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Can The RNC/GOP Hear US Now?


The vast majority of Conservative voters, Independent, Democrat and Republican alike, overwhelmingly supported Sarah Palin. Of that there is no doubt. Also, those same Conservative voters laugh scornfully at the RINO that have tried to cover their failed tactics by smearing the only person that prevented John McCain, as JPA stated, from being the GOP version of Mondale.

In the aftermath of the election, it has been shown that all of the pollsters were wrong and cannot be trusted. After all, all they do is persuade the public to vote one way or another instead of reporting anything viable. So, to all of you lack-lusted sycophants of the Almighty Pollsters, your time has come and gone.

A well known fact of this election is that some Conservative voters voted for Obama to teach the GOP/RNC a lesson. Some just stayed home to also teach the GOP/RNC a lesson. To those individuals I would like to say a few things but will refrain to do so seeing that the next few paragraphs would be nothing but Grunt Speak. Suffice it to say that whatever befalls them for acting the pathetic cowards that they are, they will deserve everything they hate which comes their way. Screw 'em. I'll have nothing to do with them. I spit in their general direction. The pathetic fools that have said, "I didn't vote for McCain but I didn't want Obama to win", have psychological and psychiatric issues. They were instrumental in getting a known Marxist and foreign and domestic terrorist sympathizer into the White House. Well done, fools.

I do, however, understand the intentions. The problem is the timing. When a Marxist is on its way to crapping on the United States Constitution, staying home or voting for the Marxist as a symbol of "discontent", there exists no viable defense for making it possible for the Marxist to get into the White House. Period. No matter the attempt at justification, the only ones pleased are the Marxists and they thank you for being a moron.

And don't hand me that idiocy that "Carter got us Reagan" tactic. Although he did cause the emergence of Reagan, Carter wasn't a Marxist then...he is now but not then. I voted for Carter and I would not have voted for a Marxist. Ever. Liberalism got us Reagan as a candidate and he won in two landslides because he was a Conservative. America is a Conservative Nation. When Conservatives run, they win. Always. McCain lost because he isn't a Conservative. He was nearly neck and neck with Obama in the popular vote because of Sarah Palin and the pissed off Hillary voters. Had the Conservative voters turned out as they should have to defeat the Marxist, Obama would have been routed.

Obama did not win a "mandate". That much is obvious. Get over it.

However, now that the illegal alien Marxist has won the first round, the Electoral College is the next hurdle to cross. If the illegal alien Marxist Obama does not comply with the 12/1/08 deadline of the SCOTUS writ, the EC cannot vote for the Marxist constitutionally. There is hope here. Obama has not won yet no matter what the fools that do not understand the Constitution have been yammering. Obama is not the president-elect until the Electoral College votes and they will vote on 12/13/08. If they vote in his favor, then and only then is he the president-elect. If it is shown that he is ineligible as per the United States Constitution, he is toast and needs to be deported.

Going through life thinking one is an American citizen does not mean that you are one. He has not shown that he was born in this country nor has he shown that he has been "naturalized" like Gov "Arnold" was. Get over it...those are the facts regardless of the whining about Roswell and other "Troofer" idiocies. Sticking one's head in the sand in the hopes that certain issues will go away is a tactic that loses in the long run. We are heading for a constitutional conundrum such as we have never seen. We need support and not the cowardly Ostrich Syndrome.

Jim Harper of Washington Watch has a fantastic article up in regards to the folks that enabled an Obama potential victory. I say potential because this isn't over yet. He presents data and facts that dispel the thought that those which supported the unconstitutional bail out bills were not unelected because of it...they were mostly reelected. Had the dweebs that would have changed the outcome actually voted the way they should have to prevent the Marxist take over of this nation, all of the fools that voted for the bail out would have been evicted. So, the stay at home and the teach them a lesson voter might as well join the opposition party. I don't want them in mine...they cannot be trusted. We need people that are willing to be in campaign mode 234-7-365 and not 60 days out of an election and the day after.

We also need actual and by-God Conservatives running. That is the bottom line and we start by evicting the RNC leadership. The RNC leadership is the problem...they are RINOs. We have proven that the "compassionate conservative" which equates to a moderate liberal does not work nor is it acceptable. For those of you that know me, I have been preaching this for years ever since the GOP lied in 1996.

McCain has asked us to put country first. We are, Sir. The Conservative movement is certainly not dead...we just have to reteach some basic principles.

We Couldn't Have Had Reagan in 1980 Without First Having Carter In 1976

Conservative Losses Historically Follow Abandonment of Core Principles, and Precede Prompt Revivals

Is conservatism dead?

Like clockwork, overeager liberals believe that the answer is "yes." Following Barack Obama's closer-than-predicted 53% to 46% victory this week (during a year in which political tides should have created a twenty-point margin), liberals are already making that claim.

CBS News historian Douglas Brinkley, apparently lacking any sense of irony or recognition that his example undercut his very point, told Katie Couric that, "the age of Ronald Reagan is coming to an end tonight. I think you have to go back to 1964 when Lyndon Johnson had such a landslide victory over Barry Goldwater to see how momentous this is."

