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Obama's Marxism: Downfall of America


JBlog me

And that's just the way it is whether people know it or accept it or not.

Right Side News via Vincent Gioia:

American voters were faced with Hobson's choice in this election as far as global warming was concerned. McCain the loser was on board for many years with the false notion that humans can affect climate change. The country elected as the next president someone who harbors the same or more extreme views on the subject. Since Democrats envision an all powerful government with greater control, it is not surprising that President Barack Obama will carry the torch for this phony ideology to new heights.

So there is no doubt where the incoming president will lead us, this is what Obama has said:

"Few challenges facing America -- and the world -- are more urgent than combating climate change."
Apparently Obama fears global warming more than other conditions facing the United States. [...] read the rest
Obama. Global Warming Fraud swallower and idiot.

Doublespeak and American Socialism via Cliff Kincaid:

"Mortgage Rates Fall as U.S. Expands Rescue" was the page-one headline in the November 26 Wall Street Journal. The story concerned a promise from federal officials to "pump" another $800 billion into the economy, bringing the grand total of the cost of various bailouts to something over $8 trillion. The term "rescue" is laughable but is used for the obvious purpose of confusing people about the calamity that has befallen our nation. If we're not bankrupt now, we will be someday because we are being "rescued" by the federal government. This is the ultimate in what William Lutz, in his 1997 book of the same name, called "doublespeak."

Ronald Reagan always warned of government officials who said they were there to help you.

I would have written that Journal story under the headline, "U.S. Plunges Deeper into Socialism." But, of course, I'm biased. [...] read the rest

Me too. I'm biased. I swore an Oath to protect the United States Constitution from both foreign and domestic enemies. So, when does Open Season start?

Socialism, Straight from the Horses Mouth via Donald Douglas: this is an article about the International Socialist Review, "Capitalism’s Worst Crisis Since the 1930s" essay. Doug's conclusion?

[...] So, interestingly, once in office, the degree of repudiation of the radical netroots will be a key indicator of how far an Obama administration is willing to openly advocate an objectively socialist (i.e., anti-capitalist) policy program. [END] read the rest
Spot On.

Making the World Safe for Marxism via Randall Hoven:

[...] I thought communism was defeated when the Berlin Wall came down. I'm now thinking the Wall falling was the equivalent of treating Snowden's leg. We did not defeat communism at all.

It is almost commonplace to accuse someone of being like Hitler or acting Nazi-like. (Googling "bush hitler" yields 1,300,000 hits, for example.) Yet you are considered beyond the pale, and possibly insane, to even suggest that someone might harbor Marxist sympathies. To question someone's dedication to traditional American or merely Western ideals = calling him communist = being Joe McCarthy = we now know you're nuts.

Case number one is Representative Michele Bachman. She merely suggested that the press should look more intently to see if some Democrats and Barack Obama in particular harbor anti-American attitudes. The headline at the Huffington Post? "Michele Bachman Channels McCarthy. Obama Very Anti-American. Congressional Witch Hunt Needed." Contributions to Bachman's political rival poured in. [...] read the rest

We did defeat communism "over there" but we neglected it here in the States because it wasn't politically expedient because of the Free Speech thing. So now, thanks to the Marxists and the cowards that ignored them, we now are on the verge of not having Free Speech to combat it. That's OK. I can still hit my mark at 400+ with my Remington 243. Let's Roll. Britain is having this same problem but is showing signs of waking up...drowsy, but waking up.

Socialist Republic via Patrick J Buchanan: (don't really like this guy too much but he makes a good point here...

Barack Obama and George W. Bush seem to have come away from their study of the Great Depression with similar conclusions:

To wit: After the Crash of 1929, the Federal Reserve did not move fast enough to save the banks and inject cash into the economy. Second, the New Deal, far from being wastrel deficit spending, was not bold enough. So it was that America wallowed in depression for a decade until the unbridled spending and mammoth deficits of World War II pulled us out.

Bush and Obama seem determined not to make the same mistake.

We are all Keynesians now.

Thus, we have the $700 billion Bush bank bailout, the $700 billion "stimulus package" Obama wants by inauguration to "jolt this economy back into shape" and the $800 billion fund Hank Paulson created to get consumers borrowing and buying again.

These come on top of Bush $455 billion deficit, the $29 billion bailout of Bear Stearns, the $105 billion in pork to grease the $700 billion bailout, the $100 billion to $200 billion to keep Fannie and Freddie afloat, the $140-billion-and-counting for AIG, the $25 billion for the greening of GM, Ford and Chrysler, the $25 billion more to save the Big Three and the $20 billion for CitiGroup.

Now much of this overlaps, and some will be retrieved. But we are still staring at a deficit that could approach $2 trillion.

How would this stack up historically?

A deficit of $1.4 trillion would be 10 percent of gross domestic product, dwarfing the postwar record 6 percent run by Ronald Reagan in the Jimmy Carter recession.

Bewailing the "Reagan deficits" has been a staple of Democratic oratory. This will stop. But the politics of this is not the point, the policy is.

Consider what we are about to do. Bush in 2008 spent 21 percent of GDP. States, counties and cities spent another 12 percent. Thus, one third of GDP is spent by government at all levels. Obama and Co. propose to raise that by another 10 percent of GDP. We may soon be north of 40 percent of gross domestic product controlled and spent by government.

That is Eurosocialism. [...]

Ouch. Isn't it ironic that as Europe begins to come to their senses and rejecting the failed socialism that has bankrupted them, the USSA goes the way of Europe? Too much really.

Social engineering: National Suicide via Henry Lamb: (now, this guy I just love!) I linked to Henry Lamb a while back in regards to the L.O.S.T. quagmire that we can look forward to Czarbie bringing back to life like a good little Marxist Hitleresque idiot that he is. I also linked to him here in a post in regards to the anti-Americanisms of Hussein Czarbama.

Social engineering by government always ends in disaster.

Social engineering occurs when government passes laws and regulations that force citizens to behave the way government thinks they should behave. Prohibition is a great example of social engineering. In 1919, government decided that its citizens should not drink "intoxicating liquors." This "government-knows-best" idea produced more than a decade of lawlessness far worse than citizen intoxication. Prohibition was repealed in 1933.

Free people in a free market always produce the best products, most efficiently, at the lowest price. Every time government "engineering" intrudes into the market, products, efficiency, price – and consumers – ultimately suffer.

Social engineering is always proposed with the best of intentions and sold with grandiose utopian promises. The promises are rarely realized, and the unintended consequences are never anticipated. [...]

My response? Saul Alinsky and Hillary's thesis on Saul Alinsky which I have read many times. I would like to read Obama's but he has his college records nicely tucked away because he is a coward.

Public Perception Worked For Communism Too via JR Dieckmann:

During the Soviet Empire, communists employed the tactics of public perception to control the thinking of the Russian people with propaganda distributed through their government-owned media. Many Russian citizens believed life was good under communism, and everything was just dandy in Russia right up to the total collapse of the Russian economy and the downfall of the Soviet Union. Some Russians, fooled by their media, are still wondering what happened to their glorious empire.

