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Hamas In Their Own Voices

Hamas In Their Own Voices

An email from a state Act For America chapter on the East Coast alerted me to the existence of another red hot video clip. This one, from MEMRI, shows Hamas leaders spewing their genocidal venom prior to Israel's well justified retaliatory strike into Gaza.

MEMRI's bulletin announcing this video clip is here.

The video, a compilation of MEMRI TV clips that aired prior to the current Gaza crisis, includes statements by Hamas leaders calling for the annihilation of Israel and of all Jews, for death to America, and for the Islamic conquest of the world.

Featured are Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, Hamas MPs Mushir Al-Masri and Fathi Hamad, Hamas MP and cleric Yunis Al-Astal, Palestinian Legislative Council acting speaker Sheikh Ahmad Bahr, and Hamas clerics Wael Al-Zarad and Muhsen Abu 'Ita.

Viewers will also witness Hamas military training for adults and children, anti-American speeches at rallies including burning of the American flag and calls of support for "The Afghan Mujahidin", Hamas Al-Aqsa TV children's shows, and more.

The following quotes were contained in the email I received earlier.

Khaled Mash’al,
Hamas Leader (Al-Quds TV ( Lebanon ) 12/29/08
Allah Akbar…..Therefore, we in Hamas and I think most of the (other) forces (say) loud and clear that after December 19, 2008 the tahdiah will end and will not renewed.
This in their own voices is Hamas….before the war!
Yunis Al-Astal
Hamas MP & Cleric
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)
Very soon. Allah willing. Rome will be conquered, just like Constantinople was. Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam—this capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests which will spread through Europe in its entirety and then will be turned to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe.
Sheik Ahmad Bahr
Palestine Legislative Council
Acting Speaker
Sudan TV, Channel 4 ( Iran )
Allah willing, “you will be victorious while America and Israel will be annihilated. Allah willing, and kill them all, down to the very last one.
Ismail Haniya
Hamas PM (Hamas/Gaza)
Oh Americas , Allah will punish you. The time has come for Allah to declare war on you, oh usurers! We have come there to have to say as we burn the American flag, with the grace of Allah-----
Mushir Al-Masri
Hamas MP
Al-Jazeera TV ( Qatar )
We salute the resistance in Afghanistan . Which humiliates the American Army. The army of Bush, by the grace of Allah.
Child in a children’s TV program..I will kill you Bush because that is your fate…Ahhh, I killed him.
Fathi Hammad
Hammas MP
Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)
That by the grace of Allah killing a single Jew is the same as killing 30 million Jews.
Wael Al-Zarad
Hamas Cleric
Al-Aqsa TV
As Muslims our blood vengeance against them will only subside with their annihilation, Allah willing.
Mushen Abu ‘lta
Hamas Cleric
Hamas/Gaza TV
The annihilation of the Jews here in Palestine is one of the splendid blessings of Palestine .
Khaled Mash ‘al
Hamas Leader
Al Jazeera TV ( Qatar )
Yes, Allah is greater than America . Allah is greater than the superpowers. We say to this West, By Allah you will be defeated. Today, the Arab and Islamic nation is rising and awakening. It will regain the leadership of the world. Death to Israel . Death to America .
In my previous post "Hamas = Islam", I showed you that Islam & Hamas are one and the same. This video shows us their intentions, in a most violent venomous spew. So that you may understand where they get the feces they spew, I post links to Ibn Kathir's Tafsir, which fully exposes the sources: Islam's canon of scripture & tradition. Read them and curse Islam!
Islamic supremacism & triumphalism flow from Moe's recitation & Sunnah. Read them, understand them, share them and curse them. [Use this link if you can't see the video player above this line.]
This is vital information, please don't waste it! Copy this blog post and paste it into an email, share it with your friends, family & associates. Exhort the recipients to forward it. This vital information must be widely broadcast, not suppressed. I've done my part, now you do yours; together we will advance the cause of saving Western Civilization.


itbach al yahood

I generally do not post videos, due to bandwidth limitations, I neither view nor post them. This is one of the rare exceptions. I want you to view this video and share it with others. I want you to see and hear a Sheikh exhorting the rabble to kill Jews. I want you to see and hear the audience reaction. I want you to recognize the quotations from the Qur'an. Please watch and share this video from MEMRI.

The raving maniac you are about to observe in action is Muhammad Abd Al-Qader, Member, Jordanian Parliament. He was raising Hell December 28, 2008, broadcast by Al-Jazerra.

MEMRI has added sub-titles in English so that you can comprehend the exhortation. I recognized Jihad & itbach al yahood in the Arabic sound track. These demon spawn have brethren in our on nation, ranting and raving in languages we do not understand. What are they
saying? What are they exhorting their audiences to do? Why do we continue to tolerate it? Terminal insanity is the only answer.

"The Koran says: 'Fight them, Allah will torment them by your hands. He will bring them to disgrace, and grant you victory over them. He will heal the hearts of the believers.' 9:14
"Yes, [jihad] is a personal duty, not a collective one. A wife should set out on jihad even without her husband's permission, a child should set out even without his father's permission, and a slave should set out even without his master's permission.
The second quote is only legal under Shari'ah when Dar ul-Islam is invaded by Kuffar. Women, juveniles & slaves are not permitted to join Jihad unless the Muslims are invaded or being overrun by a superior force.

I received notification of this video's existence from CVF. If you are a freedom lover, you should join that organization.


MEMRI...The Jihadi Watchers

~Snooper here~

This is where I, Snooper, get quite a bit of my data about the Jihadi scum that worship, adore and blindly follow the false god and prophet of Islam. Islam's Founder was a pedophile and a mass murderer.

MEMRI puts out so much information, it is difficult to follow piece-meal. I gather their posts, articles and videos and hen place them in a MEMRI Media round Up. Follow the links and learn of the Global Threat of murderous Islam.

Al-Qaeda Member's Account of His Stay in Iran

Columnist Fares bin Hazam, who specializes in issues relating to Al--Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, published in the Saudi daily Al--Riyadh a personal account by a former Al-Qaeda member of Saudi origin. The article, titled "Iran Recruits Members to Al-Qaeda at Tens of Thousands Dollars a Month," describes the assistance the former fighter and his friends received from Iranian authorities after they fled Afghanistan, as well as Iranian attempts to recruit him as an Iranian agent in Saudi Arabia.

