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The following message comes from the Consumer Energy Alliance. They make it easy to send a message to the bureaucrats responsible for planning off shore leases such as those President Obama recently canceled. Please join me in sending a message favoring maximal exploration & development on the home front. The sooner we get started, the sooner we'll reap the benefits.

February 2009

CEA Newsletter
Issue 23

Message from CEA President David Holt
As a new Congress and administration look to confront the historic and related challenges of an economy in peril and millions of Americans out of work, CEA continues to make the case that an “all of the above,” supply-oriented energy strategy remains the best and most immediate way to stimulate our economy, create new jobs, and generate billions in additional revenue...more

Support the Five-Year Plan Draft Proposed Program to Develop Offshore Oil & Gas Resources!
A significant domestic supply of energy can be safely and efficiently found right here off of America’s shores. The U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS) currently administers the considerable oil and natural gas resources contained in our offshore waters and wants to hear from you about offshore oil and gas development.

Opposition to offshore energy development is mounting. We need you to let Washington know you support reasonable accesss to America’s offshore energy resources.

Send in your comments today!

Support Offshore Wind Power!
The Minerals Management Service is now accepting public comments on a final proposal to develop an offshore wind energy facility off of the Massachusetts coast.

The Cape Wind Energy Project has the potential to power more than 200,000 homes in Massachusetts.

Send in your comments today!


Tell MMS to Get Into Gear!

As soon as I read this email from CEA, I visited their web site and sent the email. I urge you to take the same action. The Bureaucrats need to hear from us, now and loudly. It is 40 years too damn late for sensible action, and we can't wait any longer! Please do your part to make it happen.

Click to read more ...


Today On Snooper's Take Our Country Back Radio


This afternoon, we will begin an eight-part series on the No Oil Twilight Zone with Lindsey Williams. The Peak Oil scenario is a scam and sham.

Lindsey Williams addressed the Granada Form back in December 2005 before he retired.

The eight-part video series can be viewed at LiveLeak of at my video blog here.

Lindsey Williams was a Baptist Minister for nearly 28 years and was the Chaplain for the Alaskan Pipeline. Many say he is a quack for many reasons one of them being his appearances on the Alex Jones show. If that were the only defining factor, I might agree. However, his credibility in the area of faith and religion and the lack of any incriminating evidence of any wrong doing anywhere, I consider him to be a credible source.

In his book The Energy Non-Crisis, he explains in detail why it is that we are lied to on a daily basis by many people. The book was published in 1980 so I thought it to be appropriate to rehash that which Lindsey Williams has been talking about ever since.

Tune in today at 1500 hours Texas time (CST). TOCB on BTR


Want Energy Independence? Vote Conservative!


The offshore drilling ban is soon expiring in a little over 5 days. Get on your phones now and call your Congress Critters. We have more energy sources under our own soil that we will be selling it to the folks we are buying it from now. It is called supply and demand.

American Solutions Fact Sheet is here
Contact data for your Senator is here

Keep up the pressure folks. The problem with Conservatives is this. We win on an issue and thinking that discussion is now over with, we sit down and go back to couch potato status while the Leftinistra sneak in like the cowards that they are a pull crap like Reid tried.



The No Oil Zone - I Told Yas!


OK. A few days ago, folks were all atwitter about the Dems "capitulating" on the offshore drilling moratorium. The moratorium is due to expire in 5 days and change. However, the Leftinistra will do whatever it takes to get that moratorium reinstated one way or another.

In my post enititled, Energy Freedom Day 01 OCT 2008 Soon Upon Us, there is a link to the Energy Freedom Day web site where one can view the countdown to energy independence. There is also a link there which will take you to Let Freedom Ring where caution was expressed.

In the midst of the financial non-crisis crisis, Sen Reid, King of Tent City (aka Reno) tried to sneak in a ban on shale oil exploration. It was soundly defeated but, all in all, the Leftinistra are not finished yet. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is the worst congress ever. In the midst of turmoil, Reid tries to please his darling Nancy.

Sec 1602 continues ban on oil shale. The language follows:

SEC. 1602. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, including section 152 of division A of H.R. 2638 (110th Congress), the Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act, 2009, the terms and conditions contained in section 433 of division F of Public Law 110–161 shall remain in effect for the 19 fiscal year ending September 30, 2009.

Thankfully, this was sent to the shredder where it belongs.


Energy Freedom Day 01 OCT 2008 Soon Upon Us


So now the FBI is involved in investigating the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac boondoggle, eh? Now they investigate? Well, there's nothing better than closing the barn doors after the horse got out, is there? I sure hope they go after the Congress Critters that failed miserably in their mission of oversight. Is this another distraction from the No Oil Zone crisis?

In other news, the Democrats are quite pleased with themselves now that the repeat of 1973 has started in Georgia. Georgia is experiencing fuel shortages and long lines at the pumps. Just in time for the debates too. I find this interesting. Georgia isn't the only state in the south experiencing and I sure hope the folks down there know who is responsible...the Democrat Party. Once again, the Democrat Party has failed their constituents. Get the ropes ready.

Want proof the Democrat Party is responsible? Yahoo News has the story on how the DNCers have capitulated and the moratorium will expire in seven days. Within the past few days, as Congress wrestles with the financial quagmire that they caused, the DNcers tried to sneak in an extention on the moratorium during debates on the continuing resolution to finance the government operations, and they failed. They know that they are on the wrong side of yet another issue and will now try and claim that they have seen the light. From Hot Air:

[...] This effectively ends this as an issue for the 110th Congress. Democrats thought they could get a partial moratorium past the Republicans, one that would have kept drilling at least 50 miles off from shore, but President Bush threatened a veto on any continuing resolution with that kind of language. The Senate had attempted to fashion the exact same compromise, but in the end, Republicans refused to agree. [...]
Conclusion? Dems blink and the American People win. The oil within the 50-mile barrier will be open for business and this is a victory of the #dontgo a degree.

The AP posts a story that the Democrats "let" the moratorium expire. Wrong. They tried to extend it and failed. See the last sentence in the third paragraph above. This is an apparent victory for We The People but, as a HT Gateway Pundit, LFR thinks that there is indeed a catch. It could very well be. Nothing about the DNC surprises me but what does surprise me is this: too many of my fellow Conservative bloggers seem to apply logic when talking about the DNCers. Folks, this issue is NOT over until the drilling begins and begins in steadfast earnestness and urgency. Period. Until then, the libtards haven't given up anything and I don't see any White Flags yet.

I can understand the elation from the GOP in this regard but I will raise the flag of caution and to not let up the pressure one bit. When the enemy is down, put a boot on their neck. That is how you achieve the true and ultimate victory. No regrets and without remorse.

Atlas Shrugs says that pigs have started to fly.