The media here in America aren’t owned by the government, but they might as well be owned by the Democrat party when 90% of newspaper and broadcast media are liberal supporters of what ever Bozo the Democrats run for president. With their vast resources, the only information they were willing to distribute on Barack Obama was kept in a small box, and nothing outside of that box was ever discussed in any mainstream media outlet. To see what was in that box CLICK HERE for the brief Obama bio that covers everything the media was willing to tell about the candidate. [...]

No comment other than to say that Obama is a coward, a liar and a Marxist. Other than that, he is a nice guy...snicker snicker snort snort. He is given credit for stock rallies and but not stock plunges...just like a good Marxist bastard would do. Simply amazing but we can't say anything about that double standard. Watch. Next he will support and praise the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. We live in Upside Down World. He just might think that working for the KGB was an honorable thing to do and a great organization to work for.

Time to clone McCarthy people.


Reeducating The Yutes: Part 5


Reference Parts 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.

This series started with this post right here.

This is the last comment to be dissected for the originating post here. Part 6 of this series will be created by comments placed in Parts 1 and following of this series called Reeducating The Yutes.

Comment #6 from Liberal A: this is a doozy

the united states is not a Democracy????
Are you insane?? do you read anything other than your own whack job authorities. the whole world considers the US a democracy. You and your ilk are terrifying to the future of any rational society. where are your answers to the questions I have posed to you. where is the debate. it is you who are not capable of debate because you have no facts to back up your nonsensical assertions.

how is it unconstitutional to provide health care to all of our citizens?
we have done this for senior citizens for decades. it has never been found to be unconstitutional. please explain how it is unconstitutional. you made an assertion. you should be able to explain what makes it unconstitutional


Reeducating The Yutes: Part 4


Reference Parts 1 and 2 and 3.

This series started with this post right here.

It was a simple post actually and an obvious one at that. It started with a simple question and the poor thing had a conniption fit over the Republic v Democracy thing. It obviously wants a Democracy and I am sure any Democracy would make this idiot happier than returning to our Federal Republic as outlined in our Constitution.

UHOH! More talking dulls from a deluded and poisoned mind. It actually DOES believe this crap!

Comment #5 From Libtard IDIOT A: ROFLMAO! I really don't know where to begin with this complete and utter fool.

you said you wanted to debate. you haven't answered any of my questions:

Federal Republic IS a form of democracy. we consider ourselves a is a map of modern democricies. They are even called "Liberal Democracies: Lib...beral_democracy

case closed. please answer my questions about the gutting of all of our regulatory agencies.

here's another question: apparently, you think government doesn't work. that't true when it's run by incompetents and criminals like the ones in the Bush administration. Bush privitized Walter Reed Hospital. Greed took over and veterans received no care.It is back to government control now.when Obama gets in, veterans will get the care they deserve. Bush pushed student loans into private credit providers. Those providers are gutting students with usorous interest rates and unfair practices. here is an article in today's paper.

Student Loan Aid Is Test for Treasury
Groups Urge No Bailout Benefit To Private Lenders hpid=topnews

of course the republican congress gutted all the regulations on credit card companies and they are now charging up to 39% interest. I suppose you support that too.

So since you are against government, Mr Historian, why don't you name one country in the whole history of the world that has had NO government. Do you suggest a country of 390 million people have no rules and regulations, no one to fix the roads, protect the consumer, provide a safety net for the poor and sick. what are governments for, just for killing and the military, kind of like the Libertarian idea??? Tell me Mr Historian. Elaborate on those phoney nonsensical soundbites of yours!

Please tell me how providing health care to all of our citizens would be unconstitutional. Explain how it would be unconstitutional. I will be happy to debate.

I am sorry I called you names. I am not proud of that, but I would like your detailed answers since you have written a long opinion piece.




Reeducating The Yutes: Part 3


Reference Parts 1 and 2.

This is getting quite entertaining. What we have here is an official professional libtard idiot troll. Yes sir. A Pro Troll. What with all of the leaping and plunging to a previously perceived conclusion, their emotions take over and infer just about anything imaginable to support their inability to produce any substantiation at all. Simply amazing.

I was going to place three of the comments, #s 4, 5 and 6 here but I have changed my mind. It makes the posts too long. So, I will utilize #4 comment from the original post that started this reeducation process.

Comment #4 from Libtard Troll A:

as those of us who have gone to school know: a federal republic is a form of democracy: Your labels are silly and show an inability to think critically and in-depth. everything isn't just black or white- old snoopy

Encarta Answers
(Greek demos, "the people �; kratein, “to rule�), political system in which the people of a country rule through any form of government they choose to establish. In modern democracies, supreme authority is exercised for the most part by representatives elected by popular suffrage.
More about Democracy | Source q=democracy

The poor thing is stuck on whether or not we are a Democracy because IT has never taken the time to actually read our Constitution. If IT had, IT would know that we are not a Democracy but a Federal Republic operating under Democratic Principles.

IT has also revealed several of ITS "other identities" by using specific monikers.

It matters not a wit what people of today call or label the Nation we call the United States. What matters is what is in the US Constitution. It really is that simple and the simpletons should be able to decipher and discern this. Hell, my 13 year old can.

Don't you just love how the libtards say things like, "as those of us who have gone to school know: ", and then quote someone else? ROFLMAO!


Reeducating The Yutes: Part 2


Please reference Part 1.

The comments which have inspired this series can be located here for the thread referenced in Part 1.

The second and third comments in the post originally written here is what we will deal with in this post. To be clear, please take note that the comments do not address the lies of Obama and his migration from the far-left Marxist ideology to the alleged and feigned centrist ideologies now being put forth by The One Messiah. The Czarbie apologists have begun there realization...Obama lied just like we said he was doing. The one placing the comments has also ignored the birth certificate issue, the democrat fear-mongering quagmire; self induced, the Democrat Party history of slavery, bigotry, the formation of the KKK, voter and campaign fraud and their unconstitutional principles and practices while claiming others have shredded the document. However, that is to be expected because one cannot debate the Leftinistra on Principles and Policies and Issues...they lose every time. They would "Rather" talk about their fantasies and their lies as if they are Truth. With that said, let us begin.

Comment #2 by Liberal A: (notice the unoriginal cut and paste technique...they have no originality to speak of)

Here is a section from Encarta about a great liberal thinker who influenced our founding fathers:

John Locke
Print this section

An influential early liberal was the English philosopher John Locke. In his political writings, which deeply influenced the framers of the United States Constitution, he argued for popular sovereignty, the right of rebellion against oppression, and toleration of religious minorities. According to the thought of Locke and his many followers, the state exists not to promote people ’s spiritual salvation, but to serve its citizens and to guarantee their life, liberty, and property under a constitution.

