member of the Army of Socialist Liberals.)

Today, one of the "intellects" of the Leftinistra admitted to being either a Socialist, a terrorist and quite possibly a Communist. Watch for the phrase, "Left of the leftists"...

Some of the Good Guy bloggers will remember the messages in my emails... (and one of them may not have been a Good Guy)...

"Oh, one other thing -fluck this country and this government. When 9/11 happened I simply shrugged and went about my business."

Last night I watched TV and happened to catch an interview of the husband of someone who died in tower 1....I think the doc umentary might have been called "inside the twin towers". The re-enactment of what those people went through was very powerful ... I could only bear to watch a few minutes. Lewis is either pure evil or just a lair pretending to be pure evil. Either way, I use Lewis' posts to help sway those who are undecided or to show new voters what the DNC is all about.


Posted by NJ GOP on Thursday, March 15, 2007 12:34 AM | Reply


ditto...I have persuaded several using the same tactic...eye openers always work...

Posted by p20g on Thursday, March 15, 2007 12:42 AM | Reply

And here IT is:


I use Lewis' posts to help sway those who are undecided or to show new voters what the DNC is all about.
Posted by NJ GOP

and for the LAST time you l.y.i.n.g. piece of t.r.a.s.h. - I am NOT a Democrat. Since you are so incapable of reading the tea leaves - I am to the Left of the leftists. There is NO hope in this country with eithor party in power. Regarding 9/11 - did you ever ask yourself ONE time why they did what they did? And no - it ain't about hating us for our freedom, etc. Maybe you should study the history of the middle east going back to before WWW1. Evil? It's only in the eyes of the subjective beholder.

Posted by Lewis the real Patriot on Thursday, March 15, 2007 6:50 AM | Reply

Well? What can be drawn from this?


It has been stated by myself and others on this blog that it is entirely possible that the "Leftinistra" bloggers are either terrorist sympathizers or they are members of the terrorists themselves.

One really cannot tell for sure but one thing is clear...they are NOT Reagan Era Conservatives.

It could be another distraction tactic that will try to sway us in one direction or another. That will fail as well. Nothing they have posted, no matter which handle used, will sway us away from Reagan Conservatism.

They have shown their incessant cowardice and their completely foolish and anti-American rhetoric is and has been very much evident. At least to me.

I have battled this type in the field...I returned...they did not. They are a cowardly lot. day.........

And here:


  1. raoul | | IP:

    And like I’ve said a million times before - produce the proof liar. Just because one hates this despicable government it does not imply the person is a commie or jihadist or whatever other silly tag people like you use to hide behind so you don’t face the truth.

    And, talking about the truth - what do you think about the latest intel report? It says Al Queda is stronger now than ever before and MORE capable of coming here now. It flies in the face of ‘fight them over there so they don’t come over here’. Any profound comments Mr. Patriot or are you going to just delete my comments again? LOL

    Your boy bush must be proud of his fellow Texan - you. You hide and run just like he does from facts.

    Moderator Snooper: As the troll so desires, here is the proof that IT admitted to being a Jihadi Troll


    raoul | | IP:

    Moderator’s Verbiage: And there we have it. The troll has admitted to being a Jihadi Troll.

    Oh really? And when did that occur? Since you delete everything we on the Left write because it smacks of the truth, how can anyone believe a lying sack of fecal matter like you? All I gotta say, for the last time is fuck you, fuck the troops and fuck this illegal government. All of you are a sorry bunch of losers who wouldn’t know what the word ‘patriotism’ is if you fell over it. But that is no different than your lack of knowledge concerning God. You mix Him up with the lying piece of crap, Bush, all of the time.

    Cheerio losers - I’ll stop by in a while to see what you’re whining about next. ha ha ha..

    Moderator’s verbiage: ZERO!! Read your OWN words you pathetic Jihadi Troll. Check out #6, moron. LOL!! What a jerk! You the Chief Coward of all trolldom. Congrats asshole!! LOL!!

    Just for you, moron: Jihadi trolls wish they had what we have

    Comment by snooper | July 4, 2007

    What’s that? Stupidity and ignorance? Nope, we don’t want it.