The Democrat political elites decided to have mercy on the little people. They have destroyed our financial system, our public education system, our legal system, our ability to use our own energy resources, the Democrats have expanded fought for terrorists rights, child rapist rights ................ today it all came down around the heads of American people and so the oppressors let up ... a bit [...]
Again, I will hope that we all keep our eyes on these cretins and to NOT turn our backs to them. I smell something and I cannot quite put my finger on it. My palsy detectors are in full detect mode. I think Ace smells the same thing. So does lawhawk. Glad to see it. Right Truth is right pleased as we all are and they want to know when the drilling starts.

More at Memeorandum...

Energy Freedom Day is soon upon us, folks. Let's remain vigilant.


It Is Official - The Gang of 10/16/20 Is History


Good. maybe they will all get unelected. Damn morons. They are to do the bidding of the majority and the majority DEMANDS that they friggin' DRILL DRILL DRILL everywhere and go after ALL OF THE ABOVE. Now we don't have to worry about Nancy's retarded game.


The No Oil Zone - Recent History and #dontgo Lives On


For quite a while now, at least since 01 AUG 08 anyway, the GOP has been pressuring the fraud Nancy to have an up or down vote on the American Energy Act. But, she has better things to do and went gallivanting around at tax payer's expense attending her book sales events. her book was a flop, by the way, and so is she.

At any rate, no pun intended, fuel costs have sky rocketed and have fallen. I think they call that market fluctuations but I call it an unnecessary CF. For a very long time, the DNC leadership has fought every effort to get the American People free of foreign oil. They have placed restrictions on where and when to drill. They have stopped all efforts to build new refineries. They have stated that oil companies can drill in certain areas but no one knows if there is any oil in those designated areas. More than likely, there isn't any but it looks good when the permissions are given. In the long run, this policy of theirs has come around to bite them where they sit.

I have a small collection of posts here and a vast collection located here.

Suffice it to say, Pelosi has been had. The #dontgo Movement which was borne the day Nancy pulled her little stunt in DC has beat her and has placed her on notice. The American People are demanding that she cease and desist with her blathering about saving the planet. That isn't in her job description the last time I looked.

Catch the wave at Memeorandum...

Suitably Flip says that oil is basically free now but you will have to go there and see for yourself. I thought that statement was odd until I sat down and read the article. CBS News tried to stem the tide of bleeding Democrats but that didn't work either. It was along the lines that, and I paraphrase, "Hey! Fuel costs are coming down now so why drill?" That dog don't hunt. To add insult to injury, ABC soon follows the next day announcing that the drill ban has been lifted by CONgress. For stupid people, that sounds good. For those of us that have been following this issue since the early 1970's, we see it for what it is. A huge lie.

Hell. Even President Bush knows all about the #dontgo Movement and knows that we will not accept the Gang of 10 crap that grew into the Gang of 16 and eventually the Gang of 20 before it died a painful death. President Bush said that he would veto the damn thing that Nancy passed. Well, he didn't say "the damn thing" but you get the picture. And, no, we won't accept Gas Stamps either.

When nancy called the drilling issue a hoax, I cracked up. Now, President Bush is telling Congress that their "deal" is the hoax. What nancy has done is nothing. Her precious bill is nothing more than more of the same. So much for Change. And, even though the moratoriums for the most part expire at the end of September 2008, her bill would be nearly a mirror image of those moratoriums.

What I don't get is why Nancy is pretending that she doesn't know where natural gas comes from. I could go somewhere with that but I'm not - at this time. Of course she knows. She is in bed with T Boone Pickens in one of the biggest, if not the biggest, land and water grabs that would make the Robber Barons of yore ecstatic! T Boone Pickens has stated many times that we need to do ALL OF THE ABOVE when it comes to energy freedom and the GOP's American Energy Act does just that.

However, Nancy and her idiots are doing their best to make the energy crisis larger, deeper and more costly to the American People. This is simply unacceptable. She is purposefully making it worse to in some way blame President Bush when he vetoes the bill. Be that as it may, we will not allow that to go unpunished.

Redstate has been concerned about Congress listening to 70% of the American People that are demanding lower fuel costs and by God, it looks like they are. Well, at least the GOP is - for the most part - except for the idiot RINOs here and there. And just what in the hell is an energy freeze? Oh. Wait. I know what that is. I have written quite a few articles on that. Nancy doesn't want to drill because she is heavily invested with T Boone Pickens and her husband plopped down a tidy sum. I wonder if there is any conflict of interest going on there. Her bill pretty much bans drilling but promotes renewable fuels which is YEARS away from coming on line. What a fool she is for thinking that we don't know these things.

Yid is calling the bill a phony bill and he is 100% correct on that. Yid also said that Nancy "snookered" us out of our oil...again. Speaking of snookered...I distinctly remember Nancy saying at one time that the oil belongs to the American People. If that is so, why, then, do we not have it yet?

Weekly Standard also sees this as Pelosi Hoax. Texas Fred wants us to do something - like go after - about the Bakken Oil Formation up in the Dakotas and Montana. Hell. I have known about it for almost forever.

We have so much oil under our own soil it is mental instability causing us not to go after it. Yes, we need alternative energy sources but doing nothing doesn't fix the damn problem and Weasel Zippers calls BS. He doesn't like Nancy either.

The most incompetent person in American political history, Harry Reid, has been saying that is it just too hard to get the energy crisis fixed. He says that there are too many ideas floating around and I suppose that just confuses the hell out of him. I sure hope he gets unelected one day.

Atlas calls Nancy's Hoax Bill a stunt. Indeed. She calls it fiddling while Americans burn - a Prius being sold as a Porsche. Jim Harper said that it appears to be quite evident that the cure for the energy crisis is lightning...tongue in cheek. The bill was introduced late at night and passed the next day and is so full of holes that they hope above hope that someone else will have to deal with the energy crisis at a later date. Idiots all.

Apparently, it is so hard to ALLOW the American Energy Act to be voted on, there just be yet another adjournment. This is unbelievable. They are claiming that no one knows what to do.


Like McCain stated in Arlington, VA.:
I’m happy to be introduced by Governor Palin, but I can’t wait until I introduce her to Washington. Let me offer an advance warning to the big spending, greedy, do nothing, me first, country second crowd in Washington and on Wall Street: change is coming.
AMEN. As an effort at comical relief or levity for a moment, please check out Suitably Flip. Some Congress Critters are talking about selling fuel door-to-door. OK. Back to seriousness.

The Gang of 20 said that they wouldn't offer any energy solutions either because they are tired of talking about it. Well, that is how I read it anyway and the idiocy of the Chief Gomer, Barack, is just too painful to acknowledge. While the Gang of 20 surrenders, the American People suffer due to the inability of our CONgress to give a damn about the people they have sworn to serve. Imagine that. It's just too damn hard to do their jobs because we are watching them. It is so much better for them when we don't know what in the hell they are up to until it is too late. Sorry, pals. Those days are HISTORY. Because of that, the Gang of 20 input is dead in the water for now.

The bill was a high tax (Biden-esque patriotic!), bogus drilling nightmare.
I say: Hooah!
Ace says, “Huzzah!”
It’s one less GOP-supported sellout we have to worry about.
For now…
Morons. Who elected those idiots anyway?



