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War News: Voices From The War


Remember what (general) reid said back in April of 2007 when he was trying to ensure a defeat in Iraq for US Forces as he was trying to ensure a defeat of President Bush for political power and gain? The panty waste dweeb from Nevada regurgitated some more guttural nonsense recently.

JPA started to broadcast reid's stupidity and obviously demented spin yesterday but got too ill to get through it. I understand totally. So, below is the audio as well as the video. (Sometimes, videos get deleted if they are deemed too unkind to the morons of the Leftinistra...thus, the audio.)

All that was recently on Meet The Depressed. The following is from April of 2007, AFTER the Press Conference in Baghdad in March of 2007. It is quite clear, as can be seen in the screen shot below, that reid and his ilk of sycophantic worm dirt cherry picked that which they thought would best fit their plan to aid and abet the enemy for their own political the cost of American lives. I have posted an excerpt of the audio taken from the video.

click to enlarge

Now, clearly, reid and his kind are so far from the reaches of reality, they have believed and accepted their own lies and know that they have lied but cannot and will not admit it. What is a person like that classified as?

Reid got called out and STILL cannot acknowledge that The Troop Surge has been a phenomenal success in the light of how many times the Leftinistra have tried to lose the war. Here's the good part. I tried to excerpt some audio from the March 2007 Press Conference that reid combed through to find his idiocy a new voice but the video guts off just as General Petraeus was getting into the meat of the subject. I wanted you to hear it in his own voice. However, I do have an excerpt of General Petraeus talking about the "reconcilables and the irreconcilables" in Iraq. One presents a military solution and the other is a combination.

The entire conference was about the 18 Iraqi Benchmarks behind the scenes, don't ya know...and, by the way, ALL of them have been met.

Reid is an idiot.

Video and full transcript located here...

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War News Update: Around The World and Back


Recently, some Jihadis were arrested in Virginia and are being hold without bond. Good. I hope they get thrown under the jail and someone throws the key away. They claimed to be able to obtain missiles that could reach the Pentagon. Their defense attorney calls the whole thing mundane. Naturally. As far as I am concerned, if they are not American Citizens, what do they need an attorney for? They don't qualify for Due Process. The Infidel Blogger's Alliance has more.

Hizballah isn't supposed to have the weapons that they had in the last "war" with Israel but we aren't to be overly concerned. Are we? Just because they have 3 times what they once had shouldn't worry anyone at all. They might get one of those Derangement Syndrome syndromes. I mean, come on. It's only 42,000 rockets. It's not like they have an infinite number. And the folks that are "responsible" for making sure that Hizballah doesn't get these weapons surely wouldn't withhold information because they would be mortified or anything, would they? The UN. What a group of useless morons. I swear. Once again, UN Resolutions, this one being 1701, mean nothing to terrorists.

A few days ago we were warned that the terrorists were planning a huge attack which would dwarf 91101. People thought that it would be here in the USA but weren't quite sure. The attacks took place in India. I don't think the attacks dwarfed 91101 but I don't live in India so I wouldn't know how the Indians feel about it.

The attacks are oddly coordinated but some say there is no link to Al Qaeda while others say differently. No matter though. We are told that NYC should brace for Holiday attacks, primarily in the rail systems. So, I guess The One being elected hasn't changed the Global Jihad like we were told would take place. Humph!

And what in the world is going on in Minnesota or should I say Minnekstan? Somali Jihadis are leaving the USA and heading to where to do what? Join the Jihad in Somalia? Who would have thought that? Who is recruiting this young lads in Minnekstan?

I find it peculiar that since Obama has been elected, the terrorists are stepping up their activities. I wonder why that is. Could it be that The One is being tested? Naturally, Joan Walsh will pretend that she is one of those holier than thou cretins and whione about the testing period that Biden brought up but heh, Biden brought it up. Get mad at that moron. OK Joany? Apparently, Joany is thankful that Barack is being tested. I wonder if she is OK with the folks dying during the testing period. Idiot. Donald Douglas agrees with my assessment of Joany...she is clueless just like every other moonbat libtard. Somehow, Barack is better than Bush and Barack has zero experience at anything substantial. Here is what President Bush and our Troops have accomplished over the last 7+ years:

Victory in Iraq and no attacks on the American homeland. But Walsh, like Brilliant at Breakfast and so many others, has no clue as to what's really happening in the world today, and what it takes to protect a nation while an arc of terror builds across the international architecture.
Our Embassy in Kabul has also been hit recently and I wonder why Karzai is offering the leader of the Taliban protection in exchange for peace. That's how the Taliban got into power in the first place. Karzai must be a Democrat. He doesn't learn from history either and just might be trying to reinvent the wheel. The Taliban say that they are not negotiating and perhaps that is due to the fact that 250 Taliban Jihadi scum bastards were taken out by 30 American Fighting Men. Poor Jihadis.
Iran and HAMAS have declared an electronic Jihad against Israel and I am curious to see how that turns out. Is it like a video game? Have you ever noticed that whenever there is a threat to Israel Iran is involved someplace?

Good luck to The One that has stated that he would speak to our enemies unconditionally as they proclaim that their end game will be the utter destruction of America and Britain. I wonder how that conversation is going to start off. Even Al Qaeda has seemed to have had an about face opinion of The One. Just like a Democrat. Did they have an epiphany after the elections?

And what about Al Qaeda buying used ambulances on e-Bay? Sounds like they are planning for something akin to the school bus scenario to me.

