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All of Obama's Friends Slither Out


Bill Ayers Lies... Says Satan Threatened to Waterboard Him
He's talking now... Bill Ayers told journalists that "he is the real victim" of terrorism in his latest interview after the election.
Ayers also lied to the journalists (or was spoofed) about the the threats against him...
But, they published his ridiculous lie anyway. [...] read the rest
Socialist Leader to Open Cuban Prison, Ship Hundreds of Prisoners to USA
I have been told to prepare for a repeat of the Carter years, but this isn't exactly what I had in mind. We're screwed:
President-elect Obama's advisers are quietly crafting a proposal to ship dozens, if not hundreds, of imprisoned terrorism suspects to the United States to face criminal trials, a plan that would make good on his promise to close the Guantanamo Bay prison but could require creation of a controversial new system of justice. [...] read the rest
Gorbachev To Obama: Implement Perestroika In The United States
Mikhail Gorbachev is calling for Messiah-Elect Barack Hussein Obama that the U.S. needs comprehensive ‘perestroika’ reforms to surmount the financial crisis and restore balance in the world. Via the Russian News & Information Agency (RIA Novosti): The term perestroika, meaning restructuring, was used by Gorbachev in the late 1980s to describe a series of reforms [...] read the rest (also see)

Ayers, Wright & Farrakhan Crawl out From Under Their Rock

Little by little the Snakes are coming out from under their Rocks. Three horseman of America's apocalypse: Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Terrorist Bill Ayers. Now that their Buddy Senator Barack Obama has been elected President, these three presidential amigos have decided that they cannot hurt their candidate any more. All three have the same foolish story...its all the press' fault. [...] read the rest
Chicago Thugs and the Wonderful World of Change
Obama said in Iowa December 27th, 2007: "I'm an outsider and I'm not going to bring people into my administration who have already been in Washington, it would be foolish, that wouldn't change anything whatsoever," and yet his first appointment is Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. [...] read the rest
Yep. That would be called a lie right there, eh?

Calypso Louie: Obama Will Bring 'New Beginning'

Another esteemed Chicago resident weighs in on the glorious Age of Obama now sweeping the planet.Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan says the U.S. can expect a "new beginning" under the leadership of President-elect Barack Obama. [...] read the rest
Ayers Plays the Victim, Fabricates Recent Events
Typical cowardly nonsense from the unrepentant terrorist.On the campaign trail, McCain immediately got on message. I became a prop, a cartoon character created to be pummelled.

When Alaska Governor Sarah Palin got hold of it, the attack went viral. At a now-famous Oct. 4 rally, she said Obama was "pallin' around with terrorists." (I pictured us sharing a milkshake with two straws.) [...] read the rest

Code Pink Founder Honored By Marxists In Bolivia
Code Pink's Marxist founder Medea Benjamin was hobknobbing with the Marxist elites in Bolivia this week.

At her blog Benjamin wrote about her wonderful time with the hardcore South American Leftists and her night out with the president.

She also wondered why she is treated like a radical here in the United States. [...] read the rest

That about does it for the friends that he wasn't friends with but they are all coming out for sunshine now. I find that interesting. Even that racist preacher of his came out from hiding last week some time.


Another First For Illegal Aliens


The top dog illegal alien just had his first national security briefing. Yep. That's right. The Marxist clown that won an election that couldn't pass the rigors of a Top Secret Security CLearance because of his enemy of the state associations has been briefed on things none of us will ever be. Only in America is that possible. His first Press Conference, the latest of sources for Gaffe Material has also been accomplished (view it here) and his "cocaine brain" symptoms are plainly evident.

In other news, Newt Gingrich is "considering" a run at the RNC top dufus position. The link is from STACLU but one of the TOCB contributors reported it already on their BTR shows. I have mixed emotions about that but at this time any change at the top of the RINO Consortium of Idiots would be welcomed.

The Battle is Over, the War Begins

Today I unpacked my winter clothes in preparation for a long winter, and a long winter is coming if not of the thermometer, then of the soul. A man that represents not simply an opposing view but the view of those who oppose America and all it stands for, will sit in the Oval Office.

Worse still he did not get there through a democratic election but through fraud, voter intimidation and every dirty trick culminating in a campaign that had little in common with conventional American politics and a great deal in common with the cults of personality cultivated by totalitarian dictators. [...] read the rest...

