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Hillary Replacing Joe Biden? UPDATED


Political Suicide? I think so.

I have been holding off on this "story" for several reasons until now. It is quite possible and a VP switcheroo has been done at one time in our history.

Back in 1972, George McGovern had for his VP choice one Thomas Eagleton but it was soon discovered that he just might be mentally unstable because he had at one time undergone electro-shock therapy for depression. After McGovern stated that he stood behind Eagleton to the Nth degree, the next day he dumped him. He then went on to lose in 49 states. Will we see the same here?

Clearly Czarbie chose Biden because he wasn't about to have Hillary for personal reasons and Hillary was going to see to it that she swift-boated Czarbie to ensure her next shot in 2012. Be that as it may, there are rumors about that the switcheroo will take place after the first debate on 10/5/08.

No one knows for sure but Hillary has been awfully quiet for some time now. If Czarbie does do this switcheroo, it is my opinion that it will solidify what most Americans already know or at least suspect - Czarbie can't even get a simple VP pick right let alone run the most powerful nation on this planet.

The latest rumor is that after the VP debate on 10/2/08, Joe Biden is going to bow out stating health reasons. To me, this all reeks of a typical DNC bait and switch and I have often mentioned this possibility in various chat rooms and blog posts.

There are three posts you all need to read here, here and here. There is yet another article at Digital Journal written by Barbara Sowell that is also a must read in that the Leftinistra moonbat political hacks are going insane that we are even talking about this. The comment section is rife with libtard moonbats. Why they are "upset" about it is beyond me. Perhaps they also know that this would be the final straw on the Czarbie trip to that Great Abyss of Obscurity.

Jake Tapper of Political Punch chronicles the non-press coverage of Joe Biden as he traverses the nation "connecting" with the voters. His 737 mostly empty and small-time reporters going along for the ride have noticed that most ask a question, "Joe who?" Sad that.

Stay tuned. As for me, I am beginning to like the sound of President Sarah Palin. And, by the way, Biden is being told by his female supporters to not be afraid of debating Sarah Palin. He has been avoiding her but come 10/2/08, he just may have a mental break-down when she mops the floor with his dripping socialist rants.

The Huff and Puff is in panic mode:

There’s a worrisome shift in momentum and in the polls. The Palin phenomenon, while truly unfathomable to Democrats, has energized McCain’s campaign and allowed him like Houdini to snatch Obama’s “change” theme right out from under him. It’s time to snatch it back.

Conventional wisdom says replacing Biden with Clinton can’t be done. That it’s too late. That it’ll make Obama appear indecisive, impulsive and lacking good judgement. Many Democrats believe this would cause irreparable harm to the campaign, ringing Obama’s death knell. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’d be a freakin’ coup for Obama, and would instantly melt Palin’s undeserving outsize political ice cap. [...]

Dream on folks...dream on. Czarbie has tanked and this "change" which is "hopeful" will merely sink him faster.

Atlas Shrugs reporting in...and here...

Please vote this up at Digital Journal...thanks...

TimesOnLine: (snicker snicker snort snort, I might add)

THE high-heeled, moose-hunting governor of Alaska has sent Barack Obama’s campaign into a state of panic as support for the Democratic presidential candidate haemorrhages in the battleground states he must win to reach the White House. [...]

[...] I n t h e f a c e o f P a l i n ’ s onslaught, Obama has continued to base his campaign on the outdated claim that John McCain and his running mate represent four more years of a failed Bush administration.

A senior Obama adviser said candidly that claim did not work. “I don’t think it’s sticking. The McCain campaign has stolen our message of ‘change’ - the very thing we’ve been campaigning on for 20 months. Well, who’s the change? It’s McCain.” Palin’s astounding rise has left the Obama camp floundering for a new narrative that will capture the imagination of voters in the run-up to the November 4 election. “There is overreaction and panic,” the official admitted. “The hard part for Barack is she’s stolen his thunder a bit. It has knocked us off our game.” [...]

[...] Palinmania has washed away Obama’s polling leads in several swing states that he had been counting on to win. [...]