Much of Locke ’s philosophy is reflected in the writings of the Anglo-American political philosopher and writer Thomas Paine, who argued that the authority of one generation should not be considered binding on its successors, that the state is perhaps necessary but still an evil, and that a belief in divine order was all the religion that need be demanded of free people. Thomas Jefferson also echoed Locke in the Declaration of Independence and in later pronouncements defending revolutions, attacking paternalistic government, and upholding free expression of unpopular opinions.

In France, Locke ’s philosophy was taken over by the leaders of the French Enlightenment, notably by the author and philosopher Voltaire. He insisted that the state should be supreme over the church and demanded universal religious toleration, abolition of censorship, lenient punishment of criminals, and a strong state acting only under general rules of law against forces obstructive of social progress and individual liberty. For Voltaire as for the French philosopher and dramatist Denis Diderot, the state is a machine for the creation of happiness and a positive instrument designed to check a strong nobility and a strong church, the two forces they considered most uncompromisingly dedicated to the conservation of old institutions. encyclope...Liberalism.html

They make it hard to read sometimes with the cut and paste deals due to the odd-ball symbols. This is usually the sign that they have brought another's verbiage to the Debate Table because they have none of their own that mean anything. Their own verbiage that they write themselves is normally rife with ad homs and emotional drivel and has absolutely no basis in fact except for the usual moniker of "google it". Such shallow and child-like idiocy makes me chuckle and can inspire posts such as this.
do you see where liberals influenced the founders of this country and our constitution?????? You are completely ignorant. you like to use stupid labels like all you right wing non-thinkers. Liberalism Marxism. how about fascism and GW Bush. You people have just about destroyed our whole country and still you are spewing your ignorant chatter without any decent policies or concrete suggestions in sight. you are a disgrace to any intelligent society. Go get yourself an education. You hold degrees? Really hard to believe unless it is one of those right wing religious schools that make up their own "facts".

Fact: a photograph of Obama's birth certificate is online here: birth.html

if you are a history major, you should respect modern day historians,

here's an article about some of their thinking.there are other even worse polls of their opinions. maybe most historians are liberals because they have studied history and they see what policies and ideas are for the common good and which are not and which are actually destructive news...dent_in_history

I am just curious. you appear to be one of the 26% who think Bush has done a hell of a job.. just tell me why you think it is a good thing that he gutted all of our regulatory agencies- including those that protect our food and our environment, not to mention those that used to regulate financial institutions and the trading of commodities. Please tell me how that is a good thing.

then tell me why it is right that this disgraceful human being politicized our whole JUstice department. Is that what freedom and democracy are all about. yes our country is referred to as a democracy. JUst like Bush the idiot says he is spreading democracy all around the world-via war and torture. did you see how those world leaders refused to shake his hand??? I guess degrees are easy to come by these days. Bush has a degree from Yale and the whole world knows he is a know nothing who admitted to having read only one book that wasn't about Baseball or wasn't the Bible-his first debate..

oh well, you will keep spewing your nonsense, I am sure..



Reeducating The Yutes: Part 1


In a previous post entitled, "So What Do We Do About It?" we had the typical reaction from an uneducated "lefty" or a wrongfully educated "victim" of the List of 45. I cannot classify the individual making the comments a troll just yet so I will refrain from the usual "nailing of the troll to the Leftinistra cross" at this time. However, as SOP goes here, there comes a time when comments from the opposition make for good posts. This is such a time.

Click the link above and then read the post. Once that is accomplished, return here and we will discuss the comments left by the "misguided" and "wrongfully educated" student of history.

The post is about the creeping socialism in this nation beginning with President Wilson and made Law by FDR. Since that time, it has been a battle of ideology as this libtard points out. Naturally, the responder to the post in the comments section ignored the Obama birth certificate issue, and his many lies as revealed by his post-election actions and activities. The gist of the post was how the basic and general Marxist/socialist will lie to anyone and everyone to "win" an election. Their followers have not ideologies of their own and merely parrot the ideologies that appeal to their emotion because their intellects are void of substance and their void of understanding is simply AWOL.

First comment from Lib A:

You are one sick uninformed puppy. Liberalism is a mental disorder? It is liberalism that brought us Democracy, the end of child labor and so many other great reforms. It brought us free speech, the right for all citizens to vote. People with grade school educations should not be writing blogs and exposing their ignorance for all to see. I suggest you go to the Encyclopedia Britannica (if you know what that is) and look up Liberalism and conservatism. Liberalism great accomplishments take up dozens of pages and like I said before include the development of democracies. Conservatism fought all of these ideas and it's main accomplishment in America in the 20th Century was McCarthyism.

What you need is an education. Finally our country IS BEING TAKE BACK from the ignorant and uninformed which you so shamefully represent. oh that's right- Republicans have no shame! They say they are Christians as they support war and torture and the gutting of our great Constitution, written by men who were the Progressives of their times



So What Do We Do About It?


As some of us cling to our Bibles, guns, salt and light bulbs, the Nanny Staters are gearing up to infiltrate our every day lives and dictate to us what we need, what we do and how to do all of the above. They want to do our thinking for us and others are telling us that socialism isn't the problem while others are telling us that we will get liberalism until it oozes from every pore. So, what do we do about it?

Some of us are trying to get Obama to come clean about his birth certificate but, acting like the typical libtard that he is, he doesn't have the courage to face Truth. Truth repels your basic Marxist and Truth makes their skin burn. So, we will just have to watch him like a hawk and be louder than the moonbats and become just as obnoxious as they have been for the last 8 years. We cannot invent lies and pass them off as Truth because that is just wrong. There is plenty to nail Czarbie to the proverbial cross of Marxism with.

For example, his energy deal in regards to coal. We have to force him to make up his mind about coal and clean coal and we have to make sure that he and his sidekick are on the same page all of the time. His EPA stand has an odd resemblance to the USSA version of the Environment Gestapo.

We will also have to monitor the ever fluxing green light signals he is sending his Goon Squads via the social media. Apparently, the Change dot Gov site has a mirror site and the messages are clear. The message is the same as it was on the campaign trail...get in their faces.

I suppose we could find the silver lining in the dark tunnel of radical socialism rearing its ugly head or spend our time making fun of the inexperienced dolt. For some comedic relief, check out Jules Crittenden's "Stop Me If You've Heard This One" post. It breaks the monotony of the USSA. Or, you can recall the funniest (in a scornful way) five words the Marxist has stated so far: "A Government That Spends Wisely". That gathering of words is truly snort and gag worthy, don't you think?

We can start chronicling all of Obama's lies, waffling moments, and/or misrepresentations. We can start by reading this and then, add to it. Obama has decided to not cater to the gay crowd in regards to the military.

As Obama tries to usher in his Era of Global Equality, we will have to remind him that our individualities will not yield to Global Marxism. We will also keep this in his face at all times; socialism has failed every where it has been tried and that is historical fact.

We can also monitor the moonbats that claim Truth is fear-mongering. That should be a lot of fun especially in the area of 2nd Amendment battles soon to be fought. What these moonbats fail to notice is that it is they that promote fear-mongering. You know...Bush is Hitler without ever pointing out how that is and a plethora of other examples. Like I said, this will be fun. We will use Czarbie's own words against him because he has already given us two years of ammo, no pun intended. You know all those You Tube videos that were taken down because the Obama Goon Squads whined about them? I have the audio saved from about half of them.