The following are excerpts from the account:

"After the disintegration of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan at the end of 2001 as a result of the American attack and the coming to power of other Afghan forces in the country, instructions were received from our leadership to retreat from Kabul in the direction of Kandahar. In the month of Ramadan, we received instructions from our commander to leave for Iran in order to seek refuge there. We arrived in Iran via Pakistan, where we did not stay very long. Our group consisted of about 30 fighters, among them Faisal Al-Dakhil, 'Amr Al-Shehri [both killed in 2004] and other prominent figures wanted by the Saudi government.

"We were aware that Afghani [Islamist] leader Gulboddin Hekmatyar, who resided in Iran [at that time], was acting as an intermediary and liaison [between us and] Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Hekmatyar promised us accommodation in the border city of Zehdan [in southeastern Iran], where the majority of the residents are Baluchi Sunnis. There we met with Al-Qaeda commander Abu Hafs Al-Mauritani, who had earlier opposed the September 11 attacks. [Al-Mauritani] assured us that we were in a safe place, and that we would be questioned by Iranian intelligence services in Teheran, who would provide for all our needs during our stay in Iran.

"Our numbers dwindled: only 10 of us remained after about two-thirds of our group disappeared , Al-Dakhil and Al-Shehri among them. We moved to Teheran and met with the interrogators. They proposed that I collaborate with them from abroad, [that is] from my country [Saudi Arabia] supplying them with information that they would need in the future. Their offer shocked me. I declined, and then was overcome with fear that the refusal would [harm the chances of] my release and return to my country. The interrogator began enticing me: '[You will receive] a monthly salary of 410,000, an Iranian passport, and military training with Hizbullah in Lebanon.' [...]

Editor of Saudi Liberal Daily Reveals Iranian-Saudi Sparring at the Istanbul Conference
In an editorial on November 8, 2007, Jamal Ahmad Khashogji, editor-in-chief of the liberal Saudi daily Al-Watan, reveals the diplomatic sparring that took place at the Istanbul Conference between Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal and Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki. Khashogji wrote that for all Iran's talk about Islamic unity, Iran is in fact contributing to sectarian division. [...]
Arab Columnists: The Annapolis Summit Will Serve Arab Interests
As the Annapolis summit draws near, Arab columnists have been publishing articles emphasizing that the summit will serve Arab interests. The articles argue that it is imperative for the Arabs to support the summit, since it will bring stability to the region, promote a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, put an end to the exploitation of the Palestinian issue by the "unholy alliance" of Iran, Syria and Hamas, and even serve as a deterrent to Iran. [...]


Leader of Indonesian Jama'a Islamiyya Abu Bakr Al-Ba'shir: I Support Bombings in America, But Not in the Muslim World (video here)
The following are excerpts from an interview with Abu Bakr Ba'shir, spiritual leader of Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya in Indonesia, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on October 26, 2007.

"Democracy Runs Counter to Islam, Because it Emphasizes the Sovereignty of the People, Whereas Islam Emphasizes the Sovereignty of Allah" [...]

Did you catch that? "Democracy runs counter to Islam"...ANY QUESTIONS?

Kuwaiti MP Praises Jihad, Advises Bin Laden On Avoiding Mistakes In Al-Qaeda's Jihad

Ramadhan TV Show: Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-'Arifi Explains Wife-Beating in Islam to Young Muslims (video here)

Muhammad Al-Arifi: "Men beat women more often than women beat men. I said that some women beat their husbands because this happens, but it is rare, and there is no need to hold conferences on wives who beat their husbands. I believe this is less prevalent, because by nature, the body of the man...In most cases, Allah made the body of men stronger than the body of women. Therefore, you and your sister...You may be taller than your mother, right? If your mother is ill, you may be able to carry her, but she cannot carry you. Allah created women with these delicate, fragile, supple, and soft bodies, because they use their emotions more than they use their bodies. Therefore, while the man may use beating to discipline his wife, she sometimes uses her tears to discipline him. He gets what he wants by screaming, while she gets what she wants from him by crying and displaying emotions. For men, women's emotions may be fiercer than the strike of a sword." [... ]
These people are not only back asswards, they are really and truly sick between the ears.

Al-Jama'a Al-Salafiyya in Libya Joins Al-Qaeda

On November 3, 2007, Al-Qaeda's media production company Al-Sahab posted on the Islamist website, which is hosted by NOC4Hosts Inc., Tampa, FL, USA,, a video titled "Unity of the Ranks.' In this video, Al-Zawahiri and Sheikh Abu Al-Layth Al-Libi, a prominent Al-Qaeda figure of Libyan origin who is currently in Afghanistan, announce the decision by the Al-Jama'a Al-Salafiyya Al-Muqatila in Libya to join Al-Qaeda. The video appears to be an attempt by Al-Qaeda to demonstrate growth and success in the face of the major setbacks it is experiencing in Iraq and Algeria.

al-Zawahiri: "Your Devoted Sons Are Uniting Under the Banner of Islam and Jihad" [...]

Saudi Columnist on MEMRI's Report About Islamophobia on YouTube
Egyptian Columnist Criticizes Lack of Tolerance in the Arab World
Al-Sharq al-Awsat Editor: After U.S. Withdrawal, Gulf Will Be "Under the Siege of the Islamic Revolution and Under the Pressure of Syrian Meddling"
Islamist Websites Monitor Website – Statement of Purpose


New Arab-English Reform Website on "The Arab Rosa Parks"


MEMRI...All Eyes East

Iraqi President Talabani Criticizes Syrian President Assad for Supporting Turkish Military Action in Kurdistan
"A Military Solution to the PKK Problem is Futile"

Jalal Talabani: "True, the Kurdistan Workers Party [PKK] can be accused of carrying out terrorist operations from time to time, but what is the result? Would a military solution guarantee an end to this problem? We are convinced that it would not. Moreover, there is an important question... I believe it was a certain Turkish official who said: 'The number of PKK members in Turkey is such-and-such, while in the Kandil Mountains [in Kurdistan], they number such-and-such.' So let them get rid of the ones in their own territory, if they can. Maybe they can move around more easily in the Kurdistan province. My desire to avoid Turkish and Kurdish bloodshed and to protect the interests of Turkey and the Kurdish people makes me believe that a military solution to the PKK problem is futile."