[...] “People still don’t know what Obama stands for. There’s a perceived elitism and something aloof about him. They just don’t connect with him,” the adviser added. “As a person, Palin is very intriguing. She’s attractive and funny and she’s a hell of a speaker. There’s an element of ‘she’s like us’.” [...]

[...] “I felt horrible,” she said. “When McCain announced that he had picked Palin, I went crazy. When you’re my age and Hillary’s, you want to give to the next generation. Hillary did that. She gave us Sarah.” [...]

[...] Mark Penn, Clinton’s former chief strategist, said: “The media is doing the kinds of stories on Palin that they’re not doing on the other candidates. People are going to conclude that they’re giving her a rougher time. This is an election in which the voters are going to decide for themselves.” [...]

[...] The Obama adviser said the Democratic candidate should remain true to himself. “He has to be who he is. When he was totally himself, he was doing so well. He should keep at the things he cares about instead of having people turn him into a pretzel.” [END]

Truly snort worthy if I say so myself. Count on it but do NOT let up on the pressure but, Czarbie is indeed toast.

Trackposted to Blog @, Mark My Words, Rosemary's Thoughts, Woman Honor Thyself, The World According to Carl, Pirate's Cove, The Pink Flamingo, WINGLESS, Right Voices, and Stageleft, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.


Let The Feuding Begin Anew!


Haven't I told everyone I know and don't know that Hillary ain't done yet?

Exclusive: Obama- Clinton feud reignites
As Democrats arrived here Sunday for a convention intended to promote party unity, mistrust and resentments continued to boil among top associates of presumptive nominee Barack Obama and his defeated rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton. [...]

[...] Some senior Democrats close to Obama, meanwhile, made clear in not-for-attribution comments that they were equally irked at the Clinton operation. Nearly three months after Hillary Clinton conceded defeat in the nomination contest, these Obama partisans complained, her team continues to act like she and Bill Clinton hold leverage. [...]

[...] One senior Obama supporter said the Clinton associates negotiating on her behalf act like "Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific still fighting after the war is over."

A prominent Obama backer said some of Clinton's lieutenants negotiating with the Obama team are "bitter enders" who presume that, rather than the Clintons reconciling themselves to Obama's victory, it is up to Obama to accommodate them. [...]

[...] The peevishness on both sides and the volume of behind-the-scenes catcalls are noteworthy because both the Clinton and Obama teams had resolved in pre-convention talks that it was overwhelmingly in the interests of both sides to get along. [...]

Well hell! Let's insult some more now allies by slandering Japanese Soldiers why don't we? Good God Almighty!! They remind me of little children arguing over a toy screaming, "MINE! MINE! MINE!" This is ludicrous - no pun intended. Methinks Fox News is slightly behind the times as usual. They are reporting that Unity has begun.

And what is it with the democrats being all warm and fuzzy-like about being clean and well spoken? Biden said that about Obama and now Keith Wright is saying that about Biden.

Anyway, the feuding might have something to do with a previous report about Hillary releasing her delegates by Wednesday. Apparently, this isn't going to happen.

Some seem to think that the Missing Link in DNC style politics will be revealed at the convention. Not hardly. It has been in plain sight to me for decades. Hate and spite, hate and spite; racism, sexism and more hate and spite. Hell. I caught onto that years ago. It is only "missing" if you suffer from willful suspension of disbelief.

So, let the feuding continue as Hillary takes into account that there was no bounce for adding Joe Biden, yet just another old dude with white hair that isn't his own.

Follow more feuding at Memeorandum...


Hillary Launches Torpedo Spread At Czarbie


While there are many that are Wargaming the Electoral College, there are some that are finally catching on...Hillary ain't done yet. Not by a country mile. The image at Radio Patriot says it all.

I have a sneaky suspicion that The Rodham is very much behind the Czarbie birth certificate quagmire. Personally, I think he was born, or at least spawned, at the very Gates of Hell but, that is just my opinion based on my total disgust in this very evident liar and schmuck. However, there are some that are quite through with the COLB story namely Redstate, Neocon Express, LGF and STACLU. However, there is a glitch or at least a hitch in the get-along there, Skippy! HT to eeevil conservative on the JPA Live show on BTR, I went hunting and found the story she related to us at STACLU previously linked. This is a hoot!!

Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court on Grounds he is Constitutionally Ineligible for the Presidency


OK! Very interesting this is, eh?
A prominent Philadelphia attorney and Hillary Clinton supporter filed suit this afternoon in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and the Federal Election Commission. The action seeks an injunction preventing the senator from continuing his candidacy and a court order enjoining the DNC from nominating him next week, all on grounds that Sen. Obama is constitutionally ineligible to run for and hold the office of President of the United States. [...]

[...] Even if Sen. Obama can prove his U.S. citizenship, Berg stated, citing the senator's use of a birth certificate from the state of Hawaii verified as a forgery by three independent document forensic experts, the issue of "multi-citizenship with responsibilities owed to and allegiance to other countries" remains on the table. [...]

OOPS! From Texas Darlin':
I have just received word that a lawsuit will be filed today in Federal Court challenging Barack Obama's qualifications to be President.

I am told that ALL MEDIA should report to the U.S. District Courthouse in Philadelphia in approximately one hour.

US District Court, Eastern District of PA
601 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106-1797
Ph: 215-597-7704
It is currently 3:30 PM EST.
UPDATE: The motion will be for an emergency temporary restraining order prohibiting Obama from running for president, and enjoining the DNC from nominating Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate.
Czarbie is a shoe-in for the DNC Big Nod? Not so much. It is indeed getting closer and closer for me to be able to say, "I told you so". And, IF I can, I most certainly will. However, the Lame Stream Media has not reported on any of this so, one never knows where this will go. Talk about launching torpedoes!! WOW!!


Blackfive Says To Do It So We Are


From Blackfive: A Letter And Message To The Candidates

Sgt. Hook has a Letter to the Candidates that should go to every politician, not just those running. It is well worth reading, and well worth sharing. It also echoes a message that I was asked to send by multiple enlisted soldiers this last embed. Note, enlisted: not officers, not senior NCOs, but enlisted. Grunts, line animals, the guys on the sharp end. The guys who are walking among and working with Iraqis every day and helping them not just rebuild, but build new and better lives and communities. The guys who watch Iraqis pay a price for jaws flapping here that creates violence and problems there. The guys who catch the packet as well when jaws flapping here creates violence and problems there. The summation is, Iraq and the lives involved are NOT a political football for your use, and what you say is heard and acted upon there. I like the way one of them put it: "Please tell them to just shut the f**k up!" Your words do have power, and are getting people hurt and killed, and making it harder, far harder than it should be, to get the job done so they can come home and leave something good behind.


This makes me wonder what Hillary meant when she said that she knows for a fact that they listen to every word she says. Who? The terrorists or the Iraqi government? Who in the hell is Hillary talking to, anyway?

The Letter: (click to enlarge or visit the site)

Spread far and wide folks...especially to our retarded politicians...

Track back: Styx blog


Hillary The Caring: Evil Personified?


Well, we saw the "human side" of Hillary as she welled up. We heard her cackles to questions. We saw her numbers tanking as Obama was shown to be a GREAT speech deliveries. We saw that when Hillary loses a caucus, it doesn't matter. We at ANO have been waiting for Hillary to resume her evilness and it has finally arrived.

Atlas Shrugs brings us the latest Hillary Attack machine and her secret service investigators have their claws every where and she will now use everything and anything to abase anyone in her way to elevate her snake oil conundrums.

The Rezko Connection: Obama's Achilles Heel? Obama's Connection With an Accused Political Fixer Raises Questions...
It seems that Obama made a "bone headed mistake" by associating with a charlatan that he knew was a charlatan before hand. "Rather" interesting. Watch out folks...the Hillary Machine is in full gear and NOTHING could be better for the GOP in '08!!

Newsbusters reporting:
Grizzly Groundswell:
Real Clear Politics:


Semi-Breaking: Hillary's Emotional Tirade Might Be A Plant


Gateway Pundit tracked the questioner that set Hillary "off". More news to follow.