Will Republicans Have the Courage to Hit the Reset Button
So, the voters of the United States have spoken. They have chosen – or we have chosen because it is important to treat the presidency with respect, something the Progressive-Left wouldn’t have understood until now – a 47-year old multiracial man, who had a decidedly “Progressive” upbringing, who taught community activist organizations to pressure financial institutions into embracing bad business practices, whose records when in the Illinois Senate were destroyed and who started campaigning for the presidency almost from the beginning of his US Senate career. Congratulations, President-Elect Obama. You pulled it off.

We, as a people, chose Obama, questionable theology and all, to be president over an increasingly inclusive, reach-across-the-aisle, established war hero who proved his love of country through bone-breaking torture at the Hanoi Hilton. We chose Obama, questionable political ideological belief system and all, over a seasoned Senator with a proven track record of getting things done and a man the mainstream media used to adore before he dared to run against the “First Black President,” even though Obama really isn’t all that “Black” (a genealogical examination of Obama’s family line indicates he is 50% Caucasian, 43.75% Arab, and 6.25% African corresponding to the demographic of his Great-Great-Grandparents: 8 Caucasians, 7 Arabs and one African). [...] read the rest

The Communist Cancer in America
The workingmen of Europe feel sure that, as the American War of Independence initiated a new era of ascendancy for the middle class, so the American Antislavery War will do for the working classes. They consider it an earnest of the epoch to come that it fell to the lot of Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the working class, to lead his country through the matchless struggle for the rescue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a social world. - Marx to Lincoln (Address of the International Working Men's Association to Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America) [...] read the rest
The Rise of a Socialist America
"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened." – Norman Thomas, American socialist, 1948
Americans did not worry about Norman Thomas' statement when he first uttered these words. The likelihood that the United States of America, the nation of liberty, would fall victim to the wiles of Socialism, seemed impossible. And when Ronald Reagan captured the presidency as the 1980's opened, the liberal attempt at gaining full power seemed to be defeated for good. The platform of Conservatism had produced landslide elections, created a prosperous economy after the economic darkness of the 70's, and reminded the world that America is the strength of the world and that peace comes through that strength.

When Bill Clinton threatened to damage the growth of this country economically, Conservative Republicans gained control of Congress, balanced the budget, and a new economic prosperity emerged. After using the veto pen twice against it, Clinton was even convinced to sign legislation that reformed welfare. [...] read the rest.

Socialism, And The Fate of the Republican Party
[...] Conservatives have been growing angry with the Republican Party with each passing year. George W. Bush, as much as he claimed to be, was not a Conservative in the strictest sense of what a Conservative is. The Republicans in Congress have not stood up for Conservative Values and Principles since the early 90's, for the most part. And the candidate the Republican Leadership offered for president in this election, John McCain, is a moderate famous for bucking the party and sitting with his Democrat buddies across the aisle. The Conservatives like myself that did vote for McCain did so reluctantly, primarily because an Obama presidency was just too frightening to imagine. Don't get me wrong, I agree with McCain on many things, but in turn, there are many positions of his I disagree with as well.

This is why Sarah Palin energized the Conservative Base so much. She was drawing crowds larger than what McCain was drawing because the Conservatives of this country saw her as a breath of fresh air. I could almost hear a collective "Finally" being shouted out by the Conservative Base when it was announced she was McCain's running mate. [...]

Read, memorize, print and distribute the List of 45 people. We have work to do.


Keeping Up The Pressure: Barack's New Party Membership Days


So. Barack mocks the "socialist" charges and comments? He calls it "opportunity" now? Such a cretin he is as well as a sociopathic liar. What else would we expect from the Marxist trash?

World Net Daily, The Corner, Power Line, Gateway Pundit and a host of others have written on this subject. The Real Barack Obama has posted on this subject since January of 2008, here in Jan, here in Aug and here in Oct.

Chicago Ray is reporting on it today, as I am. So is New Zeal. So, what is the bottom line here? The bottom line is that Barack is indeed a proponent of far-left ideology that is 180 degrees out of phase with the United States Constitution. He also knows that he is not eligible to even run for CIC or POTUS let alone actually BE CIC or POTUS. A true-blue Marxist or socialist with ulterior motives won't care about the Constitution. Once elected, who knows what will transpire?

With the threats of riots and violence in case Barack loses, what are the contingencies for elected an ineligible Marxist to the office of POTUS? Will the SCOTUS step in and uphold the Constitution or not? What will the CONgress do? What will We The People do? The only thing left available folks is to elect John McCain and worry about the Marxist Czarbie later and deal with the anti-Americanists inspired by the likes of William Ayers and his Prairie Fire crap.

Check out the Prairie Fire web site here just for the hell of it. OK? There are two, is here and the other is here. They boast of and promote "progressivism" and we all know what that is. Correct?