While Iraq's long winter is nearing an end or at an end, no thanks whatsoever to the American Democrat and moonbat trollop, Iran sets the dawn for being a nation of bigots. It seems that Zawahiri's racial slurs hurled at Obama had to be topped off by a Nation State. Iran now classifies Obama as a house slave. How quaint. Good luck "negotiating" with them fella. I wonder what folks are classified as when they use their own children as suicide bombers. They must be running out of men.

While we are on the subject of Victory in Iraq, Daniel Davis wants to jump ahead of the game and lose the war just in the nick of time. Sometimes I do worry about dweebs such as he. Iraq is a humanitarian success in spite of the attempted losses by our own democrats. They just cannot bring it to themselves to admit it because they would also have to admit that they were wrong. They cannot have that.

Iran, Jihad, HAMAS, Hizballah and scores of other groups are one in the same. The sooner the politicians will accept that fact, the better off the world will be. They talk about unity but will never have it unless they first embrace Truth.

Cal Thomas calls it Mission Accomplished. I agree.

For comic relief, see the Islamophobia opinion piece by Weasel Zippers.


War News Update: At Home and Abroad


Finally, here in the Dallas area we have some terrorist sympathizers and enablers convicted on 108 counts of aiding and abetting the enemy. Too bad they didn't apply Treason to the deal. I would pay to watch them hang. More than likely, I would organize a typical Texican Tail Gate Party just for the event. It only took 15 years. And when did the Global War On Terror start? 2001, wasn't it. Was that 15 years ago? Their affiliation with CAIR is still a bone of contention and perhaps things will be made clear during the next round of exposing CAIR for what it is. A terrorist enabling entity which is a Clear and Present Danger to this nation.

CAIR is "Rather" upset about this recent development and so expect more garbage from CAIR claiming bigotry, racism and other such idiocy. FYI, Islam is not a race so how it can be classified as racism when fighting Islam has always made me laugh at the fools that make such a stupid statement.

I have been fighting terrorists and terrorism here at home and abroad for several decades and I started that business in 1974. It all ended in 2004. That's a long damn time. However, the war isn't over and it won't be over until we stop granting United States Constitutional rights to non US citizens. There is no where in our Constitution that authorizes or grants foreign nationals with American Constitutional rights. No where. I have studied the document for many years and haven't found it yet. If someone has seen it in there someplace, feel free to let me know where it is.

Last summer when this trial hit a glitch, the area Jihadi and Haji scum threatened violence if it went on. Must have something to do with that Shar'ia Law thing. There were similar billboards such as the one above in the Dallas area and the Jihadi scum whined about it. I find it curious that they whine about "free speech" when that speech is directed in their direction as criticism but when they criticize others, they are offended when others utilize "free speech" they don't agree with. Democrats and terrorists...same-same double standards.

After approximately 8 years of lying about President Bush and the War, NBC releases a video of a 911 hijacker being coached/trained by Al Qaeda members. I thought that was kind of "ironic" that it took this long for the media to "find out" what we have known from the onset. Some might find it peculiar. When I saw the video, all I said was "It figures". President Bush is a lot of things but he didn't deserve the treatment he has received. However, he did bring it upon himself or his advisers were just plain stupid.

One of the many fronts on the war here at home will be this guy Holder that may or not make the grade. It seems that back in 2002 he said that terrorists were not POWs and are not afforded the Geneva Convention "protections" that a normal combatant is afforded. Czarbie doesn't think that way and neither do folks that do not understand the Geneva Convention if they have even ever read I have many times. It was one of my duties to know the document.

Another front here at home has been won recently by a Second Circuit court ruling that 4th Amendment warrants do not apply for overseas ops. It is about time someone saw that overseas is not home soil. That is one of those "DUH" moments.

Another "DUH" moment is a recent report from intelligence services that Al Qaeda is a lot closer to obtaining a dirty nuke than previously thought. Maybe the FBI/CIA/DIA/DOD or DHS/MI6 should hire me because I knew this two years ago and the reason Al Qaeda didn't use the stuff they had was because they feared US reprisals. Under a weak-kneed and thin-skinned Marxist Obama, they won't have those kinds of apprehensions. Czarbie won't do anything because after all, we didn't empathize enough for the poor terrorists. He stated that 8 days after 91101...remember? Blame America First is that idiot's mantra. We will be hit again under Czarbie if he makes it to the White House.

Even though our Troops have won the war front in Iraq, Czarbie and his stupidity can still lose it all and nothing would make him and his kind happier. We will have to watch that cretin like a hawk.

Others writing: PJM, MM, GP, AS, JW, ABFA, GN, LGF, WZ,


War News Update: Additional Data


Even though Obama the Fraud and Liar has said that he will disarm America so he would retain the votes of the stupid, apparently he isn't going to be able to do that. At least not right away if he makes it to the White House.

In Gen. McCaffrey's Latest AAR from Iraq, he covers all of the bases of the previous buffoonery of the "peace crowds" that we all know as the Peace Thugs. The pdf file is here for those interested enough in reading what is really going on. Only the idiots think we haven't won in Iraq.

Terrorist Ringleader Dies in Latest Airstrike Inside Pakistan. That would be Rashid Rauf, thank you very much to Pakistan for letting the fool slip through their fingers. Oops. And don't let the reports that "civilians" were killed in any raids. That is code-speak for "foreign fighters". You do remember Iraq, correct? Even though the war has been won, there is still some fighting going on with most of it being conducted by Iraqi Forces. Yes. That is correct. The 18 Iraqi Benchmarks have been met much to the chagrin of the idiots that developed the list designed to fail. More of the missile attacks here at Memeorandum...

