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Historical Firsts - Unconditional Surrenders

Thanks to the milquetoast Congress Critters across this Nation suffering from Ostrich Syndrome, the lemmings chose to put into the highest political office and the most powerful political office on this globe, a Marxist and call him President.  I call him America's First Czar.  That is a historical first that will be laughed about and cried about for eons I am sure.

Another first was the Czar's first official phone call.  Did he call an ally?  No.  His first official call went to Mahmoud Abbas.  Ain't that special?  He is the current Fatah leader and theoretical President of the Fraudistinians.  He has called for the elimination of Israel so naturally, birds of a feather do indeed flock together.  The full report is at Jammie Wearing Fool.

Another first was the Czar's first official television interview.  Was it with American media?  Was it with an ally nation's media?  No.  It was with Al-Arabiya the Arabic cable TV network.  Ain't that special?  Again with the birds of a feather syndrome.

I suppose that we can surmise that he has taken lessons from the Logan Act violators - he is very familiar with doing that himself - and has cued in on sniffing the chairs the enemy sits in.

Gateway Pundit has the video collection of when Obama said that he would meet with Iran unconditionally but denied later and them alluded to perhaps that he might.  Now we learn that he will.  The man is a danger to society - ANY society and he is out of his league.

On the heels of the above comes Syria.  Why not?  Let's have a full round of appeasment with our enemies that are sworn to destroy us, Israel and all of Europe, OK?  That report can be found at Flopping Aces.  Remember Samantha Powers (before she was thrown under the bus)?  She was advising The Czar that Israel was the enemy and he apparently has swallowed that line of stupidity.

I call all of this sleeping with the enemy.  Iran and Syria are taking the putz up on the meeting without pre-conditions.  The fool has no idea what he is going up against and his handlers are equally brain deficient.  I have met these enemies and they one goal in life and one goal only - conquer the world for Shar'ia Law or die in the process.  There is no negotiating with that.  None.  Period.  Been there and done that and threw the t-shirt away.

These Marxist Democrats will be the death of us all and WHEN Shar'ia Law comes to the United States, those that negotiated the deal will be the first to fall.  The terrorists hate them worse than they hate those that stand against them.

Samantha Powers is a fruit cake - a used one that has made the family circuit for generations and never eaten.  She says that the US needs to send forces to protect HAMAS from Israel.  Unbelievable.

Here is the video where Obama talks about pre-condition meetings that he later on said he didn't say and now is doing what he said he didn't say that he would do what he said he said he wouldn't do before he said that he would do it even though he denied ever having said what he didn't say.  You have to watch these double-speaking forked-tongue frauds.

WOW!  We will be talking about this tomorrow on the show.  Trust me.  I will be playing these clips because I always burn the audio from them because these types of videos tend to vanish when too many people find out about them.  Tongue-in-cheek retort: I wonder why that is?

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