We can also keep track of and monitor all of the libtard moonbats as they admit that they lied about President Bush and are damned proud of it.

We can also monitor the latest development where blacks are demanding that the Democrat Party apologize for their racism history and make reparations. If Obama utilizes his "blackness", I am curious as to which side of this argument he will take. I don't think he will be able to hold onto the usual tactic and take every side of every issue. Some are also wondering if the Democrats can get their KKK members up to speed and get them to shut the hell up.

We can also continue to hammer all of the voter and campaign fraud in favor of the most inexperienced politician on the planet to rise to the highest office in the world.

We can also keep track of how psychotic and narcissistic The One is and constantly remind him of it as well as bringing up the blatant media bias in favor of The One. Then again, perhaps the bias isn't there just because Obama's picture was the front cover picture 23 times in 2008 on the Time's cover page.

We can also begin the long journey of reversing that which has been done to our children for the last 50 years. We can start by making the List of 45 readily available and start preaching it like we mean it. I am tired of doing it alone. This will also require the elimination of "boiling frog socialism".

[...] Once socialism has taken over in a society it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to revert its trend. According to Winston Churchill "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." European economies grow, at their peak, by one and half, maximum two percent per year; salaries are comparatively lower than in the US, and with the exception of the Scandinavian Peninsula, the standard of living is significantly lower than the US, where a yearly growth between 4 and 5 percent is not uncommon. Unemployment in the major European economies, with the exception of Great Britain, is almost the double of US unemployment: in 2007 the unemployment rate was 4.6% in the US, 8.6% in France, 8.7% in Germany and 6.2% in Italy. Those high unemployment numbers do not translate into social unrest, however, because of the massive network of welfare, subsidies, unemployment benefits which can be afforded thanks to income taxation levels that would be considered unacceptable in America; in Europe it is normal to have more than 50%, sometimes even 60% of one's income taken by the government in taxes. [...] read the rest
That will take a lot of work and we don't have time to baby sit the phony conservatives or the fair weather conservatives or the whining conservatives. Remember, liberalism is a mental disorder so you cannot speak rationally with the emotionally unhinged.

Seeing that Obama has already started the usual DNC disenfranchising of their base after the fact, it shouldn't be all that difficult to sway folks to the right side. Then again, it could be easier still seeing that the "progressives" just might be out of ideas. Now they have to perform and that is going to be damned difficult to do especially with over 50,000,000 privately owned firearms ready to answer the call.

One of the largest fights we are going to have is this unconstitutional Nationalized Health Care thing. We will have to pay strict attention to that one. Then again, since when does a Democrat give a damn about the Constitution...federal or state?


They Tell Us It Isn't Socialism, But...


We have the Party controlled press. We have the "why believe in God" campaign. We have Obama taking tips from Vladimir Lenin. We have Obama and his followers accepting Che Guacamole as a hero to "the people". We have the CPUSA and DSA political parties in the USA supporting Barack for years. We have Obama demanding of his potential employees information that would disqualify himself for any job requiring a security clearance. We have government owned banks now. We have the news media distorting the constitution in order to secularize society and Obama declaring that the NY Slimes should be bailed out because they sway public opinion and are too valuable to let go under. We have liberal republicans saying to the RNC to dump the social conservatives. We have the not so creeping anymore liberal fascism which is an enemy to Freedom. We have Zell Miller warning of the "far left" glut. We have the ACLU demanding to know why a Stalin banner was removed as well as declaring that they alone will determine if immigration laws are legal. We have Obama tenets and principles about to be set into motion that will plunge us into the Great Depression Part II and food lines much like socialist and communist nations experience. We have an unknown candidate with unknown origins refusing to prove his constitutional eligibility to ascend to the American Presidency and he was a constitution professor(?). We have a KNOWN One World Socialist Advocate (George Soros) backing Obama financially.

But none of that is evidence whatsoever as to the socialistic-Marxist nature of The One Czarbie. Nope. Just more ODS.

Sarcasm duly noted.

UPDATE: Socialism is already here.


The Real Racists and Other Weird Items Related to the Marxist Obamanation


Pretty cool post over at Soros Boy Would Not Have Got Into Downing Street. No doubt.

The real and TRUE racists ooze out from under their rocks: Obama Follower: “You white police can’t do anything anymore.” I guess the elections did away with that pesky law and order thing.

Creepy Obama iconography still showing up post-election

During this marathon of an election season, the mainstream media occasionally observed that the cult-like atmosphere permeating Barack Obama's campaign was "creepy". [...] read the rest
Creepy? That is being too kind in my estimation. Perhaps the newsies are deciding to at least pretend they have some personal and professional integrity.

Aerial photos of Obama's stunning State Senatorial experience: these are proof positive that the illegal alien Marxist that claims Chicago as home base has GREAT things in store for Middle Class America.

For a little dry sarcastic humor, don't forget to Get Your War On. Chicago Ray brings us a reminder of the weird Presidential Seals and now we have yo put up with weird-ass signage.

So, You Finally Did It.....

How nice for the leftists in this country and around the world to realize their dream of putting a Marxist in position to assume the duties of Commander in Chief of the USA. You finally did it after struggling for decades, pushing your unholy agenda, teaching your lies to the gullible and ignorant, revising history to support your claims and turning our children into good little communists.

You have removed God from our schools and government, you have rendered the Pledge of Allegiance unworthy of repetition, and turned the flag into something to be despised along with the people who love that flag and all it once represented.

Pardon me if I don't feel compelled to say congratulations to you or wish you well.

In reality you have to ask yourself what it is you have really won. What price did you pay? What price will we all pay?

When the bill comes due will you think it too costly?

Despite numerous warnings from many venues including thousands of bloggers who have tirelessly researched and reported on president elect obama's background, you have managed to pull off a coup of sorts. [...] read the rest

Will Obama Blow the Progress of the Last 8 Years?
Eight years ago the Butcher of Baghdad was ruling Iraq.
The Taliban was in control of Afghanistan.
Libya was working on weapons of mass destruction.
Al-Qaeda was playing offense.
Not today. [...] read the rest
The answer would be a resounding yes. He has already backed out of the missile defense system to be placed inside Poland to keep Iran at bay. And, speaking of Iran...

Iranian Activist Amir Fakhravar Speaks Out Against Obama Foreign Policy-- Holding Talks With the Iranian Regime Will Not Work

Amir Fakhravar understands that you cannot hold talks with the brutal regime in control of Iran.

CNN interviewed Amir recently on his time in the notorios Evin Prison. Amir also discussed what he thinks of Barack Obama's plans to talk with the brutal Iranian Regime:
Embedded video from CNN Video
Fakhravar does not believe Obama will have any success talking with the Iranian regime.