Some "scholars" are saying that Islam is going to emerge as a World Power. I have to laugh at that one. Wait until they find out that Islam is a fraud! WOW. Their "founder" didn't exist. Folks, I tell ya. That opium is bad stuff.

The War In Afghanistan can be won but the libtards need to stay out of the way. It will take much longer to win - like in Iraq - but it can be won. But the war Israel has been fighting is being fed by the United Nations. It seems as though depicting Israel as Nazis is going to bring about a peace that even Obama doesn't want. One day I am going to wake up and find that someone in DC grew a set of balls and kicked the UN out of NY and sent them to Peking.

In the Glare of a New Administration, Mukasey Defends America's Counter-Terrorism: this is from Maggie's Notebook.

Michael Mukasey, the current U.S. Attorney General, stepped to the podium at a meeting of the Federalist Society to defend Bush 43's strategy to keep America safe after the 9/11 attacks - "a remarkable achievement," he said, despite the "relentless criticism" in the media, in Congress and the "legal academy." This important speech never really reached the light of day as General Mukasey, in a frightening and dramatic moment, slurred his words and fainted on the stage. It was perhaps, only a faint, not a stroke or heart attack, caused by the late hour, the hot lights, and maybe the fact that a Washington State Supreme Court judge yelled loudly from the audience, "Tyrant. You are a Tyrant." Mukasey, obviously unsettled by the shouts, hesitated and then went on with his speech. [...] read the rest and the speech can be studied here
The libtards don't like to hear this but that doesn't make the reality of it vanish. President Bush and our Troops have made it possible that we at home have indeed been safe for at least 7 years now and Czarbie will soon learn this if he doesn't know it already. Then again, he can never make that public even though he is a liar.

More murderous terrorist scum have been "eliminated" and thank God for it. Is allah running out of virgins yet? Oh. Wait. The "prophet" and allah are frauds. I forgot. I guess the Jihadi scum are getting MAJOR surprises. "Why do these virgins look so hideous and they have forked tails and why in the HELL is it so hot in here?" Check the post for all the data in regards to AQ being eliminated in Pakistan.

Interesting. I said at least two years ago that the War would soon be fought in Pakistan. How long has it been now that the War HAS been fought there? Maybe that is why "Pakistan" fears us as much as the Taliban and AQ pukes do. Remember that famous speech that EVERYONE agreed with? "Either you are with us or against us." I believe that is how it was stated.

Anyway, remember those racial slurs that those owners of Higher Morality hurled at Obama just a short time ago? I believe the term they used was House Nigger. Everyone knows that the "N" word is strictly forbidden and rightfully so. So much for that Higher Morality thing. It seems that the American Mooooooozlims have denounced Al Qaeda for not having that Higher Morality deal down very well. We will see how long they take that trail...they just might be classified as apostates as well for it. After all, The Beginning (Al Qaeda) are the primo judges seeing that Shar'ia Law is above all there is to be above and the American Mooooooozlims don't follow that...yet. Well, maybe in Phoenix. More at Memeorandum...

And, get this: Obama is being called a sell-out already by him moron voters. I guess they are finally coming around to knowing what we have known from the very beginning. The guy is a liar. Too much. Catch it at Memeorandum...


War News Update: What In The World?


Published at Canada Free Press

I haven't done a War News Update in quite a while due to the fervor of the elections quagmire but now that it is almost over, I will begin these updates at least once a week. I do have nearly 700+ dispatches saved up so expect a flurry of data that the media cannot reveal. Seeing that this is Victory In Iraq Day (VI-Day), let us begin with some information that has been widely ignored b y the Defeatocrats and those responsible for the war going as long as it has.

The first order of business will be a report from GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD with the Military Advisors Manual. This report reveals what I have been espousing for quite some time seeing that I have some experience in this area. It is a worthy report and I agree with it entirely. General David Petraeus is a genius and it is too bad that politics got in the way of his ability to win this war earlier. If his ideas and concepts had been implemented sooner, perhaps the traitors and subversives would have been put in their proper prison. Then again, the folks that could have done that are too cowardly to actually enforce current law.

CIA: Every Major Terror Threat, World Wide, Involves Pakistan
This has been known for quite some time but it wasn't politically expedient to make it known. I am sure Czarbie would know something about this seeing that he did spend quite some time in Pakistan before he had threatened to bomb the hell out of Pakistan during his illegal campaign. Illegal campaign? Yes, that is what I said...the fool isn't a US citizen but that won't stop the enemies of the US from the coronation of the impostor.

Other posts I have done involve the Global Cultural Jihad. England is experiencing this and the United States is on track for Shar'ia Law by 2050. I suppose the Democrats will realize this when they are the first to be put to death by the sword of allah. In accordance with Shar'is Law, the ungodly will die first. The fools that have been "upset" by Prop 8 in California will be the most surprised.

In spite of the alleged Obama victory, Iran has decided not to honor their original "promises". They will continue their Hate America mantra. They are also going to have a meeting. This isn't a big surprise to me seeing that I still have difficulty differentiating the basic democrat party leader from the terrorists and their leaders...they speak the same language - America Sucks.