The Obamunists


I have written extensively on the Marixist Obama amid much criticism in the past. It never phased me. I kept on keeping on even though some Conservatives chided me and many others. I even had "debates" with his followers, the very few "reasonable" ones that do exist, and they even admitted that the US Constitution would have to be amended to enact socialism as a form of government in this nation. With that said, here we go. Photo credit to Citizens' Journal:

Don't hang up on an Obamunist pollster or campaign whore. You just might get the Secret Service or FBI knocking on your door. I don't live very far from Lufkin, TX. In Texas speak, Lufkin is just down the road.

Obama's most ardent followers, the members of the blatantly obvious and self-proclaimed "progressives" (read that communists) have stated that they intend to crush conservatism so they can rein in their way of government. Sounds like intolerance of differing views to me. It also reeks of the overthrow of the United States Government. The Daily KOSmonoffs are such happy people. Need more proof? Wizbang has the details as does Byron York. For a hot under the collar piece, please travel to Atlas Shrugs and STACLU and Weasel Zippers. Photo credit to The Big Feed.

The CPUSA is just tickled pink that Obama is their candidate. They are claiming that their time has come. What more does one need to know and if Czarbie doesn't believe as they do, why then does he not renounce them? Well, they are his base, that's why. If anyone denies that, they are liars plain and simple.

Even Dutch Socialist Yoots are traveling to the USA to campaign for the Marxist Obama. Remember folks, the Presidential race is not about liberalism v conservatism. It is about Freedom v Barack's Marxism.


The Fraud Obama Hates Fox News, Free Speech and America


Barack Insane Nobama said he hates Fox News. Well, maybe not in those exact words but he is feeding his faux patriots. Did I say faux patriots? Why, yes I did. I'm sorry. I meant to say fraud patriots. There. That's better.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that the only dinosaur media that actually does report on His Marxism Obama is Fox News. I failed to view the Special Report last week but I have another chance this evening. Dr Sanity reminds us all that Fax News will be having the Special Report several times this weekend. Don't forget to watch. I will be recording it to gather sound bites for my BTR presentations in the weeks ahead.

Stanley Kurtz announces the following, (and I pass it around): FOX News is going to be airing a special report this weekend on Barack Obama’s background, associations, etc. I did a long taped interview for the show, and I expect that parts of it will be used. The report is scheduled to air today (Saturday) at 9PM ET, Sunday at 5AM ET, and again on Sunday at 2PM ET. [...]
Do not fail to view this Special Report. What is the incentive to watch it and take notes? The Messiah doesn't want you to and he will use force against you in order to squelch your knowledge of his attempt to invalidate our Constitution should he occupy the White House.

Don Surber: "Democrat Barack Obama’s policies are socialist. Republican John McCain finally said it."

[...] “At least in Europe, the Socialist leaders who so admire my opponent are upfront about their objectives. They use real numbers and honest language. And we should demand equal candor from Sen. Obama. Raising taxes on some in order to give checks to others is not a tax cut; it’s just another government giveaway.” [...]
Crusader Rabbit: inching towards insurrection.......
[...] A socialist is a socialist, regardless of nationality and race and culture and any American who believes their great country is immune to the consequences of electing one to the White House is a fool. Stop Obama, here and now and begin the work to roll back the scummy tide that brought him this far. [END]
The Caucus: Bachmann: Obama 'May Have Anti-American Views'
A Republican congresswoman from Minnesota said Friday that some of Senator Barack Obama's associations raise the possibility that he has "anti-American views."
May have? MAY HAVE?? When anyone asks the Justice Department to use its power to shut down opposition in any shape or form, that individual or group violates the very Constitution that they have said they are bound by Oath to protect and SERVE. The would-be First Czar, the wanna-be Trotsky, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, has done such a thing. Is this a sign of a True American Patriot? Not hardly. Barack is a Traitor to the United States Constitution, plain and simple. (more of this at Memeorandum)
Barack Obama’s campaign asked the U.S. Justice Department to expand a special prosecutor’s investigation to include possible improprieties surrounding reports the FBI is looking into voter fraud in the presidential race. Obama’s campaign attorney said the investigation should look into a leak to the news media that the FBI is probing allegations of voter registration fraud by a grassroots organization called ACORN. The group’s activities were denounced by Republican nominee John McCain in the Oct. 15 presidential debate. [...]
[...] Maybe when he becomes Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler he can have Joe the Plumber retroactively prosecuted for a hate crime for daring to speak in his presence. [...]
I have been warning of this for decades people and I have also been saying that Barack is indeed a Marxist for at least 4 years. I am glad people are finally catching on. John McCain had this to say about the Fraud Obama: (emphasis mine)
ARLINGTON, VA — Today, McCain-Palin 2008 Spokesman Ben Porritt issued the following statement in response to the Obama campaign’s letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey: After a week of shifting stories and clumsy corrections regarding Barack Obama’s connections to ACORN, the Obama campaign resorted to their now-customary heavy handed tactic of attempting to criminalize political discourse. Today’s outrageous letter to Attorney General Mukasey and Special Prosecutor Dannehy at the Justice Department asking for a special prosecutor to investigate Senator McCain and Governor Palin’s public statements about ACORN’s record of fraudulent voter registrations (including in this week’s Presidential debate) is absurd. It is a typical time-worn Washington attempt to criminalize political differences. For someone who promises ‘change,’ it is certainly only more of the same. “The letter’s request that the Department of Justice investigate ‘recent partisan Republican activities throughout the country’ is almost a parody of the Obama campaign’s attempt to intimidate their political opponents. In case Sen. Obama’s lawyer did not notice, we are in the midst of a political campaign, not a coronation, and the alleged criminal activity he calls ‘recent partisan Republican activities’ are what the rest of us call campaign speeches and debates. All of this is unfortunately reminiscent of the Obama campaign’s recent creation of a ‘truth squad’ of Missouri prosecutors and sheriffs to ‘target’ people who criticize Sen. Obama. Rest assured that, despite these threats, the McCain-Palin campaign will continue to address the serious issue of voter registration fraud by ACORN and other partisan groups, and compliance by states with the Help America Vote Act’s requirement of matching new voter registrations with state data bases to prevent voter fraud.”
Hello? Are you listening America? Or, should that be Amerika? Screw Obama and his Truth Goons and criminal-political hacks. There is a fairly decent article here you might find interesting.