The Don't Go Movement Needs To Crank It Up A Notch Or Two


It is now Wednesday and the House has theoretically passed a Non-Energy Energy Bill.

Nancy's leadership to nowhere via Don Surber:

[...] But that’s pretty much how Pelosi and her Democratic Caucus cobbled together their plan to drill for oil. After saying we cannot drill our way out.

No committee hearings.

No testimony from oil executives.

No discussion.

Just put any crap into a bill, label it drilling for oil and pretend after 2 years of doing nothing that the Worst Congress Ever - 14% approval - cares about America.

Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph! [...] (read the rest)

The bill the No Oil Zone cretins have presented is crap. Evidently, they want Americans to suffer through the winter and don't give a damn if people freeze to death up north or cannot fill their vehicle fuel tanks or travel on vacations or even eat. Wonderful. Such a caring jerk weed she is, yes?

Right Voices brings us a Call To Action via and Ace:

[...] Democratic leaders called it a step toward energy independence, but Republicans labeled it a “sham” because most of the estimated 18 billion barrels of oil believed to lie below off-limits coastal waters are within 50 miles of land and will remain out of bounds.

The measure passed in a largely party-line vote of 236-189. It now goes to the Senate, where energy will be the topic later in the week. Thirteen Democrats bucked their leadership and voted against the measure. [END]

Redstate brings us this:
I wanted to make sure you don’t miss the charade that’s being carried out on the floor of the U.S. House today. The Drill-Nothing Democrats finally brought their no-energy energy bill to the floor of the House today for a vote.

We need your help to defeat this bill. Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and tell the Democrats in your state delegation to vote “NO” on Speaker Pelosi’s energy bill. [...] Read the rest

We knew that this would happen and we MUST let McCain - Palin know not to cave into the Gang of 10 now the Gang of 20...The GOPers and Don't Go folks need to walk out...

Does it make any sense at all that the Pelosi Fraud says to let folks drill where there is no oil to be found? I don't think so either. This recent bill that will now go to the Senate needs to go down in flames...NOW...TODAY! is the token post from a jerk-wad at the KOSmonoffs. Idiot.

Boehner has several notes of interest here for your data mining projects: sham - sham - sham - sham -

Sister Toldjah - Fox News dweebs - BCL - QandO - The Foundry - The Foundry -


Trouble In The Czarbie Camp Part  XXXXXX


So McCain is pulling away in battleground states, folks are writing to Czarbie informing him that he is such a fool, unhinged moonbats are coming up with obscene and retarded "artifacts" for Sarah, the fruit loop brigades absolutely hate Sarah, the Marxists at the KOSmonoff dementia collective have conducted the Sarah Palin Fade poll, Dumb and Dumbest claim that Conservatism is dead, the KOSmonoffs say that they are going to get tough, the old media is falling with Czarbie and can't get back up and the McClatchy News whines that the public is too mean to the press. And we are to take them seriously? Why, yes. We are. Just look what they have done to this nation for the last 3 or 4 decades. Now that we have the upper hand, we cannot afford to sit back, sigh and down a cold one or two or three.

The No Oil Zone demented rats in CONgress are proposing yet another entitlement program - GAS STAMPS - and they wonder why the nation is going broke? We have moonbats like Jill Greenberg running around loose with her BDS hanging out and the media hires this unhinged idiot to do a McCain photo spread. And they wonder why we laugh at them scornfully?

Now that the GOP woke up and caught Conservatism again - to a large degree - and have managed to awaken the Silent Majority again, we soon discover why the Leftinistra so hate Conservatives. In short, whenever a socialist liberal goes up against a conservative, the conservative wins every time - without fail.

Czarbie's war room is a mess and the whiners and Soros lap lickers are sore afraid. The more we find about the unknown moonbat from the south side of Chicago, some begin to wonder what will come of the failed Messiah of the DNC. As it is increasingly evident that Sarah Palin is light years ahead of Czarbie in just about everything, more and more moonbats and other members of the fruit loop brigades exclaim just how frightened they are of Sarah Palin. Good for them. I hope they enjoy their strokes or at least move out of the country as they have promised upon many an election - and have yet to do so. Doesn't that make them liars?

As European dip dunks express their fears about Palin, it is soon discovered that for the first time in American History, a Presidential election will be decided by the VP pick(s). Screw Europe. As the world comes to grips as to what Hope and Change really is, Czarbie is hammered by other Czarbie-ites for not paying attention. He just might be ADHD and a host of other irrelevant letters all scrunched together.

As the very first presidential aspirant breeches that magical 50% poll thing, it is soon discovered that it wasn't Czarbie and he and his tribe are classified as scum shortly thereafter due to their reactions to no longer being invincible. Must really suck to be scum. Then again, as racist as they are, should we have expected any other MO? That 50% thing really hurt seeing that on the same day, The One That Was The One is now tied in Minnekstan with McCain. Hell, even Reagan didn't take Minnekstan. This is huge.


Once Again Democrats Must Lie To Win


In yet one more pathetic grasp at a soggy and short straw, there is a group that simply thrives on lies, deceit, innuendo and anything else that they can in order to win an election and/or promote an agenda. That group can be found right here.

These same sad-sacks and gaggle of liars seem to think it quite alright if our enemies to profit off of American tax payers to the tune of a "windfall profit" of $562 Billion.

These same ignominious buffoons think it quite alright for their guy to profit from associations with known communists, socialists and other enemies of Freedom. Coupled with the associations that the would-be Czar has, his wife is of the same mold.

These same fools obviously doesn't know that one of their own intends to profit in a major way and that person is Mary Landrieu.

These same dope-smoking charlatans also seem to not realize that another one of their own intends to make an absolute killing off of the American tax payers by getting into bed with an enemy of theirs. Nancy Pelosi herself is teaming up with an evil oil man and will defraud the American tax payers to the tune of $10 BILLION in tax money.

These same arrogant snot-nosed, wet-behind-the-ears liars have a "poll" on their site that is absolutely fraudulent in all respects. I suppose we shouldn't expect much more than that from crooks and liars.

Little do they know, John McCain is all for the American Energy Act which encompasses an "all of the above" approach that the DNC types have said they wanted but have blocked for 30+ decades. It is only now that they all of a sudden care about high fuel costs. Perhaps they should spend more time finding the Truth instead having wet dreams with lies...Open Secrets is a good place to at least start.

I suppose this group also doesn't know about ExxonObama either. Apparently, their guy Obama received more money from Exxon than McCain did. What will they ever do with that little bit of data?

Perhaps they failed to find out that their guy Obama also met with T Boone Pickens that Obama refuses to talk about.

It could very well be that the #dontgo movement has them worried and the only way to counter us is to lie and bloviate. Nevertheless, we are all over them. The Main Street Media is all over it.


Pelosi, Pickens, Prop 10...Raping The American Tax Payer


See this article for background...