Steven J. Rosen has a piece up at the American Thinker published on 11/16 entitled, "Did Iran Offer a 'Grand Bargain' in 2003?" Without getting into the details here at this time, we all know where this is going and from where it came. We also know that the premise was born in the bowels of the morons that have prolonged this war for the sake of political expediency and power. It was a farce and a lie then and it is even more so now. Rosen explains it in detail and I have the background of all that nonsense stored right here...have fun.

It is said that OBL is still alive and his busily farming out details of more attacks now that the week-kneed and thin-skinned coward Obama has theoretically won the election. They, the terrorists, know that Czarbie will do nothging to defend this Nation so their plots and plans will move forward in the hopes to reverse their losses in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraqw as well as just about everywhere else.

Vindication. It smells and tastes oh so sweet. For those of you that know me, you will know and remember that I have said this for years: CIA Agent Confirms Al-Qaeda Was In Iraq In 2002. Remember? This is one of the many areas that I have major issues with President Bush. It wasn't politically expedient to make this known. Why? I have no idea. I do know that the war was prolonged because of it. I also know for a fact that the ones that made hay-day over President Bush being silent on this FACT also knew the data was factual but utilized the silence to further their cause of political power. They also rendered aid and comfort to the enemy during that process. Did I not make it widely known that we "watched them flee Afghanistan and flee to the Four Winds"? Yes, I did. I will stress this once again. We watched the enemy flee Afghanistan to Pakistan, Iran and Iraq. We stopped them in Tajikistan. Flopping Aces has more. However, neither Gateway Pundit, Flopping Aces or CQ Politics has what I have in my head and heart. They were not there. I was. Like I said. Vindication is sweet. Eat that you libtard morons. The libtards can also eat their BS about the WMD deal as well.

In other news, Stealth Jihad? It seems as though the Jihad is using the List of 45. Interesting that. Please note that I didn't say "surprising". Then again, we can always consider the Muslim Brotherhood and their ties to CAIR and the List of 45, can't we? The proponents of CAIR and their democrat and RINO sympathizers are useful idiots in the demise of this Nation and the libtards are "Rather" pleased with themselves. I am going to laugh at them as their heads are lopped off by the sword of allah and just might break out the marshmallows to roast over their burning bodies. Then we can focus on killing the Jihadi scum in this nation.

While we are at it, seeing that Obama was having meetings with HAMAS all during his campaign, what if we had an investigation about that and why Syria and Iran have given HAMAS the green light? Surely there is something to that besides Obama being the pathological liar that he is. And, knowing that Obama is such a pathological liar on top of being a narcissist, can we really believe that he will not support the "Saudi" Israeli-Arab peace pact? Or, can we actually know why Iran is now backing off from their previous statements about supporting SOFA? Why on Earth wold they support that Plan now that the weakling Czarbie is set to steal the White House? Isn't it just like a terrorist to act like a democrat and "change their mind" when politically expedient to do so? Democrats and terrorists...same-same.

Oh. And expect the usual "illegal war" crap to come up again. Naturally, thee isn't any evidence to support that BS but that won't stop the pathological liars on the left, will it? Then again, when they are clueless about the Iraq War, why should anyone really give them the attention they lust after?

As our Troops have won in Iraq and are winning in Afghanistan, NATO not withstanding, the Confederate Yankee tells us to brace for a total loss in the future. It is what the Democrats are all about. Then again, when the terrorists declare war on Pakistan, one has to wonder where all of this is going. Obama and the terrorists want to bomb Pakistan...

Whereas the treatment of President Bush has been off the charts and psychotic, at times I think he may have deserved it. He never seemed to take the libtards seriously. I do and don't blame him for it but when it put our troops in danger, he should have at least came out and shamed the libtards out in the open and in public.

Some are saying that Afghanistan is barely winnable and I think that is primarily a NATO result. I have been a long supporter of disbanding NATO due to its ties to the UN. But, that is for another post for a different day.

Just remember to read all I have collected on Victory In Iraq Day right here.


And They Surrender In Iraq and Other Terrorist News

While the Defeatocrats in DC spent the entire years of 2006 and 2007 trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory thus emboldening and enabling the enemy - thus having direct complicity in the deaths and wounding of American and Coalition Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan - we find that surrendering in Iraq is indeed taking place. The problem for the current crop of Defeatocrats is that those which are surrendering are the friends of the Defeatocrats. Who might these enemies be? Why, they are none other than the terrorists themselves.

And it's not us that's doing the surrendering. It's them. Three al Qaeda terrorists surrender. 1,100 turn themselves in for reconciliation in a single Iraqi province. Just a few months ago Hillary Clinton claimed we cannot win in Iraq ... [...]

Imagine that?

In other terrorist news in Iraq, as I HAVE SO STATED upon a multitude of blog posts and articles, the terrorists are running away from Iraq and heading to Afghanistan. As is the nature of war, the enemy will try and regroup having been eviscerated both in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a good thing for two reasons. The first reason is that they are fleeing Iraq and leaving behind their canon fodder. The second reason is they will be easier to eviscerate in Afghanistan as they try and get to Pakistan. But, the Troop Surge didn't work.

Yid With Lid claims - correctly - that the last remaining terrorists in Iraq need to be weeded out and eliminated so that the moderates - the ones forced into terrorist subservience - can come out of their closets. Very good read and sure to inform the inquiring mind. Also at Yid With Lid, we have the full scoop in regards to the Israeli Raid into Syria that destroyed that non-existent WMD location that wasn't there but many scientists in Syria suddenly died of mysterious circumstances prior to the raid. Interesting.