When does it ever stop?

[...] Marianne Pernold Young the woman who asked Hillary the question that made her tear up about how "some people are ready to lead from day one and some people just aren't" was an Ex-Jimmy Carter campaign photographer. [...]


Does New Hampshire Mean Anything To Hillary?


Seeing that Hillary's loss in Iowa didn't mean anything, will she say the same thing about her apparent routing in New Hampshire?

We shall see sometime this evening.


Quote Of The Day


The quote of the day is the title of a post. Thank you Amy Proctor. SPOT ON!!



Hillary The Fraud...the Emotional Card Comes Out


Sorry...I ain't buying into this tear-drop, voice-cracking garbage coming from Czarina. This just goes to show the entire world that the Leftinistra are emotional cretins and are unfit to lead a mule to water let alone being a CIC.

View the video here.

Memeorandum for other emotional weaklings lurking about...

Memory Lane...(slightly modified)

Pollsters: Bring out your dead!
Public: Here's one.
Pollsters: Ninepence.
Hillary: I'm not dead!
Pollsters: What?
Public: Nothing. Here's your ninepence.
Hillary: I'm not dead!
Pollsters: 'Ere. He says he's not dead!
Public: Yes, he is.
Hillary: I'm not!
Pollsters: He isn't?
Public: Well, he will be soon. He's very ill.
Hillary: I'm getting better!
Public: No, you're not. You'll be stone dead in a moment.
Pollsters: Oh, I can't take him like that. It's against regulations.
Hillary: I don't want to go on the cart!
Public: Oh, don't be such a baby.
Pollsters: I can't take him.
Hillary: I feel fine!
Public: Well, do us a favour.
Pollsters: I can't.
Public: Well, can you hang around a couple of minutes? He won't be long.
Pollsters: No, I've got to go to the Robinsons'. They've lost nine today.
Public: Well, when's your next round?
Pollsters: Thursday.
Hillary: I think I'll go for a walk.
Public: You're not fooling anyone, you know. Look. Isn't there something you can do?
Hillary: [singing] I feel happy. I feel happy. [whop]
Public: Ah, thanks very much.
Pollsters: Not at all. See you on Thursday.



Sound Bites From Last Night in NH


The following has been "borrowed" from The Astute Bloggers.

The Republicans:

The biggest issue is Islamofascism, and I can best deal with it.

I never said any of the things I said.

The amnesty for illegals I was for was not amnesty.

We should dig a deep hole, pull back all Americans from everywhere, and all jump in.

I'm the only one who turned around businesses, the Olympics, and the state of Massachusetts.

I'm the only true conservative here, and I will apply those principles as president.

The Democrats:

I spent 35 years pulling Bill's chestnuts out of the fire, so I'm best qualified.

I will destroy the American drug industry even though it has given us all these miracle drugs.

I don't get specific about anything, but, although I opposed Iraq, I will invade Pakistan.

It's not my fault.

Breath in deeply and let out a long sigh.


The Hillary-Obama Iowan Slug Fest Didn't Matter?


The Hillary campaign pumped millions into the Iowa Caucus campaign with Hillary even going door to door, shaking hands and traipsing through the snow and ice that we all saw the pictures of. The infamous picture from the Drudge Report told the tale.

As The United States reels from the longest presidential campaign in our history, the Iowa Caucus is over and Hillary has suffered her first major defeat and setback. The third place showing, albeit by .3% or so, is still third place.

The slug fest between Hillary and Obama as seen in the DNC Debates and in the news rooms, print media and the internet has been vicious and Obama has seen nothing yet. He dared beat Hillary in the first round. Although Hillary has the highest negatives of any candidate in history, she was running on her husbands coattails and she was convinced that the democrats across the country wanted her and her alone to be the President and all those other people were window dressing.

With a third place booking under her belt, she now claims the following:

On board the Clinton plane -- After pouring millions of dollars and over a year of effort into a win in Iowa, senior staffers for Democrat Hillary Clinton now say the state isn't that important after all.