Well? I do believe that the WSJ heard us...they fact-checked the poor slogs at FactCheck. In an article entitled, Pelosi Investment Shows Unlikely Energy Alliance, it is revealed that T Boone Pickens is beguiling The Pelosi and The Pelosi has been snookered? Not hardly. Her husband's "tiny investment" by buying way below the then market price reeks of impropriety, just like we have previously reported.

[...] Asked if the investment could raise the appearance of impropriety, even if it is legal, Mr. Hammill said such a standard would mean the speaker or her spouse wouldn't be able to own shares in any company given the comprehensive nature of her position.

The Pelosis got in on the ground floor at Clean Energy, purchasing shares in an auction when Mr. Pickens publicly launched the company on May 25, 2007. Clean Energy markets compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas as a fuel for motor vehicles. The investment was valued at $50,000 to $100,000 when the shares opened at $12.10 apiece, according to Mrs. Pelosi's financial disclosure forms. These forms list investments only as a range of values. The purchase is listed as stock held by the speaker's husband, successful financier and businessman Paul Pelosi. [...]

Sounds like the usual poli-speak to me.
[...] But Mr. Pickens's recent embrace of renewable energy has made him the darling of the Democrats. Since introducing his "Pickens' Plan," the Texas oil billionaire has met with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid, Mrs. Pelosi and other top Democratic lawmakers.

Mr. Pickens "was my mortal enemy," Mr. Reid said in July. "He's my pal now." [END]

Be sure to go read the rest of the article, especially the "Key Platform Plank" section. No. No influence peddling there. GAWD!!



Someone Needs To Fact Check FactCheck...Might As Well Be Us


In a recent article on FactCheck, there is a grossly contorted attempt of brush off in regards to The Other One, Nancy Pelosi, and her involvement with T Boone Pickens. You know. The guy that says to drill everywhere including ANWR but the Libocrats seem to cherry pick that. I know. SOP. Personal and professional integrity seems to be thrown to the winds - no pun intended.

The reports from Open Secrets reveals interesting information that seems to have been overlooked. Whether that was intentional or not is up to interpretation. Did I just say that? The reports reveal that SP (the spouse) did the actual buying of the stock in the Pickens venture and the disclaimer that the purchase "amounted to a tiny fraction of the couple's assets". Talk about breezing right by the freeway turn off, clueless as to where one will wind up! The point is that "the family" more than doubled the "modest investment" in one years' time in an energy related company within a country which just so happens to be in a National Security Crisis at the moment in regards to energy. THAT is the point and there isn't anyone that can convince me that Nancy doesn't or didn't know anything about it. After all, she had to fill in the reports and then sign them, correct?

In the FactCheck piece which, is in dire need of fact checking, they failed to reveal that Nancy's "family" investment was offered at $12 but was purchased for a little under $4 per share. On 20 AUG 08, the stock closed at $14.67 per. That is more than doubled so that "meager" initial investment has turned into a not-so-meager capitalist profit.

Coupled with that, Proposition 10, should it pass in the California political process, that "meager" and just a drop in the bucket "tiny" investment is going to go through the ceiling and it will do so on American tax payers' dollars. This reeks of impropriety and surely there are some ethics violations there but, we are talking about Democrats here. Ethics is for someone else.

One more thing. T Boone Pickens will have to DRILL for the energy source. FYI. See the stories below for more information. We haven't even begun to dig.

And, to add insult to injury, this is the same outfit that did the "fact checking" on Czarbama's birth certificate and now there is a law suit which was filed yesterday. I am thinking about starting a new service...FactChecking

Check the Freedomist site for in-depth reporting on this issue.


Odds and Ends: Posers of Blissful Unknowing


Odd title I know but...

American Power

One of the most amazing things surrounding debates over the Iraq war, and now also with Russia's invasion of Georgia, is the odd antiwar alliance between the extreme left and extreme right in American politics.

The coalition of antiwar left and right has recently been in the news with its "Strange Bedfellows" efforts seeking revenge against centrist Democrats who voted for FISA reauthorization in June. Recall, as well, a few years back Cindy Sheehan, the America-bashing antiwar activist, was found posting her attacks on alleged Bush administration warmongering at the homepage of Lew Rockwell, a widely recognized advocate of "right-wing libertarianism." [...]

Hot Air: it seems like Czarbama is ripping off logos again. And, it seems like the Death Star was seen over San Fran Nanny Land.

WSJ Online

OPEC could decide to roll over or cut crude oil production from existing levels when the group meets in early September in Vienna, Iran's OPEC governor said. [...]
Iraqi Army fills the gap for departing Georgian Soldiers and Nanna flips off the GOP and the vast majority of Americans in regards to the oil crisis, among other things. With the left-talkers in a tail-spin over the tanking Czarbama, Newsboogers gets a headache.

And since the Global Warming Myth gave way to the Climate Change Myth, the Leftinistra have invented the Oxygen Depletion Myth. I would just like to know if these people actually blink when they lie. I do know that they alienate folks with their stupidity.

Apparently, the derailing of Czarbama is in full swing while his worshipers commit treason in his name by violating the Logan Act. It seems as though that The One Czarbama wants the impossible before he takes office as if he is actually going to make it there.

While Real Patriots school the National Barack Channel in the ins and outs of Patriotism, Loser Soros gets spanked by the Main Street Media. Funny as in odd how that is becoming more and more the norm as opposed to the unusual. In regards to Real Patriotism which repels your basic anti-Americanist; enter Cindy Sheehan and similar ilk - want to redefine Patriotism as "progressive values". Peculiar doesn't begin to describe my bitterness over that one. I suppose it has something to do with the USA is beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt actually winning the War In Iraq and Victory is at hand. Why else would the anti-Americanists attack members of Vets For Freedom of which I am a proud member and participant.

While the anti-Americanists continue to attack our Troops, the GOP has sprouted a spine and has begun attacking anti-Americanists in drag and forcing them to see the light about the Democrat Party induced energy crisis. At the same time, reeling from an utter trouncing at Saddleback Church, The One Czarbama lashes out. In this video, The One whines and opines and it appears that he is speaking well without a teleprompter but it appears he is wearing a headset. I wonder. The hesitations are quickly followed by actual sentences. Odd that. Czarbie doesn't know this yet but the day of Saddleback, McCain became President Elect McCain. Sorry about ruining the party for some but that is just plain and cold, hard Truth. Czabama talking tough because that is as far as his toughness can go - just words and speeches - says that McCain doesn't know what he is dealing with. I almost snotted myself when I heard that idiot utter such stupidity and arrogant idiocy.

As is the usual, my old post dated 17 APR 08 seems to have vanished from the archive. The link WAS here but can still be found in part at Memeorandum here, under the heading of Marc Ambinger The Score Card in the discussion section. Fortunately, I have the original in my personal archives as I have ALL 7634 posts to date stored in several locations. A screen shot is to the left. As I thought then as I know now, it WILL be McCain in November. As the Leftinistra responded to the spanking last Saturday and took nearly 24 hours to verbalize their panic, so was the way they responded last April. Here is the partial repost, unfortunately. I was going to merely link to it but the link has vanished. The post below is the continuing what the screen capture doesn't have.