In Letter to U.N. Secretary-General, Lebanese Prime Minister Accuses Syria of Being Behind Fath Al-Islam
In a harsh letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and to Arab League Secretary-General 'Amr Moussa, sent on October 11, 2007, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Al-Siniora accused Syria of being behind Fath Al-Islam. Al-Siniora stated that, according to information obtained from Fath Al-Islam detainees, the organization leaders had been in direct contact with Syrian intelligence officers. He added that most of the organization fighters had infiltrated Lebanon illegally through the Syrian border, and that Syrian intelligence had used the organization to further its political and security aims in Lebanon.


Iranian President Ahmadinejad Reiterates Proposal for "Zionist State" in Canada or Alaska, Suggests International Committee of "Truth-Seekers" Examine Holocaust, 9/11
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "The Western governments that bear the standard of secularism, anti-religion, and lack of respect for the rights of the peoples, and for the followers of all Abrahamic religions, themselves consider the defense of the Zionist regime to be the most sacred value in the world. Zionism and the existence of the Zionist regime are so important to them that they do not even allow the raising of questions about the preparations and pretexts that led to the establishment of this regime."


Jihad Commander in Afghanistan Sheikh Al-Ustadh Yasser in New Al-Sahab Video: "The American is an Infidel Fighting the Muslims – Hence, the Muslims Must Fight Him Everywhere"
On October 21, 2007, the Islamist website Al-Ekhlaas, hosted by Layered Technologies, Inc. in Texas, USA, posted a 90-minute video, produced by Al-Sahab, featuring an interview with Afghani jihad commander Sheikh Muhammad Yasser (known as Sheikh Al-Ustadh Yasser). The sheikh was released from an Afghan prison in March 2007 in exchange for an Italian journalist abducted by the Taliban. According to the video, he served as a minister in the three governments that preceded the rise of the Taliban, and later resigned from politics to become a lecturer at the Da'wa and Jihad University in Peshawar. The video further states that he supported the Taliban when it came to power. The following are the main points of the video:


Palestinian Researcher: Building Giant Mosques in Europe is a Provocation that Harms the Muslims
In an article, Palestinian researcher Dr. Khaled Al-Hroub criticized the Muslims in Europe for not condemning terrorist attacks and thereby harming the image of the Muslims. He also argued against building giant mosques in Europe, saying that this provokes the host societies and works to the Muslims' disadvantage.

The following are the excerpts from the article:(1)

The Silence of Europe's Muslims Following Terrorist Attacks Has Hurt Their Image

"There has been an ongoing debate in Britain regarding the plans of some Muslims, namely the Tabligh Group, to build a mosque in East London that would be the biggest in Britain, if not in Europe. Reports on the mosque plans indicate that it will hold 40,000 people, with an option for an extension that will increase its capacity to 70,000... Why are the Muslims in Europe insisting on building mosques of such extravagant size? And why is it that the building of such mosques arouses public and political protest in the societies that host the Muslims?


I wish more folk would pay more attention to their surroundings.


MEMRI...News To Use

In an investigative article in the Egyptian weekly Roz Al-Yousef, journalist Asma Nassar revealed that a popular Koran commentary for children published in Egypt contains virulent incitement against Christians and Jews, and calls on both children and adults to fight them. Nassar's critical article presents excerpts from the book and comments from Muslim scholars who participated in its writing and from senior Al-Azhar figures.


In July 2007, MEMRI launched a campaign to expose Islamist/jihadist websites, in particular those hosted by servers in the West.(1) The goal of the campaign is to hinder jihadists' efforts to spread their extremist message among increasingly wider audiences, thereby broadening their support base.

As a result of MEMRI's efforts, many ISPs in the West have removed Islamist websites from their servers, forcing the jihadists to seek new strategies. One such strategy is operating through multiple ISPs, so that the site continues to be available even if one ISP shuts it down.



News Via MEMRI

Jihadist/Islamist Websites and Their Hosts (List III): Websites Supporting Jihad in Iraq – Hosted in the West

On August 10, 2007, MEMRI posted a list of Islamist websites, forums, and blogs which support warfare against Coalition forces in Iraq and promote jihadist incitement and propaganda.(1) This report presents additional websites which promote a similar anti-Coalition agenda, and a list of websites from the previous list that are still hosted by ISPs in the West.

Websites and Forums Associated With Terrorist Organizations

1. Website associated with the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), i.e. with Al-Qaeda in Iraq
ISP: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.; TX, USA

2. The official website of Kata'ib Thawrat Al-'Ishrin
ISP: Layered Technologies, Inc.; TX, USA

3. The official website of Saraya Sa'd Ibn Abi Waqas
ISP: Liquid Web Inc.; MI, USA

4. The official website of 'Assa'ib Al-Iraq Al-Jihadiyya
ISP: RIPE Network Coordination Centre; Amsterdam, NL

Websites, Forums and Blogs Supportive of Jihad in Iraq

1. Shabkat Qawafil Al-Islam – Features a bulletin board for ISI communiqués
ISP: Layered Technologies, Inc.; TX, USA

2. Shabkat Al-Mujahideen Al-Electroniyya – Posts communiqués by jihad groups in Iraq
ISP: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.; TX, USA

3. Minbar Al-Ru'ya Al-Wataniyya Al-Munahidha lil-Ihtilal- Posts videos and messages by jihad groups in Iraq
ISP: SURFTOWNDK, Lyngby, Denmark

4. Subhanaka forum – Posts communiqués by jihad groups in Iraq

5. Multaqa Al-'Awda Al-Jihadi – Features a bulletin board for videos by Islamist Iraqi groups
ISP: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.; TX, USA

6. Shabkat Al-Furqan Al-Islamiyya – Posts communiqués by jihad groups in Iraq
ISP: SoftLayer Technologies Inc.; TX, USA

7. Website devoted to Al-Zarqawi
ISP: Electric Lightwave Inc.; WA, USA

8. Blog devoted to jihad in Iraq
ISP: Google Inc.; CA, USA

Websites and Forums From Previous MEMRI List Still Hosted by ISPs in the West

Islamic Front of Iraqi Resistance
ISP: Schlund + Partner AG, D-76135; Karlsruhe, Germany

Juba Online
ISP: Google Inc., CA, USA

Al-Jaysh Al-Islami

Al-Basra Minbar Al-'Iraq
ISP:; Madrid, Spain

Jaysh Al-Taifa Al-Mansura

Jaysh Rijal Al-Tariqa Al-Naqshabandiya
ISP: Internet Services Inc.; TX, USA

Muntadayat Al-Mustaqbal Al-Islami
ISP: United Colocation Group Inc.; CA, USA

Dawriyyat Al-'Iraq
ISP: Performance Systems International Inc.; DC, USA

Blog devoted to communiqués by Iraq organization
ISP: Google Inc.; CA, USA

Blog devoted to Iraqi terrorist organizations
ISP: Carpathia Hosting, VA, USA

Blog featuring video messages by prominent Islamist figures (e.g. Al-Zarqawi)
ISP: Google Inc.; CA, USA