Amir Abbas Fakhravar as arrested 19 times as a student in Iran. In November 2002, while Fakhravar was still at university, he was sentenced to an eight year sentence in the Evin prison for publishing a criticism of Ayatollah Khamenei. One time he was beaten in front of a court before being thrown into prison. In late April 2006, he arrived in the United States from Dubai where he had been greeted by Richard Perle who interrupted his trip to central Asia in order to meet Fakhravar in a hotel. They had been in touch through a contact since 2003. This past weekend Fakhravar won a conservative journalism award in Florida. [...] read the rest



What Krushchev Said


Published at Canada Free Press

FYI: List of 45

12) Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

15) Capture one or both of the political parties in the US.

17) Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism, and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers associations. Put the party line in text books.

18) Gain control of all student newspapers.

20) Infiltrate the press. Get control of book review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

21) Gain control of key positions in radio, TV & motion pictures.

26) Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as "normal, natural, and healthy."

27) Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."

28) Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state."

29) Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

32) Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture - - education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

36) Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

37) Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

42) Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special interest groups should rise up and make a "united force" to solve economic, political, or social problems.

The List of 45 was presented to the United States Congress in 1963 by Albert Herlong, Jr. (a Floridian who served in Congress from 1949-69). The above is a sampling of that List of 45 and they are applicable to this modern time. Every one provided above is exactly what the Obamabots, Obama Goons and Truth Squads utilized. Any denial of that fact is representative of two things: complete ignorance and blatant lying.

If you have read the list and wish to know more about it, I suggest you purchase the book The Naked Communist.

The research by Cleon Skousen was intense, factual and appropriate, "inspired" by the threats revealed to this Nation.

In 1957, the President of the USSR stated:

"I can prophecy that your grandchildren in America will live under socialism…Our firm conviction is that sooner or later Capitalism will give way to Socialism. Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you." - Nikita Krushchev, July 1957
In 1962, the President of the USSR stated:
"The United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag…The American people will hoist it themselves." - Nikita Krushchev, July 19, 1962
I have been speaking on this subject since 1970 or so. When this is talked about to political leaders, they have the air of indignant disbelief and are appalled that "such nonsense" is even spoken out loud. I find it ironic that the very words of the USSR President have come true. I wonder if the political leaders are ready to do something about it. I know I am, have been and I am willing to.

When will the vast majority of Americans actually start giving a damn about their Nation and the turns it is taking due to the socialists in high offices?

Sic vis pacem para bellum

Fight Accordingly


Lenin Has Aged Well


He has also gotten himself quite a tan.

E-Day 2008 has come and gone and the fraud Obama has stolen the nation away from the Constitution of these United States - well - not so united but you get my drift. With that said, let me get directly to the point.

I once swore an Oath to this nation. As a matter of fact, I have sworn that Oath several times in the service of this Nation. I swore to protect this Nation against both domestic and foreign enemies. Therefore, I do not nor will I recognize Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States, so called, for the following reasons. (I reserve the right to "change" my mind in the "hope" that certain conditions are met) Nor will I recognize him as my President. He is most assuredly not the legitimate President Elect. The Electoral College has not yet convened nor have they voted. If Barack Hussein Obama does not produce his official birth certificate and present it to the US Congress for verification, the Electoral College, by the confines of the United States Constitution, cannot cast votes for a non-natural born US citizen.

As it were...

All of this is "Rather" straightforward and obvious even to the oblivious. Not only is this straightforward, it is very much simple and a matter of fact. Barack Hussein Obama is a consummate fraud and here is why:

* No one knows who he is.
* No one knows who he is because he has hidden everything from scrutiny and from the public.
* He has not produced his medical records.
* He has not produced a verified or certified birth certificate (a forged COLB does not count)
* He has not produced his "higher education" records.
* He hides behind the mantra of "racism" when criticized and questioned.
* He threw friends and relatives under the bus when he could no longer hide behind his relations with them and then denied he ever associated with many of them.
* He associates himself with obvious anti-Americanist "radicals" both foreign and domestic.
* He shared their beliefs until it became politically expedient not to and pretens he never shared those beliefs.
* He ran on "change" and "honesty" all the while deceiving those gullible enough to be deceived.
* He ran on the mantra of "honesty" and "honest politics" and has done neither.
* He is a deceiver and hides that which he believes in.
* He has revealed nothing to indicate his convictions.
* He holds all sides of all issues depending upon who he is addressing at the moment.
* He is withholding the truth about that which he intends to do once he takes office.
* He is a self-admitted "socialist" and he did so by referring to that as "opportunity" and then saying that we were being "selfish" for not wanting to pay higher taxes.
* He is a member of the Democrat Party and he hides his Leninism behind that facade.
* That facade is a Marxist Leninism that allies itself with Islam...they are one in the same in practice and enforcement.
* His actions can only hide his intention of creating and establishing a Marxist Dictatorship through taxation and control.
* He sympathizes and has empathy towards our enemies.
* He has violated the Logan Act upon occasion.
* He will impose the Fairness Doctrine.
* He will "side with the Muslims should the winds change" in that direction.
* He will federalize "hate speech" and impose laws to enforce them.
* He will outlaw criticism of Islam and adjust immigration laws accordingly.
* He will create that Civilian National Security Force that is just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded as the United States Military. This has been verified by many sources as well as himself...he talks of it often.
* He will turn his back on Israel
* Israel will be forced to act on her own against Iran and its allies and this may happen before his illegal inauguration.
* Nancy Pelosi has the same feelings towards Israel and so does Harry Reid. Her trip to the Middle East also in violation of the Logan Act merely confirms Barack's intentions.
* He ran a campaign on empty rhetoric and dispatched his Goon/Truth Squads to stifle dissent when the truth was to be revealed.
* He has thoroughly evil intents on this nation and our Troops.
* He was "selected" under false pretenses and will rule under said same.
No. I do not recognize or accept his "presidency", his "dictatorship" or his tyrannical intents. I am not deceived "mister" Obama. Not. For. One. Moment.

Yes indeed. Stalin and Lenin and Marx would be proud.

Sic vis pacem para bellum


Jim Moran: Proof Of Socialism In DC


First, the SOB called myself and other veterans and currently serving War Criminals and now he sets in stone his Marxism. When do we march on DC and exercise our Constitutional Right and rid ourselves of this moron?


The Rise of The USSA: United Socialist States of Amerika


Hat tip to Dr Bill, via The Silent Majority and Old Blue Web Designs...

The video is offered by Wake Up America dot Org and is amazing as all of them are.
The video is the same as the title of this post.
Enjoy. Here is a pictorial as a teaser of the contents therein...


Who is responsible for the current economy?

The music is always great as well. Have fun.


Obama: Fighting Socialism IS Selfish


Barack Obama:
"The reason that we want to do this, change our tax code, is not because I have anything against the rich. I love rich people! I want all of you to be rich. Go for it. That’s the America dream, that’s the American way, that’s terrific...

"John McCain and Sarah Palin they call this socialistic. You know I don’t know when, when they decided they wanted to make a virtue out of selfishness."