Listen to the libtards wail...
It's hard to know where to begin with this, less than an hour after you signed off from your Democratic presidential debate here in my hometown of Philadelphia, a televised train wreck that my friend and colleague Greg Mitchell has already called, quite accurately, "a shameful night for the U.S. media." It's hard because -- like many other Americans -- I am still angry at what I just witnesses, so angry that it's hard to even type accurately because my hands are shaking. Look, I know that "media criticism" -- especially when it's one journalist speaking to another -- tends to be a genteel, colleagial thing, but there's no genteel way to say this. [...]
Cry me a river. Judas priest. What you and the rest of the world is watching is the total implosion of the once great Democrat Party of the United States due to 40+ years or more of Socialist ideals and tenets tearing it apart. I laugh in scorn at the absurdity in which you folks conduct yourselves and that which you have wrought upon this nation.

Good riddance to you all and may God have mercy on you because I don't give a damn.

OH! Was I being insensitive? Too bad. Just remember always, I am an equal opportunity Snooper.

While Czarbama is busy pretending his ship isn't sinking, he apparently has missed the day McCain became the CIC and the new Leader of the Free World that Czarbama wanted to enslave. It also seems as though Czarbama is in for some nasty weather ahead and his fellow Kommisars are aligning to attack Cantor because he is a - EGADS!! - A JEW!!! And it is no wonder...Czarbama is tanking. If Czarbie could only put country first instead of Party first - as do some theoretical Republicans, RINOs, Conservatives and CINOs putting Party first - and had some more experience, he wouldn't be having the troubles he is at the moment.

Like when Czarbie attacked McCain in an ad, McCain quickly countered the idiot and now the Rezko deal has resurfaced. I seem to recall something about stones and glass houses. If Czarbie wants to play the guilt by association meme, he is so much more than defeated. He is buried.

I wonder if Czarbie and his hateful wife cry each other to sleep every night and I wonder what they say to the demons when they come at night? Surely they do since his 9-point bounce from Europe has sunk in the quagmire that is Czarbie and McCain has pulled ahead by 5 points and GWB has risen 5 points. Must suck to be them.

One thing is for REALLY sucks to be this group of spasmed dweebs. They know Hilary isn't finished either. This is just too grand and it is fairly odd for a libtard to be worried about Constitutional issues seeing that they want to get rid of it via SCOTUS opinions and legislation. I suppose we could attribute it to the McCDS.


The #dontgo Movement: Libtards Frantic


In a frantic hit piece at ReasonOnline which, by the way, is nothing remotely near "reasonable" is yet another example of moonbats on the losing end of an issue as they are on all issues. Truly pathetic but typical. What these mealy-mouthed lap lickers of their major handler Soros fear the most is that the politicians are going to actually begin to perform their Constitutional Duties and obey the edicts of We The People. Most of the GOP "stuntmen" have signed onto the social network Twitter and are now in direct communication with their constituents.

Please recall some time ago when we reported that Nanna was trying to shut that aspect of communication down. So much for freedom of speech, eh? Also take note that the #dontgo Movement is such a viable threat that the "voices of reason" attacked the site, tried to hack into the site and initially spammed the site in order to shut it down. It failed. Miserably. When was the last time a Conservative thought it to be an honorable happenstance to hack into a MoveOn site to shut it down? When was the last time a Conservative blogger thought it to be honorable to hack into a web site of the opposition in order to shut it down? Please forgive the questions. The answers are readily evident. Opposition members to Conservative Principles have no honor, self-respect or dignity. They are shallow-minded fools whose parents were equally as shallow-minded and taught them no morals. Must be sad going through life bloody well knowing hat they are, each and every one, a liar and full of self-loathing.

For example, we have Hunter from the Daily Fruit Loop Brigade KOSmonoffs decrying that drilling is bad policy. Why, then, is Nanna involved in a scheme that REQUIRES drilling at the expense of the American People to line her pockets with capitalist pig money? Again, please forgive the question. The answer reveals the status quo DNC Double Standard.

We have Satyam at the ReverseEngineering laughing stock whining about topics such as "he said, she said, they said" nonsense and is obviously incapable of grasping the issue of energy independence. This particular libtard blog dedicates its time to exposing itself as truly inane in most issues. I say most because a few times they were actually right about a few things and even went into their comments section to say so.

The Leftinistra will not acknowledge that the Energy Crisis before us is indeed a National Security Issue. We Conservatives have known that it IS a National Security Crisis for decades. We have also know for those same decades that we could be free of foreign oil and could have been free of foreign oil if the Leftinistra hadn't blocked every move. And now, once more, the Leftinistra are blocking it even though the vast majority of Americans are DEMANDING that we go get our own oil. We also are DEMANDING that we stop talking about alternative fuel sources and just giterdun.

So, Nanna is now blocking drilling in order to line her own purse at our expense. This is yet another example of the DNC Double Standard and is quite unacceptable.

We need to and MUST DEMAND that GOPers in DC and across this nation sign onto the efforts to block each and every attempt of the DNC and their handlers to extend the No Oil Zone moratoriums. We are DEMANDING Freedom Energy Day to become a reality and the Gang of Ten need to be silenced.

Nanna is beginning to feel the heat but she hasn't fully realized the implications of ignoring us, to her own detriment. In Day 11 of the American Energy Act rebellion, we find Czarbama without a clue in regards to the economy or the implications of a nation in an energy crisis. Nanna, on the other hand does. That is why she has been able to nearly triple her initial investment with the T-Bonehead Pickens dweeb.

The #dontgo movement and the #dontcompromise movement, pretty much the same, sends a chill up and down the legs of the Leftinistra and not in a good way...for them. It is fear of defeat that creates the chills. The Gang of Ten explained in detail at QandO exposes the RINOs in the Senate that feel left out of the "debate".

[...] I have to tell you, I sometimes wonder what happens to politicians when they cross inside that beltway which surrounds Washington DC. If this is an example, it is a disease badly in need of a cure. Instead of a plan which would offer a way toward breaking our dependence on foreign oil, they’ve offered one which punishes domestic oil companies with taxes, ignores the vast resources available off the Pacific coast, North Atlantic coast, Alaska and in our west, and accepts a pittance in return (which will really do nothing toward bringing on line the supply of oil and gas necessary to cut our dependence on foreign oil).

Or said another way, they managed to give the Democrats everything they wanted without a single shot being fired.

Boobs like that deserve to lose elections. Hell, I can get a Democrat to come up with that sort of garbage. What do I need Republicans for? [END]

OUCH! That is going to leave a scar. For an even deeper would that may not ever heal, Brian at Redstate has a scathing version of the excellent post at QandO: House Republicans to Senate: "I'm With Stupid"
Thanks to Brian Johnson for stopping by to post this. Brian is is a Federal Affairs Manager and Energy Policy Analyst at Americans for Tax Reform and has been quite helpful to me in understanding this compromise plan. - Erick

Yes my friends, I am speaking of the infamous "Gang of Ten" and their fantastically suicidal energy plan (well, at least for five of them).

