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DoD takes over domestic law enforcement across the nation

I just have to wonder about this pdf document that has been “leaked” (I can only assume this as so) and why is the Department of Defense taking over law enforcement agencies across this land?  In the terms of The Snooper, I DON’T GET ITIf anyone has an explanation, I would like to hear it.

With the Obama Clans of the Mentally Retarded slicing domestic bombing programs (because bombings will never occur here), why, then, is the DoD “suddenly” getting involved?  And, why by God, do we always have to learn from nations on the other side of the pond?  Again, I DON’T GET IT.

As I stated earlier, I am sure, but not quite so, that this document has been “leaked” to the Patriots of this Nation.  In case the pdf document vanishes from the internet for some reason, I have the pdf document located at my web site right here.  Read this thing.  Please.  Let me know if I am wrong…please do so.

Not only have I saved this document to my web site, I have taken screen shots of every page.  One of those screen shots is below…the document was released to the police departments across this land on 2.27.13 but we have no idea when it was actually written, and why it was written…and made to be LAW.


With all of the “rats” that we have detected through the years and especially with the current crop of treasonous whores in DC at this very moment, this document reeks of a government take over of “civilian law enforcement) across this land.  What law has ever been written that allows this to take place?

I find it peculiar now about the Jihadis that “bombed” Boston recently why “all of a sudden” that the USNavy is sending bomb detectors to Boston, the federal government is sending umpteen bazillion feds to Boston and why are ALL of the major cities around the USA getting federal agents amassed in these cities.

I smell a False Flag here folks.  Perhaps my paranoia is leaking out but I doubt it.

What is the purpose of the Department of Defense, anyway?  Don’t they protect us from threats OUTSIDE of our international borders?  If this is so, why, then, is the DoD getting involved INSIDE CONUS?  I suppose they aren’t concerned about Posse Comitatus anymore…?

I have seen the USArmy driving their HUMVEES through Boston and they are not the Massachusetts National Guard…they are USArmy.  Why?  By whose authority?  I smell many rats here.


States & Federal Capitols are the target of the CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE SIEGE! America it’s time to end the treason. Drag the nation to a screeching, blood curdling halt. Put every state and federal capitol under peaceful siege and state: “We Won’t Leave Until YOU Do!” Declare the nation frozen until the president, and all state and federal congresses resign.

The DoD is NOT above the law.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly
Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(If you want peace, prepare for war.)

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