Almost Eleven Months ago we were told that SOMETHING happened in the Syrian desert. This is how the story evolved (according to Syria). First they said that the IAF dropped a fuel tank in the Syrian desert, then they bombed a strategic location, then they bombed a warehouse, then Syria said that there was NO Raid. Afterwards they blamed the US for the attacks, and I believe the last thing they said the IDF bombed nothing important, just a construction site. Syria had almost as many explanations for what happened in the middle of the Syrian desert as Barack Obama has positions on FISA. [...]

No wonder the terrorists like Nobama, the Big O.

Iran is set to receive delivery of an Air Defense System from Russia by years' end. I wonder if it will be a real system or some look-alike erector set.

As many of us have speculated for a near internet in blog terms, OBL was instrumental in 91101. Now, we are learning that OBL's driver is confirming that data.

That is all for now.


To Surge Or Not To Surge - What Will It Be?

The buzz over at Memeorandum a few days ago is the same buzz as usual. The Leftinistra have been on the wrong side of this war from the get go and haven't the guts to admit that they were wrong. Naturally, being on the wrong side of the war for political gain resulted in emboldening the enemy and caused the deaths and wounds of American and Coalition forces. I wonder if they will come forward and admit their treasonous activities. Nah. Cowards merely blame their cowardice on someone or something else.

The Leftinistra seem to be so inclined to invent issues and twist facts to suit their self-absorbed idiocy to disguise their self-loathing and contemptuous diatribes of lies, deceit and hate. Obama, the would-be first Czar, with his Civilian National Security Force, is neither immune or exempt from lying to suit his twisted and mentally failing quest to occupy the most powerful office, politically speaking, on this planet. Some say and, I agree wholeheartedly, that Obama is a serial liar. I wonder what the first clue was. There are so many it is hard to nail down when the first lie began because he has had to lie time after time to cover up the first 666.

Whereas the Troop Surge is indeed a complex success, the fact remains that there is no doubt in the rational mind that the Troop Surge has indeed succeeded. If the Troop Surge had not succeeded, surely the media would be covering Iraq as in times past when it didn't look good for the United States - read that President Bush and our Troops. Along that line, the last Troop Surge Combat Brigade has left Iraq and is heading home. The Lame Stream Media has seemed to have missed that one.

While Obama states the Troop Surge was a mistake, I often wonder what he has between his ears. Whatever it is between his ears, it sure has had an adverse affect on those ears. I suppose fertilizer will have that affect on wild weeds.

Even Wesley Clark, the disgraced weasel of Iraq, having been excluded from the glories of victory in war due to his inability to formulate a viable War Plan, is now besmirching the Troops he once led. What a pathetic sot. His kind will always attribute credit to the undeserving while claiming credit undeserving. It seems that the term "undeserving" and "democrat" are synonymous with ignorance or at least willful suspension of disbelief.

I was wondering the same as Pam. Perhaps Obama should return stateside and thank the Troops that he discredits for making Iraq and Afghanistan safe for his photo-shoot that flopped. I wouldn't hold my breath on that because, once again, the defrocked Wesley Clark is digging Obama's hole deeper...I think they call that plausible deniability.

Remember the "the war was lost" mantra from the days of yore? Even Katie Couric remembers it but, apparently, Obama still believes it. Katie tried to get Obama to at least acknowledge it but he would have no part in actually rendering accolades to the men and women that keeps him safe and sound.

Oh. And those 16 of 18 Iraqi Benchmarks that have been met BECAUSE of the Troop Surge? Obama says that they don't matter because, well, it just doesn't matter. The achievement of these Benchmarks are token at best. WOW! He just urinated, defecated and spit upon every Trooper that had anything to do with the successes to date in Iraq. Simply amazing.

I suppose that the "token successes" Obama stupidly attributes to others doesn't explain why the Youth of the Iraqi People simply adore the American Fighting Forces and these same "token successes" didn't really make it possible for the Iraqi Forces to amass 30,000 of their own Troops to sweep into Diyala Province to mop up remnants of Al Qaeda. By any measure, the Troop Surge is and will always remain a dazzling success and an indictment of the wrongness of the political leaders of the Democrat Party and many within the Republican Party.

When people once severely critical of the Troop Surge turn from their willfully blinded eyes and see Truth, I often wonder what drives one to see the Truth yet will turn a blind eye in order to not have to acknowledge Truth.

Invented issues to distract others from Truth in some countries would be considered a crime against the State. I say that because exposing and making public any corruption in some countries will get you "vanished" so what would the penalties be if one invented an issue to gain politically? Just curious.

The Leftinistra will undoubtedly invent issue after issue in order to continue on with their feigned patriotism. I suppose Obama and his silly little drivelers cannot help themselves. After all, he is as emotional, if not more so, than they are. It is a mental disorder. A rational mind would recognize that the Troop Surge has worked. Then again, since when has Obama been rational? He and his kind revel in rewriting history - its a mental disorder thing and we aren't supposed to get it.


Cultural Jihad: What SCOTUS Has Wrought

Do recall, if you will, the SCOTUS decision which placed SCOTUS over the CIC and military operations that is outside the purview of SCOTUS. It seems that SCOTUS doesn't care.

Now, today, we have this to contend with:

This known Jihadi, a non American Citizen, set for deportation, is due to be set free into the populace. It is said that this individual will be placed in the hands of the immigration authorities. The articles cited do say that this Jihadi will be shipped out of the United States.