The plan itself is drastically flawed. And the image they are cultivating while their brethren on the other side of isle (i.e. the House) fighting tooth-and-nail to have a real energy plan, is even more destructive.

Let's look at their alleged "compromise" piece by piece shall we (and readers, try not to gouge your eyes out, or siphon your neighbors tank while reading): [...]

And that was merely the opening the rest...

For more blog posts and articles for the current Energy Crisis that I have collected, feel free to visit here and have at it. There are hundreds located there and they include everything that we at A Newt One have published.


Alternative Fuel/Energy Takes Too Long!!


Since the mid-1960s and the early 1970s, I have heard and was taught and was brow beat with the threats of nuclear annihilation, global warming and a soon to be upon us ice age. I remember being ushered into the corridors and hallways of my school for years "practicing" surviving nuclear bomb detonations and the ensuing fall-out with radio active dust and particles falling from the sky dissolving my skin from my bones. Even then I questioned the logic of sitting on the floor with hundreds of others with our heads between our legs. How in the hell was that supposed to save us? What would we do when the sun suddenly get so hot even the water would boil? What would we do when the glaciers invaded south from Canada?

My father built a fall-out shelter in our back yard. He didn't know what to do about the global warming myth or the ice-age myth either. He did tell his children that although the nuclear holocaust was indeed a distinct possibility, the other impending "threats" were myths invented by educated men and women educated beyond their intelligence levels and they dwelt and thrived within the boundaries of scare tactics and sensationalism. My parents were democrats back then and to this day, still are. But, how could our teachers be so right about the Red Threats but be so damned wrong about the others? Which scientists were we to believe? I had viewed pictures of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and my father was part of the clean-up operations in Japan. That possible threat was something I believed because I had seen it through pictures and the stories on my fathers' lap. I had never seen or viewed pictures or listened to stories of the other doom and gloom issues. No one else had either. I asked.

My teachers were heard arguing quite often that we were either in for either 140-degree days every day of our lives or sub-zero temperatures due to the onslaught of an ice-age, either of which was surely to destroy us all because Mother Earth was unhappy. It seemed to be even back then that Mother Earth was confused as well.

They scared the hell out of us by arguing and then "teaching" us to be prepared for doom and gloom on three fronts. And, it didn't matter which one because if nothing happened by the mid-1970s, surely by 1980 - "if we lived that long" - all was lost. If the nukes from the USSR didn't kill us, the world burning to a crisp would. If the nukes and the world burning up didn't kill us, the frozen tundra soon upon us would.

Some even proclaimed that if we "didn't act now" Lower Manhattan would either be under water or glazed over in ice by the mid-1970s. To make matters worse, the emerging nuclear power plant technology was tantamount to a nuclear suicide pact. I sure was a confused lad. So, as I worried and fretted about the potential ice age, the potential burning to a crisp, the possibility of nuclear obliteration either from the Red Chinese or the USSR or even Cuba for that matter, and a very definite maybe possibility of a China Syndrome effect of a nuclear power plant gone terribly wrong, my brother was KIA in Quang Tri Province in the Tet Offensive of 1968.

From my early teens up until I graduated high school, there wasn't a cynic dead or alive more cynical than I. I was sure of it. Every adult was an idiot. Every politician was a sociopathic moron. I trusted no one. I believed nary a soul. The world was going to hell and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Every single person at least 5 years older than myself was a liar, no matter the topic.

By 1970, ALL of Manhattan was just as filthy, dirty and crime-ridden, bone dry, hot in the summer and frozen in the winter as it was every day that I lived there. I remember the WTC being built and had been in The Pit countless times. By 1975, no nukes fell from the skies, there were no China Syndrome "accidents", no glaciers crashed through my bedroom and carried me away to Florida and, once again, Manhattan was a bone-dry cesspool, hot in the summer, cold in the winter with the occasional chalk outline of a dead body either in the streets or sidewalks.

By 1980, the same. By 1985, the same. By 1990, the same. By 1995, the same. In the early 1990s, it was said that we had until 2000. Then, in 2006, a Goracle said we had ten years to mend our sinful ways and be healed with carbon credits...I STILL have no idea just what in the hell buying a carbon credit with US Dollars will accomplish in regards to stopping either nukes, global warming or an ice-age. Not one single theoretically educated individual has the ability, with a straight face, to explain that exactly and satisfactorily.

In the photo above taken from the Valleywag, there is a description and a comment that there is going to be two of these solar power plants built in California. If you ask me or even if you don't, it is quite unsightly, don't you think? And, where will they be built seeing that it takes so much territory? How much power will be collected and to where will it be distributed? Will they be able to withstand hail storms? Lightning strikes? Ecoterrorists? Will they work with extreme cloud coverage (whatever extreme is in this regard) like another Mount St Helens nuclear-like detonation?

The Valleywag has a very well presented case against the evident fraud which resides inside of the self-made hoodlum land and water grabber T Boone "Al Capone" Pickens in cahoots with Nancy "Don't Touch My Purse" Pelosi. Hopefully, what they are up to is illegal and, if not, it is certainly unethical. At least the Main Street Media is keeping tabs on these cretins.

We have been told by many a politician and other idiots that we cannot drill because it just takes too damn long. Why, then, should we build unsightly Solar Panel Plants that take up way much more land than an oil rig if it takes five years to get one on-line? How many will be needed to power the entire country and how long will that take? Is it worth the effort? Ask "Nanna" and "Pickers". They seem to think so because they will profit in the billions, even if it takes 100 years to build all the Solar plants required to be free of foreign oil.

I say drill now. It will take less time to get off of foreign oil than it will any other means of energy because NOTHING is a viable replacement at the moment.

I picked up the Screamin' Eagle and his wife tonight at the airport after returning from the Real California. They said the Conservatives and mostly Republicans live up there. They want California divided up. Every thing north of Sacramento is the real California. Every thing south, including Sacramento can be sold off to the nearest land dump and let the libtards run amok seeing that is what they are doing anyway.

We talked about alternative energy and they are both very well versed in the issue. I didn't agree with everything they said but at least they acknowledge that Nanna and T-Sticks are blowing smoke and fogging up the mirrors. Her father MAKES HIS OWN FUEL FOR HIS FARM VEHICLES with algae. ALGAE? Yes, algae. He says corn is for eating and the idiots that think corn is for fuel is smoking the same crap the idiots in SoCal are smoking. He hates the scam artists and schemers more than we do.

Anyway, we all agreed that in the interim, while the politicians continue to lie to We The People, we need to Drill Here, Drill Now and Pay Less. I told our Screamin' Eagle that he should run for office if he could refrain from being sucked into the corruption. He said that I had taught him better than that and he was considering it. He wants to join the other Conservative Iraq War Veterans which take their rightful places in the once honorable halls of CONgress.