Al-Nour forum

Al-Faluja forum
ISP: ZipServers Inc.; OK, USA

Website of Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya Lil-Muqawama Al-Iraqiyya

(1) See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1678, "Jihadist/Islamist Websites and Their Hosts (List II): Websites Supporting the Jihad in Iraq – Hosted in the U.S.," August 10, 2007,

When was the last time anyone has seen a by-God Christian Organization promoting using children as vessels of murder? MEMRI brings you The Religion of Pieces...Islam.
Narrator: "We continue to march with little Amjad. We continue to march with little Amjad."

Children singing in the background: “We are not afraid of the soldiers, we are all steadfast. We are not afraid of the soldiers; we are all steadfast in this land... in this land... We demand our right, and we carry our school bags, We demand our right, and we carry our school bags. On our way we take the risk, and hide stones next to notebooks.”

Girl child singing in background: “My little brothers, how long will we continue to let the occupier us by hunger and siege?”

Chorus: “By hunger and by siege...”

Girl: “By killing and destruction...”

Chorus: “No to the oppression and to the occupation, oh child killer. No to the oppression and to the occupation, oh child killer. The army of immorality will not defeat the stone. The army of immorality will not defeat the stone no matter how much you shoot.”


Is that weird or what? OK. Let us, for the sake of making a point, that we are killing the children on purpose. The Islamic Menace is promoting the utilization of children to murder by blowing themselves up. Does anyone see the Double Standard there? No wonder our own Leftinistra loves these sick bastards so much. And, along those same lines, no wonder the terrorists love our own Leftinistra so much.

Every one of substance already knows we are not doing the atrocities the enemies within and the enemies without are saying we do. If we were, the evidence would be overwhelmingly presented and this is simply not the case.

When the West depicts Muslim life via cartoons, the MooSlimes get all wound up. However, if THEY do it, it is OK. Imagine that:

Although not constantly in the headlines, the status of women in the Arab world is an issue frequently addressed by Arab cartoonists. Cartoons published in recent months have approached the issue from various angles. While some have criticized the discrimination against women and women's inferior status relative to that of men, others have condemned Arab society for keeping women prisoners and for depriving them of their basic rights. Others have dealt with problems related to marriage, including husbands' violence against wives and the effect this has on the children; the phenomenon of marriage of older men and very young girls; and the ease with which Muslim men can divorce their wives.



And here we have Arab cartoons directed at terrorists. Don't let a Western Agency do this. Bad Karma and all.

The Arab press recently published more cartoons condemning terrorism.(1) These cartoons presented terrorism as an indiscriminately destructive force striking everything in its path, and mocked the terrorists for blindly pursuing the promise of the virgins of Paradise. The cartoons also expressed criticism of extremists who entice the youth, indoctrinating them to embrace extremist ideas.


Ach du lieber!

And there is debate on Corporal Punishment by the teachings of the KooKooRan.

Criticism of the Religious Discourse in Saudi Arabia. Why would that be?

Columnists in the Saudi press have recently been criticizing the religious discourse in Saudi Arabia, especially the sermons in the mosques, which, they stated, promote extremism and create a rift among the Muslims. Some columnists have also maintained that, since this discourse is rooted in the past and is not in the spirit of this age, it impedes any attempt at reform and progress in Saudi Arabia. Others even proposed to reform this discourse by introducing modern and more humane interpretations of religious texts, by the careful choosing of the preachers, and by the passing of laws prohibiting incitement from religious pulpits.


The Muslim world is falling apart thanks to the efforts of those of us exposing their Prophet for what IT is...a troll...a pedophile troll.

And as a final note, click here to see why Iran's Achmadinejad really wanted to visit Ground Zero. For an in-depth write up on this subject, go here. Here is a teaser:


The lunatic's words:

Following are excerpts from an interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which aired on the Iranian news channel on September 29, 2007:

: You were supposed to visit the site of the Twin Towers, but this aroused controversy and many objections in their media. What do you think about this?

LUNATIC: As you know, by spreading lies and by portraying me... For example, they show my picture next to a picture of Bin Laden, or next to tanks and cannons firing and killing people. This is psychological warfare.

9/11 has led to many significant changes. It was used as a pretext to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq. It was the reason for the killing of hundreds of thousands of people. It is only natural for us to respond in an appropriate manner. I wanted to visit there last year, but there was no time for that. So I decided to visit there this year to pay my respect to the casualties and convey my sympathy to the families.

I also wanted to raise several questions and express my views. I wanted to say that in my opinion, this incident is the result of the mismanagement of the world, and the result of the inhuman management of the world. Why did such an incident take place? We need to get to the root causes. We don't want them to turn this incident, in 20 years' time, into another false idol like the Holocaust, which they would use as a pretext to kill peoples, and prevent anybody from opening this [Pandora's] box and examining what really happened in this incident. They might turn 9/11 into something sacred, and whoever does not accept it would be considered an infidel, whereas whoever accepts it would have to accept all the ensuing crimes.

In any event, we must express our views. I believe that this way, we would have formed cordial relations with the American people, and cold have opened this issue up for discussion. Well, this is exactly what they want to prevent.


Spitting nails yet? Spend more time at MEMRI. The MooSlimes and the Leftinistra won't like you for it. Too bad.


MEMRI: The Source For Middle East News

Check out MEMRI TV

In Egypt, Debate on Press Freedom Follows Imprisonment of Opposition Press Editors

In Al-Jazeera Report Showing U.S. Citizen Training Islamist Militants, A Leader of the Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Somali Islamic Courts Union Vows to Annihilate Ethiopia

Iraqi Liberal Khudayr Taher: My Journey From Darkness to Light; America Is the Prophet of Liberty


On MEMRI...The News The Left Will Not Use

MEMRI TV is a fantastic resource to those interested in the Real Deal in the Middle east.