"The worst thing would be to over count Iowa and its importance," said chief strategist Mark Penn, just hours after the New York Senator finished in a disappointing third place, behind Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards.

Let me guess. It was all window dressing and she has Obama and Edwards right where she wants them. Kind of reminds me of what Osama Bin Laden said some time ago.

With her saying, through her aides naturally, (plausible deniability), that Iowa really doesn't matter, she has insulted all of the Iowans...they really don't matter. We can only hope that America remembers what Hillary once said of the Iowan Caucus and the Iowan people:

"The Iowa caucuses are such a unique part of American democracy. I am so impressed at how seriously everyone here in Iowa takes it," she said at a recent event in Clarion. Iowans caucus for "our hopes and the possibilities America should have again."
They are serious but insignificant. Good job Hillary...obsess much?

I wonder how significant Iowa would have been if she had won the caucus?


Merry Christmas From Czarina


Hillary Rodham Clinton wishes us all a Merry Bash Bush, Bring The Troops Home, Socialist Health Care, Take Your Money, Larger Government Tax-Funded Programs, etc, etc, etc. Everything a good socialist wants to shove up a Free Man's arse.

Simply amazing.

Hot Air
Right Angles
The American Mind
Right In A Left World
Gateway Pundit


Breaking!! Hostage Situation At the Clinton Campaign HQ


Awaiting print reporting to come out via Breaking News Sources.

FOX News is reporting now.

Report: Armed man takes hostages at Hillary NH office (

An armed man has taken people hostage at the Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, police said.

It was not clear how many hostages there were or what weapons the man has. Police have set up a command post near the office on 28 North Main St.

More to follow:

Right Wing Sparkle:

[...] A State Police said the man released a mother and a child from the office, but is holding others.

A young woman carrying an infant ran into a nearby store in tears, saying she had been in the campaign office when a man walked in, opened his coat and showed them a what looked like a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape. She said the man let her and her child go.

There are reports from the scene that the hostage taker is demanding to speak with Senator Clinton. [...]

Video here:

Right Voices:

Via Drudge

Man claiming to have bomb holding two hostages at Sen. Hillary Clinton's Rochester, N.H. campaign headquarters. Hostage taker had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to chest...MSNBC reports man wants to speak to Senator Clinton




This guy is a fruit loop...must be a mentally disturbed Leftinistra...we shall see.

Yahoo! News
More Yahoo!
Hot Air
Huff of the Puff
Snakes and Snails
earlier Memeorandum
Capt Ed
Sister Toldjah
Think Regress

Somebody tell me that this isn't a plant...never mind...couldn't be. That would be over the top.

The hostages have been released...watching the coverage now.

The poor slog is suffering from something...

Apparently, there are no more hostages except the fruit loop.


Hillary Plants LGBT "Operative" In The GOP Debate...UPDATED



What has A Newt One and many others been saying for seemingly an eternity? The Leftinistra will do whatever it takes to obtain the Almighty Power in the political arena.

Hillary planted a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender operative into the Republicn debate sponsored by the Clinton News Network. From Jenn of The Jungle:
In the final seconds of the post-debate coverage, Anderson Cooper acknowledges that CNN messed this up and states that "CNN did not know that Kerr has a position within the Clinton campaign and that had they known, they would have disclosed the association."
Ja. Sure. We really believe you. Check out Townhall, Redstate, Blue Crab Boulevard, Stop The ACLU, Right Voices, The Politico.

I kid you not! It is no wonder that a Harvard Study Says More Than 60% Don’t Trust Campaign Coverage

I wonder why Hillary would want o ask a question about a topic her husband created and established?

Further evidence here. Hot Air has the video.

Quote of the night from Redstate:
Hilarious, really, that a Hillary campaign official would plant a question...criticizing a policy enacted by Hillary's husband.

Catch the wave at memeorandum.

The operative also worked for Kerry in '04...imagine that.

UPDATE 1: I have a feeling there are going to be more. the girl asking the abortion question is an Edwards supporter. The DNC/CNN plants are unraveling at Free Republic. Michelle has the gay general covered here. In reference to the Log Cabin Republicans, the fellow is an Obama supporter.