Nanna Oompa Loompelosi: The Plot Thickens


In a WND article, a DMN article and 2 from Michelle Malkin, it is obvious that Nancy Pelosi has been outed as a Capitalist Pig. That's right. The socialist Nanna, the one that demands the empowerment of the Fairness Doctrine in order to silence the Conservative news outlets because of their success and majority audiences, has been had by the Main Street Media. Not so oddly, the old passe media hasn't caught onto this story - or have they? No worries. We'll take care of it.

Nanna is in bed with the fraud oil man T Boone Pickens. By the way, he isn't an "oil man" by any stretch of the imagination. He made his money in the futures markets. This makes sense because, after all, does not Nanna absolutely loathe "oil men"? Would she dare be seen as remotely appearing to be associated with an evil BIG OIL MAN demon? Perhaps but perhaps not. If that BIG OIL MAN demon agreed with her, I suppose she cold make an exception. Just once.

Coupled with that revelation, if that BIG BAD EVIL OIL MAN demon could line her pocket with funds created by the subsidies of the USG to the tune of $5,000,000.oo, perhaps she would be so inclined to press the issue of "renewable fuels" by wielding her position as Madam Speaker Brothel Master Queen of the People's House. Certainly she would not perform in such an unethical and possibly illegal maneuver, would she? Didn't she promise to lower fuel costs during her campaign? Didn't she promise the most open and most ethical Congress in US history?

In CNN's Larry King Live Show she claimed to be a Washington Outsider. I guess because she stated that it must be true. In the interview transcript, she reveals many things one of which is her blatant lies and her tongue-in-cheek hypocrisy. I have taken just a smidgen of the interview that caught my analytical attention: (emphasis clues my own)

KING: Would you vote yes on a package that includes drilling?

PELOSI: I would not. It depends how the drilling is put forth. But I don't -- that is not excluded, let me say it that way. It depends how that is proposed, if the safeguards are there. Now, mind you, 68 million acres -- 10 million more acres in Alaska where they can drill. But if there's -- if we can get some great things, in terms of renewable energy resources; a renewable electricity standard; wind, solar, biofuels and the rest in that context, because if you make a decision only to go with the offshore drilling, you are increasing our dependence on fossil fuels and you will never free yourself of that addiction unless you invest in the renewable energy resources that are good for the environment, cheaper for the consumer and will reverse global warming.

And the consumer is our first responsibility. The American taxpayer owns this oil offshore, by the way. Let me make this one final point. This oil is owned by the American taxpayers. The oil companies drill. We give them money to drill there. But we get very little in return.

So I think as we have this debate, which is a very healthy one to have and I welcome it, we have to review and realign the relationship between our oil, big oil's profits and what it means to the consumer and the taxpayer.

And there you have it. Did it leap out and smack you in the face? It should have. At first, she didn't know if she would allow drilling right after she ruled it out and then she said that the oil belongs to the American People and then whined about "profits" made by the oil companies because "they don't get anything in return". Now, THAT is snortworthy indeed.

And what is she about to do with "American tax payer dollars" in the realm of the largest land and water grabs in US history subsidized by US tax dollars? She stands to make a fortune. That all in itself is not a big deal to me. What bothers me is the blatant double standard. It is only a good thing if SHE makes a fortune from the American People but not the oil companies because she is trying to save the world.

If the consumer is her first responsibility like she said it was, then she should drop everything she is doing and have a vote to do ALL OF THE ABOVE just like the American Energy Act so stipulates. Period. End of discussion.


Nanna: Sleeping With The Enemy


Poor Nanna. She cannot catch a break. In 6 hours and 20 minutes, (1300 CST) I will have the afternoon American Truth Warriors show on TOCB Radio and we will play some clips in regards to Miss Nanna's quagmire self-induced. Be sure to tune in.

In the meanwhile, this is from El Rushbo and when El Rushbo is on your tail, you don't have a prayer. Or, if you are a libtard, you don't have a snails' chance on Pluto.

Story #10: Nancy Pelosi Discovered in Bed with T. Boone Pickens

RUSH: Oh, by the way, there's Boone Pickens up on TV. Boone Pickens, it has been learned last spring, Nancy Pelosi, according to her own financial forms, invested something like 50 to $125,000 in Boone Pickens' plan to eventually power vehicles in this country on natural gas. She got in on the initial public offering of this when the thing went public. Now, it is in the best interests of Boone Pickens and all of his investors to keep gasoline prices high to make the natural gas alternative attractive. And who is it that doesn't want any drilling for oil to add to the supply but none other than Nancy Pelosi. Gas prices are the tipping point, four-dollar gasoline. The American people want something done about it. It's easily understandable. She's the one, along with the Democrats, standing in the way of this on purpose. Now we learn that she's invested in Boone Pickens' company that, for their little plan to pay off we need gas prices to stay high, to make the alternatives that Pickens is trying to sell to people attractive, and she's joined that effort. There's a great question here for conflict. So she's seen all this, "Okay, I'm open to scheduling a vote." But they'll come up with a piece of legislation that's as reckless and worthless as what the Gang of Ten came up with in the Senate.

Stay tuned.


Nanna: The Handmaiden of T Boone Pickens


There is a fantastic piece over at the #dontgo web site that is a must read. I saw it late last night and I am just now getting to the end of my To Do List. (LINK)


[...] Pelosi's manipulation of the market is of a most decisive kind, she is using the excuse of "saving the planet" to refuse to allow the market, and not a central panning committee or government, to determine what kind of energy is produced where. Pelosi is using the power of the Speaker's chair, using the rhetoric of a green warrior, but by all appearances she is acting as the handmaiden of the Pickens Plan for her own gain. [...]
Pretty soon she just may be trying to save her hide. Wouldn't it be poetic justice if she was defeated by that basket case Sheehan?


#dontgo: The Rebellion Continues


Earlier today we posted two particularly relevant articles in regards to the GOP Rebellion now going strong and getting stronger by the day. There were others posted as well but the piece entitled Beware Republicans! Don't fall into the trap! and the one entitled #dontgo Nation Wide: No End In Sight But Victory are very appropriate to this piece you are reading now.

Nancy Pelosi, as we have reported on several times, has sanctioned at-risk fellow Leftinistra and eco-Nazi-like sycophants to go ahead and lie to their constituents in regards to energy independence in order to get re-elected or elected. This shows not only their total void of personal integrity but also their lack of professional integrity. If one feels that they must lie for political gain or power, I question their ability to exercise sound judgment in any and all areas even as minor an operation of picking their noses might be.

To add insult to injury, knowing she has sanctioned such activities among "her people" and, by the way, what are the American people to her, she stated oon CNN's Larry King that she is at least willing to consider drilling operations. Keeping all of my research on the Pelosi Worm in the back of my mind as I read article after article, I found countless posts saying that Pelosi is beginning to cave. Not hardly.

johnsblog42 seems to think that Nanna is caving. The Pirate's Cove sort of king of thinks so but is move. Surprisingly, PoliPundit has apparently taken the bait. Right Voices is admonishing everyone to keep watch on Nanna. Wizbang got me with their title and I had thought "OH NO!" until I actually clicked out of the Reader and read the entire post which, btw is a must read. WUA says that Nanna is backed into a corner with no way out and that is exactly correct. John Boehner is calling Nanna out over her interview with CNN and I would imagine that she is just all contrite...NOT!...and he is sending the message home in a very large way. No wonder the moonbats are having hissy fits...they see the Abyss of Obscurity opening up to swallow them whole and they are sore afraid. Hot Air also had one of those "you've got to kidding me titles" but knowing Ed, I wasn't totally sucker-punched. He sees the writing on the wall as well. However, Erick at Red State has taken the bait...too bad and big surprise in store coming his way for sure.