World New Daily asks: "Is Obama socialist?" The answer is yes, naturally. However, Henry Lamb presents solidifying data. With Obama wanting to change the world and all, who else has tried and stated the same? The names, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Mau and Osama come to mind. They have all failed. Perhaps Czarbie seems to think he will succeed. Talk about a Clear and Present Danger. As a reminder, please view this video. It is Michelle Obama in all of her hateful and socialist self, presented by Glen Beck, hat tip to ARRA.

Donald Douglas has the video up of Rep Bachmann where she goes on and explains how much Obama is not a pro-American candidate (my words not hers) and what dangers to freedom he represents. Chris Matthews has issues with that.

[...] It's best to watch the whole interview to see Chris Matthews trying to pin down Bachmann to name names of anti-American legislators in Congress (and there's certainly a few). But I'll say right now, though, frankly, Bachmann nails it: She singles out Barack Obama's radical associates one by one: William Ayers, Michael Pfleger, and Jeremiah Wright and tells it like it is. These folks by word and deed can't stand America? Obama himself has gone through a life of ideological contortions and scheming political machinations to get where he is today, which is in hot water for admitting he wants to take the private property of everyday Americans and "spread the wealth." [...]
SPOT ON! I have also been opining about the Anti-Americanists for decades. I know what they sound like. I know what they smell like and I know what they look like. It isn't all that difficult. Naturally, the "progressives" have taken their marching orders from the trouser worshipers of one Soros.

The Obamatards are running scared because their Messiah goofed and openly admitted that the era of Freedom will soon end if he manages to successfully steal the election via his Campaign Arm in ACORN. I will end this epistle with the following from a special place: these will be excerpts because the entire piece is 40 paragraphs or so...

[...] The American soviet government will take firm possession of the commanding heights of your business system: the banks, the key industries and the transportation and communication systems. It will then give the farmers, the small tradespeople and businessmen a good long time to think things over and see how well the nationalized section of industry is working. [...]

[...] Even the intensity and devotion of religious sentiment in America will not prove an obstacle to the revolution. If one assumes the perspective of soviets in America, none of the psychological brakes will prove firm enough to retard the pressure of the social crisis. This has been demonstrated more than once in history. Besides, it should not be forgotten that the Gospels themselves contain some pretty explosive aphorisms. [...]

[...] While the romantic numskulls of Nazi Germany are dreaming of restoring the old race of Europe's Dark Forest to its original purity, or rather its original filth, you Americans, after taking a firm grip on your economic machinery and your culture, will apply genuine scientific methods to the problem of eugenics. Within a century, out of your melting pot of races there will come a new breed of men -- the first worthy of the name of Man. [END]

Be sure to view the List of 45 Videos Series I am collecting. There are only three at the moment but that number will grow as I locate them and link them here.

Vote accordingly.