The Leftinistra haven't an ethical bone in their bodies.


The Rodham Falling Hard


Catch the wave...

In light of recent campaign developments, it seems as though The Rodham is falling from her self-imposed pedestal. What happened? Some have said that she was the darling of the once Main Stream Media.

Hillary may not be the politician that her husband(?) is but she does have access to his direction, advise and history. After all, they are married and married couples, theoretically, share their dreams, aspirations, fears and pains. Some have said that Bill and Hillary had been planning this very event for 20+ years...The Plan; 8 years for Bill and then 8 years for Hillary. I am inclined to ignore that premise not because Media Matters said it is false but due to the virtual impossibility that The Alleged Plan could ever play out.

It isn't that Media Matters has any credibility or anything because the outfit is a Hillary Project. It is merely a talking dull prattling on about some odd "conspiracy".

Hillary's campaign weakness has the foundation of inexperience. Living in the White House doesn't give one the experience that a sitting President will have. She may be a keen observer but having not actually performed those duties, how can she lay claim to the appropriate bonafides?

Hillary is no dummy and is indeed quite intelligent. She has been running her campaign as if she was the nominee and everyone one else was merely playing their roles as good little subjects. Such is not the case any longer. She tripped herself up on any number of occasions and people began to look a little harder at the would-be president.

Hillary, as well as the other DNC hopefuls, have been running as if GWB was on the 2008 ticket...Heaven help us. I voted for GWB twice because I was most assuredly not going to vote for Al Gore or John Kerry not because GWB was The Man. However, he is the President and I am dignified enough to respect the position and awesome responsibilities required of the thankless job of being the leader of the free world.

Being the president's spouse has to be very helpful for a future president. It's like an eight-year "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." Michael Kinsley
That about sums up Hillary's experience as a leader of any sort. And about her tenure as a United States Senator. Was it not her that once told the people of New York that she wasn't going to run for president?

Does America really need someone that changes their mind by the temperature of the air around them as their President? Recall, if you will, the defining moment of the begin of the collapse of her bid for the White House. Exposing her inability to clearly define her stands on any given issue within the confines of a debate and the atmosphere that brings, how then, can we trust her to withstand the pressures of a President of the United States?

Obama has closed the gap between them and has pulled ahead. The once Main Stream Media has begun their turn away from Hillary and her die-hard following cringe and whimper.

Hillary, at this point in time, is "losing" to any and all GOP Presidential Aspirants and some would say that she can bow out now gracefully...she has had her 15 minutes of fame.

As a side-bar, for a healthy dose of an Election 2008 smorgasbord, visit my friend at Conservatism With Heart.

I wonder what Mark Penn is thinking now since his statement that Hillary will win in 2008 in a rout...

As my friend at Red State says:

Trailing Huckabee has to sting a little...
The CBS interview was truly an exercise in it any wonder that no one watches the CBS evening news?


Hillary: The Sickness of The Beguiled


The Budding Leninist, Czarina, the Modern American Progressive, is a Clear and Present Danger to the very survival of Traditional America. Traditional America is under attack by these budding Leninists, calling themselves "Progressives". If one carefully examines the mantra of said same, one will see that which they prattle and yammer upon is Socialism with a smattering of Communism, disguised as "progressive".

What are these "progressives" progressing towards? No one on "their" side of the aisle, whichever that side might be, has explained their talking dulls satisfactorily, have they? Does anyone even know? I have performed a scientific study and I do believe that our team has discovered the ailment causing the sickness that "progressivism" is. It is kind of scary and without further ado, we provide a CT Scan of a "progressive' we found wondering aimlessly around SE Texas, incoherent, inaudible and in dire need of a rubber room.

And there you have it. We call it Hillaroncasinseptocacka. Like the Sci Fi Borg technology, the human brain was injected with this nanoprobes and this victim of this tragic attack fought the assimilation to their ultimate peril. It deteriorated the thought process to the point that the victim actually drowned in its own drivel. The recorded dying words were, "Bush did it".