Apparently, Richard Nixon's and Ronald Reagan's own 49-state landslides, which exceeded Johnson's 44-state victory, weren't as "momentous" in Mr. Brinkley's mind. And nevermind that Johnson's victory was so "momentous" that the demonized Republican Richard Nixon was elected four short years later.

Regardless, the reality is that this election is merely another example of the periodic autumn that invariably leads to spring revival. [...] read the rest

A while back we reported that Obama had violated the Logan Act and was committing treason in Iraq. That data is becoming more and more obvious. In a way, this is good news because if the SCOTUS rules against the US Constitution as they are want to do upon many occasions and the EC confirms an illegal alien into the White House as president, we are in for some pretty tough times and will need this ammunition.

Will you take the pledge to protect YOUR Constitution?

The following is to the Patriot:

Take the Pledge

I, as one of the “We, the People of the United States,” affirm that I have read our U.S. Constitution and pledge to maintain and promote its standard of liberty for myself and for our posterity and do hereby attest to that by my vote. My vote is a SELF-declaration that I understand the importance of our Founding fathers sacrifice for true LIBERTY and the establishment of true JUSTICE for ALL and promise to uphold and promote these same Truths for my LIFE and those around me!

View Poll

The illegal alien that would be First Czar of the USSKKKA is also facing Factionalism. He has already informed people that they need to "lower their expectations of Campaign promises". That is tantamount to admitting that he lied and that fact we exposed time and time again. Only now does the media suddenly report on it. Simply amazing.

A libtard asked this question of RWN:

No. We aren't. We will use facts and substantiation and not emotional bullshit covering the lies from the left. The results will be the same and we will crush you. Get used to it.

It is painfully obvious that the RNC/GOP leadership are inept and lost. It is time for a Political Party Coup or the development of a brand new one.


E-Day On The Horizon, Part 3


JB Williams (whom I used to post to before he vanished) has a great article up at Canada Free Press entitled, "Campaign (or) Coup d’état The Obamessiah Movement". It is a must read for everything you need to know about the attempted Marxist take-over from withing of our Federal Republic that morons refer to as a Democracy.
[...] A sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a drastic change of government illegally, or by force, is a Coup d’Ètat.

It’s important to recognize the difference between a “legal” honest, open Democratic campaign for “change” and a corrupt coup d’Ètat. A campaign offers voters an honest unfettered look at their options and does nothing to trick, con, threaten, intimidate, defraud or force voters into dramatic “change” completely at odds with all conventional precepts.

Obama has not run an open, honest campaign. Far from it! He is running the clock out on his coup d’Ètat. [...] Go read the rest

The racists of the Obama Camp say the White Folk shouldn't be allowed to vote anymore.
Why is it that white people need to be denied the vote? Why, because they're racist, of course! But hey, the idiot pundit calling for this is white, so therefore it's OK. [...]
World Government to Reign in "Fascist" America?
Richard Falk, who justly earned his way into David Horowitz's book The Professors as one of the "101 Most Dangerous Academics in America," now lectures more august audiences at the United Nations. Appointed as the United Nations Human Rights Council to serve as its special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories in March, Falk has in a matter of months lived down to his opponents' worst expectations.

In addition to The Professors, Falk should be added to a list of the most biased anti-Israel UN human rights investigators, not an easy list to make at the UN. He believes Israel, and the United States, are guilty of Nazi-like barbarism, which the United Nations decries even as it dismisses investigations into North Korea and Cuba. Falk would abolish the alleged democratic atrocities by establishing a "world government" in which foreigners could overturn U.S. policies through "binding referenda."

Falk not only hates Israel but his own country. Falk has accused the United States of imperialism, Nazi-like tendencies, and possibly manufacturing the official story-line for what happened on 9/11. He has referred to the nation in recent years as slipping toward "fascism." Falk views the democratically elected governments of the United States as no better than the world's most notorious dictatorships.

He has a plan to make sure Nazism never breaks out again: allowing foreigners to veto the American voter. [...]

No wonder Obama compared the United States to Nazi Germany and his followers have never heard of socialism! We have STUPID people teaching our kids crap!

With Obama more and more frequently adopting the tactics of the Jihadis, I find it interesting that the silly ones that think Obama will be good for the Nation in the long run think folks should take them seriously about anything.

Obama assumes that Islamic terrorism is driven by despair, poverty, inflammatory US policy and the American presence on Muslim soil in the Persian Gulf. Thus he adopts the agenda of the Islamists themselves.
No doubt. But, that's OK. The American People are catching on. I see it every day out on the streets unlike the pollsters that just look at numbers and have no earthly idea what the man on the street is saying and thinking. That is why the Obama Camp is worried and is counting on the Eeyores to bring them to victory. Obama cannot win without them.


Message To President Bush In Regards To The Political Coup

Mr President. If you had a hair on your ass you would say to SCOTUS, "Fine. That is your opinion. Try and enforce it."

It "IS" within your Constitutional purview to do as such.

Get with the program. It is your Constitutional duty to protect the American People from both Foreign and Domestic enemies. Step up to the plate.

picture: swiped from Doug Ross


Mr President...YOU are accountable for our protection from thugs like this...remember the Oath?

"The Supreme Court really blew this one. Many will die because of this brain-damaged decision."