2006 Lebanon War, Attack on Israeli Missile Boat Feature in Iranian Animated Children's Film Aired on International Jerusalem Day

Muslims are racists: Fatwa by Influential Islamic American Jurist: Marriage of Muslim Woman to Non-Muslim Man – Forbidden and Invalid

There is an Electricity Crisis in Syria:

"What is the daily schedule of the Syrian citizen during power outages? At night, naturally, he spends his evening by candlelight or by the light of a flashlight, and if neither are available, there's nothing wrong with moonlight either. In this way, our ridiculous authorities aspire to restore the productivity to our troubled souls. As we know, the light of the moon revives our souls and enriches our imagination, and it has the power to transform us into silver-tongued lovers or poets. The afternoon is the worst time for a serious power outage – especially in the middle of a burning hot summer. The hours between one and four or five transform one from a keen-sensed poet into a crazed murderer... You curse your mother and your father who brought you into Syria."(1)

- Ahmad Mawloud Al-Tayyar, a resident of the city of Al-Raqqa,
describes life in Syria under electricity outage

Hamas Children's Magazine Al-Fateh Encourages Terrorism, Glorifies Martyrdom
The Hamas children's magazine Al-Fateh is published biweekly in London, and is also posted online at It began publication in September 2002, and its 108th issue was released in mid-September 2007

Free Speech in The Muslim World is non-existant...Egyptian Opposition Paper Editor Stands Trial for Article on Mubarak's Failing Health

But, is Jihad OK locally?: Saudi Mufti Issues Fatwa Prohibiting Saudi Youth From Engaging In Jihad Abroad

What are our interests in Sudan, again?: Sudanese Columnist: Al-Qaeda's Infiltration of Sudan – The Result of Preaching to Jihad by the Sudanese Government

WOW: Tunisian Reformist Lafif Lakhdar: European Muslims Should Adopt Universal Values; There is Only One Civilization; The Koranic Verse on Wife-Beating Should Be Abrogated; When Bourquiba Abolished Polygamy in Tunisia, the Majority of Women Were Opposed; Why Bring the Mosque into French Schools When the Church Has Been Taken Out of Them; To Respect Muslims' Religious Freedom to Beat Their Wives and Circumcise Their Daughters, France Would Have to Violate Human Rights


MEMRI...News The Leftinistra Lose

Iran flexes its muscle even though their president said that they were no threat...

Against the backdrop of the increasing threat of a possible attack on Iran, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander Mohammad Ali J'afari warned the countries in the region against permitting the U.S. to attack Iran from its territory, saying "We will pay you back, and this is only natural." [1]

Federalism taking route in the Middle East
Gen. Paul Fares: "Once a new election law is passed, and after we promote the idea of a federal state, we will hold [parliamentary] elections, and in light of their outcome - two years later, after stability in Lebanon is restored - we will raise the idea of a federal state. This idea should arise out of the conviction of all Lebanese, not just some of them. It will take time for this conviction to take root. We need to explain it to the people, so they will understand the benefits of this new regime. It is not easy to shift them from one regime to the other..."

Egyptian playright smacks down on Jihadis

"The culture of death is a culture of irresponsibility. It is a culture in which a person considers all the 'others' to be his enemies. He is terrified of them, and he feels he must finish them off before they finish him off. In addition, this culture does not glorify life - although life is the greatest thing Allah has created for us. I'm not relying on any religious authority or historical examination, but I can only give you my personal opinion. Allah created us in order to enjoy this beautiful universe, and in order to make it even more beautiful, or at the very least, to keep it beautiful.

Saudi government pissed off about Suadi AQ

Recently, a public debate has emerged in Saudi Arabia regarding the involvement of Saudi nationals in terrorist activities throughout the world.

This involvement has been confirmed by numerous sources. For example, reports point to Saudi involvement in terrorist activities in Syria. The Lebanese news agency Al-Markaziyya reported, citing a diplomatic source, that Saudi Arabia had demanded that Syria round up the 980 Saudi Al-Qaeda members currently at a refugee camp in Syria, and hand them over to Saudi authorities as a precondition for any negotiations between the two countries. [1]

Well, Leftinistra?

The above are excerpts from a reporting agency that our dear untrustworthy and defamed morons in CONgress will not accept.

Iomega Corporation deal of the day banner


Islamist Website Hosted in Minnesota Features Discussion on How to Attack U.S. Military Bases

What in the HELL is going on in Minnesota?

On September 3, 2007, the Islamist website, which is hosted by SiteGenie LLC in Rochester, Minnesota, featured a discussion on ways to attack U.S. military bases. The discussion, which took place on a forum on the website, focused mainly on bases located in open terrain, e.g., in the desert, which the forum participants characterized as particularly difficult to approach without being detected. Some of the postings were accompanied by diagrams of military bases showing various plans and angles of attack (as in the image below).
Click the links and PAY ATTENTION!!

If y'all ain't readin' MEMRI on a daily basis, go to the doctor and get whatever it is that is in theb wrong place removed and start paying attention!!


Well? I Guess It "IS" All Over, Then.

Somebody over in Syria has apparently heard The Fat Lady Sing, and the party is drawing to a close. That's all she wrote folks. Syria has decried the inevitable so we must all pack it in.
In Syria, harsh criticism has recently been leveled at the U.S. The Syrian information minister, Muhsin Bilal, told the UAE daily Al-Khaleej that the U.S. was a viper-like fascist state, and the Syrian government daily Teshreen called U.S. leaders "terrorists" and 'serial killers" who are perpetrating genocide among the nations of the world on a daily basis, and who should be called before a war crimes tribunal.

The following are excerpts:

Click the link above and read it for yourself.

Somebody call the White House and let them know that the cat is out of the bag.

And JUST when we were winning!

Damn the luck!!


I have and it has been from our own politicians and their Fruit Loop Brigade morons!





We, The New Media, Win Again

Yesterday, some of us "rabid Right Wing Blog Swarmers" wrote articles and posted items on our blogs, emailed the State Department and several law enforcement agencies.

Well, it worked. We were heard and appropriate action was taken.

The post on this blog, is in regards to a web site hosted in Texas where a 60-page Jihadi document was available in the instructions as to the proper manner of which to kidnap Americans and if the need kill them.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view and way of thinking, the alert was brought to our attention by MEMRI. If you don't know who they are, that is your problem and your bad, not mine.

The popular Islamist-jihadist forum, hosted by RealWebHost in Texas, U.S., recently posted an anonymously written document from 2003 titled "The Excellent Summary of the Rules of the Art of Kidnapping Americans." The 60-page guide describes each stage of the kidnapping, explaining how to select the target and then how to follow him, seize him, transport him to a safe location, and hold him there, as well as how to conduct negotiations. The guide also explains how to execute the hostage should negotiations fail.