The nanoprobes disintegrated immediately following death.

In other news, we find that the Hillaryscare Campaign is in a tizzy over their stature in Iowa. It seems as though that damn Obama character is actually pulling ahead.

Naturally, her apparent falling from grace could be a direct result of the criminal activity she has conveniently side-stepped and her money-bag and emotional standard bearers are charlatans.

Some are saying that her woes are catching up with her now that Czarina is making a play to The Big House...woops...The White House.

As the Czarina expresses her feigned caring drivel towards our troops, we are reminded how our troops think of her. As for her sexual inclinations, I really don't care but the rumor is still out there and I am with is just a rumor at this point and it really should be left well enough alone.

With her woes in Iowa making the road ahead indeed troublesome, her paperwork is being held hostage someplace and is due to be released but the delay-game is "Rather" irksome. I would rather see these documents that are sure to pin-point her qualifications to be CIC...without them, what is her justification?

The Dema Sutra positions of the Budding Leninist, as intriguing and hard to track and keep up with are "Rather" typical of a liar, charlatan and someone with something to hide, I find her inability to maintain eye contact all too revealing.

Her ever "evolving" and "progressive" (whatever that means) pseudonyms for whatever position she takes with whatever the prevailing winds are at the time, is always so evasive and unclear to the minds of the intellectually sound. With the continuing scandals surfacing, I find it interesting that she even shows herself in the public eye. The Clinton machine pathway is littered with the bodies of those that know the Real Deal.

What should serve as an adequate wake-up call to the American People is being shunted to ground and her supporters include terrorists and their moppets.

Carl Rove says she can be beat but the road to defeat for the Czarina would be an easier path if her drones would wake-up to smell the coffee and to call into question her patriotism or better yet, ask the question as to what she is actually patriotic towards.


Hillary: Defining Her Position


Watch the video and contemplate upon it.

Clear enough?



Let's Talk About Hillary


Hillary, whose apparent zero is Kerry, is more often than not for something until she decides she was actually undecided about being against that which once was neither for or against.

Which, is better than what?

And, where is Hillary? Ever since she internationally embarrassed herself at the most recent "debate", if, you can call it that, her Toy Boy Billy has been her voice. Is this how her alleged Presidency going to be? Is this what America needs or, more bluntly, wants? Will Hillary, at the first sign of a whoopsie, call for Billy? Perish the thought.

Over at Political Grind, they have this to say:
[...] For the first time in a long time, Mrs. Clinton finds herself under intense scrutiny from her opponents and the mainstream media. Are they "piling on"? Of course. Is it fair? This is a query unworthy of an answer; it is merely what it is. Welcome to the race to be president of the United States, Mrs. Clinton.

A much more pertinent side question: what took so long for the genuine media scrutiny?

For some reason, Hillary Clinton enjoyed extraordinarily positive press coverage for the last eight years. Why? I have no satisfying explanation. Had the left-leaning mainstream media been cultivating and protecting a favored candidate? Not likely. This hypothesis is deliciously inviting, but it seems far too facile and "breathtakingly" conspiratorial. Perhaps the media felt genuine sympathy for the famously humiliated wife of the most celebrated philandering husband in all of American history? Or perhaps the media believed that they went too far during impeachment, and they owed the Clintons a "pay-back call" or two. Maybe. [...]

From an outsider looking in, I see the media's "turn" on Hillary as wild animals turning on the wounded member of the pack. Just an observation based upon nearly 53 years on this planet. All in all, most of the Lame Stream sides with Hillary but the occasional barb is indicative of vultures waiting for their prey to actually die off before they dine.