Once again, a known Jihadi, due to activist judicial sycophants, will not face justice.

Simply amazing.


Not This War - Not This Time - End Of Discussion

Found at and modified accordingly by me, Snooper.

Originating source


War News: Weekly Standard Screen Shot

The Weekly Standard has the goods and as we have been saying for YEARS here at ANO, America's Truth Surge, the Leftinistra will NOT accept, acknowledge or let this data to be known. This is where The New Media comes into play...

Majorities in Swing States Favor Keeping Troops in Iraq


Once Again, President Bush Did Not Lie About Anything

We naturally don't expect the moonbats to apologize for anything but it is "Rather" curious how silent the Lame Stream Media has given way the The New Media which, by the way, is us.

From Regime Of Terror:

Despite the most recent attempt by the Democrat-led Senate Intelligence Committee to "report away" Saddam Hussein's links to terrorism, evidence reportedly from inside the former regime continues to reveal efforts by the former regime to cultivate ties with active terrorist groups. The most recent piece of evidence is provided by a Kurdish newspaper translated by MEMRI (story below, picture of document to left) and cited by AJ Strata and Gateway Pundit.
Kurdish Paper: Cooperation Between Saddam Regime, Al-Qaeda
The Kurdish daily Kurdistani Nwe has published a 2002 letter from the Iraqi presidency that it says proves that there was cooperation between the regime of Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda.

The letter, which appeared on the paper's front page, was published by the intelligence apparatus of the Iraqi presidency and discussed an intention to meet with Ayman Al-Zawahiri in order to examine a plan drawn up by the Iraqi presidency to carry out a "revenge operation" in Saudi Arabia.

2002 letter from the Iraqi presidency
Source:, June 20, 2008

Interesting isn't it? Don't forget the document displayed to the left, either.

Ray Robison's take on this recent data can be found here and he has a credible outtake on the subject. He pretty much states and if one doesn't know that Saddam was heavily involved in Global Terrorist Networks, they are pretty much clueless...nothing we didn't know already, however.

Be sure to download the pdf file.

In addition to the above, now we learn that "terror toxins" have been found in Iraq. Imagine that? Who would have thought that? WOW!! Is it time to call off the dogs? Why, no, it isn't. Truth matters njot to the moonbat class and seeing that Obama is tied at the hip to the moonbat class, it doesn't matter to that Marxist either. The Truth will have to be distributed by us in The New Media and it will need to be accomplished on a one-to-one contact basis because the Old Media cannot allow the data to be known...neither can Pelosi and her ilk of treasonous doltish cads...the Power Hungry Fools of American Politics.

To the left is the chemical factory. Click the links provided and discover the Truth yourselves.

Remember, the terrorists are the Democrats' friends and vice versa and the two groups speak the same language. The ONLY difference between the two at the moment is this - the Socialist Liberal hasn't resorted to cutting off the heads of their opposition. However, I am sure that will come if and when these fools manage to render the United States Constitution null and void.


Assassination Threat On President Bush

Although this will please the anti-Americanist domestic enemies over at the KOSmoonoffs, the threat should had better be taken seriously. The very threat, by definition(s), are an act of war.


[...] A Taliban commander comments on Afghan President Hamid Karzai's threat to attack the Taliban leadership in Pakistan and, in this short telephone interview with Syed Saleem Shahzad, tells of plans to assassinate both US President George W Bush and Karzai. (Jun 16, '08) [...]
Act now and decisively.

Article here and audio here.


War News: Obama Full Of Shiite

Hat Tip to Gateway Pundit...

It seems as though Obammy the Fraud is seen for what he is all the way over in Iraq. Imagine that. The fellow that the Lame Stream Media lied about saying he was calling for a Jihad against America has said a mouthful about Obammy the Fraud.

A representative of top Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani on Friday called Iraqi officials to show patience during the U.S.-Iraq long-term deal negotiations, terming pledges of withdrawing foreign troops from Iraq as transitory and elections-oriented.

"The pledges to withdraw from Iraq given by (officials) from occupation forces countries are only for elections sake " [...]

And the morons over here say nothing over here is affecting anything over there. Idiots. Gateway reminds us that Susan Powers said the same thing just before she was fired from Obammy the Frauds staff.


Defeat Equals Victory In Upside Down Land

For years now the Democrat Party has been heavily vested in defeat of their own country in the Global War On Terror whose components are Islamic Jihadi scum which believe in their heart of hearts that it is quite natural and justified by allah to murder, rape, enslave and lie in order to press forward their deep seated hatred and anger of anyone and anything not subservient to allah. I have often asked the question, "Can anybody tell me the difference between our terrorist enemies and the Democrat Party leadership?" The only answer I received...a viable one at that the single difference is this; the Democrat Party leadership, so far, does not espouse the removal of ones' head - yet - of anyone disagreeing with them in the physical realm.

The Democrat Party and quite a few within the Republican Party have in fact enabled and emboldened the enemies of which we face every day since exactly one week after the Day of Infamy on 91101. To emphasize this fact, today, the SCOTUS Leftinistra have extended constitutional rights to non-US citizens. By the very document of which they have sworn to servem their "opinion" is unconstitutional. Read that again. By the very document of which they have sworn to servem their "opinion" is unconstitutional. Keep reading that until it sinks in and until it sinks in, you will be easily duped by the emotional ramblings of ignorant people.