    Jul 5, 1:54 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — INDEPENDENCE DAY 2007

    Jul 18, 4:52 AM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — The Fairness Doctrine

ITS response to Miss Beth's letter in regards to CAIR got ITS feathers ruffled. Too damn bad. That proves to me that IT is a Jihadi Troll...JUST like IT admitted to on my Word Press blog.

IT really "IS" dumber than a box of turtle turds.

UPDATE!! Today's implosions, (7/31/07), of the troll ZERO along with ITS "other" nics will be placed in the comments section of this post. The locations at my Townhall blog is here (blog no longer active)(where most of the implosions transpired), here (blog no longer active) and here.(blog no longer active) (LOL!!, On Benchmarks and Apostles of Islam)


Hillary The Budding Leninist

Front Page Mag


John Perazzo knows his stuff and is quite the investigative dispatcher of truth. He is another one that knows full well the consequences to the American Way of Life should Czarina get elected to the presidency of the United States. Life as we know it now would turn to a socialist state where the only freedom we would enjoy is tyhe freedom to submit or die. Sound familiar? Islam. Convert or die.

There isn’t much difference between Hillary, Bill or “radical” Islam.


Hillary is the author of several books;

 Living History (2003); An Invitation to the White House: At Home with History (2000); and It Takes a Village: and Other Lessons Children Teach Us (1996). In these books, she disguises her political aspirations and her communist rants in the form of touchy-feely sound-goods. The over-emotional and the week-kneed and those with no leadership capabilities will follow such drivel as blind mice would follow the Pied Piper.


She was originally a Republican but she was overcome by the Maoist writer Carl Oglesby. John Perazzo goes into much detail in this regard.

She became fully entrenched in the anti-war movement during the Vietnam Police Action and we all know how that ended up…they lied and millions died. Naturally, her friend Jihad Jane and Kerry the Worm will deny that.

Hillary worked hard at being a good little Marxist recruit and was lead by the short-hairs by those advocating the overthrow of the United States government. However, all in the name of free speech, she and her cohorts were allowed to prattle and entrench their hatred for everything Americana and set out to slowly rewrite our history and to so distort the United States Constitution that that document would eventually become meaningless. As a “yoot” during those times, I remember the rioting of the peaceniks and the destruction of private and government property and I never understood and I still don’t understand how peaceniks think it OK for THEIR strain of violent behavior to further their cause.

Hillary was mentored by such prominent communists as Tommy the Commie (Thomas Emerson), Charles Garry and

Robert Treuhaft, who According to historian Stephen Schwartz, “Treuhaft is a man who dedicated his entire legal career to advancing the agenda of the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB.” Nice bedfellows Hillary kept company with, no?


There are many more socialist/communist groups and people that Hillary was mentored by and associated herself with which disqualifies her to become the CIC and the guarantor of American Freedom as proclaimed in our Constitution.

As I read this article by John Perazzo, this particular item leaped from the screen and slapped me across the face. It is so damaging and revealing that, for some reason, the Hot Rodham Blog won’t allow it to be published. Here it is:

A few days after rumors of Bill Clinton’s extramarital affair with Monica Lewinsky first made headlines in January 1998, Hillary made a January 27 appearance on NBC’s Today Show, where she told interviewer Matt Lauer that the charges had been fabricated by “this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced [that he would run] for President.” Hillary would echo this theme numerous times thereafter. In a June 8, 2003 interview with Barbara Walters, for instance, she characterized the Republicans who had led the 1998 impeachment of her husband as “a right-wing network” that “was after his presidency” and had resorted to “perverting the Constitution.”

Pervert the Constitution? Is she kidding? What Hillary has set out to accomplish is give the front that she and she alone can be trusted to “protect and defend” the Constitution and by so doing, she is to be the next President of The United States. Clearly, this woman is a Clear and Present Danger to the very conyinuance of The United States as a free nation.


One other item slammed me fairly hard as well;

Striving to neutralize what she considered the pervasive racism of the American legal system, “Hillary was,” as Barbara Olson observed in Hell to Pay, “a budding Leninist.”Ibid., pp. 56, 62.
Amazing. Yes? No?


Wake Up America has a grand piece up today called An American Communist: Hillary Clinton & The Democrats.

Read this piece and the article of Front Page Mag. Then, take a gander of the previously published posts here: List of 45, Hillary, Clintons, Double Standards, and Leftinistra, to name just a few. Especially in The List of 45,read through the list and see how many of them The Rodham espouses. If you agree with them, that would make you a Marxist and an Enemy of The State as well.