So, it is a selfish thing now to NOT want socialism. Sorry, Czarbie. That dog don't hunt. I wondering what his friends and close associates will think about all of this ADMITTING that he is a Marxist ass?

Please take note of his treatment of "opposition news outlets". Sounds like HE was being selfish.


FINALLY! Prairie Fire Available in pdf Format!


Little Green Footballs has come through with a very important piece of, er, um, uh, literature(?).

William Ayers and the Weather Underground published Prairie Fire a few years back and Zombietime got a hold of it and published excerpts from it. Now, Prairie Fire is available iin three parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Catch the buzzlings at Memeorandum.

Keep in mind folks, Obama has yet to throw William Ayers under his bus because he cannot. He is too closely tied to the domestic terrorist. Please refer to this video of sane people talking about the close-knit ties to the questionable allies of Obama.

Also keep in mind that the would-be First Czar of the USSA says that if you want lower taxes, you are just being a selfish person. I suppose if one whines about others being selfish isn't being selfish but, what do I know?


The Confessions Of A Disenfranchised Hillary Supporter


In a previous post here, I brought to your attention the "internals" of the Barack Campaign and how truly desperate they are. They know they have no chance of winning this election fairly and that Obama is indeed a plant. I have said this from the very beginning. My statement that he has been a plant from the beginning has been bolstered and confirmed by his complete and total lack of disclosure. All of his records are sealed from the public - the public he has stated that he wants to lead. He doesn't want to lead us. His handlers and enablers don't want to lead us. They want to CONTROL us. And that is the bottom line. He most assuredly is not a United States Natural Born Citizen...not by a long shot.
America is facing potentially the gravest constitutional crisis in her history. Barack Obama must either stand up in a public forum and prove, with conclusive documentary evidence, that he is “a natural born Citizen” of the United States who has not renounced his American citizenship-or he must step down as the Democratic Party’s candidate for President of the United States-preferably before the election is held, and in any event before the Electoral College meets. Because, pursuant to the Constitution, only “a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of th[e] Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President” (Article II, Section 1, Clause 4). And Obama clearly was not “a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of th[e] Constitution.”

Whether the evidence will show that Obama is, or is not, “a natural born Citizen” who has never renounced his American citizenship is an open question. The arguments on both sides are as yet speculative. But Obama’s stubborn refusal to provide what he claims is “his own” country with conclusive proof on that score compels the presumption that he knows, or at least strongly suspects, that no sufficient evidence in his favor exists. After all, he is not being pressed to solve a problem in quantum physics that is “above his pay grade,” but only asked to provide the public with the original copy of some official record that establishes his citizenship. The vast majority of Americans could easily do so. Why will Obama not dispel the doubts about his eligibility-unless he can not?

Now that Obama’s citizenship has been seriously questioned, the burden of proof rests squarely on his shoulders. The “burden of establishing a delegation of power to the United States * * * is upon those making the claim.” Bute v. Illinois, 333 U.S. 640, 653 (1948). And if each of the General Government’s powers must be proven (not simply presumed) to exist, then every requirement that the Constitution sets for any individual’s exercise of those powers must also be proven (not simply presumed) to be fully satisfied before that individual may exercise any of those powers. The Constitution’s command that “[n]o Person except a natural born Citizen * * * shall be eligible to the Office of President” is an absolute prohibition against the exercise of each and every Presidential power by certain unqualified individuals. Actually (not simply presumptively or speculatively) being “a natural born Citizen” is the condition precedent sine qua non for avoiding this prohibition. Therefore, anyone who claims eligibility for “the Office of President” must, when credibly challenged, establish his qualifications in this regard with sufficient evidence. [...] Read the rest

We have all heard Barack pitifully responding to the "socialism or socialistic" charges of his statements to Joe The Plumber and back in 2001. We also know about him "carefully making the proper friends" as he so states in his pathetic memoir - close ties to the radicals and MARXISTS. Yes, he said MARXISTS in his book. He tries to spin that but Truth cannot be spun. He tries to say "McCain calls me a socialist because I want to give the middle class a tax break". No, fool. You know that you are lying. You are classified as a socialist or Marxist because of your associations and that which you have said yourself, QUOTING Karl Marx as if those words were your own. The "redistribution" verbiage is the key, Barack. You spilled the beans that we True American Patriots have known for DECADES and you, Barack, are too dumb to admit that a man outed you and that the man that outed you was a plumber. Remember your words, Barack? "A plumber? A plumber is what he is fighting for!" Idiot.

One of his spinmeisters said the other day that the socialistic allegations merely reveals how McCain and Palin cannot "end the virtue of selfishness". I took it from that statement that NOT being or not becoming a socialist is expressing your selfishness. I have something to say to that moron...DROP DEAD.

For the past few decades, the American Liberal had to shed the moniker of "liberal". Why? Because it had become synonymous with "socialism". They changed their "tag line" to "Progressive". Why? Because they had to dump the "socialist" ties to Marxism as was expressed by the Founders of the ACLU. It was also stated in the 1920s that Americans would never accept socialism or Marxism so it was disguised as "liberalism". That is historical fact.

Now, "Progressives" try and give the impression that they are "progressing" towards a "more perfect union". That is poli-speak for "we are going to PC your ass into submission and once that is accomplished, we will have it all and you will be subjects of us and not the other way around you capitalist whore you". Wake up people. Read the List of 45 and then try and prove me wrong - if you have the guts to do so.

Over at Redstate, there is a post that needs to be spread far and wide because it is not too late to defeat Obama in a stunning and crushing way. We have the power to do so regardless of the ancient and now defunct MSM now the LSM, Lame Stream Media. We are the MAIN STREET MEDIA. We took the streets away from the anti-Americanists as they berated our Troops, burned our Flags and spouted Hate Speech idiocy at President Bush. I want you to read every word very carefully. There is a chance that this is disinformation but I doubt it. Why do I doubt it? I doubt it because he coincides with that which I hear nearly every day on college campuses across North Texas and beyond. So, without further ado:

After a long and careful consideration of all the implications and possible consequences of my actions today, I have decided to go through with this in the hope that our country can indeed be guided into the right direction. First, a little personal background… I am a female grad student in my 20’s, and a registered Democrat. During the primaries, I was a campaign worker for the Clinton candidacy. I believed in her and still do, staying all the way to the bitter end. And believe me, it was bitter. The snippets you’ve heard from various media outlets only grazed the surface. There was no love between the Clinton and Obama campaigns, and these feelings extended all the way to the top. Hillary was no dope though, and knew that any endorsement of Obama must appear to be a full-fledged one. She did this out of political survival. As a part of his overall effort to extend an olive branch to the Clinton camp and her supporters, Obama took on a few Hillary staff members into his campaign. I was one such worker. Though I was still bitterly loyal to Hillary, I still held out hope that he would choose her as VP. In fact, there was a consensus among us transplants that in the end, he HAD to choose her. It was the only logical choice. I also was committed to the Democratic cause and without much of a second thought, transferred my allegiance to Senator Obama.