The page in question has since been taken down.

Thank you fellow members of The New Media and a special thanks to the State Department.



News The left Hates and Ignores

Former Dean of Islamic Law at Qatar University Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari Speaks Out in Support of U.S. Presence in Middle East

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML, visit:

The following are excerpts from an interview with former dean of Islamic law at Qatar University, Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari. The interview aired on Abu Dhabi TV on July 26, 2007.

To view an entire page of interviews on Arab TV of Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari please visit

To view this clip, please visit

"We Still Repeat the Same Mistakes, to the Point That the Criteria of Victory and Defeat Have Been Distorted"

Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari: "Unfortunately, the history of the Muslims has become confused with their religion. The Muslims are no different than other nations. Some actions of the Muslims are not in line with the teaching of their religion. Some traditions have dominated Islamic society for over a thousand years, although they run counter to the religion of Islam. The shura [consultation] is a lofty principle in Islam. Since the rule of the four Righteous Caliphs, which lasted 30 years, the shura has disappeared from the lands of the Muslims – even though we are in need of the shura, which nowadays is synonymous with democracy. The people of the nation have the right to elect their ruler, and to hold him accountable. All these values disappeared with the disappearance of the shura."

There is quite a bit more in this presentation...Read On and view the videos. What are our media moguls so afraid of?

There is more from MEMRI...the news our OWN media is sorely afraid of...I wonder why...

This can be viewed in two locations, here and here:

The massive increase in oil revenues in most of the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait – has created unprecedented opportunities for the building of infrastructure, the provision of social services and, at the same time, for investments overseas.

These investments have been channeled through two principal pipelines – acquisition of assets and the purchase of shares in high quality financial and industrial firms. According to the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat of August 13, the Gulf countries have channeled $140 billion for overseas investments in the last three years. In a relatively short time, some of the Gulf countries have become respectable actors on the international financial scene.

At the same time, a hospitable investment environment, the privatization of state-owned entities, and the prospects of mutually profitable deals have attracted a massive influx of Western financial services and industry to the Gulf region. The opening of the real estate market for foreign investors, particularly in Dubai, has created a massive construction boom which is fueling economic growth at a rapid rate.

On the relationships between Iran and Syria for the uneducated, the uninitiated and those suffering from Ostrichitis
The cooperation between Iran and Syria has recently broadened in a variety of areas, including the military, security, economic and scientific spheres.

Close relations between the two countries are evident, inter alia, in numerous reciprocal visits by their leaders and in statements made during these visits. Thus, for example, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei declared, during Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's February 2007 visit to Tehran, that Iran and Syria constitute a strategic depth for one another.(1) Strategic cooperation between the two countries was also expressed in statements by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at a meeting with Syrian Prime Minister Muhammad Naji Al-Utri during his March 2007 visit to the country, when he said, "Iran and Syria have common enemies, [a circumstance] which requires perfect coordination vis-à-vis enemy plans, attainable through a maximal deepening of relations between them."(2)

Assad, on his part, declared in Tehran in February 2007 that "enhancing relations between Tehran and Damascus is extremely important for solving the problems of the Islamic world, as well as for the progress of both Iran and Syria."(3) Furthermore, in February 11, 2007 meeting marking the 28th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, held at the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Al-Utri stressed that "strategic Syria-Iran cooperation and coordination are the only way to deal with the pressures and with the evil attack on them [by the West]."(4)

MEMRI improves their video access ports:

MEMRI is announcing the redesigned website of the MEMRI TV Project,

The MEMRI TV Project maintains the world's largest archives of footage translated from Arab and Iranian television. The project has so far produced 1,527 clips, totaling more than 14,000 hours of footage.

MEMRI TV is viewed in 197 countries around the world, and to date over 20 million visitors have accessed its website.

The main focus of the MEMRI TV Project is the latest developments of the Middle East in the political, ideological, religious and social spheres.

Hamas Representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan Justifies Suicide Bombings in Buses: Israeli Soldiers Ride Those Buses
"The Occupation Soldiers Also Have a Security Motive in Using Public Transport: They Shield Themselves Behind 'Civilians' Within the Zionist Entity"

Interviewer: "Islamic law has forbidden aggression during jihad – by forbidding the killing of women, children, the elderly, clerics who devote themselves to the worship of God, and other noncombatant civilians who do not serve in the enemy's army. Do you consider all the Jews in Palestine to be combatants who have plundered the land? We've witnessed martyrdom operations that targeted buses and restaurants."

Osama Hamdan: "First of all, let me clarify something very important. What is the ruling regarding those who live in Palestine, in the so-called Israel, and who are aggressors and plunderers of the land? The way we see it, they all came to Palestine from abroad, whether before the declaration of the Zionist entity or after it. If you were to conduct statistics within the Zionist entity, you would find that all these people have their origins in other countries – they came from Europe, Eastern Europe, from America, South America, or other places."

Please click the links and learn something other than It Is America's Fault Crap.


Websites Supporting the Jihad in Iraq – Hosted in the U.S.


In short order, I will ask Wake Up America to post here as an adendum, their links to posts relating to this same topic. I don't recall if these particular web sites are listed on their posts, however. More than likely, their links are in addition to these here.

The following was received in an email from MEMRI:

Special Dispatch-Jihad & Terrorism Studies Project
August 10, 2007
No. 1678

Jihadist/Islamist Websites and Their Hosts (List II): Websites Supporting the Jihad in Iraq – Hosted in the U.S.

To view this Special Dispatch in HTML, visit:

As part of their warfare against the Coalition forces in Iraq, terrorist organizations have been using cyberspace to enhance the psychological effect of their attacks within their ranks, to enhance recruitment, and to extend the reach of their propaganda.

The following is a list of active Jihadist/Islamist websites supporting the jihad in Iraq, divided into four categories.(1)

All the websites, forums, and blogs supporting jihad in Iraq are hosted by companies in the West, mostly in the United States.