Newt Gingrich says that Nancy is stuck between a rock and an oil well. Is Newt reading The Newt? IBD Editorials asks, "Will Congress Cross the Jordan?". After reading the post, the sarcasm was duly noted. We have heard that it is too hard to extract oil from shale yet, that is exactly what Jordan is doing...and Shell Oil will be doing the extractions.

[...] Meanwhile, we sit on enough oil to make OPEC look like a mom-and-pop operation. In the West we may have what could be called a Persia on the Plains. A Rand Corp. study says the Green River Formation, which covers parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, has the largest known oil shale deposits in the world.

"The United States has 2 trillion barrels of oil shale," according to the Institute for Energy Research. "This is more than seven times the amount of crude oil reserves found in Saudi Arabia and is enough to meet current U.S. demand for over 250 years."

Consider that the entire world has used around 1 trillion barrels since oil was discovered in Titusville, Pa., in 1859.

"If full-scale production begins within five years," reckons Nick Loris of the Heritage Foundation, "the U.S. could completely end its dependence on OPEC by 2020." There's enough North American petroleum trapped in oil sands and shale rock to form our own OPEC. [...]

In other items of interest, in another IBD Editorial piece, the writer does caution people on Nanna's sudden "change of heart" paraphrase. It is well worth the read and to heed the admonition. While House Democrats will meet to determine their options - OPTIONS? WTFO?
[...] Party leaders in the House are expected to convene a conference call on Wednesday to discuss their options in the ongoing energy debate, including a potential compromise measure that could include some expanded permitting for oil and gas exploration, a leadership aide said Tuesday. [...]
I never thought I would ever see the day that I would consider the term "compromise" as the dreaded and inflammatory "C-word" but, there it is and it doesn't start with "P" either. I also haven't considered the possibility that American Democrats could actually hate American Oil but love all the other oil not American. To me, that is a stretch but Doug Ross has a good point:
In May Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Saudi Arabia could slash oil prices by drilling for more oil.

If Saudi Arabia were to increase its production by 1 million barrels per day that translates to a reduction of 20 percent to 25 percent in the world price of crude oil, and crude oil prices could fall by more than $25 dollar per barrel from its current level of $126 per barrel [...]

If that isn't an indictment of how looney the Leftinistra are, I wouldn't know what is. Schumer said that increasing supply is done by - are you ready? - DRILLING! But, only if it was Saudi Arabia doing the drilling. And they wonder why quite a few countries do not take the USA seriously? Surely the Saudis are rolling on the floor - in a dignified manner, naturally - laughing their heinies off at us. Why is it that AMERICA cannot drill to increase supply and the Saudis can? Are they better at it than the USA? Are they eco-friendlier than the USA? I would say no to both questions.

Michelle Malkin (my secret sweetheart) needs to see a doctor:

Maybe Do-Nothing Nancy should enter the Olympic diving competition. She gets a 10 for her flip-flop-flop yesterday on drilling. It is now no longer the "hoax" she knew.

What a hoot. Did she think she could sell 2 more books trying to pander and straddle like this? Nan, you're slaying us. My sides hurt. [...]

I laughed also but not like that. Mine was more of a derisive and contemptuous sneer chuckle type of a thing. Melanie Morgan our GREATEST Troop Supporter in the known universe derided Nanna in this manner:
San Fran Nanny may be a 'progressive' democrat, but even her leftist positions are moderated by the polls from time to time, and right now, today, is one of those times.

That's why she has now dropped the word 'hoax' from her vocabulary over offshore oil drilling, and has decided to allow for a vote.

Kudos to the Congressional Republicans who stayed strong in the dimmed rooms of Congress, demanding a vote over and over again. It looks like the heat got to be too much for Madame Speaker -- she needs to get out of the kitchen. [...]

I sent her an email cautioning against too much excitement...LOL!! I cannot stand Nanna...her voice has become much worse than Hillary's and that is either an accomplishment or something else - I'm not quite sure yet. And, I just love Gateway Pundit serious there such a thing?
Pelosi Falls For Drilling Hoax -- Pelosi says that she might consider allowing a vote on domestic drilling and energy development but that it would have to be part of a larger package that included other policies, like releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. She did not mention whether government regulated tire inflation would be part of the plan. [...]
Now, I saved the Gateway Pundit snippet for last for a reason. And, that reason is the piece from The Hill where it describes what Nanna is up to. She timed the interview on the Larry King show to coincide with the Olympics in the hopes that America was watching that silly thing and not paying attention to the screwing Americans are getting and have been getting from the Leftinistra for decades. The Leftinistra are banking on no one paying attention. The War In Georgia is also being used as a distraction as well as ugly as that sounds but, there you have it and I wouldn't doubt it at all - not one iota. That is how the liberal mind works...deceitful, dishonest, no moral values, no honesty, no integrity personal or professional.

The title of the piece from The Hill: "Pelosi looks to load up drilling bill". And there it is. I can smell earmarks from here and I am nearly 2,000 miles away from DC. I can smell the use of the "C-word".

[...] Democratic leaders are expected to begin discussing the shape of the package in a conference call Wednesday.

Republicans, who have staged a sit-in of sorts on the House floor for more than a week in order to demand an immediate drilling vote, greeted Pelosi's gesture with deep skepticism.

"If Speaker Pelosi is truly sincere about having a vote on deep-ocean oil and gas drilling to help bring down fuel costs, she should use her power as Speaker to call Congress back into session immediately and schedule a vote on the American Energy Act," Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement released Tuesday morning.

Both Boehner and House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said the protest on the floor will continue. Republicans are demanding a vote on the entire Republican energy plan, which includes drilling offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

"We are asking that she bring our American Energy Act up for a vote," said Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.), who on Tuesday morning led nine Republicans to the House floor for their 10th day of protests. "If she brings it up under regular order, then amendments will be allowed and we'll have that debated. What we want is a chance to have that debate and have a vote."

Pelosi intentionally timed her reversal on CNN's "Larry King Live" to fall well before the political intensity of the party conventions and into a news cycle dominated by the Olympics. [END]

It isn't a Pelosi reversal folks. It is her way to attempt to take over the debate by using the "C-word" and adding "amendments" and we all know what that bloody well means.

Stand tough GOP Rebellion. Stand tough. She is PISSED off because her attempt to delay debate and vote failed. Her original intent was to delay it long enough to get the moratoriums continued so she can make untold BILLIONS on the T Boone Land and Water Grab Scheme.