The United States Constitution was and still is specifically geared for and expressed for and to United States citizens and no one else. It is purely that simple, "citizens of the world" not withstanding.

A ten minute audio clip well worth the listen for this latest attack from the Enemies Within can be saved, downloaded and listened to at your leisure but hurry up. We are at war here at home. Make no mistake about it. The Leftinistra have come home to roost and they will do whatever they feel required to bring a defeat for Americans in this war. Knowing that they lied to gain power and knowing that they have been caught and identified, they knowingly used the SCOTUS to deflect from their own personal and professional inadequacies.

A friend of mine said that he wouldn't be surprised if we see a wave of officers in the Armed Forces resign their commissions and come home to prepare for the inevitable. Another told me that if he was on active duty when he received word of the SCOTUS treason, he would have immediately resigned and laid his weapons down and come home. He and others said that because - and I agree - this people are not worth my blood to protect them. This is why within many posts I have authored I have stated thusly, in not so many words: "When the sword of allah is at their throats, they had better not ask or beg me for help...I will not respond. I will be busy helping those that knew and tried to do something about it."

May God help us all and with the Non Hair On Ass CIC capitulating to this travesty of raising the enemy to levels higher than the American Citizenry and with no Conservatives within the Dishonorable Halls of CONgress willing to "make waves" and perform their constitutional duties, may they all burn in hell.

Read this:

[...] Denying foreign enemy combatants access to U.S. courts is an incident of war. Ladies and gentlemen, every single president of the United States has taken that position. Every single one. Every single president of the United States. Up until this Supreme Court, the Supreme Court understood that war was not their province, and that enemy combatants held overseas was not their business. And now we have, thanks to the Marxist left of the professoried in our law schools, the activist judges that have been breeded, placed on our courts, a totally different mentality. Treating people who would slaughter us, who would blow up our citizens, who would decapitate children if they had a shot at it, as people who are abused by us at Guantanamo Bay.

We have lost the propaganda war, and we have to make sure we don't lose the war. But I am telling you, these five rogue justices, who lie about the law, who lie about precedent, and who lie about what they're up to, expose our armed forces on the battlefield to extraordinary danger. And they expose you and me to extraordinary danger. Because let us remember the reason why Guantanamo is where it is is so that when we capture these terrorists on the battlefield, we can interrogate them, and find out what they know, about their hierarchy, about their strategies, about the potential next attack, and we've gotten extremely useful information in many cases. And we keep them there to keep them off the battlefield.

This is not part of the criminal justice system. We're not interested in prosecuting them under our criminal laws. We're interested in survival, and protecting the American soldier and the American people at a time of war. Every president has done this. Every single one. And when the reporters write "It's a blow against George Bush or the Bush administration," they are lying through they're teeth. They are propagandists, spewing the talking points of the enemy. And when Supreme Court justices, who are extremely intelligent people, know better, and sit down with pen in hand, and rewrite the law, and pretend the precedent doesn't say what it says, because they want to advance the cause of the ACLU, and the Marxist lawyers who represent these terrorists, shame on them. [...]

The ramblings of previously mentioned fools can be found at Memeorandum...

Is it any wonder why the blood of the Patriots fighting this war is on the hands of the likes of Pelosi goes unanswered?

And now, today, more Patriot blood will be on the hands of SCOTUS and I just hope I am around when the gallows' noose stretches their useless necks.

Congress has failed in their duties.

Yes. It is time for change.


Iranian Puddle Pirates: Incident Never Happened


In a previous post here and a piece at Digital Journal, we brought to you our take on the Iranian Puddle Pirates probing the defenses of the USN in the Straight of Hormuz.

Now, Iran Says the Harassing Boats Were American!

Ya. Sure. Some of our own fools here are equating this to the Gulf of Tonkin over at an article at Digital Journal.

Hot Air puts out to sea here as does The Weekly Standard here and here, and France has been harassed as well. The Environmental Republican says to rebuts the Iranian apologist here.

MacsMind wants...DEMANDS...that the Huff and Puff needs to apologize to the USN. The MEMRI bloggers have some interesting input here. Pat Dollard has the take of the night.

We can catch all of the buzz at memeorandum. Sister Toldjah told us so. The Iranians just might be preparing for suicide attacks at sea for Allah and their 72 virgin gay Rotweillers.

Hawk at Wake Up America issues the first Rubber Chicken Award of 2008 to the Huffington Posterpuffs for their anti-Americanist bloviations.

Gateway Pundit:
Grizzly Groundswell:
Hot Air:
Pat Dollard:


MEMRI...The Jihadi Watchers

~Snooper here~

This is where I, Snooper, get quite a bit of my data about the Jihadi scum that worship, adore and blindly follow the false god and prophet of Islam. Islam's Founder was a pedophile and a mass murderer.

MEMRI puts out so much information, it is difficult to follow piece-meal. I gather their posts, articles and videos and hen place them in a MEMRI Media round Up. Follow the links and learn of the Global Threat of murderous Islam.

Al-Qaeda Member's Account of His Stay in Iran

Columnist Fares bin Hazam, who specializes in issues relating to Al--Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, published in the Saudi daily Al--Riyadh a personal account by a former Al-Qaeda member of Saudi origin. The article, titled "Iran Recruits Members to Al-Qaeda at Tens of Thousands Dollars a Month," describes the assistance the former fighter and his friends received from Iranian authorities after they fled Afghanistan, as well as Iranian attempts to recruit him as an Iranian agent in Saudi Arabia.