Websites of Terrorist Organizations in Iraq
1. The website of Al-Jaysh Al-Islami fi Al-Iraq
2. The website of Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamiyya Hamas-Iraq
3. The website of Jaysh Abu Bakr Al-Sidiq
4. The website of Jaysh Rijal Al-Tariqa Al-Naqshabandiyya(2)
5. The website of Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya Lil-Muqawama Al-Iraqiyya

Islamist Forums Supporting Jihad in Iraq
1. The Al-Faluja forum
2. The 'Alam Al-Romansiyya forum
3. The Al-Nour forum
4. The Shumukh Al-Islam forum
5. The Al-Ramadi forum
6. The Al-Buraq forum
7. The Al-Mustaqbal Al-Islami forum

Islamist Websites Supporting Jihad in Iraq
1. Sawt Al-Rafidayn
2. Al-Anbar
3. Dawriyyat Al-Iraq
4. Al-Basrah Net

Blogs Supporting Jihad in Iraq
1. Blog devoted to communiqués by Iraqi organizations
2. Blog dedicated to the Al-Qaeda-founded Islamic State of Iraq (ISI)
3. Blog commemorating Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi
4. Blog devoted to the Baghdad Sniper
5. Blog devoted to Iraqi terrorist organizations
6. Blog featuring video messages by prominent Islamist figures (e.g. Al-Zarqawi)
7. Blog devoted to Jihad inside and outside Iraq

To view images of these sites visit:

(1) All websites were active on August 9, 2007.
(2) The titles and names given in this report are the actual transliteration of the Arabic names, instead of the spellings given in the websites' URLs.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) is an independent, non-profit organization that translates and analyzes the media of the Middle East. Copies of articles and documents cited, as well as background information, are available on request.

MEMRI holds copyrights on all translations. Materials may only be used with proper attribution.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
P.O. Box 27837, Washington, DC 20038-7837
Phone: (202) 955-9070
Fax: (202) 955-9077
Search previous MEMRI publications at

[Update-spree] Snooper has remembered i had a few pieces about Jihadi's and the Web and asked me to link them here, so here goes:

Terrorists Use the Web against "Idiot" Americans.

Terrorists Use the Web against "Idiot" Americans, Part #2.

Web Savvy al-Qaeda.

Islamic/Jihadi Websites Hosted in the U.S.

Hope this is what you wanted Snoop!!!!!!!!


The Persian Gulf Version of Taiwan

Interesting entry from MEMRI

Tension has recently developed between Iran and the Gulf states, particularly Bahrain, in the wake of an op-ed by the editor of the Iranian daily Kayhan, Hossein Shariatmadari, who is an associate of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The op-ed, which depicted the Gulf regimes as "not legitimate" and claimed that Bahrain is an inseparable part of Iran and should be returned to it, provoked angry reactions in the Gulf.
Makes ya wonder why the United States hasn't done anything...yet.


A Tunisian Poet Says Enough Already!

Special Dispatch Series - No. 1670
July 27, 2007 No.1670

Tunisian Poet and Civil Rights Activist Basit Bin Hasan on Suicide Bombers Who Attack Funeral Processions

In a July 13, 2007 article on the liberal Arab website Al-Awan, Tunisian poet Basit Bin Hasan, who is a former director of the Tunis-based Arab Institute for Human Rights, wrote that for some in Arab society killing had become a goal unto itself, and that in order to fight the phenomenon of suicide bombings and other manifestations of disregard for human life, Arab societies must overcome their "moral indolence" and reconsider the meaning of life and death.

The following are excerpts from the article:(1)

"The Killing of Humans with Cold, Organized Violence Has Become a Goal Unto Itself"

"This is going on in Iraq, and in places closer to us than we imagine: suicide bombers are targeting the funeral processions of people who were themselves victims of previous suicide attacks.

"In one single motion, and with rare determination, they blow up their own bodies amidst the bodies of the living and the bodies of the dead. In these attacks they are targeting not [only] the areas of life; they are targeting as well the area that separates life from the afterlife – the time of death and mourning. In this kind of suicide, they have united the killing of the living with the killing of the dead.

"They impair our moral conceptions of life and death, and open the gates to a 'new' time – a time of nothingness, in which suicide attacks turn into an absolute and uninterrupted trajectory, divorced from historical goals, and in which the killing of humans with cold, organized violence becomes a goal unto itself.

"Thus the killing of the living and the dead in suicide attacks targeting funeral processions is a frightening phenomenon that boggles the mind, and which, at this point in history, calls for penetrating intellectual and moral attention."

Our Intellectuals Have Recourse to a Logic of Perpetual Justification of Suicide Attacks

"Is life worth living? Is the goal of life to propagate new and different lives and to attain a form of collective happiness in the world of men? Or is the worth of man the destruction of humanity through the destruction of himself and others? And what is the place of death in the path to recognition of the importance of life?

"Many philosophies, both ancient and modern, have attempted to consider politics through these fundamental ethical questions, [but] our intellectuals are expert in ignoring them and marginalizing them. They have persisted in their feeble and monotonous discussions of suicide attacks and in having recourse to the logic of perpetual justification and tolerance for the intolerable.

"At times, they base themselves on an absolute concept of 'resistance,' without any profound reflection on the multiple meanings of this concept and its historical specificity; at other times, they base themselves on the fact that there is no clear and internationally accepted definition of terrorism... as though the absence of a definition for any given phenomenon can permit opening the gates of moral meaninglessness..."

"The Demon in Man Has Escaped From Its Bottle"

"The Arab intellectuals who have defended suicide attacks, whether openly, or through sly and cunning rhetoric, by describing them as an absolute right that aims to achieve political goals, have not only taken part in justifying crimes of destruction against living beings; they have also contributed in keeping [the question of] the meaning of life and death in our societies from being raised.

"The justification of suicide attacks by intellectuals, who are considered authorities, and through the authority of language and the media, has opened gates of fear that will not be shut before our societies are brought to experience the meaning of nothingness and obliteration in their absolute forms.

"[Now] everyone can kill or be killed: the 'resisting' suicide attacker, who has moved on from killing the enemy to killing all; the extremist politician, who has moved on from fighting he who differs from him politically to killing the society that differs from him; people who kill [other] people frantically attempting to face up to tragedies of life and [its] narrow straits; and the state, over which there is no supervision, and which has established a system to lay siege to all and to murder them, in institutions that monitor daily life.

"Thus the demon in man has escaped from its bottle, and everything has become possible. The human body, which used to be ruled by a biological memory that defined the path from birth to death, and by a moral memory that defined the meaning of its experience in existence, has been left in complete nakedness. It has become a body without memory, sufficient unto itself, no longer to struggle for the rule of memory and to plunge into the risks of life, but which rather [exists] in order to destroy itself and others. Destruction has become the life of the body and the meaninglessness that denies the meaning of life and death.