I’m going to let you in on a few secrets here, and this is not because I enjoy the gossip or the attention directed my way. I’m doing this because I doubt much of you know the true weaknesses of Obama. Another reason for my doing this is that I am lost faith in this campaign, and feel that this choice has been forced on many people in this country. Put simply, you are being manipulated. That was and is our job – to manipulate you (the electorate) and the media (we already had them months ago). Our goal is to create chaos with the other side, not hope. I’ve come to the realization (as the campaign already has) that if this comes to the issues, Barack Obama doesn’t have a chance. His only chance is to foster disorganization, chaos, despair, and a sense of inevitability among the Republicans. It has worked up until now. Joe the Plumber has put the focus on the issues again, and this scares us more than anything. Being in a position to know these things, I will rate what the Obama campaign already knows are their weak links from the most important on down.

1 – Hillary voters. Internal polling suggests that at best, we are taking 70-75% of these voters. Other estimates are as low as 60% in some areas – particularly Ohio and western PA. My biggest problem with this campaign’s strategy was the decision NOT to offer Hillary the VP slot. She was ready and able to take this on, and would have campaigned enthusiastically for it. This selection would have also brought virtually all of her supporters into the fold, and the Obama campaign knew it. Though I have no way of knowing this for certain, and I do admit that I am relying on internal gossip, Senator Obama actually went against the advice of his top advisors. They wanted him to choose her, but the only significant opposition to this within the campaign came from Barack and Michelle Obama. In short, he let personal feelings take precedence over what was the most logical thing to do. Biden, by the way, has been a disaster inside the campaign. Everyone cringes whenever he gives an interview, and he creates so many headaches as the campaign has to stay on their toes in order to disseminate information and spin whatever it was he was trying to say.

2 – Sarah Palin. Don’t believe what the media is telling you about how horrible a choice she was. Again, our internal polling suggest that though she has had a minimal impact on pulling disaffected Hillary Democrats to McCain, she has done wonders in mobilizing the base for McCain. Another thing – we were completely taken by surprise with her pick. In my capacity in the research department, I looked into the backgrounds of Leiberman, Romney, Pawlenty and Ridge, and prepared briefs. I don’t mind bragging that we had pretty good stuff on all of them. With Leiberman, the plan was to paint him as an erratic old-timer who didn’t have a clue as to what he was doing (pretty much a clone of McCain). In Romney, we had him pegged as an evil capitalist who cut jobs. Pawlenty was going to get the “Quayle treatment”, or more precisely: a pretty face, with no valid experience. Tom Ridge was going to be used to provide a direct link from McCain to Bush. As you can see, we were quite enamored of all of them. Then the unexpected happened – Sarah Palin. We had no clue as to how to handle her, and bungled it from the start. Though through our misinformation networks, we have successfully taken some of the shine off. But let there be no doubt. She remains a major obstacle. She has singlehanded solidified “soft” Republican support, mobilized the McCain ground game, and has even had some appeal to independents and Hillary voters. This is what our internal polling confirms.

3 – Obama’s radical connections. Standards operating procedure has been to cry “racism” whenever one of these has been brought up. We even have a detailed strategy ready to go should McCain ever bring Rev. Wright up. Though by themselves they are of minimal worth, taken together, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Father Pfelger, and now, Rashid Khalili, are exactly what the campaign does not need. The more focus on them, the more this election becomes a referendum on Obama. The campaign strategy from the very beginning was to make this election a referendum on Bush. Strategists have been banging their head on how successfully McCain has distanced himself from Bush. This has worked, and right now the tide is in his favor. People are taking a new look at Barack Obama, and our experience when this happens tells us this is not good news at all. When they take a look at him, one or more of these names are bound to be brought up. McCain has wisely not harped on this in recent weeks and let voters decide for themselves. This was a trap we set for him, and he never fully took the bait. Senator Obama openly dared him to bring up Ayers. This was not due to machismo on the part of Obama, but actually due to campaign strategy. Though McCain’s reference to Ayers fell flat in the last debate, people in the Obama campaign were actually disappointed that he didn’t follow through on it more and getting into it. Our focus groups found this out: When McCain brings these connections up, voters are turned off to him. They’d rather take this into consideration themselves, and when this happens, our numbers begin to tank.

4 – The Bradley Effect. Don’t believe these polls for a second. I just went over our numbers and found that we have next to no chance in the following states: Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire and Nevada. Ohio leans heavily to McCain, but is too close to call it for him. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa are the true “toss up states”. The only two of these the campaign feels “confident” in are Iowa and New Mexico. The reason for such polling discrepancy is the Bradley Effect, and this is a subject of much discussion in the campaign. In general, we tend to take a -10 point percentage in allowing for this, and are not comfortable until the polls give us a spread well over this mark. This is why we are still campaigning in Virginia and Pennsylvania! This is why Ohio is such a desperate hope for us! What truly bothers this campaign is the fact that some pollsters get up to an 80% “refuse to respond” result. You can’t possibly include these into the polls. The truth is, people are afraid to let people know who they are voting for. The vast majority of these respondents are McCain supporters. Obama is the “hip” choice, and we all know it.

As part of my research duties, I scour right wing blogs and websites to get somewhat of a “feel” as to what is being talked about on the other side. Much of it is nonsense, but there are some exceptions which give the campaign jitters. A spirited campaign has been made to infiltrate many pro-Hillary sites and discredit them. A more disorganized, but genuine effort has also been made to sow doubts among the unapologetically right wing sites such as Don’t you guys get it? This has been the Obama campaign’s sole strategy from the very beginning! The only way he wins is over a dispirited, disorganized, and demobilized opposition. This is how it has been for all of his campaigns. What surprises me is that everyone has fallen for it. You may point to the polls as proof of the inevitability of all of this. If so, you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. How did we skew these polls, you might ask? It all starts with the media “buzz” which has been generated over the campaign. Many stories are generated on the powerful Obama ground game, and how many new voters were registered. None of this happens by coincidence. It is all part of the poll-skewing process. This makes pollsters change their mixes to reflect these new voters and tilt the mix more towards Democratic voters. What is not mentioned or reported on is not the “under-reported cell phone users or young voters” we hear so much about. What is underreported is you.

I changed my somewhat positive opinion of this campaign during the unfair and sexist campaign against Sarah Palin. I will never agree with her on the issues and will probably never vote for her, but I am embarrassed of what has happened. I can’t ignore our own hand in all of this. What I do know is that I will not be voting for Obama this time around. Treat that as you will.

Atlas Shrugs adds the following:
Go read it. I am telling it folks, it is ours ............... no normal person is going to elect the Mansorian candidate. Obama is a plant. Now get out the vote -- we have massive voter fraud to overrcome.
AMEN! This is our election people and we will win this, naysayers be damned.


Socialism In America: Old News to This DAVFW


While I applaud the efforts of so many, I have to ask the question...