Hillary: A Clear And Present Danger

Cal Worthington Brings Us the CNN YouTube DNC Deadbeats

Well, sadly, I watched the entire Democratic Party Contenders For President Debate, hosted by CNN and they had a froggy YouTube thing. I wonder if Cal Worthington had anything to do with this. Debate. “IS” that what it was?

I can sum up the entire “debate” (for lack of a better word) in five (5 for those of you in CONgress) words. Bash Bush and Praise Reagan. We all know they HATED Reagan so the insidious referrals to one of America’s Heroes was disingenuous at best.

The topics of discussion, rant or “debate” are as follows: Bash Bush, Global (not) Warming, Bash Bush, No Children Left Behind, Bash Bush, Praise Reagan, Bash Bush, Individual Rights, Bash Bush, Living Wage, Bash Bush, Praise Reagan, Who’s Your Friend, Who Do You Like, Bash Bush, Who Don’t You Like, Bash Bush, There Is Non One To My Left, Bash Bush, Praise Reagan, Bash Bush, Run Away From Iraq, Bash Bush, Praise Reagan, Bash Bush, Fight The Real Terrorists, Bash Bush, Bring The Troops Home, Bash Bush, Praise Reagan, Bash Bush, Bash Bush, Gun Owners Are Insane, Bash Bush, Bash Tennesseans, Bash Bush, Praise Reagan, All Undocumented Illegal Aliens Are Americans So They Get Everything Free While TRUE Americans Have To Pay The Bill, Bash Bush, Trash Talk Radio Because We Are Losers, Bash Bush, Praise Reagan, No Nuclear Power, Yes To Nuclear Power, Bash Bush, Grow Our Own Fuel, Bash Bush, Too Dependent On Foreign Oil Because We Stopped ANYONE From Getting Us Free From Foreign Oil, Bash Bush, I Am Not A Liberal But A Modern Progressive (GD Communist), Bash Bush, Yon Who?, Bash Bush, Praise Reagan, Run Away From Iraq, What Does Victory In Iraq Mean, Bash Bush, Fairness Doctrine Only If You Think As I Do, Bash Bush.

Did I miss anything?

The MOST dishonest would-be Presidential Aspirant this evening was Hillary. Go to CNN, as I will be in the morning, and download the transcript for tonight. Zero in on Hillary’s answers and compare them to the videos in our VODPOD in the sidebar on the main page on this blog. Find the video in regards to “we are in this together”, “I am going to take from those that have and give it to those that don’t”, find out just what in the hell a “modern progressive ‘IS’” and compare it to her rhetoric of this evening and on the videos. Like Club For Growth was saying;

“Pigs were flying in South Carolina tonight during the Democratic presidential debate as Hillary Clinton announced that she is not a big-government liberal but a “modern progressive” that “believes strongly in individual rights and freedoms.”

If she isn’t for Big Brother Rule, she sure has quite a few people hood-winked. She really should pay more attention to her press releases and “remember” that WE ARE WATCHING and we have neat toys like camcorders and video cameras and B-L-O-G-S.

Modern Progressive? Is that like an old time communist? Click the link and check out the VERIFIABLE data therein. I thought I had a post on this blog the other day with this data. It vanished. Perhaps it went a little too far. Ho hum. I will place the post on my blog Take Our Country Back. If this link takes you to the main page, scroll around. If not, I have returned to place the exact link here.

Hillary is the epitome of communism with a little flare and condescension. Her detractors will deny this and so will she. Everything this Clear and Present Danger does is dishonest and entirely contrary to the United States. She wants to remake America in the vision of her mentors, Carl Oglesby, Saul Alinsky, Duncan Kennedy, Mickey Kantor, Thomas Emerson to name a few.

“Hillary was,” as Barbara Olson observed in Hell to Pay, “a budding Leninist.”[4] Ibid., pp. 56, 62.

I take from conducting extensive research on The Rodham that a Modern Progressive “IS” an Old Time Leninist.

Do we want this in America?

Think about it.

“I am hard-pressed to imagine something more absurd than Hillary Clinton defending individual rights and eschewing the big-government label on national television,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Kudos to CNN host Anderson Cooper for keeping a straight face.”