"Today we see that the suicide attacks, which our intellectuals imagined were a temporary means to achieve political benefit, have turned into a fixed institution of their own, with their own particular logic, which is the death of all logic.

"The number of these attacks has risen in a number of our countries, and their forms and methods have become varied. Men and women throw their exploding bodies into armies armed with the latest achievements of destructive weapons technology. Children and youth are led by adults to places where they will kill themselves and kill others. Unexpected suicide bombings hit cafes, hotels, restaurants, engagement parties, government institutions, the media, mosques, churches, and means of transport.

"Now, the attacks are, by striking funeral processions, searching out regions that we naively imagined were unassailable.... [But] some sons of our societies have transgressed all boundaries and have written in the ink of their corpses the dreadful book of nothingness.

"The Objectification of the Self and the Other... Is What Makes Any Crime Permissible"

"The objectification of the self and the other, and the stripping of beings from their humanity, is what makes any crime permissible, no matter how hideous or absurd.

"The suicide attackers have, in this great act of objectification, turned into new gods with absolute control over life and death. These black gods, who have lost their ties to history, decide, through the killing of their bodies which no longer mean anything to them, when and how the lives of others will come to an end.

"We are no longer just facing extremists motivated by political and religious goals. We have entered a phase in which the narcissist suicide attackers have gone beyond Islamic conceptions of life and death.

"The phenomenon of increasing suicide attacks and the steadily multiplying groups of suicide bombers is a historic predicament that raises grave questions as to the extent of our dealing morally and responsibly with issues of life and death in our societies.

"Enough of This Destructive Insanity"

"Faced with the phenomenon of absolute killing and violence that are sweeping our societies, some are still repeating that there are limits to the nothingness surrounding us, and that our desire to [survive] will... stop the collapse, and that an absolute conscience will arise from our dark reality and say 'enough of this destructive insanity,' and will bring back society's desire for life...

"The destructive tendency to which the suicide attacks have led us... is one among a number of other manifestations that have taken root in our societies and that are no less frightening...

"These manifestations, and others [like them], are just lead-ins to a greater worry that has settled into what we call our lives – a worry over an uncertain future, and a worry over our inability to define the forces that rule our fates and decide [matters of] our life and death.

"To start emerging from the tunnel [requires] confronting the general moral indolence and opening a large-scale dialogue on the meaning of life and death in our societies..."

(1), July 13, 2007.


Syrian Media Upset...MEMRI

With the overwhelming evidence of the Good News coming from The War In Iraq via Bill Roggio, Michael Yon, countless Milblogs and General Petraeus, it is no wonder that the Syrian government run media has issued Whining Articles lately.

Recently, the Syrian government press has been directing harsh criticism against some Arab countries, claiming that they are helping the U.S. implement its plans at the expense of the Arabs. The columnists have also condemned the Arabs for rejecting the policy of resistance - which they said had proven its effectiveness in Lebanon - and for normalizing relations with Israel. The writers used harsh terms to describe certain elements within the Arab countries, calling them "Judas Iscariot," Arab "neo-cons," "forces of evil,"and"Jews within [the Arab world]."

Click the link and learn of the progress against our enemies.


Islamist Forum Hosted In New Jersey

Naturally, the Leftinistra in CONgress as well as their cohorts in treasonous act after treasonous act will either ignore this recently made known data or they will applaud it; seeing that their enemies are the same...The United States of America...the FREE United States of America.

Wake Up America has brought this data to the fore previously but this particular US hosted Islamic menace threat is boasting how terrorism furthers the cause of the Jihadis.

MEMRI (the entire article with no Snooper commentary)

Webmaster of Islamist Forum Hosted by ISP in New Jersey Explains How Terrorist Attacks Advance Islamic Cause

On July 2, 2007, a participant on the Islamist forum calling himself "Al-Mustaqim" posted the following question [1]: "My brothers... I wish to hear your opinion about the London operation: [2] Did it advance our cause or [intensify] the anger against our ummah?"

The next day, the forum webmaster posted a reply in which he enumerated Britain's "crimes" and explained how the operation benefited the Muslims.

Below are excerpts from his reply: [3]

England Has Been Fighting the Muslims Since Before the Days of Our Grandfathers

"The Crusaders do not need a reason to show hostility to our Islamic nation. They have been fighting Islam... since the dawn of history. They have been fighting it since the [days of the] Crusaders' military campaign against the land of Islam. At that time, England became the [main] base of this military campaign, and in our modern era, it occupied Muslim countries such as Egypt, Palestine and others."

"England handed Palestine to the Jews on a golden platter, so they could build a terrible state exclusively for themselves. At this time, English forces besieged the mujahid Sheikh 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam [d. 1935]... and his followers... and he became a martyr... After the [1917] Balfour Declaration, that terrible state was established in Palestine, and the Jews ruled Palestine with the financial, moral and political support of England."

"[In 1956,] England took part in the 'tripartite aggression' against Egypt, along with France and the Jews... [England] was [also] part of the military force which attacked Bosnia, not [in order to assist] the Muslims there but in order to... prevent the establishment of an Islamic state there in the wake of the overwhelming victory of the mujahideen... [In addition,] England joined the Crusader forces which attacked Afghanistan and... Iraq... [In sum,] England has been fighting the Muslims since before the birth of our grandfathers and until today.

"The benefit of the attack on the London Underground is [that] it brought home [to the British people] that they are no longer [immune] to the [attacks] of the mujahideen. Just as they kill our people, so will they be killed; just as they kill our children, so will their children be killed; and just as they destroy our cities, so will their cities be destroyed. We have [finally] become equals... after they made us feel, [for many years,] like lambs who go to the slaughter without resisting, because they [i.e. the English] were the masters."


The Attack Harmed Their Economy

"Another benefit [of the attack] is that it was [a blow to] England's infrastructure and harmed it economically... [In addition,] the attack delivered a severe blow to the global stock market: The index lost 200 points in less than 30 minutes, which caused them great economic harm, and prompted them to spend millions in order to increase their level of [security]... Not to mention the [considerable] number of people who converted to Islam after 9/11 and the London bombings."

[1] The forum is hosted by Interserver Inc., located in New Jersey, U.S.

[2] It is not clear whether this refers to the 2005 London Tube bombings or to the June 2007 bombing attempt in Piccadilly.