I have for decades been warning folks about this day we see before us. I am in no way trying to compare myself to John The Baptist at all - I am allergic to lightening - but, I knew that this day would come. Why? Because the further the DNC moves to the Left, so does the GOP. Period. It has been OBVIOUS for decades. Now, Mark Levin has this to say today or, yesterday.
I've been thinking this for a while so I might as well air it here. I honestly never thought we'd see such a thing in our country - not yet anyway - but I sense what's occurring in this election is a recklessness and abandonment of rationality that has preceded the voluntary surrender of liberty and security in other places. I can't help but observe that even some conservatives are caught in the moment as their attempts at explaining their support for Barack Obama are unpersuasive and even illogical. And the pull appears to be rather strong. Ken Adelman, Doug Kmiec, and others, reach for the usual platitudes in explaining themselves but are utterly incoherent. Even non-conservatives with significant public policy and real world experiences, such as Colin Powell and Charles Fried, find Obama alluring but can't explain themselves in an intelligent way.

There is a cult-like atmosphere around Barack Obama, which his campaign has carefully and successfully fabricated, which concerns me. The messiah complex. Fainting audience members at rallies. Special Obama flags and an Obama presidential seal. A graphic with the portrayal of the globe and Obama's name on it, which adorns everything from Obama's plane to his street literature. Young school children singing songs praising Obama. Teenagers wearing camouflage outfits and marching in military order chanting Obama's name and the professions he is going to open to them. An Obama world tour, culminating in a speech in Berlin where Obama proclaims we are all citizens of the world. I dare say, this is ominous stuff. [...]

He continues on and ends thusly...
[...] The question is whether enough Americans understand what's at stake in this election and, if they do, whether they care. Is the allure of a charismatic demagogue so strong that the usually sober American people are willing to risk an Obama presidency? After all, it ensnared Adelman, Kmiec, Powell, Fried, and numerous others. And while America will certainly survive, it will do so, in many respects, as a different place. [END]
I'll go ahead and put this out there...I'll not recognize an Obama Presidency because he espouses ideals and ideologies 180 degrees out of phase with the United States Constitution. But that isn't the issue. The big issue is that he isn't a United States Citizen.

Do you want to know why we are in the current mess the country is in? Read and memorize, print and distribute the List of 45.

More at Memeorandum...


Biden Lets It All Hang Out - UPDATE Video Added


This article published at Canada Free Press

No wonder Joe Biden is being kept under wraps in a news black out...

Barbara West with Joe Biden 10/23/08 WFTV

With a HT to mm, word comes out that the Czarbie Campaign whined that the Barbara West interview was "not nice" and canceled an interview with Jill Biden. I suppose that anything contrary to the Marxist Campaign of Czarbie and clan is to be silenced. After all, the Truth certainly cannot be made known.

As one can see from viewing the video, when trying to refute any allegations the Leftinistra always admit to them in their vain attempt to refute. Pathetic.

Why did Barack Obama’s campaign cancel a WFTV-Channel 9 interview with Jill Biden, wife of Sen. Joe Biden? The campaign cited “an unprofessional interview” WFTV’s Barbara West did Thursday with Joe Biden. In a statement Friday, Adrianne Marsh, Florida spokeswoman for Obama’s campaign, said the station, in talking with Sen. Biden, was “both combative and woefully uninformed about simple facts.” Marsh said West’s insistence that Obama was an organizer for ACORN was “100 percent false.” “In a line of questioning that would make Rush Limbaugh proud, West even went as far as to quote Karl Marx, a Communist icon, in a disturbing attempt to associate Barack Obama with socialism,” Marsh wrote. West said, “I think I asked him some pointed questions. . . . I don’t think I was rude or inconsiderate to him.”
We all know that Obama is directly involved with ACORN and that his Campaign did in fact send them $800K+ to assist in their efforts to "get out the vote". We also know that Czarbie told ACORN and other groups that they would be invited to participate in the development of his Administration. That makes Joe Biden a LIAR, does it not?

Joe Biden asked the question, "You're kidding. Is this a real question?" He then proceeded to lie. Imagine that? When the American People want to know the Truth, Biden and Obama lie.

I thought they were espousing Hope and Change and here they are doing what a good socialist does in order to win...lie, cheat and steal.

UPDATE - HT Breitbart

Obama Campaign Cuts Off TV Station After Anchor Asks Biden About Marxism

More at Memeorandum...and here...

Others: JWF,


The Apologists for William Ayers


This article published at Canada Free Press

In recent days Megyn Kelly of Fox News had a slime ball from Hofstra University taking up for William Ayers because he didn't want "dissent silenced". I suppose the sloth doesn't know about the Fairness Doctrine. I suppose, again, that silencing dissent from his opposition is quite alright because it is "for the better good". Ironic isn't it? They were speaking about the petition that fellow Marxists signed in support of one William Ayers. Please check out the interview.

William Ayers is a Marxist by his own admissions. Barack Obama "assumes he has been rehabilitated" after he says he doesn't know the guy and then saying that he was "just a guy in the same neighborhood" even though they shared duties on two boards and shared office space for three years. Barack Obama then says to "buy his book", the book written by William Ayers, the guy Barack doesn't know. I suppose this is what I get for collecting videos on the subject.

William Ayers and the Weather Underground produced a book of sorts called Prairie Fire and then in 2006 published another book of sorts called Sing a Battle Song... published in 2006. This latest publication was presented for publication by William Ayers in 2006, the guy Barack didn't know of which he visited the guy he didn't know in 2007. Do recall the interview with the odd-ball O'Reilly if you will.

[...] O'REILLY: You know, he did something despicable last week. He said he didn't do enough bombings. That's last week.

OBAMA: I haven't seen the guy in a year-and-a-half. But…

[Ed: That would be March of 2007!] [...]

That interview was conducted on 10 SEPT o8. If Barack doesn't know William Ayers, why then did he "see him" in 2007? The more I look into this, the more nothing adds up except that Barack DOES know William Ayers "Rather" well. Why does Barack continue to deny that which is already well known but widely ignored? The ones that are doing most of the ignoring are the ones that know more about this than we do or so it seems.

Just so you will know:

[...] Barack Obama started his political career in 1996 in the living room of a domestic terrorist.

Obama began his career as a member of the quasi-Marxist New Party. [...]

Founding Bloggers brings us this video that reveals Barack PRAISING fellow New Party socialist Danny Davis at a political rally in Chicago in 2004.

Is it any wonder then that the known Maoist Klonsky has come running to Barack's rescue as well running to the side of Ayers? As I have mentioned time and time again, the more these clowns come running together to "refute" the hard, cold evidence against them, they actually admit the allegations. Not so smart these educated beyond their intelligence types, eh?

The List of 45 people. The List of 45. Beware. Read and memorize it. Print it out and spread it far and wide. No Quarter has testimony of FBI Agents in regards to the associations between Obama and Ayers. Obama wouldn't even pass the test for a security clearance and the fool wants to be CIC and POTUS. Incredible.


An Example of What Socialism Does To A Populace



It turns people into morons that cannot think for themselves or do for themselves