The following are excerpts from the account:

"After the disintegration of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan at the end of 2001 as a result of the American attack and the coming to power of other Afghan forces in the country, instructions were received from our leadership to retreat from Kabul in the direction of Kandahar. In the month of Ramadan, we received instructions from our commander to leave for Iran in order to seek refuge there. We arrived in Iran via Pakistan, where we did not stay very long. Our group consisted of about 30 fighters, among them Faisal Al-Dakhil, 'Amr Al-Shehri [both killed in 2004] and other prominent figures wanted by the Saudi government.

"We were aware that Afghani [Islamist] leader Gulboddin Hekmatyar, who resided in Iran [at that time], was acting as an intermediary and liaison [between us and] Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Hekmatyar promised us accommodation in the border city of Zehdan [in southeastern Iran], where the majority of the residents are Baluchi Sunnis. There we met with Al-Qaeda commander Abu Hafs Al-Mauritani, who had earlier opposed the September 11 attacks. [Al-Mauritani] assured us that we were in a safe place, and that we would be questioned by Iranian intelligence services in Teheran, who would provide for all our needs during our stay in Iran.

"Our numbers dwindled: only 10 of us remained after about two-thirds of our group disappeared , Al-Dakhil and Al-Shehri among them. We moved to Teheran and met with the interrogators. They proposed that I collaborate with them from abroad, [that is] from my country [Saudi Arabia] supplying them with information that they would need in the future. Their offer shocked me. I declined, and then was overcome with fear that the refusal would [harm the chances of] my release and return to my country. The interrogator began enticing me: '[You will receive] a monthly salary of 410,000, an Iranian passport, and military training with Hizbullah in Lebanon.' [...]

Editor of Saudi Liberal Daily Reveals Iranian-Saudi Sparring at the Istanbul Conference
In an editorial on November 8, 2007, Jamal Ahmad Khashogji, editor-in-chief of the liberal Saudi daily Al-Watan, reveals the diplomatic sparring that took place at the Istanbul Conference between Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal and Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki. Khashogji wrote that for all Iran's talk about Islamic unity, Iran is in fact contributing to sectarian division. [...]
Arab Columnists: The Annapolis Summit Will Serve Arab Interests
As the Annapolis summit draws near, Arab columnists have been publishing articles emphasizing that the summit will serve Arab interests. The articles argue that it is imperative for the Arabs to support the summit, since it will bring stability to the region, promote a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, put an end to the exploitation of the Palestinian issue by the "unholy alliance" of Iran, Syria and Hamas, and even serve as a deterrent to Iran. [...]


Leader of Indonesian Jama'a Islamiyya Abu Bakr Al-Ba'shir: I Support Bombings in America, But Not in the Muslim World (video here)
The following are excerpts from an interview with Abu Bakr Ba'shir, spiritual leader of Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya in Indonesia, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on October 26, 2007.

"Democracy Runs Counter to Islam, Because it Emphasizes the Sovereignty of the People, Whereas Islam Emphasizes the Sovereignty of Allah" [...]

Did you catch that? "Democracy runs counter to Islam"...ANY QUESTIONS?

Kuwaiti MP Praises Jihad, Advises Bin Laden On Avoiding Mistakes In Al-Qaeda's Jihad

Ramadhan TV Show: Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-'Arifi Explains Wife-Beating in Islam to Young Muslims (video here)

Muhammad Al-Arifi: "Men beat women more often than women beat men. I said that some women beat their husbands because this happens, but it is rare, and there is no need to hold conferences on wives who beat their husbands. I believe this is less prevalent, because by nature, the body of the man...In most cases, Allah made the body of men stronger than the body of women. Therefore, you and your sister...You may be taller than your mother, right? If your mother is ill, you may be able to carry her, but she cannot carry you. Allah created women with these delicate, fragile, supple, and soft bodies, because they use their emotions more than they use their bodies. Therefore, while the man may use beating to discipline his wife, she sometimes uses her tears to discipline him. He gets what he wants by screaming, while she gets what she wants from him by crying and displaying emotions. For men, women's emotions may be fiercer than the strike of a sword." [... ]
These people are not only back asswards, they are really and truly sick between the ears.

Al-Jama'a Al-Salafiyya in Libya Joins Al-Qaeda

On November 3, 2007, Al-Qaeda's media production company Al-Sahab posted on the Islamist website, which is hosted by NOC4Hosts Inc., Tampa, FL, USA,, a video titled "Unity of the Ranks.' In this video, Al-Zawahiri and Sheikh Abu Al-Layth Al-Libi, a prominent Al-Qaeda figure of Libyan origin who is currently in Afghanistan, announce the decision by the Al-Jama'a Al-Salafiyya Al-Muqatila in Libya to join Al-Qaeda. The video appears to be an attempt by Al-Qaeda to demonstrate growth and success in the face of the major setbacks it is experiencing in Iraq and Algeria.

al-Zawahiri: "Your Devoted Sons Are Uniting Under the Banner of Islam and Jihad" [...]

Saudi Columnist on MEMRI's Report About Islamophobia on YouTube
Egyptian Columnist Criticizes Lack of Tolerance in the Arab World
Al-Sharq al-Awsat Editor: After U.S. Withdrawal, Gulf Will Be "Under the Siege of the Islamic Revolution and Under the Pressure of Syrian Meddling"
Islamist Websites Monitor Website – Statement of Purpose


New Arab-English Reform Website on "The Arab Rosa Parks"