At Lightning Fingers' place at Wake Up America: Panic In Hillaryville
[...] Rasmussen again showed that she was hemorrhaging points in September 18th, she held a 23 point lead, October 27th, that lead dropped to 16 points and November 7th, that lead dropped to 10 points.
That is a 13 point drop since September 18th, 2007.
Worse news, the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that heads up against Giuliani, Hillary only enjoys a 1 point lead.
USA/Gallup shows married men do not favor Hillary.
Zogby shows trouble for Hillary in Iowa.
This next Rasmussen poll is no big surprise, since it is Texas, but added with everything else, my question yesterday about whether Hillary Clinton is losing that "shoe in" status becomes more relevant. [...]
Don Surber has a knack for the obvious to those wide awake...unlike the Leftinistra. As our readers should quickly realize, we call out the inconsistencies of the Leftinistra on a regular basis. I dare say that 99.9% of them will NEVER accept responsibility for their own actions if the outcome is a negative. There is always someone else to blame or something else.
[...] So the big news from Planet Clinton is that Bill is cavalierly accepting the blame for the failure of Hillarycare in 1994.

The New York Times quoted him as saying: "You know how much she cares about this. She has taken the rap for some of the problems we had with health care the last time that were far more my fault than hers."

And indeed, the headline on an Oct. 3, 1994, story via NYT News Service said: "First lady takes blame for health care demise."

Except for the part where she did not say that. Mrs. Clinton's construct was that she was to blame for failing to make you people (mouth breathers that you are) understand the genius of her perfect plan.

Reported the Times in 1994: "But the most frustrating failure she acknowledges is not getting the country to understand that the plan the Clintons offered a year ago was an opening offer, 'constructed to be deconstructed.' Instead of being a basis for negotiations, she said, 'it was described as an ultimatum by our opponents and therefore used to undermine the process of reaching agreement.'"

Got that? The VMWC (vast medical wing conspiracy) did her in, preventing her from bestowing upon the dumb masses the wisdom of her perfect plan. [...]

Case closed. Or, as my partners here at ANO would say, checkmate.

So, we have determined that at the first sign of actually having to admit to something that could go wrong for Hillary, she calls on others to fall on her own sword, lest she get harmed, and then blame game then ensues and when the dust settles, she will emerge and say something akin to, 'What?'

And what of her Porkness? Ed Morrisey chimes in on that:
Guess which presidential candidate has the temerity to talk fiscal responsibility while outstripping the other candidates in pork-barrel spending? It turns out the Woodstock museum was only the headline act in a long concert of earmarking for Hillary Clinton. Not only does she lead the Senate delegation in this cycle's presidential race, but despite her junior status, she earmarked more than five times more money than her nearest competitor: [...]
Again, we ask, is this what America needs? A spendthrift Socialist? No, Hillary. America cannot afford you and your 1,000,000 "things America cannot afford".

Flopping Aces:
[...] Ahhhhh, the Clintons. You can always count on them for some kind of dishonorable conduct. [...]
Exactly so.

A Hat Tip to Stop the ACLU for this article here:
Two new reputable polls of New Hampshire Democratic Primary voters will show statistically significant drops in support for frontrtunner Hillary Clinton, Democrats who have seen those polls said today.

The polls will be released this weekend and are embargoed; though I'm not privy to the embargo agreement, I'll be a little vague out of respect for the polling organizations.

One of the polls shows that the gap between Clinton and Barack Obama narrowed by more than 10 points. Her biggest decline was seen among older voters.

The other shows Clinton's lead over Obama reduced by approximately 9 points.

John Edwards remains at about 15 percent in both.

And, there are reports that Hillary leads Rudy by 1 point now. In cases such as this, I consider Bad News for Hillary to be Good News. I so hope that Hillary is the nominee for the DNC. The GOP may not be able to take back the Senate but the GOP sure does have a good shot at taking back the House and WILL retain the White House.

Bring it on, Hillary.

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The Politics of Parsing

My parents used to tell me, "Your sins will find you out." Apparently, self-respect, self-worth, honesty and personal integrity were not taught to Czarina.

Any questions?

Hat Tip to Wake Up America


A Funny For the Day

A Japanese doctor says, "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him out looking for work in six weeks."

A German doctor says, "That is nothing. We can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him out looking for work in four weeks."

A British doctor says, "In my country medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have both of them out looking for work in two weeks"

The American doctor, not to be outdone, interjected, "You guys are way behind. We are about to take a woman with no brains, send her to Washington where she will become President, and then half the country will be out looking for work.